Last year

Adam Todd's new role

North Adelaide is very happy to announce their continuing relationship with Adam Todd.

For the past few years Adam has been the U16 Division 1 boys coach but he has accepted a greater challenge in the Club including:-

Ø Head coach of the Reserves men's team

Ø Coaching in our new Rockets Academy
(including basketball skills, strength and conditioning and fitness)

Adam is a championship winning coach, a former premier league player and has been a personal trainer for the past 14 years. His teams are well known for the tough fitness sessions he puts them through.

Liam Flynn has said we are thrilled that Adam will be taking on this new challenge at North Adelaide. He has a broad skill set which will make a major impact both within our senior men's program and in our new Rockets Academy program.

Dean (Nyberg - Rockets NBL1 Head Coach) is just as excited to have Adam take the next step in his coaching development and work with him in our Senior Men's program. And I am certain our junior players will benefit enormously from Adam’s guidance within out Rockets Academy which is a first of its kind in South Australia, specifically designed to service and develop our lower division players.

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