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2032 Olympics confirmed for Brisbane


2032 Olympics are heading to QLD

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Last year

The International Olympic Committee has warned Queensland against prematurely celebrating victory in the race for the 2032 Games - sensationally declaring "it's not a done deal".
We've gone from all that pomp and excitement to near silence. the IOC now exits to vote and we will have the live announcement very soon.

Edit: Brisbane now announced formally a minute ago as winner.

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Last year

No more Nissan arena in 8 years time. 12-15000 new stadium.

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Simmons playing ? :)

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Last year

and the winner is Briseney.

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Last year

Simmons workin on his shot

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twenty four  
Last year

Will Bryce have gotten his citizenship by then?

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Last year

Total waste of money.

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Last year

Hopefully we'll be out of lockdowns by then

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Last year

Is that the ONLY way we can get a gold medal - by hosting and controlling the whole set-up? Sheesh

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Last year

There was other contender!

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Last year

Brisbane would already have most of the infrastructure needed to host the games. Therefore, not a massive waste of money, compared to the cities that need to build many facilities

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Last year

The positive: there will be a brand new stadium built to host the basketball, whether it be the previously-touted Brisbane Live precinct or something elsewhere. Hopefully the Bullets are still around to make use of it thereafter.

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Last year

It's amazing the difference in excitement in hosting the Olympics compared with a couple decades ago.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last year

People have become increasingly cynical and negative compared to 2000. There was a certain positivity and hope that underpinned the Sydney Olympics, and a pride in showcasing ourselves to the world on that level. But now, everyone's like "Ha! No one else wanted it!"

Well, that's not actually true. Budapest and cities in Korea and Asia bid but were found to be unviable. Brisbane walks in as a city was basically everything it needs to hold an Olympics within 11 years.

As for it being a waste of money, excluding Tokyo, Olympics make money by increasing tourism, creating business and enhancing infrastructure. The Olympics put a city on the map and give it extremely valuable exposure which will have both obvious and unseen positive outcomes for the city. Estimates already suggest that Australia will make a 17 billion dollar profit from the games when all is said and done. And as has already has been mentioned, there is less upgrading needed for Brisbane than most other places.

It's interesting to think that the Boomers and Opals we'll see in 2032 are probably 10, 12, 13 years old today, playing club and social basketball on the weekends. The players we'll be rooting for then aren't even known to us now, save for maybe Dyson Daniels, Josh Giddey, Josh Green maybe. The Brisbane Olympics happen after likely two more complete national team resets. Who even know what the program will look like by then? They could be the kids who watch this year's crop (hopefully) medal...

I think holding the Olympics in Australia is a great move. The Sydney Olympics was called the greatest of all time by many people. This is an event we know how to hold and we have the facilities for. I expect to be in Brisbane cheering on the Boomers - whoever they'll be - in 11 years time.

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Last year

rjd, I didn't even know there was a bid or announcement due until someone posted the thread!

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last year

This bit from the project (of all shows) is actually good on this

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Last year

The same people that:
Run down Adelaide/SA for never doing anything progressive, then bagging the Government for trying to invest in a venue to attract international events and sport,
Attack and abuse LK and others for investing millions of their own money to save the NBL and NBL Clubs,
For constantly running down BA and State Peak Bodies who with next to zero resources gifted to them compared to any other sports with the same participation and world standing are driving the sport & bringing a World Championships to our Country

Are now here bagging Brisbane and Queensland for investing in infrastructure for sport and the city for decades to come and bringing the world and the worlds very best athletes back to our small Country.

Shame on all of you. You are the problem. You are the reason Basketball can't take the next steps to become high profile and elite in this Country.

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Rain Man  
Last year

Olympics don't make money for cities post Olympics. That’s been debunked time and again. Ask Rio how that’s gone, or Athens/Greece. Sydney was fiscally ok to some degree due to the huge volunteer base and the already required infrastructure upgrades.

Brisbane is in a financial position to actually profit from this as far as venues already viable to use and infrastructure in place. From memory it’s about 18+ billion off the book’s for Tokyo compared to an expected 5 billion for Brisbane to host.

