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NBL1 Central Round 1

Hi All, with the NBL1 central season starting this weekend what are peoples
thoughts on round 1?

Eastern V Centrals - Centrals by 8 pts
South V Southern - South by 11pts
Sturt V Forestville - Sturt by 4 pts
Woodville V West - Woodville by 2 pts
Norwood V North - North by 6 pts

Eastern V Centrals - Centrals by 10 pts
South V Southern - Southern by 2 pts
Sturt V Forestville - Sturt by 2 pts
Woodville V West - Woodville by 5 pts
Norwood V North -North by 11 pts

Looks to be a pretty competitive first round with lots of games that could go either way.

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Last month

I haven't seen full line ups - so I can't confidently back too many. Big improvers on womens side Centrals, Mavs and Woodville. Mens - hard not to go past South again.

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The Phantom  
Last month

Agreed, hard to tip with not knowing full teams, some do better than others on social media, is there a big writeup about coming season. If not yet another missed opportunity.

South would be huge favourite to win it all, Starling, Smith, Johns, Kubank, Martin, Hoppo (hopefully making a big step). Boonstoppel a microwave on the bench. Forestville appear to be only challenger with Doyle, Machar, Mayes plus youngsters in Hulland (what's going on there, he should dominate in this league, not be a bench player), Dibiamaka and Ippassou very athletic guards. So is Fiston back for good, couldn't hack college? And is Brine still around? But those two teams have huge frontcourt and an experienced PG. Will be a good matchup when they clash.
What's up Deanos sleeve at West? Saw they just signed a homegrown Filipino kid that's borderline on their national team. Djeric adds experience, but can he carry the load with their import. Assuming Olbrich isn't returning, so will this be the cheapest Dean team ever assembled?
North and Sturt probably won't be bad, is Rasmussen playing?
Only one ball at Central's so can they share it, a few of their players have never met shots they didn't like.
Haven't heard anything exciting at Norwood, for Eastern they had an upsurge last year and Southern won't be anywhere as bad as last year, but will probably just be bad.
Woodville relied on Dave Humphries when he suited up, same theme, will he play? If not they'll be in the pack.
In a nutshell South and Forestville, god knows what the rest will serve up.

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Last month

Drimic will be back for West and Machar won't be playing for Forestville

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Last month

It's insane that the rosters haven’t been announced yet. Unserious league

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Last month

OK, I take that back, the squads seems to be updated on the league website now. Meltdown over :)

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Last month

My men's power rankings based on a cursory skim through the squads:


No Jeremy Smith listed for South, I’m sure that he was signed? Jordan West back for the Bearcats will be valuable. Enough firepower with Spear and Djeric, I’m sure Dean will have some tricks up his sleeve. If that includes Drmic, kick them up a couple of notches.

Assuming no Machar for the Eagles based on comment above, that is a massive out given his dominance last season. Would have them first ranked otherwise. Norwood will be very strong, a few new pieces so will need to gel. Eastern rinse and repeat with basically a new roster; hope for their sake some pleasant surprises pop up. Woodville will be competitive as always but not sure if they have the squad to crack the top tier.

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Last month

Actually move up Forestville to #2, that's a strong squad

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Sub Me In  
Last month

Smith still playing oversea with his team in finals.
South clearly look to be the team to beat in the men's comp.
DJ signed with Forestville
Drimic is a lock for bearcats
I would think that Deano still has an ace up his sleave.

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Last month

Lazy BSA just keep getting worse.

All Clubs submitted their teams to BSA weeks ago, there's no excuse for the online rosters to still be updating the day before games. No hype, the Messenger write up was one of the worst written articles I've read in my life too. Even self-proclaimed Mr ESPN could have done a better job.


