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Top spot up for grabs - North v Forestville

Just looking over the abl ladder in the men's competition (which hasn't been updated yet)and from what i can tell, the game between North and Forestville this week should determine who gets the minor round championship.

All three of Norwood, North and Forestville sit on 11 wins and 2 losses.
North have the spread over Norwood so would go above them in any tie.
Norwood smashed Forestville but still have to meet them in rd 17 and it would be a big ask to beat the spread, so Norwood would have the advantage over Forestville in a tie.
Forestville beat North by 3 last game but if North just get the win this week they will still be a game clear of Forestville and above Norwood on spread.

Therefore this is a massive game for Forestville as a loss here could very well see them finish 3rd in the minor rd and not have a home final against either of the other top 3 teams.

Should be a corker.

I for one have believed that North and Forestville have been the best 2 teams all year. should be interesting to see how this one falls as a lot will be determined from it.

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Years ago

Is that you promoting North again Justin???
Should be a great game though, definitely worth the admission. Think Forestville will get the win in this one. North weren't that impressive on Saturday, they did shoot the ball pretty badly so you would expect them to improve this week on that. But Forestville are simply stacked, I mean all you have to do is simply go to the bar before the game and you can be served by Pero, Kane, Sutton, Arnold, Gerlach, Hoban or Sullivan all working hard to earn their pay!!! ;)

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Years ago

Its just apart they are playing at the Dump

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I love ABL  
Years ago

funny stuff Panther...but you missed out Dougie...oh thats right, he would be on the other side of the bar, helping his teammates get paid!

Should be a cracker game. certainly if North win they will finish doubt about that. If Forestville win they would probably clinch a top 2 spot however they will still need to beat norwood later in the year to grab the minor premiership. If the eagles lose then yes, they will finish 3rd.

At hillcrest tho i would have to go North. Forestville lost three times there last year, and rarely beat them at the launch pad. Also the eagles have been less than convincing recently, only just getting over the tigers and west, and only pulling away from Woodville when Cam Wilson got injured late in the third quarter. North did struggle a bit against South but South are a pretty good outfit.

Should be some good matchups...Zorich vs Sutton, Burdon vs Gerlach, Rowe vs Arnold, Reardon vs Oakley and Hambour vs Hoban will be super entertaining to watch.

Both are very deep too, North having Kies, L.Burdon, Mapunda and Quigley whilst the eagles having Wilson, Harvey, Sullivan, Breeding, Fildes, Mac-Taylor and Pero, although i noticed that Breeding and Wilson didn't play last weekend.

I have always thought that the eagles have had better teams on paper that north ...even last year with Dusty i thought that the eagles with their personnel should have beaten them, but I think North are just better drilled and play much better as a team than the eagles. north are also alot better defensively than the eagles and will be again, with the eagles having a terrieble record at hillcrest i think that the rockets will win. The eagles will stick with them and stay around for the majority but the rockets discipline will get them over the line by about 8-12 points and clain the minor premiership and most probably another grand final berth!

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Team Player  
Years ago

Whos gonna guard Pero !

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Years ago

probably the same person who guarded Cooper a couple of weeks ago!

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Years ago

Forestville will smash them, Rockets have no hope! Eagles 08!

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Juror 12  
Years ago

Going by Pero's stats so far I think even Schuller himself would be able to guard him.

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Juror 12  
Years ago

Should add that Hoban is the one the Rockets need to worry about!

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Years ago

I agree that Forestiville are big but they will be worried about North's man in the middle Hambour as he is having his best season that i can remember.

Like the Norwood game i think this will be won on the bench and with defence.

Last time they met it was a low scoring game. Expect the rockets to score a lot more on their home turf and if they can do a job on Forestville like they did to Norwood, they will get this win.

As has been mentioned this will really show if the saying a team of champions or a champion team, can be proven.

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Years ago

Hambour's 2005 season might've been better than 2008 for him, and 2006 was decent as well. His rebounding numbers are up in the absence of Rychart/others, but in 2005 he scored about 6 PPG more than he is this year.

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Years ago

Forestville will try to win it with a zone which was effective at the end of their first encounter. Won't work this time though as North has been deadly from the perimeter and to try it at Hillcrest would be suicide.

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Juror 12  
Years ago

I'm not sure about that - zones and traps can be MORE difficult to deal with at Hillcrest because the seats are so close to the edge of the court. It can make the offense think they have less space than what they really do.

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Years ago

Isaac, remember North didn't make the finals in 2005 & sometimes a dominant player gets big stats in a losing team. Much harder to average a double double in a top team with lots of competition for minutes.

Hambour averaged 38 minutes in 2005 and 37 in 2006 compared with 29 this year.

Hambour injured in round 1, Norwood win. Hambour fit for the rematch, North win.

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Years ago

I think if Forestville go to zone North will win by 20. The rockets are at least 20 points better at Hillcrest than they are away, so go to zone and give them open looks it will be more like 30 points better.

Agree with Hambour, he used to be an angry player and while talented used to need to take a lot of shots to get his stats, now though he is getting it done in an efficient way like the rest of his team mates.

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Years ago

Fair points DaddyO. I must've been checking box scores on his lighter games. In the only game I've seen him play this year (against Sturt), he racked up stats but didn't seem to have a brilliant game (both teams were pretty scrappy).

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Years ago

Heard Jason Dix last night mention that who ever won the battle out of Hoban and Hambour would get the all star 5 nod...

Got me thinking who would be the possible favourites per position to get the nod?

Point Guards
Mathews, Sutton, Zorich??? any others Frost maybe

Shooting Guards
E Burdon, Gerlach, NG, Wilson

Small Forwards
Arnold, McKenzie, Reardon, Mapunda

Power Forwards
Thompson, Pilkington, Krause

Hoban, Hambour, Cooper, Bungey (before injury)

Personally i think Hoban and Hambour should get both big spots

My 5 would be

1. Mathews
2. Burdon
3. Arnold/Reardon
4. Hambour
5. Hoban

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Years ago

hoban - 18.8 ppg, 13.5 rpg
hambour - 15.3 ppg, 11.4 rpg
pilkington - 11.3 ppg, 11.6 rpg
thompson - 16.0 ppg, 10.2 rpg
krause - 15.9 ppg, 6.8 rpg
cooper - 13.9 ppg, 10.4 rpg

flip a coin...

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Years ago

hobo by a country mile

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Years ago

On this trend, what about the other awards?

Woollocott Medal

Hoban, Burdon, Mathews, Reardon, Wilson, Hambour

Defensive Player of the year

Burdon, Cooper, Puddifoot, Oakley

Coach of the Year

Sapwell, Schuller, Simons, Manning

Under 21 medal

Phillips ???

Who do people think will get the goods?
Are there any awards i have forgotten?

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Years ago

You would think both Hoban and Hambour would make the allstar 5...with Hoban a chance for the Wollacott behind Burdon, Wilson.

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Rocket Love  
Years ago

Go the Rockets tonight, both men and women, do us proud!

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if Hambour wins the Woolacott they should start giving them out with happy meals from that time onwards.

Please dont insult the medal by mentioning his name as a contender.

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Years ago

to late mate, Scott Arnold won one!

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