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Dirk MVP?

i don't think Dirk should be mvp if he can't carry his team past the first round!

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Years ago

I don't think Dirk should have ever been MVP full stop.

This just highlights why.

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Years ago

hey shut up

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Years ago

Opinion Noted!

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Years ago

dirk is over-rated. all he does is stand around and be tall. has 2 moves.the three ball and the back down from 3 point line to foul line leaning 'jump' shot (both only sometimes effective due to being tall). warriors did their homework and shut him down. as said above this 1st round loss highlights why he shouldn't be, and should never have been considered, MVP. kobe or nash, even though in not big fans of either.

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Who cares what he did in the playoffs. its a regular season award for a reason. t-mac should get it anyway.

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Years ago

Last time I checked it is MVP of the regular season!
They have a MVP of the Finals.

I think Nash and Dirk were the standout players of the best teams.
So either is worthy of the trophy.
But some people will be hesitant to give Nash 3 in a row.
It is hard to argue with Nash winning since his stats are actually better this year.
But winning the last 2 will probably cost him this years MVP.

As a Mavs supporters it is pretty tough to see him play this well after not resigning him.
But he deserves the accolades.

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Years ago

michael doleac

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Years ago

The argument of Nash not winning because he's won the last two is absolutely ridiculous. Why is that even a factor? It's not the Most Valuable Player, Unless You've Already Won it Twice But Aren't Yet in Ultra-Extreme-Elite Superstar Territory Award, is it? Most Improve considers the past season(s); for MVP, it's irrelevant.

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Years ago

Dirk is crap. I mean sure Miami got drilled but so did mavs.(IM GOING 4 GSW in playoffs now) No 1 should hav ever even mentioned his name for MVP. He's not that great. THERE are so many players better than him. And nash doesnt desrve it 3 in a row. Dint even deserve the 2nd. some players more eligable 4 MVP this season r LBJ, Kobe, B - Diddy, Jkidd, Melo, AI, KG, Luol deng, TJ ford, Bosh. THATS JUST A FEW, they may sound crap but check there stats man. DIRK DOESNT DESERVE MVP THIS SEASON. MAYBE IN THE FUTURE BUT NOT NOW!! thanx

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The Hamma  
Years ago

pfft to this whole thread, Dirk should be the MVP this year hands down he has been the standout player all year, it has been a two horse race with Dirk and Nash which in my oppinion and many others Dirk has won.

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Years ago

AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! '-----' its a good thing u didnt leave ur name coz u have ABSOLUTELY NO idea! haha...first of all - no 1 should EVER? like ever? not once would u go wow...dirk is having a good year, his mavs are on the verge of u think maybe he could be mvp? i mean i dont think he should be it but to say he should never have been thought about??? and ur arguments are that the mavs got drilled in the first round of the playoffs...the playoffs dont mean shit when it comes to this award so thats just bogus. but what really got me was ur other 'candidates'...lbj, kobe, bosh yes...but u didnt finish there....b-diddy...i mean b-diddy is flat out dominating the playoffs but this seasons hes missed a tonne of games and has been very inconsistent. kidd - with a gun team with him, only scraped the nets into the 8 in a shit conference...melo had a brain melt and was suspended for 20 games, kg was no where near the playoffs...luol deng better than dirk dont be stupid...and TJ FORD??!!! AHAHAHAHAAH - im a die hard raptors fan and even i had to laugh at that...his numbers this year 14pts 8ast...thats ur mvp? on a guy who might not even have been their 3rd most valuable player on his own team...let alone the lead...ahaha...oh dear...u have much to learn...thanks for the laugh though...ive had a rough day....

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Years ago

Martynas Andrisevickus

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Speedster Express  
Years ago

In no way should Dirk win MVP for this season. He is not the MVP by a long shot. They are a good team and would've done well with any other PF's playing his role (KG, Bosh, Brand).
Nash on the other hand is the MVP of his team, without his leadership they would stink, and not many other PG's could do what he does (maybe Kidd) for that side.
Kobe for his stats alone, should be considered before Dirk, watching him over the last few months has been a pleasure, and I'm not really a fan of his either.
And the forgotten man of this MVP race, BOSH! Why is he not being considered very much in the press? He carried what would essentially be a lottery team, into the playoffs pretty much by himself.

