Two years ago

NBL 2019 Teams So Far

Squads so far.

Perth Wildcats

Martin / Norton
*Cotton / Steindl
*Import / local
Kay / Wagstaff / Vague
*Import / Local

Melbourne United

*Trimble/ Sam McDaniel
Goulding / McCarron
*Import / Local
Barlow / Local / Smith-Milner
*Long / Pledger

Sydney Kings

*Ware / Shaun Bruce
Lisch / Local
Newley / Moller
*Import / Kickert
Bogut / Hunter

Brisbane Bullets

Sobey / Cadee
Gliddon / *Import
*Import / Te Rangi
*Import/ Vukona / Harrison
Hodgson / Magnay

New Zealand Breakers

Illi / Weeks
Webster / *Import
*Import / Abercrombie / Ngatai
Delaney / Local
*Import / Loe

SE Melbourne Phoenix

*Import / Adnam
Madgen / Gibson
Creek / Stephens
*Wesley / Trist / Moneke
*Import / Pineau

Illawarra Hawks

Ogilvy / Local
*Import / Froling
Blanchfield / Conreaad / Grida
*Import / Dech
*Import / Naar

Cairns Taipans

*Import / Kenny
*Import / Local
*Import / Local
Majok Deng / Local
Local / Jervis

Adelaide 36ers

*Import / Dillon
*Moore / White / Teys
Drmic / McVeigh
*Wiley / Local
Johnson / Froling

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Two years ago

So Cairns have 3 players?

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Two years ago

Yes 3 players signed.

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Two years ago

The Taipans are actively looking for their local contingent as we speak.

The Winter Social Basketball season has only just started at Early Settler Stadium so it will take a few weeks for the reports to come in.

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Two years ago

is majok deng a starter in the league

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Two years ago

The Hawks lineup is a strange one in that 3 of their best (IMO) share the 3 spot.
Was an enornous fan of AJ but really a bench man now (again, IMO). I would rather see Grida or Blanch as a 2, then Dech becomes 3rd choice for 1 or 2 spots. Blanchfield at the 2 makes the Hawks a tall team:
5. Import/AJ/Local
4. Import/Froling
3. Coenraad/Grida
2. Blancfield/Dech
1. Import/Naar
If *Bairstow was their Local 4/5 (possibly before Froling at the 4?), and the imports are at least an acceptable standard, then you have a better than decent team. If the imports are better that that, Hawks may have the deepest roster next year.
A Bench that reads: AJ, Grida, Naar (*Bairstow)(all already proven), Dech & Froling (looking as very good prospects) and 3 imports with Blanchfield & Coenraad as starters, should be encouraging for the Hawks. For their (supposed) lack of funds, they are doing all right, so far. Now for the imports????
May be unlikely as most teams don't spend heaps on 3 starting quality imports. One is usually a back-up/bench type but if they could do a Cairns with 3 imports as starters, and Blanch & Coen in the 2 & 3 spots they look good.

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Master Chief  
Two years ago

Word is that Bairstow might go to Europe becasue NBL teams seemed deterred by his asking price.

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Two years ago

Melbourne denies signing Long.

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Two years ago

14 local spots remaining with Bairstow potentially going overseas and unlikely to be any more college players.
Who remains unsigned...
L Walker
Majok Majok
Deng Deng
Deng Acouth.

Mostly bench warmers above and probably still a few spare spots available.

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Two years ago

Luc Mbah a Moute would be a great signing for the Kings

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Two years ago

Moller is gun rebounder, most in seabl last season and already averaging 14 a game in nznbl this season, will be putting his hand up for starting four spot in kings imo, plays excellent D, exactly what kings need.

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Two years ago

Hawks will only have 2 imports

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Two years ago

why only two imports is
Conklin or Jett returning

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Two years ago

2 imports is the formula for winning a title. good move if true. aim high.

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Two years ago

Is Sam froling a contacted play or DP

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Two years ago

Sam Froling is on a full contract. I can see a few sides starting with two imports next season, allowing them to add a third later if required. Other the Melbourne who spend big on all there imports, the third import hasn't been that good.

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Two years ago

Gotta love moller's dad getting on this forum always ready to drop his numbers in the off season.

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Two years ago

The Hawks have 8 players signed already with Glover to be added
I think the team will look like this
Import / Narr
Dech / Glover
Blanchfield / Grida
Import / Coenraad
Import / AJ / Froling
If there is no 3rd import then someone like Anderson / Local

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Two years ago

If I'm Cairns, I would offer Jeremy Kendle, Krslovic and Jurlina the minimum. Re-sign Jawai, Newbill, Kuanny, get Jois and spend the rest on a decent Import 3.

What would be Patrick Richard’s (from the Breakers last season) asking price? He’d look good in Orange. Brings shooting, something the Taipans didn’t really have Consistently last season. Or possibly Tim Quarterman, former NBA player, now playing in the NZNBL.