Brisbane also don’t have it in the books just yet. There’s still potential it goes elsewhere but it’s basically sewn up

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Last year

The Gabba (rebuild, 50,000 capacity) - Athletics, Ceremonies

Brisbane Arena (new, 15,000) – Swimming, Water Polo

Brisbane Aquatic Centre (existing, 4,300) – Diving, Artistic Swimming, Water Polo

South Bank Culture Forecourt (temporary, 4,000) – Archery

Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre (new, 12,000) – Basketball

South Bank Piazza (existing, 4,500) – 3x3 Basketball

Anna Meares Velodrome (existing, 5,000) – Track Cycling, BMX racing

Victoria Park (temporary, 5,000/25,000) – Freestyle BMX, Cross Country Equestrian

Brisbane Showgrounds (existing, 15,000) – Equestrian

Suncorp Stadium (existing, 52,500) – Rugby Sevens, Football (Finals)

Chandler Indoor Sports Centre (rebuild, 10,000) – Gymnastics

Ballymore Stadium (upgrade, 10,000) – Hockey

Brisbane International Shooting Centre (existing, 2,000) – Shooting

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (existing, 6,500) – Table Tennis, Fencing, Taekwondo, Badminton

Redland Whitewater Centre (new, 8,000) – Slalom Canoe

Brisbane Entertainment Centre (existing, 11,000) – Handball

Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre (new, 7,000) – Boxing

Ipswich Stadium (under construction, 10,000) – Modern pentathlon

Lake Wyaralong (existing, 14,000) – Rowing, Sprint Canoe

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (existing, 10,000) – Sailing

Queensland Tennis Centre (existing, 6,000) – Tennis

Broadbeach Park Stadium (temporary, 12,000) – Beach Volleyball

Cbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast (existing, 27,400) – Football (Preliminaries)

Royal Pines Golf Resort (existing, 15,000) – Golf

Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre (existing, 7,500) – Judo, Wrestling

Broadwater Parklands (temporary 5,000) – Triathlon, Marathon Swim

Coomera Indoor Sports Centre (existing, 11,000) – Volleyball

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (existing, 6,000) – Weightlifting, Volleyball

Sunshine Coast Stadium (upgrade, 16,500) – Football (Preliminaries)

Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Centre (new, 6,000) – Basketball (Preliminaries)

Alexandra Headland (temporary, 5,000) – Road Cycling, Race Walking, Kiteboarding, Keelboat Sailing

Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Park (existing, 10,000) – Mountain Biking

Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville (existing, 25,000) – Football (Preliminaries)

Barlow Park, Cairns (upgrade, 20,000) – Football (Preliminaries)

Clive Berghofer Stadium, Toowoomba (upgrade, 15,000) – Football (Preliminaries)

Sydney Football Stadium, NSW (under construction, 45,000) – Football

AAMI Park, Melbourne VIC (existing, 30,050) – Football

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Last year

That's 3 new basketball,stadiums

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Last year

Brisbane arena

Brisbane indoor sports centre

Sunshine Coast indoor sports centre

Future bullets home and future sc basketball nbl team.

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Last year

Cairns. Rockhampton and Townsville are scheduled to have events too. Has to be good.

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Last year

I just hope I'm alive still!

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Last year

Rain Man ,
Sydney did a full rebuild at Homebush, these areas are still in use including the royal Easter shows that used to be at the show ground. Infrastructure certainly was not there.

Well done Brisbane, get someone smart and business minded to run it all as Sydney did and it's a great investment for future generations if climate change doesn’t f..k us all over.

I think Sydney had a bloke called Knight who ran it, got pillaged from start to finish but did great job.

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Last year

I'll have just ticked over the 50 mark that year, might have to be my present to myself. :D

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Perth fan.  
Last year

Giddey, Green, Daniels and Proctor will be our veterans.

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Last year

'898, at the point of your comment, only one person had suggested it was a waste of money. You might be reading too far into the rest.

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Last year

I honestly can't even fathom where I will be in 2032

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Diop Kick  
Last year

Hopefully where medaling by then

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Last year

Diop, medaling where?

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Last year

Anyone born before 97 ain't making it. 35y.o... max

Some of the stock



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Hanging Round  
Last year

Liz C for Opals coach

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Last year

looked back at a few lists of what people had for this one, and my god they were wrong.

For me

are the only juniors rn who have shown the potential, that being said the development needed is often done between 19-23, ie- not everyone is gonna be this uber talent like giddey, simmons, green, bogut at 18-19.

For me a guy like blake jones would be someone with a big potential if he can transition is game into a wing/4. But

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Last year

lol, Jones was not good at all in WC. Way too slow.

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Last year

Outside of Giddey and Thybulle, I'm not sure anyone is bankable for 2032. Green probably the next safest bet. Humphries, if he can stay healthy, seems a good shot because we're so thin in the front court.

