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ABC forum

I mentioned this forum recently and Perthworld commented that it was old school. It was (and so am I!).

But just then, I was trying to re-find my google calendar and a list of names popped up and I'm pretty sure they were from the ABC forum days (mayb I emailed them at some time?).

I wonder if any of them are here on this forum?

aimz, alex von schnitzelgruber, booty, brent, candy warhol, coach deakes, coachpete, crocs chick, daryl dawkins, ewan, glove, hawk boy, homer simpson, jharna, johnny wikked, kings chick, lynnee, mattic, syd chick, tiges gal, viv, watcher, wedgie, wino.

It was quite a "robust" forum. From memory, there were several members who worked for the same government agency. It as also quite creative with someone authoring a humorous tale involving a golden orb!

So, is there anyone here willing to out themselves?!), and would anyne have the story saved?

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Last year

I was a former member of the ABC Forum! What a blast from the past some of those usernames are.

I'll willing out myself as C4C (an acronym for 'Crocs 4 Championship', which I thought was so clever at the time). That was circa 2000/2001 and I was 17/18 years old growing up in Townsville and using dial-up internet.

Where does the time go? This year I'll turn 40 and happily live in a much more cosmopolitan location. I was such a little shit on that forum and boy did I cop it from users like Wedgie lol. I took every bait that was laid. It was a lot of fun though and man I wish I could find an archive of it.

I was obsessed with Pat Reidy back in those days, and all I ever wanted in life was for the Crocs to win an NBL Championship. Of course, that dream would never eventuate lol. I don't follow the NBL as much now, it's just not like it was in those good old days. Would love to know if there are any other ABC Forum lurkers in here.

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Last year

I know I wish the NBL cared about their past and stop all these's fake stories about their made up rivalries like United vs Phoenix.

It’s not the same as Tigers, Magic, Giants or even Tigers, Dragons when they last played off in a 5 game championship series, the rivalry was already there but the NBL went into another direction since LK made it clear not to have the Tigers in the NBL.

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Last year

Yeah, come to think of it LK hasn't acknowledged the rivalry from back in the day between Hoops SA, OzHoops and Cat Chat either. Pfft, saviour my arse.

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Last year

I was never on the ABC forum but I was on Ozhoops from the very early days, maybe late 2001 or 2002

These names are ones I recognise well from Ozhoops

coachpete, glove, mattic, tiges gal, viv...and I wedgie rings a bell too

In fact several of those people I've met in person

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Last year

I should say two of them I've met

There's 4 people there but 5 usernames, I think

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Last year

I was another on Ozhoops all those years ago. (So long ago that I can't even remember my username, sigh.)

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Last year

I was on OzHoops too, and just about every time I see him I ask Derek if he's ever going to bring it back. Never get a definitive "no" so who knows?

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