Centrals Men:
In: Apiok Dau (Southern, 14.7ppg, 9.9rpg), Diing Lual, Koen Sapwell (NBL1 North Spartans 25.8ppg, 4apg, 2.2spg), Magnus Richards*
Out: Brodie Nathan (2.5ppg), Kevin Baker (14.9ppg, 7rpg), Magok Manyang (12.7ppg, 7.4rpg), Nathaniel Deer (7ppg), Ngor Nai (14ppg, 7rpg)

Finish: 5 - 8

Eastern Men:
In: Brandon Edwards (NBL1 North Pirates 1.6ppg), Freddy Webb (NBL1 East Hawks 9.1ppg, 6.1apg), Jordan Rawls*, Lachie Hunter (West 2.3ppg, 1.8rpg), Melvin Newbern*, Moses Nuangki (11.8ppg, 3.9rpg)
Out: Jack Hemphill (22ppg, 10rpg), James Legan (16.8ppg, 3.3apg), Jasper Rentoy (12.3ppg, 7.7apg, Jordan Robertson (4.9ppg), Kristian Ciabattoni (9ppg), Lengudi Gur (9ppg, 6.5rpg)

Finish: 9

Forestville Men:
In: Daniel Johnson (South 23ppg, 10.1rpg), Fiston Ipassou (US College), Uche Dibiamaka (NBL1 West Senators 10.9ppg)
Out: Jake Rios (12.5ppg), Malith Machar (16.4ppg, 8.5rpg), Tinashe Matambanadzo (1.8ppg)

Finish: 1 - 4

North Adelaide Men:
In: Anyang Garang (NBL1 North Salties), Richard McCalop, Robert Crawford*, Thomas Cromarty, Tinashe Matambanadzo (1.8ppg)
Out: Akech Aliir (15.3ppg, 11.3rpg), Donoven Carlisle* (10.7ppg, 6.6rpg), Riley Harrap (19.1ppg, 3.4apg)

Finish: 5 - 8

Norwood Men:
In: Blake Morrow (NBL1 East Bulls 22.2ppg, 4.4apg, 5.2rpg), Cooper Osborne (Woodville 5.1ppg, 2apg), Jack Hemphill* (Eastern 22.1ppg, 10rpg), Riley Harrap (North 19.1ppg, 3.4apg)
Out: Collin Smith* (15ppg, 7.4rpg), Matt Lycett (13.6ppg, 4apg, 6.7rpg), Moses Nuangki (11.8ppg), Walter Mcbride* (22.8ppg, 5apg, 6rpg)

Finish: 1 - 4

South Adelaide Men:
In: Jalen Jaspers*, James Boonstoppel, Ricardo Martin*, Tom Kubank (NBL1 South Pioneers 12.5ppg, 6.3rpg)
Out: Daniel Johnson (23ppg, 4.4apg, 10.1rpg), Lloyd McVeigh (15.8ppg), Todd Davies (8.1ppg)

Finish: 1 - 4

Southern Men:
In: Edvard Kristiansen*, Harvey White (Sturt), Issac Abergut (NBL1 West Magic 12.1ppg, 3.5rpg), Michael Diggins*, Riley Miller*
Out: Alexander Dickeson (CoE 8.6ppg), Anthony Green* (11ppg, 6.6rpg), Apiok Dau (14.7ppg, 9.9rpg), Awak Machar (6.8ppg), Fabian Johnson (10.4ppg), Jett Thompson (9.9ppg)

Finish: 10

Sturt Men:
In: juniors
Out: Nicholas Fassos (1.5ppg), Keanu Rasmussen (16.5ppg, 3apg, 6rpg), Robert Brennan (6.4ppg)

Finish: 5 - 8

West Adelaide Men:
In: Jordan Heading (Nagasaki Velca B-League 2), Jordan West, Mirko Djeric (QLD NBL/NBL1), Noah Collinson (North 2.2ppg) ... More to come
Out: Fraser Roxburgh (12.9ppg), Lachlan Hunter (2.3ppg), Lachlan Olbrich (21.1ppg, 9rpg), Mitch McCarron (15.3ppg, 6.9apg, 8rpg), Nikolas DeSantis (16.9ppg, 5rpg)

Finish: 1 - 4

Woodville Men:
In: Nicholas Wurm, Sharie Black*
Out: Brad Ficken (4.8ppg), Cooper Osborne (5.1ppg), David Humphries (14.9ppg), Jawan Stepney (22.1ppg, 4.4apg)

Finish: 5 - 8

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Last month

A couple of good pick ups by the Mavs men, hoping they can finish higher than 9. Coming off a reasonably disappointing year, let's see if they can fight hard for a few wins. hopeful but not expecting too much this season.
Similar story with the Mavs women. But still many young players on the roster so again, expectations will not be too high there i think.

