Years ago

NBL considering third import for Singapore

According to an article in The West by Ross Lewis - Singapore plight may trigger rule change - the NBL may be considering reintroducing the third import rule which allowed struggling teams a third import.

The Singapore Slingers are on a bit of a knife's edge with the NBL right now, running behind on payments. The ownership group hasn't been recruiting while they've been trying to sort out the financial side and, even if they can get that in order within three weeks, they'll find it tough to lure a competitive group of players abroad - the majority of quality Australian talent is now contracted including all but one of the players who were with Singapore last season.

"One thing my office is playing with is whether or not we bring back the third import rule," Burton said. "That move would have to have a condition attached.

"If we were to allow a third import, it would have to be an Asian, it couldn't be a North American or European.

"My job is to protect the interests of the game and Australian players first and foremost."
I have no idea why Singapore weren't granted this concession in the first place! Hell, allow them either two US/Euros and an Asian, or one US/Euro and three Asians even - whatever builds the sport.

There are some quality Chinese players coming through right now including a couple making a few NBA draft lists.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Is that legal? You can not discriminate based on race.

If they are going to allow an extra import i could not see how the NBL could inforce such a rule. Stephon?

I have also heard that the rule was not extinct officially and that even the sixers could legally get an extra import.

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Years ago

That was for the bottom teams. Slingers made the finals last season.

Technically, I'd guess they'd "discriminate" based on country of origin. There've been no issues with Kiwis playing as locals.

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dry back  
Years ago

they should just go two imports(us/euro) two asian imports and then the rest of the roster can be filled with aussie, new zealanders and singaporeans. IMO that would work and they should be able to field a decent side as well as increasing local support. also if they start destroying everyone then take an import spot off them.

so if you made the asian imports 8 points instead of 10 and have a line up like this

PG - import 10/Quick 1
SG - import 8/Trahair 5
SF - import 8/Drimic 7
PF - knight 10/Clint Reed 4
C - import 10/Rice 2
= 65 points

and then have two singaporeans in the development spots

its not a fix but a patch job so eventually they could attract some quality singaporean players(if there are any) and decent aussie and new zealanders.

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Years ago

Every team should play within the same rules. If you still cant make it by playing within the rules, see ya later.

Oh by the way, that should go for salary cap breaches as well, but I guess the runs are well and truly on the board with that issue.

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Years ago

Ronny - that's all well and good, but it's tough for Singapore and NZ to recruit.

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KC- gone  
Years ago

3 imports generally would be not good for OZ Basketball, less Autralians playing.

We have more and more Americans with dual citizenship.

I think that there should be a manditory draft system from Bottom team to sellect from all new OZ players and imports. Must play 1 year there.

All new players Register for sellection in the draft and bottom team gets first 1 pick and rotate up to top Team and then back to the Bottom Teams Pick.

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Years ago

IMO an extra import will not help the Slingers. They made the playoffs last year anyway so you could argue that on court help isn't what they need (Mind you the 07/08 list would not appear to be a playoff contender at this stage). But how does any extra import spot help any of the following problems that Singapore face:
- Difficulty in recruiting because of location
- Lack of funds
- Lack of local support

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Years ago

I think the NBL should just allow the slingers to sign any asian players as "locals", (or if they cant do that due to rules through FIBA or immigration give the slingers say 2 - 5 Aisian import slots) aslong as they fit under ths caps i dont have a problem with it, i like the idea of making the new Aisian players a 8 point player for the first year and then re rate them after that. No other team should be allowed to have concessions for Aisian players IMO. This would give the slingers a chance of having a decent team this season if they can get a couple of the decent chinese players, with Ben Knight and 2 good american imports, and yea fill the bench with guys like Trahair, Rice, Quick, Drmic who are all good enough to play in the NBL off the bench IMO, this would be good for the league and the slingers, and would give them a chance to succeed and get more involved in the Aisian market

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Years ago

I'm not sure an Asian-only import rule would stand up if tested by the Courts. It is in effect saying that a player of European/American origin qualifies for the position but for the fact that they are not Asian.

What about a player with two American parents born in Hong Kong that is as white as they come with a Chinese citizenship? Would qualify as Asian, but completely side step the whole purpose of the rule, which I assume is to gain the support of locals by having a player that looks like them.

