Years ago

Beer on tap, enough is enough!

Ok. So Ive shelled out for my season tickets and already it looks like the season will be a total write off.

Do ya think that Spotless could actually get the taps going so that we can at least have a decent beer.

I asked 2 different bars on Friday nite what is happening with them.

One said (yet again)that the lines just have to be cleaned. WELL BLOODY CLEAN THEM!!!!!(that didnt seem to go down too well with the drone behind the bar)

Another told me that there is too much wastage with the taps and it is only canned beer from now on!!!

If the taps are not fixed by next game I would urge all the Pale ale fans out there to join me by boycotting the bars altogether!!

C'mon Bball/ beer fans; join me and send a message to the idiot that has made this decision that we are not going to take it.

If season ticket holders have to endure the crap out on court, at least give us some quality behind the bar.

You can also bet it wont be to long until a can lands on the court. PALE IN PLASTIC CUPS PLEASE.


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Years ago

Bang Bang..

couldnt of said it better.
firstly, there was pale on tap in the pre season game vs perth( taps need to be cleaned yeah right)
taps take bout half a day to clean if they actually do need it anyway.

friday night before leaving for the game i decided to ring the dome and ask the question ...."will there be beer on tap"? reply... no sorry not this week, guarantee next week i was told..... the problem is they have no taps and the last catering company stole the old ones before they left....... now all it takes is one phone call to coopers brewery to get a rep to deliver some fresh taps.... i know sounds hard doesnt it!!! after the phone call we decided we werent gonna drink that crap coopers in a tin so we smuggled in good old wild turkeys..... cant blame us can you. ? instead of spending $20 at the bar for 4 beers i bought 4 wild turkeys on the way down and didnt look back............ i feel ya pain mate. one last chance they have, they promised me they were gonna have it back next week , ill give them one last chance. but i will be calling coopers and the dome monday morning to push things along ..


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Years ago

Right on Campbell. You should be able to spot me this week as Im gonna try to get a t shirt with "NO PALE- NO SALE- BOYCOTT" slogan going. Coopers (IMO) only make 2 good beers, Sparkling & Pale.

Get some in ya!

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Years ago

I wonder if you experts know that Pale is in cans called Dr Timms same beer but in cans whats the fuss

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Years ago

how can you say that mate? that's the worst call ive ever heard.

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Years ago

Dr Tim's doesnt taste like real Pale from a glass bottle or off a tap...

Coopers know this, and that's why they don't 'dilute' the Pale Ale brand by putting it on the cans.

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Years ago

facts are fact do some research and see what you find out I hate it when Im right

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Years ago

Bear, you are a tool.

Why, if it is Pale Ale(the Coopers Brewerys biggest selling beer by a mile)would they call it Dr Timms?

I dont know who Dr Timm is but after tasting his beer he has no F^+#*^g idea how to make one!

Just because the bar staff hand you a Dr Timms when you ask for a Pale, dosnt mean it is actually a Pale.

The Dome is treating beer drinkers like idiots.


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Years ago

Kev you are correct Dr Timms is Pale but branded as Dr Timms,same product same batch but in cans and yes does taste a little different and there is no define answe to this why ?

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Years ago

I will say for the last time they are of the same kind one in a can the other bottle or on tap,yes they taste a little different but come from same batch,and because they taste a little different as Kev said branded different

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Years ago

Pale Ale or not the fact is it tastes like CRAP out of a can, what ever it is.

Bring back the Pale on tap. This was one major sporting stadium that actually sold beer that was worth buying.

Friday nite I even tried Coopers lite as everything else tasted like cat pee.

I Agree, BOYCOTT until our favorite beer is back on tap. I spend $50-$60 every game with my mates. Im not wasting another cent on this canned crap.

Pour the Timms down the toilet were it belongs. If it dont taste like Pale, it aint Pale IMO.

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Years ago

Bear, I have looked up the Coopers web site and cant even find a mention of Dr Timms on their site, or the web for that matter. Probably because it tastes so bad out of the can.

Why have they done this?

I agree with Magpie. Dr Timms tastes like crud out of the can.

Bring back the Pale on tap, or my money stays in my pocket. (my wife is hoping that it never comes back)


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Years ago

It was originally done for Big Day Out in 2003, due to their "No Glass Bottles" policy, if the stories I was told at Big Day Out that year were true.

After that it became a regular item from Coopers.

Pale drinkers hate it, everyone else (the percentage of our population without taste buds) call it "Pale Ale in a can".

Pale Ale always has been, and always will be, a beer best enjoyed from a keg, or fresh from the bottle it was fermented in.

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Years ago

Here, here.

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Years ago

Dr Tim is a scientist/professor from the coopers family. Grand son or something of Mr Cooper. Dr Tim Cooper

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Years ago

Why don't you drink light beer? You skirt

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Years ago

Hold on a second... Magpie you drink cat pee?

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Years ago

I have been known too

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Years ago

Dr Timms is Pale Ale in a can. However, Pale Ale finishes its fermenting process in the bottle (hence the sediment and 'Best After' date) which cannot happen in the can. So they are branded differently, and taste different.

Simple explanation guys.

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Years ago

Dr Tim Cooper is not a scientist or professor - he is a medical doctor.

Studied medicine and has now retired from being a medical practitioner (may still work a couple of days a month Im not 100% sure) He has now taken over the running of Coopers brewery and is head Brewer as well.

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Years ago

Do what I did on Friday, buy your can of beer and grab a plastic cup, beats drinking from cans! If you want that real Pale Ale look, just throw a bit of dirt in the cup!!!
Try their Lager, it's not a bad drop.
Glad to know that they finally got an explanation to why Pale and Dr Tims tastes different!!!

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Coopers Cup Fan  
Years ago

I agree with Axeman. I would always spend on average $50 - $80 on beer at the 36ers. For us guys it was our social night out together. Last Friday I had 2 cans of light and that was horrible. Dr Timms is absolutely shit - never tasted Cats piss but they tell me it's the same. Bring back Pale on tap or I'll have to give my drinking money to the kids !
Maybe we will have to go out to the car during half time for a decent beer.......

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Years ago

C u in the car park for a decent brew Coopers Cup Fan.

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