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Pick the NBL Final Four

Are hawks Sem Wikicats locks for final 4 ... if so makes 4th spot like gold.. snakes will vacant for who. Battle royal Melbourne Sydney Brisbane ... anybody else reading season this way... maybe injury might become a factor or CV19.. wheels can fall.off or tyres deflate

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Last year

Wildcats arent a lock. They've played nobody and haven't travelled.

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Full stop guy  
Last year

So agree Sem and Hawks are in...Melbourne and maybe breakers from wayback.. Brissy just might be a sleeper...

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Last year

Hawks, Phoenix, United and Bullets would be my (uneducated guess) followed closely by Perth, Kings and NZ.
Sixers, Taipans and JJ off pace early, but it's a long season.

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Last year

Brisbane in the top 4?

Historically, not likely. Since back in the league, the Bullets have promised finals' success, especially since the arrival of LP, but hardly delivered. Had Law been healthy and in form when LP returned to the team, the promise of playing in the post-season may have been fulfilled. But Law wasn't.

Law goes to Perth and Brisbane recruit Franks in his place. So far, it looks like Brisbane did not lose as much as would be expected. We already knew that Law is a stud, Franks was mostly reputation, still to prove his worth, let alone how good he can be. And shout to LP who really did make an effort, and succeeded, in turning up ready to play. Their addition (Franks & LP) to Sobey and company have turned the Bullets prospects

This year, the main challenge to the Bullets is the quality of the teams that they have to beat to make it into the 4. Signs are excellent, so far, with early results and the way the team is gelling, but leaving Perth out of top 4 and this year's Sydney Kings is very risky. If 1 of them do make it, I fear that it will be Brisbane who misses out, again.

Shano76, I like your predictions and hope that the Bullets do make it to the finals.

PS. Reckon that if Machado comes back in top form and can work with McCall, Cairns could be a dark-horse and surprise everyone (including me).

Hold very little hope for 36ers, JJs and NZ. Adelaide the worst performer (not necessarily last), as JJs are new and NZ have special issues to deal with.

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Last year

Nz will make it

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Last year

Uneducated is right Shano...

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Last year

Anyone who thinks Perth with that team are not making finals has rocks for brains, Law and Cotton on there own will make sure.

Hawks, phoenix, cats, united. Bullets, kings, may be knocking on door. NZ already to far back, the rest numbers at the bottom end.

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Last year

Now the above obviously could be changed if Covid upsets the apple cart.

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Last year

On current form looks like Hawks, Phoenix, Wildcats and Bullets.

United defence looks great but need some more scoring power to crack top4

Kings just facing too many injury setbacks, I'd put them above Bullets if the injury list was cleaner, but slow starts to seasons make it hard to reach the 4.

Breakers have the talent but slow start makes it very difficult to reach the 4.

Taipans I have no idea, I imagine their sherr tenacity will get them some upsets but dunno where they will finish.

Jackjumpers I think are doing pretty good for a new team, but don't see them making the 4.

Adelaide I swear is a cursed org, I don't see them making it.

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Last year

Kings should not be given an injury excuse, there roster is deep and they have spent big. Hunter the import don't look good and Jordan Hunter is a loss but have a look at their bigs, two Maker’s, Martin, Cooks, Vadonavic, plenty depth there in 4/5 spots. Kings always sooking.

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Last year

In fairness to the Kings, their bigs are good and plenty but who gets the ball to them is the issue?
Jaylen Adams and R.J.Hampton are the guys supposed to be doing that. Hard from the bench, both carrying injuries.
Bruce, Bayles, Vasiljevic & Glover are doing a fine job but that's the end of their guard depth.

Certainly the tendency is to have several ball carriers including forwards but to lose your 2, specialist, import guards is a bit much.

Healthy, and they're a good chance at the 4 and more.

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Last year

That would be RJ Hunter

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Last year

Vasiljevic and Glover don't strike me as PGs - they excel at scoring rather than passing

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Last year

Yes anon, uneducated. Like I said. So what's your top 4? Enlighten us oh wise NBL guru. Post your top 4 and a username....

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Last year

Don't understand why everyone thinks the Phoenix are a lock, wins against depleted NZ and United sides before losing comfortably to the Kings missing two imports and Jordan Hunter. Devin Thomas back might help but really they need another 2/3 not a big.

I'd pick Perth, Hawks, Sydney, Brisbane.

Also wouldn't count out Cairns, McCall looks like a potential MVP candidate.

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Last year

Every time someone doubts the Wildcats it increases their odds of making the finals, just check the last 35 years...

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Last year

I'm sick of the NBL’s Final Four, it’s bullshit! :@

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Last year

Its always fun making predictions! This year seems as tough to predict as its ever been with the quality of imports across the league and the evenness of the comp. SEM and Hawks will probably make it on sheer depth of talent and Goorj. Wildcats haven't given us a reason to doubt them yet and i reckon United will get through with their solid defense and experience. The kings will always crumble when it matters and ive been impressed with Duncans coaching but Brissy will be unlucky to miss out too.

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Last year

I'm not high on the hawks, but they will still make it.

My prediction:

#1 Perth
#2 Melbourne
#3 S.E. Melbourne
#4 Illawarra
#5 Brisbane
#6 Sydney
#7 Cairns
#8 Adelaide
#9 Tasmania
#10 New Zealand

New Zealand is only tenth because they will be on the road nearly all season. Tasmania aren’t consistent enough, same with Adelaide.

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Last year

SEM, Perth, Hawks and United

Bris 5th
Sydney 6th
Adelaide 7th
Cairns 8th
NZ 9th
Tassie 10th

I'd be very confident in the final positions of 4 teams

SEM- a 2nd half game 3 capitulation away from a likely title. Much improved roster this time. Top 4.

Hawks- GOAT coach. Reath started well. Splash brothers. Cleveland good. Top 4.

Perth- You can only beat the teams in front of you. They're travelling very nicely with Norton, Hodgson yet to suit up and Blanchfield barely. Top 4.

Tassie- last, sadly.

The other 6 teams more interesting.

But United did enough on the weekend to put them in box seat for now.

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Last year

Illawarra ( top if imports stay healthy)
Sydney( imports playing)

Se melb (can finish 2~4)
Melb ( up and down season)
Brisbane ( still got other import to play if good bri make finals
Perth depends on form on away games
New Zealand ( if new import good ,no will rise)

Adelaide ( inconsistency with imports )

Cairns need an gun Aussie for scoring power to rise.

Tasmania ( next year with better imports ,keep magette

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Camel 31  
Last year

Isaac Humphries extends the gelling period.
On radio, today - new coach, new players - not gelled yet.

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Last year

Winning cultures, winning and proven coaches
In a dog fight for last spot
To play spoilers

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Last year



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Last year



The rest

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Earlier this year

Thanks, Hoopie.
[copy and paste of other thread - just to be on the same page :-)]

Mid Season (2021-2022) now and some of the pre-season predictions need reviewing (wish I could find that recent thread).

The ladder, round 10, Feb/2022

[Not an even number of games, From 11 to 8]

The top four seem to still be the top four, Brisbane and New Zealand are possibly the underachievers and Tasmania the overachievers.

As it stands, ATM, and as much as I want Brisbane "up there" I can't see anyone replacing the current four. The order of the four will, no doubt, change, as will the also-rans, but not the make up of either.

[If anyone can find the latest thread which referred to this season, please use it. When it goes to the top, I can catch up]

Your thoughts, at this stage?

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