1st Name Denny...
Years ago

Centrals need to field competitive teams

Went to the dome last night, and at 10:00pm was centrals women... waste of time.
Went to Starplex last weekend at 6:30pm... waste of time.

If you cant field a competitive team then get out.
You are wasting the time of those who want to play real ball.

That money you waste can be spent in better ways!

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Years ago

Went to the forum today and read your post. Waste of time. If you can't write a constructive post, get out.

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"Went to the dome last night, and at 10:00pm was centrals women... waste of time.
Went to Starplex last weekend at 6:30pm... waste of time."

You went to watch them play North out at Starplex on Saturday and Woodville at the Dome last night. Dude, you need to get a life man, stop stalking this team and don't post strange anonnymous hate messages on a public forum.

I'm sure there is a helpline or something you can call for help.

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shin splints  
Years ago

As much as I am against the style of the original post, I do think this person is a player, not a spectator, ThisGuyIsPewieHerman.

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Years ago

Hmmm, I can't see it being a player as they played different clubs.

Did the games have a referee in common?

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Years ago

I agree with the original poster.

Centrals you have been stuffing up the comp with below social standard teams & nominating for some divisions (U16 girls readily springs to mind) then pulling out after rounds 2 or 3.

Some one from your club got on here last year proclaiming to the forum that the club was debt free & how warm & fuzzy it was for the comp, yet they continue to dodge questions about stuffing up the comp by failing to field teams that they have nominated or feilding teams that a good social team could beat.

Given the area that you have to pull kids from, you should be a super club, not a dud one year after year.

Please Centrals, slink away to obscutity for the sake of the comp or merge with another club for your own sakes.

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Years ago

May be Centrals could learn something from Ballarat and Bendigo that have big domestic comps which then feed players into Ballarat/Bendigo teams in the senior Melb 'Big V' comp for seniors.

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Years ago

Do you think Pope and 1st name Denny are possibly the same person?

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Years ago

Get out SVD you devlishly handsome devil that is an outrageous claim

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shin splints  
Years ago

I did mean a Centrals player.....

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Years ago

Nah Denny is a ref :) LOL!!!

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Years ago

Get Isaac to check out the IP's if you want SVD; but while he is doing that it wont change the fact that Centrals is a basket case in need of some urgent attention.

Isaac, I.P. adress check please!

Could it just be that other people have had a gut full of your club as well?

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Years ago

Pope and Denny are posting from different IP addresses.

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Years ago

Sorry if I insulted you Pope - it was more just an attempt at my own devishly amusing humour.

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Years ago

And a good attempt at that. hahahahaha very funny SVD

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under a rock  
Years ago

centrals some could say have a feeder club arrangement in woodville - central though have some promising juniors on the books and astute coaches in simpsonn / whitmore to develop this pool - but point about centrals women is true but unless opportunity is there to develop and offer pathway then they will continue to fall behind - they must maintain team in womens comp -
recall centrals once were laughing stock in football but havent they turn that around - development astute coaching and they might have last laugh again
teams muist dev for good of the sport

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Years ago

I thought that Centrals were forced to enter a Womens team in the CABL by BSA. I understand they were given an exemption last year and didn't field a Womens team, but not this year. Perhaps the problem is of BSA's making, not Centrals.

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Years ago

Cmon guys give Centrals a break. As an Woodville player throughout my jr. and snr. career I knew what it was like to sit at the bottom of the ladder, where wins were as rare as hens teeth and even as a div 1 team in u/16s and u/18s, the div.2 teams from north, Norwood, Noarlunga city tigers and Sturt still could have joined the div.1 comp and still been more competitive than we were. It was always a highlight meeting the Centrals or Torrens Valley of the competition for a tight contest.

Still, I never complained I just worked hard, learned from my mistakes and did it for the love of it. I never bagged my club, but I praise them for giving me a go as with so many other youngsters who the club was so inviting even if they had limited basketball experince.

In 1997, the women narrowly losy the ABL grand final. In 2000 the club won it's first championship followed by 2005 after a previous defeat the year before. Whilst the success is yet to be repeated, Woodville has come of age over the years and will continue to grow.

Back to Centrals, yes they are seemingly uncompetitive and issues may need to be addressed. perhaps a feeder club from say, Torrens Valley is something to look at. But I think recruitment is the key. I thought Erin Phillips was supposed to be playing a player role with the club this year on top of her coaching duties, I only know of her playing the one game. Why all the hype at the start of season then?

I'll just conclude this posting by saying if you are a footy fan you will remember what happened when Centrals joined the SANFL back in the sixties. Well, who has dominated the competition and all the other grades for the last decade. CENTRALS!!!! Lets, just hope it doesn't take that long before they reach their peak in the ABL.

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Murry Magpie  
Years ago

What a very disappointing first post. The ABL Women's team is rebuilding at the moment and they will be more competitive than you think very soon.
It is disappointing when some players move to other clubs and still live in the area - maybe a zone may be beneficial?
The club has a pretty good club atmosphere and I would suggest that there are other clubs in worse condition than Centrals.
Anyhow, my son plays for Centrals and his team is 2nd at the moment. His coaches are great and at the end of the day, good coaches bring out the best in players.

"1st name Denny.." declare your colours!

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Years ago

Don't mention zoning magpie because you'll make the big four clubs cry!

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Years ago

mantis you are so right. no women's team, no men's team. what more needs to be said.

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Years ago

1st name denny! as they say on the "rich List" name them!
maybe the money the club has, could be spent on trying to get so called "big Name Players" to the club, but where does that get a club who is trying to do the right thing in developing their younger players. the Men seem to be able to attract players, but not the women, why is that? any ideas? maybe that could go on your list too.

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It's so frustrating reading posts about how bad Centrals are blah blah blah. The womens side has always struggled getting players - Erin Phillips was meant to have more of an impact than what she has, she has played one game, and been out to 2. Good on her for trying to help the club, at least she has the guts to.
If all these people coming on here complaining about the standard, (which is not the girls fault, they do as best they can) actually considered coming to play and help the club out, the competition would be a lot more even. The club has a great atmosphere, great facilities, everyone is welcoming and friendly and trying to improve all areas.
The womens team has some great junior talent and proved against Southern Tigers that they can be competitive. You have to give the girls credit, they are a very young team and bust their butts week in and week out - So if you enjoy belittling a struggling club go ahead, but how about some encouragement for the girls. It's amazing what a difference confidence can make.

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1st Name Denny...  
Years ago

I like bagging shit clubs... get rid of them....
Bunch of... namby pambies

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