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36ers coaches for next season

I was thinking of who i would like to see coach the 36ers next season, im not a huge Stacker fan so would rather it no be him, but hey if he's able to bring Newley and a couple of decent young guys in to go with guys like Davidson, Maher, Hodge and Ballinger, and get us back into contention i would be able to handle him. But how bout a combo of Ninnis (Head Coach), KB and Sappa (assistants), all ex 36ers champions, all have coached in the SA ABL with some success, not sure if Sappa has a title but im pretty sure they made the grand final last season so he's also been successful. Ninnis also was the guy who took Holmes and Ingles to the dragons and seems to have a good reputation with the young SA guys, and with Holmes being a Free agent this season that could be a huge bonus. What do people think, who else could be out there the only other current coach who i prob wouldnt mind seeing is Geordie McLeod if he wants to return from the slingers, i think he does a good job and was able to recruit some decent teams in his west sydney days, anyone else people think should be considered??? please not Goorj, Joyce or Fisher, sure they are good coaches and successful, but yea im not sure if i could handle there style for the 36ers.

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Ok - but yeah. Stacker would be good. I don't know enough about Ninnis as a coach, but given he is already on the payroll, he might be a good fit.

I can't help but wonder if it might be time to try someone new?

Ill say it before others do - Justin Schueller should be given a job with the Sixers next season. Academy or as an assistant. I wonder if he applied for the Technical couch job that Liam Flynn got. Not saying Liam isnt the right guy, but yeah.

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Years ago

Head Coach: Scott Ninnis

Assistant Coach: Richard Hill

Second Assistant: Kevin Brooks

FWIW, there re numerous possible Assistant Coaches such as Castle, Schueller, Sapwell that should all be considered.

Is Liam Flynn still Technical Assistant or something? Wouldn't he be under some pressure consideing there is very little technical basketball being played at the moment.

Personally I think Ninnis is the man for the job.

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Years ago

From the job description (I considered applying) it was less a "Coaching" role and more a Technical role. Organizing game and training video, statistics and minor IT stuff. It sounds like an awesome spot for a "NBL coach in 5 years" prospect. Perhaps Liam is seen as such by Sixers management?

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Years ago

ive said it before richard hill as and assistant would be good shows a clear path from local to national for players and coaches.

what the club needs now is to find club legend/s as assistants not saying kb rees and sap are not in that class but someone who can bridge the old and the new fans we have plenty of Great SA players who i believe could be great assistants, pearce, mkay, davis. looking at those 3 they are easily identifyable with the past and the present and would add legends factor to it.

as for head coach Ninnis would be a great choice if hes up for it stacker again i feel could really develope the youth hear. after all didnt he and ninnis recruit some decent players to the crocs and ninnis to the dragons maybe reuniting these two with roles reversed and throw in Richard as the 2nd assistant to add the local flavour

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lion tamer  
Years ago

marty clarke

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i am sick of hearing this rubbish that stacker will bring newley,etc, etc its all rubbish and is just stacker supporters trying to assist him getting a job. stacker has a proven record that no matter how talented a roster he could have he still cant win a championship!, i think beveridge could be a good choice if he is free

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Years ago

To be honest, I cant see Stacker being available. He seems to be doing pretty well with his own company and it can only grow with all the interest the NCAA schools have in AIS talent at the moment.

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Years ago

re post 168046.

Where did you get the idea that "he (Ninnis) is already on the payroll"? Are you sure?

And I think that anyone who takes on the Sixers next will be on a hiding to nothing.
He/she will be under so much scrutiny that at the first slip up, people on this forum will be calling for their blood with "I told you that so and so would be no good"

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hoop fiend  
Years ago

Head Coach: Scott Ninnis

First Assistant: Steve Breheny

Second Assistant: Mike Mckay
{ no idea if he is interested }

Technical Assistant: Liam Flynn

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Years ago

the puppet needs to go

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Years ago

Steve Breheny will not stay under a different coach.

Stacker WOULD love the job, but don't know how many players want to play for him - I personally know a few.

Ninnis - has been after the job since halfway through this season.......and most likely doing everything possible to weedle his way in.

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Years ago

Tough gig.

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Years ago

here's a banner for you.

"New Coach needed, ring Sixers for further information"

"ps. Coach for sale, willing to settle for less, for more information, visit 2007/08 boxscores"

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Years ago

I think you'll find this happening next season

Dragons Coach: Ian Stacker

Sixers Coach: Scott Ninnis

Rumor has it that Schueller will be assistant at one of these clubs next year if they are both head coaches.

I would like to see Flynn taken as a 2nd assistant at a club next year.

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Years ago

Also heard a rumor that Dodman may be headed North as a certain club has offered a court time roster spot for next year.

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Frog 75  
Years ago


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twenty four  
Years ago


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Same ol' same ol'  
Years ago

Ninnis ...No way!!

Seriously people wake the [email protected] up!

Your going to swap Voldemort for a Voldemort wannabe.

Ninnis is a clone of Voldemort...your going backwards!!

What are his credentials? there isn't any other than assisting will be the same ol' same ol' ...maybe great for sturt players...take off your rose coloured glasses for once folks...WE NEED A REAL COACH

Ninnis is Voldemort reincarnated

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Years ago

Jan Stirling as 36ers coach?

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Years ago

Chris Lucas? Has been very successful in the WNBL, and on the International stage as an assistant.