This is not a well thought out rule.

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

It's the last line of the Burton grab from the original post that has me worried: as it relates to Singapore, the ideas of protecting "the interest of the game" (ie as I envisage Burton seeing it, having the NBL take off in Asia) and "Australian players first and foremost" (self-evident) are incompatible.

Is it slowly dawning on the NBL that for Singapore to succeed, they may need a heavier local presence - despite it being legally questionable?

Or put another way: if Adelaide suddenly had a team in an Asian sporting league, let's say, sepak takraw, would Adelaideans really want to watch an international group-for-hire, or locals (with a few ring-ins) giving it a go?

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Years ago

Organisations can apply for exemption from anti-discrimination legislation. Last year Pulteney Grammer School applied to favour girls in their application process in order to boost their standing as a co-educational school. Good news for the boys at the school I guess, but I'm not sure if they suceeded.

Perhaps the NBL will have to look at doing the same thing? I would think that Singaporean law would also be relevant. I think I might apply to be the NBL's in-house counsel with all these new rules popping up. Stephon, lockstock - interested in a career move?

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Bo for King !

Finally some sensible talk.

(Ok Isaac for President due to his comments) on OZhoops !

Has Burton become the big union boss ? Time to deregulate the NBL !

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Years ago

maybe the Slingers should have treated the players they had well and they would not be in the situation they are in now.

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Years ago

dreaming if you want clint reed as backup PF, he's a SG/SF at best

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Years ago

Not treating the players well??? Where did that come from? They live in self equipped condos with facilities, they can access cabs with a click of their fingers and they have the best stadium in the comp as their home ground. I think that the "ego monster" came calling and that basketball was 2nd best on most of the players lists.... 1st was the players wanting groupie/star status lavished upon them. I think the players wanted more selfish moments and that is not what they should be basing a bball career on. It is time for players to face the music and decide to choose the love of the game over the glamour!

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Years ago

yeah i would think asian players should have been locals from the get-go, how can they relate to a team that has no connection bar the name to them. As for their problems i think its off court building the fan base and i have no real idea on how to do that, and i doubt anyone in oz bball does.

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Years ago

C Cooper/Dench
F Ballinger/Knight
F Import/Carter
G Newley/Sutton
G Maher/Davidson

Coach: Smyth
Asst. Coach: Breheny

Development: Ninnis

Release NG, put Copeland to assistant coach and that is a very good team and Knight could really improve the squad.

From last years squad:

IN Dench OUT Wheeler = Win
IN Ballinger OUT Horvath = Win
IN Import OUT Nash = Win
IN Newley OUT Farley = Win
IN Davidson OUT Hill/Ng = Win (Hill played how many games last year?)
IN Knight OUT Majstrovich = Win
IN Carter OUT Copeland = Win

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Years ago

This is what the Sixers could do if the Slingers folded.

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Years ago

I hear what you are saying Isaac(#134656) however one NBL one set of rules.

Sort this kind of stuff out before they hit a basket.

I personally do not give a damn if the Slingers or the NZ watchimicallits fold. They don't mean a thing to me and I dare say not many other people. I think of all the former NBL clubs that have folded and think, for what? So we can have a competition that can spread its wings outside of Oz? If it means that we have to keep on giving concessions and making allowances for every team outside of Oz then I have to question what benefit it is to Hoops in OZ. Here today, gone tomorrow. Makes me wonder if they have heard of a business plan?

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Years ago

"My job is to protect the interests of the game and Australian players first and foremost"..

so we have a team in singapore because??

i dont realy have a problem with there being a team there aslong as it is going to be competetive and financialy viable, and being competetive shouldnt include rule changes to make it so!

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twenty four  
Years ago

123, who is Carter?

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Years ago

Whether there is a team or not in Singapore means a lot to all the expats that were delighted to have a season of basketball to watch and cheer at! Interstaters no doubt felt the same way when AFL came to Sydney and Brisbane with plenty of concessions to start with!!!
Go Slingers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Years ago

twenty four,

Rhys Carter

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twenty four  
Years ago

Ahh, of course. Mind went blank. But I don't really think he'd be too greater pick up for the 6ers, we've already got enough guards as it is!

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