Reckon this roster could possibly do well???
PG - Kendle*/Kenny
SG - Newbill*/Jurlina
SF - Richard or Quarterman*/Kuanny
PF - Deng/Jois/Krslovic
C - Jawai/Jervis

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Two years ago

How good is stephens?

Boomers eligible?
Got a killer stroke and he has good size.

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Two years ago

It would be a damn disgrace for Australian basketball if Bairstow is forced out by clubs failing to recognise his value.

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Two years ago

Jick - how much do you think clubs should be willing to pay for Bairstow? And do you know if he's asking for more than that or not?

Serious questions. I have no idea what a club might want to pay for his services nor what he might be asking. I'm interested in anyone's insights.

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Two years ago

Lots more money in the top euro leagues, the season is 2/3 months longer but if he's got clubs looking why wouldn’t he take the punt. Make the coin while he can.

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Two years ago

Quarterman, wow, there's a name I didn’t expect to see. Arrested early 2018 in the States for police pursuit / ramming police vehicle. Did a quick search and couldn’t see if this matter had come to a conclusion. Anyone know how this panned out?

I’m also sorry to hear the team he’s playing on in NZ has Egwu as a restricted player.

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Two years ago

I'd give Jurlina a run out at the far end of the bench. That one game where MK played him last year he didn't go too badly (even if it was a dead rubber). Would be nice to see Anthony Fisher as 11th man too, I'd have him ahead of Kuany Kuany.

As far as imports I suspect they're aiming higher than Jeremy Kendle and will roll the dice on at least 2 of those imports with players they pick up after summer league. Can't really make a decision on that until they figure out if they're paying for Jawai or not.

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Two years ago

It would be a damn disgrace for Australian basketball if Bairstow is forced out by clubs failing to recognise his value.

If Lemanis, Bairstow's NBL coach and Boomers coach for years cannot see value in him, perhaps we should take note?

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Two years ago

Yes Jurlina and Fisher should be given a chance. Jurlina is Sydney boy, surprised the kings aren't looking now Wilson gone.

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Two years ago

The eye test on Bairstow is that sadly he has lost a fair chunk of athleticism due to injury and can be quite foul prone..

The stats of 11.6 & 5.8 and could only stay on the floor 21 mpg suggests that he did not live up to what they probably paid which may be the reason for parting ways...

But that said, he is certainly still of value for the right price.

If Illawarra were able to sign him for a reasonable price I would love to see them take a general cost cutting approach, including making Naar a solid & reliable, albeit limited starting pg and dedicate a large chunk of salary on finding a 2 that can fill it up for 20 a night.

Essentially a depth chart of..

1- Naar/Gun import/Dech
2- Gun import/Jett/Grida
3- Blachfield/Grida
4- Bairstow/Coenraad/Blanchfield
5- Ogilvy/Bairstow/Froling

I guess Glover fits in there somewhere as 11th man, but I would like to see them take the opposite approach to years previous where they opted for depth and take a gamble on a superstar. Could backfire but better than settling for guaranteed mediocrity...

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Two years ago

NZ will probably make a move to bring Jack Salt home after finishing his College Career at Virginia.
After Long last season, a tandem of Salt & Loe is fairly underwhelming unless Salt can develop quickly in the pro's.

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Two years ago

Salts defense is top notch. Offensively needs a lot of work.

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Two years ago

Loe was the only Taipans player (with real minutes) with a positive +/- last season, and considering how bad they were last season, that's a real achievement.

Given how terrible Long was defensively last season, going from him and Majok (who offered literally nothing) to Loe and Salt isn't actually that big a downgrade IMO.

If the Breakers can find a couple of gun wings to be their primary scorers (or Shea Ili carries over his NZNBL form), they should be OK.

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Two years ago

Are Dillon and White "official" to Adelaide? The 36ers aren't in recruitment mode yet are they? That doesn’t normally start after the deadline date for members to secure their seats (season tickets) . So we still have a few weeks to go before they do anything

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Two years ago

Neither of them are official yet nor the Teys re-signing.

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Two years ago

Dillon and White's signature is something I would definitely keep secret / unofficial until Members commit to another year of regular season appearances.

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Two years ago

Late to the discussion again, but I'm with A422.
Loe was good for Cairns.
In a grab-bag team assembled god-knows-how after Aaron had been told 'Nup’, he did his job, as the stats indicate. Manu, Cairns’ resident French celebrity basketball cook, will have good reason to disagree: how often was the ball rolling at Rob’s feet, for example, for others to grab up; how often was his back to the inside pass? Etc.
Fair, but not instructive.
There was a system. It was run daily in training. There were what, 18 rounds to address issues? Rob did what was asked of him; except when?
And it’s not like Taipans feted him or drooled incentives over and above the strict contractual arrangements. That clapped-out Falcon?: it would have embarrassed any of the Cairns Marlins (sorry Kuany, one is a wagon, the other is not. By the way, please remember to drive forward out of mid-street parking, not reverse.)
With Rob back at the Breakers, I won’t be at all surprised when some of his Cairns detractors have their ‘Loe and behold! ‘ moments next season.