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Last month

Centrals Women:

In: Alyssa Brown, Bethany Dittmar, Casey Samuels (NBL1 West Flames 19ppg, 5.2rpg, 3.2apg), Jasmin Fejo (West 15.8ppg, 5.2rpg, 6.1apg), Lily Zbierski (North 3.9ppg), Taylah Levy (Eastern 18ppg, 5rpg, 4.9apg)
Out: Imani Guy* (16.9ppg, 9.5rpg), Jaedyn De La Cerda* (17.4ppg, 5rpg, 6apg), Meaza Otto, Sarah Deng (4.6ppg), Tiahna Sears (18ppg, 10.2rpg)

Finish: 1 - 3

Eastern Women:

In: Emmy Roach (Sturt 1.6ppg), Jocelyn Taylor*, Patricia Morris*.
Out: Allie Garcia (5.9ppg), Chloe Dumesny (5.4ppg), Jannon Otto* (18.4ppg, 9.3rpg, 2.3apg), Olivia Bradley (15.8ppg, 7.5rpg), Peyton Taylor (11.8ppg, 5.5rpg), Taylah Levy (18ppg, 5.7rpg, 4.9apg)

Finish: 10

Forestville Women:

In: Gabriella Vidmar (College), Hannah Gardiner (Juniors)
Out: Marissa Hamilton* (6.5ppg, 4.9rpg), Rachael Hines (12.6ppg, 6.7rpg)

Finish: 4 - 6

North Adelaide Women:

In: Ella Batish (NBL1 South Blues 4ppg, 3.6rpg, 4apg), Genna Anderson (West 8.1ppg, 10.1rpg), Kelsey Mckay (West 3.2ppg)
Out: Bethany Dittmar (3.1ppg), Erica Meyer* (8.1ppg, 6.4rpg), Lily Zbierski (3.9ppg)

Finish: 1 - 3

Norwood Women:

In: Emily Winter (Woodville 13.3ppg, 9rpg), Eva Langton (NZ), Maddy Hinton (Sturt 1.8ppg)
Out: Alek Akuen (9.14ppg, 6.5rpg), Alex Wilson (21ppg, 12.3rpg, 7.1apg), Caitlin Shillabeer (2.43ppg), Jada Rice* (8.6ppg, 10.13rpg), Jorjah Smith (13.8ppg, 4rpg), Sharna Thompson (20.5ppg), Sophie Kerridge (11.5ppg, 4apg)

Finish: 7 - 9

South Adelaide Women:

In: Brittany Hodges*
Out: Bianca McDonald (3.9ppg), Holly Forbes (13.7ppg, 10.6rpg), Jade Johnson (13.1ppg, 6.1rpg, 3.9apg), Jordan Hunter (7.7ppg, 5.3apg)

Finish: 4 - 6

Southern Women:

In: A'Lexus Harrison*, Regan Schenck*, Sophie Kerridge (11.5ppg, 4apg)
Out: Brittany Hernandez* (12.6ppg, 9.7rpg), Mariah Martin* (10.6ppg, 3.5apg), Morgan Yaeger (21.1ppg, 3.3apg, 7rpg)

Finish: 1 - 3

Sturt Women:

In: Jasmin Simmons (West 11.4ppg, 3.6apg, 6.8rpg)
Out: Emmy Roach (1.6ppg), Jasmine Rigoni (6.1ppg), Laura Hodges (5.3ppg), Maddy Hinton, Mikayla Williams (18.4ppg)

Finish: 4 - 6

West Adelaide Women:

In: Ashlee Strawbridge (NZ), Daneesha Provo*, Elin Jelena Gustavsson*
Out: Andrea Aquino (12.2ppg, 8.93rpg), Annaliese Watkinson (7.6ppg), Genna Anderson (8.1ppg, 10.1rpg), Honoka Ikematsu* (8.3ppg, 3.5apg), Jasmin Fejo (15.8ppg, 6.1apg, 5.1rpg), Jasmin Simmons (11.4ppg, 3.6apg, 6.8rpg), Kelsey Mckay (3.2ppg)

Finish: 7 - 9

Woodville Women:

In: Holy Forbes* (13.7ppg, 10.6rpg), Ida Andersson*, Natalia Lalic
Out: Eliza Joynes (3.1), Emily Winter (13.3ppg, 4.4apg, 9rpg), Georgia Winter (4.2ppg), Molly Whitmore (6.6ppg, 5rpg), Nicole Fransson (17.6ppg, 13.11rpg)

Finish: 7 - 9

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Last month

Well there were a number of surprises over the weekend and here's my 2 cents if they are worth that much!


