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Two months ago

Why it will be tough against Wildcats

I can see very clearly now the new strategy by Scomo and the wildcats team planners. Let's evaluate here :

If you look at the strong recruitment of good shooters (Vic, Purchase, Frazier, Zunic) to complement the existing brilliant Cotton, Blanchfield (and somewhat White,Norton, Sherville, Jesse and Travers), you suddenly realise they are going to be an attacking team.Yes, Al these guys know how to put the triple in.

The best defence is attack, we all know that. Then the only thing they need to do is a strong and tall centre to block - Majok and Hodgson stand out in those roles. Both these two don’t have to score too much, just block.

All the years, I see a very defensive strategy with Damian and team so focused on defence that we only focused on having only a few real shooters, concentrating only on two to three real shooters.

Having said that, of course, these new guys can also play defence, which will be terrific. I see a switch to a fast attacking game, similar to the one that won for the United team. Vic, Frazier and Cotton will tear the opposition apart. Travers and Blanchfield will be solid in defence with Majok and Hodgson.

Norton and White can now choose to go to so many shooters when they drive. It is so awesome thinking about it. I will be taking the 10-1 early betting odds surely.

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Two months ago

like the old saying goes: 3 point shooting wins championships

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Two months ago

It will be tough for any teams this season. I'm surprised NBL aren’t considering top-6 because the last time the NBL had top-6 was in the 2009 season when we had 10 teams. After that season NBL has had 8/9 teams with the top-4 finals format till now.

If it’s the same finals format like usual I suspect anyone can win the NBL championship. It’s whoever can make the top-2 which has a real chance winning the title.

Good to see the Wildcats play more on the offensive end. Be interesting to see how they go with a less defensive minded team.

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Two months ago

Good to see good offence, it doesn't win championships though, tough defence does as Perth have proved continuously.

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Two months ago

Perth have consistently been top 2 in defensive efficiency and in rebounding percentages.

It would be risky to move away from that.

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Two months ago

6 paragraphs when you could have just written "home cooking"


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Two months ago

And Joey so conclusively proved during these his time in Adelaide
Defence wins championships

It's no coincidence, that the 2 most successful coaches in NBL, both pushed defence

Hopefully scomo is smart enough to realise that the NBL is different to the NBA

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Two months ago

Every season we see offence kill defence until the start of the new year when coaches seemingly have worked out ways to stop said players through new defensive schemes, this season will not be any different as teams will lose games and feel the need to change things like turnovers and rebounding along with defence.
Im looking forward to seeing attacking play

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Two months ago

WIll be interesting to see how the Wildcats operate this season.

Last season they were dead last in PACE but were first in Offensive Efficiency.

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Two months ago

Lovebroke said Perth have consistently been top 2 in defensive efficiency .... They were 3rd last season

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Two months ago

Not like lovebroke to let facts get in the way of a proving a point.

Defensive rating for wildcats last 4 seasons.
2020/21 3rd
2019/20 3rd
2018/19 1st
2017/18 3rd

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Two months ago

Pressure's on Scomo in year 1. Expectations are high because it's a quality roster, but more importantly it's Perth.

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Two months ago

Simple answer to the heading. 'Cos their roster looks awesome."

This Wildcats roster has to take the mantle of best-team-on-paper from MU (last year, don't think MU are even 2nd, so far, this pre-season).

And when Cotton is neutralised (just kidding), there are some damn fine imports available on the list provided in other thread. And Ennis, who isn't on that list? and others who may get waived.

Whom ever they choose, as their new, 3rd import, and if Plumlee returns, Wildcats will be able to field an all American 5 on the floor. Long time since that's been a possibility. From memory, the last team that could do so was also Perth?

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Manu Fieldel  
Two months ago

You don't want to bank on Vic Law as a consistent source of threes. With a starting five of Norton, Cotton, Frazier, Law and Hodgson, you only have maximum two guys who are bona fide from deep. And that's giving Frazier the benefit of the doubt despite suspect 3pt numbers in recent years.

The problem with saying teams with a good shooting bench are good shooting teams, is that those bench guys aren't the ones dominating court time.

Personally I think Perth is in a bit of trouble (relative to their lofty expectations) with their roster as currently constructed. With a new coach and deep pockets, they probably won't hesitate making roster changes if they're underperforming. Yes there's home cooking, but they've had the same coach - an NBL all-timer - for the best part of a decade. This is a completely different team, and for the first time in a long time Perth doesn't have that ultimate continuity which it's hung its hat on.

Illawarra (once they get a 3rd import, even if he's mediocre), Sydney, SEM (once they sign another, even if mediocre), and New Zealand. I'd argue that those teams are all better on paper than Perth. And three of those sides have returning coaches.

I think this season will be the least 'tough against Wildcats' since the time Cotton arrived.

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Two months ago

It's a quality roster but so are several others.

How long is Blanchfield out?

For team balance I'd expect Travers in the 5 and Frazier off the bench.

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Two months ago

Sykes to the hawks makes them and Sydney favourites. Perth nz next.

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Two months ago

RobT, you're an idiot saying that Wildcats will be able to field an all American 5 on the floor. Plumlee is still "only" an Americano.

[My Bad!]

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Two months ago

Wildcats Championships in Coaches first year:

1991 Murray Arnold
2010 Rob Beveridge
2014 Trevor Gleeson

Lineup Changes in Championship years

2013/14 - 5
2015/16 - 4
2016/17 - 5
2018/19 - 5
2019/20 - 3

2021/22? - 4

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Manu Fieldel  
Two months ago

I'll also add that the home cooking factor is largely a Trevor Gleeson thing, for mine.

Gleeson, although pigheaded and boisterous, has the respect of the league. He is also both respected and revered by its officials.

I'm expecting less home-cooked meals in Perth this season.

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Two months ago


How many of those player changes were core players though? I don't know off hand, but the 8-11 aren’t as influential as the 1-7, obviously.

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Manu Fieldel  
Two months ago

Also, 363, coach. Coach is probably more important than a star player

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Two months ago

"Coach is probably more important than a star player"

Bogut, ware, and Gaze proved otherwise

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Two months ago

In recent years, after each championship the Wildcats seem to lose someone 'significant*'

Below are the ones that came and went.
- Ennis.
- Beal (2 Championships)
- Prather (2 Championships)
- Terrico White (2 Championships)

The only import to stay was Cotton (lost count).

However they have lost from their local contingent :
- Redhage
- Knight
- Jervis
- Hire
- Martin
- Vague
- Kay

There's about 2 singlets to retire at least in that list.

Credit to the Wildcats and Gleeson, each time they have to do a re-tool, learn from mistakes (DeAndre Daniels / Tokoto), fill exits (Lose Knight get Kay).

And just because you splash the big money to get names, it doesn't guarantee success, see Sydney Kings and United under Demopolous.

* to their club.

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