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Two years ago

Froling will not be back at the 36ers nor will Wiley
QBL back up big is signed with White and Dillon. Dillon will be the starting PG
36ers being left in the dust budget wise but dont worry wel will have a second rate more expensive place to watch the games from this season. Owner seems set to put more effort into the presentation of the team , rather than the team itself.

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Two years ago

Bit of a Catch 22 with some people - the owner is the person who paid out the $$$ to purchase a Team so the 36ers still exist but people then complain how he spends his money. Until the Team is finalised, it is all keyboard warriors having their moment.

I do agree though that the 36ers over the past 10 years or so have been shocking in keeping supporters informed and when they do say something it is usually very underwhelming. Perhaps with that record, it is not surprising that they do not say much.

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Two years ago

Peter John, no idea what he is asking for. The salaries are not public and I have no inside knowledge but he should be one of the 7 highest paid players in the NBL.

Love Broker, get a brain man! Lemanis may not value Bairstow but he also thinks Cadee is a good basketball player and that has been proven to be a load of hot feces.

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Two years ago

Bairstow only managed 21 minutes a game this season.
Don't know if that means he was being managed on the comeback, or if there is still an underlying issue.

Also, does anyone know if he can get a Euro passport? If not, his only option would be as an import in a lesser league.

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Two years ago

It's faeces Jick but I get your point.

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Two years ago

What is the latest on Shawn long? Is it a done deal with United?

For me he us an enigma. Too good not to play, but team defence not good

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Two years ago

Wildcats are trying to sign Terrico, hopefully we will hear something by the end of the month.

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Two years ago

Terrico was at times very frustrating during the season. Tended to run hot & cold. But on average was very good and stepped up big-time in the finals. He's not my preferred type of SF, but he's what Trev has been chasing, so I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to stick with him. Can only get better in a 2nd season.
Wait & See I guess.

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Still Waiting  
Two years ago

Was told a few weeks ago the 36ers had signed 2 players and this would be formally announced early this week when Joey back and promo videos done.

Would be very underwhelming with the move to AEC if neither is a high profile player.

The silence by the club is deafening and certainly not helping, not even a teaser saying announcement coming to let supporters know they are doing something.

The only communication sent out so far are reminders to buy tickets, with nothing else encouraging you to do so.

Wonder if they are they planning on announcing anything soon or waiting for when tickets available to non members

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Two years ago

Corey Williams suggesting Adelaide have been speaking to an ex NBA point guard.

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By The Numbers  
Two years ago

Long time reader, first time poster
Although Homicide's info isn’t always trustworthy, I’ve looked into it. He said that
a) he is close with the player in question and
b) he is from Chicago
Apparently it is Will Bynum, 36 year old PG who now plays in the Big 3
Highlights suggest that he is a very streaky scorer but idk about his defence. Also would have preferred someone younger but, at this point, I’ll take anything

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Master Chief  
Two years ago

Watched Bynum play years ago in Toronto for Detroit and he absolutely torched the Raptors that game.

If it's true, can see people worried about his age before anything else.

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Two years ago

If true, looks like a great signing.
Yes is age looks a worry but not major injuries coming in. Can still dunk at 6ft tall.

Dude can flat out pass. Will be huge for Wiley and getting drimic open.
Great ball handler and can score.
On paper huge upgrade on a pg sobey.

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Two years ago

Boone hinting going to Perth, going to China with Australian nbl team, coached by Gleeson.

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Air Delay  
Two years ago

Pleeeeeeeease let Boone venture his way to the Gong!

If Perth wanted him, you'd think the deal may be done, so let's hope he's going to come & play tag team with AJ...

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Two years ago

Please no - Boone is cooked.

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Two years ago

"going to China with Australian nbl team, coached by Gleeson."

When is that happening??
I assumed it wouldn't occur this year, as we had the world cup itself?

Also, whilst I haven't paid a lot of attention, I thought the NBl teams were comprised of young locals?

Boone has had a great couple of season in the NBL, but unless he's a candidate for Naturalisation, I'd have thought he would be passed it as an import??
(Unless you're a team like Sydney, looking for a Bench option.)

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Two years ago

Boone is far from cooked. His efficiency around the basket, intelligence, and defensive positioning means he'll probably age pretty well in the NBL. I think he'd be an upgrade on Brandt if Perth wanted to go in that direction.

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Two years ago

Yes, Boone at his best is better than Brandt, but he's also taking an import slot.
And he is slowing down. Arrangement with Pledge to back him up was a good one, so it really depends on whom the team has as backup.

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Two years ago

Boone at centre could work not sure if he is the right fit financially.
Kay plays some at 5 in small ball lineups.
Boone would still be good for 25mins.
Find a decent 10-15 min local backup and Perth are fine.

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