I agree with King that a lot of the development happens between 19 and 23. Some outstanding juniors struggle with the transition to senior basketball, or give it up for AFL. Some unheralded kids keep working when everyone else stops, or late bloomers break through. Our junior worlds performances have certainly left the doors open for the CoE kids to be overtaken. And anon, Jones was bad at Worlds, but that doesn't mean he won't get better in the next few years. He's too slow to play the 3 but he's big enough to defend the 4 everywhere but the NBA. He might get there, he might not, but it won't be decided on one tournament.

I think it's nice to have the Olympics in Brisbane because it's something that AFL is never going to be able to offer a kid. If it's the difference in us hanging onto a couple of Opals or Boomers who would otherwise have left the sport, that's awesome.

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Last year

Thanks for posting Blake

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Last year

I will be going to the basketball in Brisbane.

Idc who plays or if we loose every game with blake 'slow' jones

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last year

Kids playing for the Boomers in 2032 could be anything from 8 to 15 years old now and we wouldn't have even heard of them. The guys we do know that will be involved are pretty solid but will form "the old guard" in kind of the same way Patty, Ingles, Delly, Baynes and til now, Bogut did.

Dyson Daniels

are probably comfortable "locks" in as much as there can be locks, on this team

Will Magnay 34
Thon maker will be 35
Jock Landale will be 36
Isaac Humphries at 34 is probably near enough to making it so he's possible
Ben Simmons (if he ever suits up) 36
Dante Exum at 37 - aging out of it

Given the ages of the Spanish team, there is definitely some scope for these guys to make the team as well.

The obvious holes that a squad like this would need filled are shooting and some up and coming big men.

DJ Vaseljivic will be 35 years old so still somewhere within useful.

Either way, it takes a whole lot of speculation to do any projections out to a full 11 years. There's always some kid that comes out and surprises you. We have a full two Olympic cycles to go before these questions are even asked. But what we do surely have is evidence that we 'should' have a solid base of veterans to sit around whoeever does emerge, so as far out as this is, I remain optimistic we will have decent teams going into the future.

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Last year

Slow mo Joe does alright, Jones has got talent, will he get there, who knows, you certainly don't.

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Rain Man  
Last year

Anon, notice I said "required". I never said they had already done the work. In other words, infrastructure was already required and the 2000 Olympics simply helped to speed up the process and interred in doing so.

Westpac have apparently claimed they expect a 17 billion boost to the economy from the 2032 Olympics. Would mean it's actually profitable. If it cost as much as Tokyo (pre-Covid) it would’ve been a net loss.

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Rain Man  
Last year

On another note. Will they share events with the rest of the nation beyond the confirmed football events at Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney had things spread out pretty much for the entire country to get a taste. Would be a good move to continue this you'd imagine

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Last year

Brisbane a lot of the infra already exists.

The rest is upgrades to existing infra like Gabba etc. which obviously is used all year round.

The permanent new infra like aquatic makes sense; and the temporary infra is small and relatively inexpensive.

Cities like Brisbane and Melbourne can do olympics cost effectively unlike a lot of other cities around the world

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Last year

"Either way, it takes a whole lot of speculation to do any projections out to a full 11 years."
Yep so no point in guessing at all.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last year

It's definitely not hyperbole when they say Australia is a sporting nation, and that's proven by the fact that we've had three cities that have shown themselves suitable to host the Olympics. It doesn't surprise me at all that a place like Brisbane will be able to do the games without having to turn themselves upside down. The infrastructure is basically there, and has been outlined in their proposal, any update that is needed to accommodate the games has a purpose beyond those games anyway.

There are a lot of social commentators having a good old fashioned whinge about the apparent 'cost' of the games, highlighting things that apparently are bigger priorities. These people act like this is going to cost the same as it does for Tokyo or Rio, and that's clearly not the case. They seem to think over the next 11 years their other perceived needs could not possibly be met in any other way. They're also the type of people who like to kill entertaining and fun things because they have no joy in their lives.

Then there's the argument that apparently no one else wanted the games. That's hogwash. Numerous cities wanted the games but were proven unsuitable against updated criteria.

And this is the important thing to me. I remember watching the mess around the Rio Olympics and wondering why the Olympic committee insisted on holding their events in third world conditions. If I remember right there were questions around if stadiums were ready, Zika virus, sewerage running through the water they were using, and an all out political mess engulfing the country. We tend to look back on the Olympics with rose coloured glasses but it is fairly common whenever they're held in places like Rio that issues are plenty. Brisbane presents as a safe, modern and well equipped city that might not have the international renown that somewhere like Rio or Tokyo or Paris does, but that very well might by the time the Olympics are done. The Olympics puts cities on the map, and that's another fact the naysayers forget. Sydney is STILL reaping the benefits of their Olympics.

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