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Last month

Under 16 National Champs - Boys

See a thread covering girls so open one for the boys side of the court, go.

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Last month

Yeah it's over

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Last month

Vic Metro wins and they had players to cover all positions and athletes who could play.

Beauchamp was especially strong all round.

Also coached by a very good and long serving Vic Coach.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Hard to tell who the best prospects are, usually have to wait until 18s before we see alot of talent seperation. Rosters always change sig if I angley from u16 to u18 in the boys.

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Beauchamp an absolute stand out in a very good state team.

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Last month

Great tournament. Was great to see all the young and upcoming talent that Australia has to offer. Vic just looked too complete in the final.

Best of tournament had to be;
Beauchamp- Vic
Cotton- QLD Sth
Daniels- Vic C
Cheesman- Vic
Siwek- QLD Sth
Walker- Tas
Bucknell- WA
Mulot- WA
Mackenzie- SA
Brammel- Vic
Sewell- Vic
Yeboah- NSW
Foxwell- Vic

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Last month

@29AB think you are on the money, was lucky enough to watch a quite few games with no bias and then did some digging, and think I would add:

Accoom (QLD NORTH) solid numbers in lower ranked team
Hughes (SA Metro) good performer and really show some class mixing it in Vic Metro final
Lindner (SA Country) Very solid, looks like above average points against top 3 teams, solid coming from a lower ranked team

Beauchamp and Walker I liked a lot, one in a top team and the other in a lower team, wonder how some of the players in lower ranked teams would have gone with better players around them and set ups. Think that's why I liked Walker, Accom and Lindner as they had to work pretty hard for their rewards.

Not a lot of height coming out of this group though, or maybe just comparing to last years crop.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Still have to wait another year to see the bottom agers, hopefully some height amongst them.

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Last month

@benchballer completely agree with the height. The MonSTARS from QLD South last year were huge.
The really long fella from NSW Metro this year is the only boy close to that sort of length, however was very raw in comparison to the other smaller centres in the competition this year.

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Last month

@benchballer, who is your all-star 5 for the tournament?

I have

Guard- Cotton
Guard- Daniels
Wing- Mackenzie
Wing/Forward- Beauchamp
Centre- Sewell

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Last month

@29AB Looks pretty good, although I think Cheesman would be above Mackenzie and Daniels, he looked so super smooth, but not sure which one to choose for the 5. Foxwell too just lit up at times and gave Vic Metro some spark when needed.

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Last month

Vic Metro very strong. It showed that a number of them play a lot together, which can skew views.

As some general comments:

- Some of the shooting stats are superb. Others not so much.

- Won't call any players out here, because they are just kids who are developing, but worth looking through the stats at some of the high numbers of shots taken by individuals with average returns.

- Also, worth taking note of some teams that just cannot make 3s - those States need to work on that aspect (one team made 43 /200 3PAs).

- In this sort of comp, I would suggest 33% - 35% is v good, and anything above 35% is excellent (and there were some well above that, which is impressive).

- I’d also suggest having a look at the steels / turnover stats, particularly where there is disparity between the two. You will find that Vic Metro put on great pressure but also handled the ball well. As did the other strong teams.

- Vic Metro and also had a really good rate of assists - they passed the ball around well and got good looks at 3s as a consequence. On that front, Cheesman was excellent, and players like Foxwell benefited from really nice looks (and some great shooting by him!).

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