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Junior Coaching lineups 2022

It's that time of the year again. What are clubs Div 1 coaching line up looking for 2022?

Forrestville have just released there line up

Under 10 - Dee Ranford
Under 12 - Jodie Bell
Under 14 - Darryl Crump
Under 16 - Damian Weeks
Under 18 - Thomas Hilbig
Youth League - Paul Taverna

Under 10 - Trudy Sheffield
Under 12 - Stephen Shinnick
Under 14 - Paul Harris
Under 16 - Joel Juncken & Stephen Kellis
Under 18 - Brad Haydon
Youth League - Kyle Vucetic

How are other clubs snapping up ?

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Great pick ups in 16 Boys.

Will the last one at North please turn out the lights?

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Last year

don't think too many coaches have been announced yet - be better left until after the current season - although it would be nice to know before trials - but I'm sure the club would tell you at trials

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Last year

Not many female coaches in that lineup.
Guess that makes 16boys coach rumours true and official.

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Last year

Eastern mavs


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Last year

What happened to SA Country coach Hayden Sewell @ Mavs? He was boys coach of the year?

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Last year

761 he's on Facebook, send him a message and ask him if you’re that concerned.

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Last year

sixties 3 of the 10 Div 1 ooaches are female at Forestville. I'd suggest not many clubs if any will beat that. Eastern have 2. 30/70 is a good result and actually what the ASC says clubs should be aiming for in regards to participation numbers by sex.

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Last year

Who cares if it's 100% male or female, put the best candidate in the position.

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Last year

^^ funny how when you do it like that, the 'best candidate' is almost always male

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Last year

In no way do I believe either Forestville or Eastern did anything but appoint the best coaches it could.

In no way do I believe either club (in the words of Ronda Rousey) "do something nice for the ladies"

Both #789 & #823 are nothing but sexist trolls and should be ignored in this thread. As too should sixtiesrockstar's baseless dig.

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Last year

^^ how are either of the posts you mention sexist? Your RR quote makes no sense btw

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Last year

Unless we know the participation rates of females in coaching, and then further look into if they actually want to progress to higher grades, then it's hard. Of course there is definitely sexism if similar qualified candidates apply, the male would normally get it, I'm male btw.
But it's nearly similar to actual player participants in basketball, males significantly outnumber females. Club's would have to be proactive in getting females to coach and also give them more skills, such as maybe opening up more assistant roles in higher divisions.
I'm sure the same thing occurs in netball where male coaches are in the minority.

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Last year

^^ in Vic female participation is 32%, this is not reflected in leadership roles, eg coaching.

You might be surprised at the amount of men coaching netball considering it's a mostly female sport

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Youngest MC  
Last year

I swear we have this every year!
In terms of female coaching participation BSA recently held a club coaching course 11 men and 1 woman attended!
When they did the community coaching course 13 men and 3 women.
In terms of "credited" coaches, men probably outweighs women.
I'm also sure the last year Ingham was in charge he ran a couple women only coaching clinics and they didn’t get more than 5-6 people rock up

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Last year

^^ Think about when those clinics are run. Do one on a weekday during the day, or via zoom and see if the turnout changes

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Relax Coach  
Last year

To the issue of women coaching.
Personally I believe it would be beneficial to have more women coaching.

Unfortunately in most circumstances they just do not put themselves forward.

Clubs are always looking for good coaches.

So ladies be the agent of change. Volunteer, do a coaches course, get involved, start by being an assistant coach, apply for the positions.

Stop thinking the problem is a guy who put his hand up and helped out, the problem is you didn't.

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Last year

The Tucker Centre is a great place to find quality (well researched) information on this topic, if you are actually interested in gender equality. This is a link to a PDF titled 'Shifting the Narrative about Women Sport Coaches'. Hope it helps


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Last year



U10 - Wesley knights
U12 - Matthew Chambers
U14 - Jason Willams
U16 - Alex Wright
U18 - Daniel Haebich


U12 - Jeremy Ramintas
U14 - Lynne Holland
U16 - Ben Gliddon
U18 - Katherine Mcphail

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Last year

"Clubs, Basketball SA and indeed most of the junior coaches are readily accessible to voice complaints or issues in a more professional, private and appropriate manner than publicly on this forum."

No they are not. If they were this forum wouldn't have 2/3 of its posts. The fact this forum still is up is proof this claim is rubbish.

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Last year

Yes they are.

Ring up or email Basketball SA. Contact club JDO's or Presidents via mobile or email.

Email the coaches or private message the coach via social media direct.

The fact 2/3s of these complaints occur anonymously on this forum is because people are too gutless to put their names to complaints and enjoy being negative without consequence.

2/3s of such complaints are by people with an agenda and/or personal grudge. If their name was attached then comments could be appropriately analysed.

Think about who are most likely to complain about a junior volunteer coach (apart from the obvious sad individual) - someone at the coach’s club (ie didn’t get picked for div 1) or someone at another club who wouldn’t know first thing about the particular coach and either has a personal grudge or just trying to discredit them for competitive advantage.

If you are using this forum for a proper check and balance then put full name and email address to the complaint.

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Last year

(Mod: Legally questionable.)

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Last year

(Mod: Legally questionable.)

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Last year

Mass thread pruning has taken place. If you want to get yourself in legal hot water, do it somewhere else where the risk doesn't end up with me.

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Thread locked

This thread has been locked and replies are not permitted.

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