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By himself? It took TJ Ford, and draft picks to get him there also. T-Mac should win, he carried his second rate team when yao was out. I mean... juwan howard? Chuck hayes? his next best player is Shane Battier

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Undersized Pf  
Years ago

why should nash get the mvp when theres a debate on weather hes the best point guard in the league (Kidd?? look at his stats there just as good if not better than nash's) and think of the names that have done a 3-peat. nash cant be considered with those guys.

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

Dirk is overrated to the max. - a choker and only puts up good numbers because hes got good players around him.

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Speedster Express  
Years ago

Undersized PF - i agree that there is debate about if Nash is the best PG in the league, stats-wise, but we're not talking about stats in this case, we're talking about what he brings to the team and IMO Phoenix would not be as good without him. As for not being up there with others who have done a three-peat, maybe that's just a statement on how the league is right now.

Forgot about T-Mac, sorry, yes he is another very worthy relatively unmentioned contender.

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Run TMC  
Years ago

I wonder what the difference in winning % would have been if the following players were taken out of their respective teams for the whole year:


I'm sure there are others but it would be an interesting gauge as to how 'valuable' a player is.

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Years ago


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Cleveland actually win more games without lebron. perhaps most 'valuable' refers to their paycheck, in which Baron receives nearly double of what Nash gets?

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Years ago

"------", i am still trying to comprehend some of the things you just said. Firstly you labelled TJ ford as an mvp and then you backed it up by saying look at the stats. If you looked at the stats my friend you would see that dirks stats, as well as his teams record in the regular season, shits all over half of the players you listed.

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The Hamma  
Years ago

"Dirk is overrated to the max. - a choker and only puts up good numbers because hes got good players around him."

I now know where Dr Bullshit got his name from

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Years ago

There is no way in hell dirk deserves the mvp over nash. Nash missed 6 games this season phx goes 2 for 6 without him. Dirk misses 4 games they go 3 for 4 and the only lost was the 2nd last game of the season where they were resting starts....The point I'm trying to make is that without dirk dallas can still win, without nash phx makes the playoff but doesnt finish top 4 in the west. So wouldnt that make Nash the most valuable of the two to his team to his team? Dirk cant even avg 10 boards a game or at least 1 block a game. Nash on the other hand. nash on the other hand is droping 11.6 dimes a game and is shooting lights out from the free throw line, the field, and even the 3 point line. How can a pg have a better FG% from the field then a PF/C? Anyways after it is all said and done nash is the MVP of the season no matter what anyone says and all this 3 straight MVP titles shit is BS, the MVP should go to the MVP not the 2nd best just because hes not going to have 3 MVP titles straight.

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Years ago

IMO T-Mac or Kobe is the MVP, T-Mac took a Yao-less mediocre side into the playoffs while Kobe took a team with Smush Parker as the starting PG and Kwame "I'm a bust" Brown at C.

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Years ago

im getting a sense of deja vu here...if u read jules' 'essay' which i know a lot of people have on the recent thread "ESPN Pick Their NBA Winners" - ull find that a lot of people are just quoting him (speedster express and josh) some originality please or at least reference him...its some good shit

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Years ago

lol. yeh i noticed that to

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Years ago

It dont matter about this year. Next year and for the next 10 years - my boy Bron will win it over and over and over (and over?) again. Next MJ.

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Years ago

brandon roy next mj...........................

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Years ago

just read jules' post. it pretty much looks like a copy paste job

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Phd in shot  
Years ago

Dirk is a quality player night in night out he gets boards scores points inside and out he is the concrete of the mavs team. Nash is also a quality player and has a terrific season he also holds the suns together. I think kidd should get mvp look at his stats and he also has vc and rj in his team who are great scorers but he learly shines show me another point gaurd that grabs those amounts of rebounds, assists and points he is amazing give that man the MVP

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Years ago

god damn it im sick of people with their stats...its not all about kidd grabs rebounds and for a point guard thats amazing...give him the trophy

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ahh wildcats!  
Years ago

U know what?
This whole 'Lebron is the next MJ'
Cr*p is old. Lebron is not the next MJ, he's just a money hungry little brat.
The only player i'd say is comparible to the great MJ is Kobe, Lebron is good but not worth the hype IMO.

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heres the thing. theres never going to be another MJ. lebron doesnt resemble MJ at all. hes more like magic if you were to compare players. but theres never going to be another MJ. stop comparing everyone

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the REAL jules  
Years ago

'#133409' was not me - why post in someone else's name?

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