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Luke Travers DP or Full Roster spot in NBL21?

Hi guys, can anyone confidently answer whether Luke Travers will be included in the 10 man roster numbers for NBL21? I know he is off the Development Player contract but I have heard that he won't be included... but other the other hand I have also seen him listed as "Will Be Elevated To Full Roster in 2021-20"?

This is a big deal for the Cats with limited roster numbers. If we sign Nick Kay (and include Travers), that would bring roster numbers to 8 (out of 10). That would leave 2 spots to fill in Free Agency (Damo still not having been signed).

Whats the verdict?

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He is contracted as a DP for next season.

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Interesting. I thought that was the case but I haven't found anything about it online. Have you got an article I can look at or just general knowledge?

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The articles that were posted at the time, only say that he signed a 3 year contract, without going into details. So that is probably where the confusion comes from. Some assumed that "contracted" meant senior roster.
I don't know exactly how the contract works, or if it provides for promotion to the senior roster. I would imagine that like most contracts, its 2 years with an option.

As for KNOWING that he's not on the senior roster. It is something I have personally confirmed, but you can also understand it from everything that Trev has said in interviews. Particularly when it comes to numbers, he has been completely consistent. eg:
He said that we had 7 contracted players effected by the salary-cuts. (Cotton, Norton, Kay, Wagstaff, Steindl, Lo Buluk, and Jook)
After Kay opted out and Cotton re-signed, he said we had 5 slots, but 4 if they exercised their option on Majok.
It has since been reported, when we exercised Jook's option, that we have 4 spots remaining.

We are hoping that Martin can return, and the delay to December certainly helps that.
We are hoping that Kay will re-sign.
We are hoping that Cotton naturalises, giving us the option of filling the last two slots with imports. Remains to be seen though, we may opt for a local Marquee, or a local bench player, in the mix.

Only way I would see us promoting Travers at this time, is if Martin retires AND we think he can play PG.
I haven't seen enough of him, but my read is that he's a long-term SG prospect.

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OK, no worries. Thank you for clarifying. I can rest easy now.

Yes, I would say ideal scenario would be:
- Cotton Naturalises (open up the second import spot)
- Sign Nick Kay (1 year, option for Europe next season)
- Sign Terrico (or another import?) and Plumlee again.
- Sign a healthy Damo Martin (or find a replacement guard)

Go with the same formula for the Three-peat.

Squad would be:
(1) Norton/Damo
(2) Cotton/Wani
(3) Terrico(another import?)/Clint
(4) Kay/Wagstaff
(5) Plumlee/Majok

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Sounds a good team in theory. Last year's team minus Vague.
I'm optimistic that Cotton will be naturalised but not so confident Martin will return.

Kay holds the key as to how imports will be selected. I don't think White will be back.

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> Martin WANTS to play-on. He had a full Achilles reco at the end of last season so he could.
> The fans want him to play on.
> In the Perth scheme of things, Norton is probably not quite up to where they want for him to play without Martin as backup.
> Their plan to develop Dech as the next backup PG was thwarted. Not sure what the next plan is. If it's Britt, then he definitely needs another season.
> Martin admitted that he would not have been ready for an October start. But that extra two months will help.

I'd say that if Kay leaves, they will be looking for an Aussie Marquee, at either the 3 or 4, then an import to fit around that.
If he stays, it's hard to say where they would use the import slot. (Whom I assume they will target somebody decent, without being top dollar.) Then they'd be looking for a cheap local bench-level player.

I'd imagine that pretty soon they will have to make some decisions, and probably assume that Cotton won't naturalise in time. If and when he does, it will be handy to have the option of an import to cover LTI.

Vague is an interesting question. He can play anywhere from stretch-4 to a small 5, and I assume the plan was for him to take Wagstaff's spot. But hasn't really done enough these past two years.
I'd say that the decrease from 10 to 11 may have done him, but if we can only sign one import, I could see a scenario in which he's kept as backup 4/5.

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^^ garbage from james again

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Don't think they keep,white or plumlee

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Last year

Don't think they keep,white or plumlee

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