Only concern would be if Mal had a son/grandson who came to play for the 36ers...

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Years ago

Same ol' same ol'

"What are his credentials? there isn't any other than assisting will be the same ol' same ol' ...maybe great for sturt players...take off your rose coloured glasses for once folks...WE NEED A REAL COACH"

U mean south? 1yr at sturt counts for alot though? btw did he win the title?

Yea nah no credintials other than working with Smarthe. Stacker? Price? Heal?

Rose coloured. nah they are yellow... like mush.... like ur brain...

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Years ago

liam is overseas at the moment and has been for last couple weeks. deserves a role i reckon.

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Help Mal  
Years ago

I have always been a big fan of ninnis as a player and as an assistant coach. But I beleive that the sixers need a tried and tested coach at the moment. Maybe put ninnis in as an assistant but his history as an assistant isnt very successful not sure if he has lasted longer than a year at any club.

People stop thinking that we need South Australian people to coach our team. We need the best person for the job. I dont care if they are South Australian as long and they promote basketball and get wins.

But first of all we need to get rid of our current coach. Not sure if that is going to happen

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Years ago

this is easy you appoint

Head coach - Ninnis

1st Assistant - Hill

2nd assistant Schueller

This group has all bases covered, we would be able to get young talent back and work our way from the cellar to where we should be. i would have faith in this coaching group and would like to see it.

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Same ol' same ol'  
Years ago

Ninnis has assisted under Voldemort(not renewed), Stacker(??), Price Heal(sacked).

Your not doing him any favours with your argument, in fact your backing up mine.

Say no to Ninnis.

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Years ago

Voldemort reincarnated?
That is the most ridiculous post I ever seen on here (and theres been a few!).

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Years ago

Please people, no ex-players with no coaching experience (this is was the problem with Voldemort in the first place) or players with minimal ABL head coaching experience.

Let's get a coach who has worked their way up from juniors, had to develop philosophies and proven themselves at all levels so they won't be making rookie coaching mistakes in the big league.

Personally I would like to see maybe some college coaches targeted.

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Years ago

How was this a problem in the first place?
No matter what you think of him now, pretty hard to argue with 3 chamionships in 5 years!

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Years ago

Head coach - KB

1st Assistant - Hill

2nd assistant - Chris Lucas

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Years ago

no experience didnt harm voldemort, if any coach can bring me 3 championships in the next 5 years..i dont care if she is coaching golf in timbuktoo.

Voldemorts time might be up, but never forget the success of the previous 8 years.

Voldemort is a legend...thank you

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Years ago

Thank junior basketball that subsidised him spending over the salary cap which included recruiting 2 former long term NBA players. However, facts are he was a successful coach, good leader and a great player and should be remembered in that light. THat still doesnt make him a good coach though.

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Years ago

You can count Stacker out of the equation, he has the Dragons job sewn up, well that is what I am hearing from a number of sources.

Supposedly Mal or Paul Bauer got in contact with him but he said he already had a job coaching the dragons.

Have also heard that Ninnis and Sapwell are almost certainties for the job - if they want it.

Well that is what I heard - from a source that is usually 50% reliable - so take it or leave it

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Years ago

I would only put a 'newbie to NBL' coach as head coach IF he had an assistant who had previously been a head coach at NBL level. This was the scenario with current Laurel and Hardy show. Putting newbies in all the coaching positions is asking for trouble.

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Same ol' same ol'  
Years ago

Ninnis & sapwell...will bring what? The same fluffy practices...the same mentality...same same same

what a joke if we go to Voldemort clones as coaches.

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Years ago

Scott Ninnis

Mike Mckay if interested

KB for sure.

What about asking Mark Price if he wants to return again?

We should look outside of SA also.

I wouldn't mind Gordie McLeod if he wanted to leave the Slingers.

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A elaide 36ers  
Years ago

Mike McKay could breath some fire back into the program as an asst coach. Not sure if he is a Xs and Os guy, but I think he would speak his mind.

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Hate to say it but for as great a player as Mike was the same cant be said for him as a coach. Talk to his current players and that trend will come through.
Not having a dig, but the past player mentality isnt really the best thing for this situation.
It needs to be people with broad coaching experience that can start from scratch and build the program back up.

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Bluey, Stacker does have his sites on the Sixers job, has said it recently on radio in Melbourne but also said that he hasnt heard from Sixers as of yet.

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Years ago

knowledge is power - not sure when you heard it on the radio, but the dragons job has really only been confirmed within the last week, also he isnt going to come out and say that he is coaching next year before the announcement is official

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Years ago

Let's bring back Brett Brown to the NBL to coach the 36ers!! C'mon.. just look at his record!

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team player  
Years ago

The Sixers should be head hunting Jan Stirling as head coach, look at her record as coach over the years.An unselfish player and great court leader throughout her playing career, any NBL player would greatly benefit from her basketball knowledge.
As Assistants it may just be time for Brett Maher to step into a coaching role. Id love to see him keep playing but injuries are certainly taking its toll over the past 2 years. He may have little coaching experience at the moment but he would be invaluable on the training track teaching the guards shooting and defensive techniques,reading screens and playing under pressure.
2nd Assistant, get a big guy in there to help the forwards and centres work in the paint. Paul Rees comes to mind,years of playing experience and success at NBL level.

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