1. Forestville going down to Sturt - what made it worse they couldn't control their mouths and were T'd up a couple of times. However in their defence the refing was very sub-par. Sturt were strong but boy there were a couple of dirty plays in there that should have been dealt a harsher penalty. 48 fouls called during that game. Seemed like it was the longest game for the weekend - the game was blown dead every 20-30 seconds.

2. Woodville was stronger than people were anticipating. If people think that Drmic is their only solution they are up for a rude awakening but I'm sure there's going to be more Nyberg money flying around to bring in another stronger big which is what they desperately need. West starting 5 were very strong but that's where it stopped. Black might be another medalist contender this season. Warriors have seemed to gel from the start - let's see if it stays that way throughout the whole season.

3. Eastern - I think Centrals might have walked into this one too confident and Mavs kept with them most of the way and then surged at the end. Game buzzer beater winner was a nice way to finish the game. I think Rawls is overrated and didn't play to best potential. If he plays better - other teams might be in trouble. Not too sure what went wrong for the Lions however their bench only contributed 9 points. Eastern had more turnovers and they both had the same foul count - so I put it down to who scrambled and wanted it more on OT.

4. South Adelaide - Another surprising close game with Tigers. South's bench didn't contribute much at all which was sad to see but Kubanks only used 3 benchers for a total of 13. Tigers depth is much worse hence why they probably didn't get it over the line. Maybe the Panthers didn't think they needed to put much effort against the wooden spooners from last season - but got a little wake up call.

5. Norwood - well they just stormed the Rockets and burst their bubble. Losing R. McCalop was a major hit however 1 player down shouldn't make such an impact as others should have filled the spot. Maybe they were out coached!

Haven't had a chance to look at all the games but some interesting pointers

1. Sturt knocked off the Eagles. Simons Annetts & Brett were all shut down with minimal points which was interesting. But Sturt didn't have the strongest game either - so I bet it was a dog fight of a game. Also 43 total fouls for the game - that's a lot of whistle blowing.

2. Warriors started strong in the first quarter and then it was all downhill from there. I've never seen so many subs in one game from a coach and if they are putting all the tickets on Ida (13 & 0 from the field = 0%) and the bench they might need to rethink their strategy. West were strong but their bench aren't as strong so this might be a problem if they get into foul trouble against other teams. They were outplayed and out coached.

3. Centrals came to do damage in Mount Barker - Eastern were just out played and out coached. They are looking strong.

4. South are in some trouble. Tigers - well they just shared the love and 4 out 5 starters in double figures. Tigers are looking strong again.

5. Norwood/North - that was a good game but it basically just came down to the fact that North played better. It will be an interesting season for both teams.

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Last month

Sturt women playing without a centre ? IMO need a tall or two if they are to win. Centrals women look very good - if their key players stay injury free.

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Last month

what is Bradley (mavs) and rigoni (sabres) doing ? are they still playing but not just NBL 1 ?

Like last season - I expect some teams to add an import or stock up once they have sized up the competition.

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Last month

What injury did R McCalop get. I'd it’s long term North are done for the season

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Last month

Moon will play centre for Sturt. Don't know about Rigoni not playing. Haven’t heard anything yet.

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Last month

Was15 - if you think North's season is done just because of 1 player - you have no idea what you're talking about - they have depth but it's whether they are coached correctly and the right players are on the court together. Maybe some attitudes to be checked as well - but we'll see.

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Last month

North have no depth, no shooters to rely on and quite frankly no one who can take over a game and win it. On top of that is a questionable coach but that is just my opinion just as you have your opinion. One of us will be proven correct at the end of the year.

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Last month

Didn't realise North had a coach lol

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Last month

I update my previous forecast - North are early season favourites for wooden spoon! What offenses are the coaches trying to run?

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