little boy
Years ago

how hot is stephanie rice

i give her a 9 out of 10

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Years ago

Said the same thing to my Mrs yesterday ... dog house.

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Years ago

She's not too bad....but when you are talking 9/10, thats Jessica Alba territory, not Stephanie Rice.

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twenty four  
Years ago

She's 'sports hot'. Compared to whoever she stands next to on the pool deck, she's incredibly hot. Otherwise, she's OK, but nothing special, IMO.

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Years ago

I rate her high.

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Years ago

Don't rate her at all.

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Years ago

Steaming Rice, would take Jodie Henry over her though.

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B Fresh  
Years ago

On a scale of 1 to 10, id give her one!

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waa waa baby  
Years ago

She is a solid 6

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Years ago

pneumonia is very serious and as i understand it leads to a fever, my guess is that she would be approx 38 degrees.

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Years ago

Average at best. If she walked past in the street, I probably wouldnt look twice.

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Years ago

Stephanie Rice vs Petria Thomas? Tough call!

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Years ago

I like that 'sports hot' call. Soo true. She's hot, but nothing more than a 7 or 8 out of 10 IMO, which isn't to say I wouldn't have a crack, but ...

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Years ago

id rather be hanging out of her than hanging out of a window..

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Years ago

you guys are too fussy. she is the hottest sportswomen ever!

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

She's reasonably attractive - wouldn't call her hot... But i think a lot of the "perceived" hotness is a product of the media making bunnies of many of us... Not only can their machine tell (many of) us what to stuff in our mouths, or what to wear, but clearly who is hot (case in point Paris Hilton - god she is ugly (IMHO)... but plenty reckon she's a bit of alright...)... Bunnies...

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Years ago

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Years ago

She's got a decent hooter on her...ignoring that, meh...7.5

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Just as an aside - what's the prevailing opinion on Candace Parker... I reckon she's super cute (if you can say that about a chick that would tower over most of us)... Shelden Williams (punching WELL ABOVE HIS WEIGHT) i tip my hat to you...

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Years ago

She's okay... I can think of a heap of better looking sports chics that I rate a hell of a lot hotter.

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Years ago

Ana Ivanovic FTW

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rotate on this  
Years ago

She's stephanitely alrice ... ha hah hah . lost de plot .

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Years ago

Yeah I wouldn't mind giving her one either B Fresh.

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Years ago

Overrated. Wouldn't kick her out of bed if she farted but not in the same territory as the real hotties

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Years ago

Hotter girls in my class at uni.

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Years ago

She doesn't look that great without makeup, and her nose doesn't suit her face. She's not that great IMO. Not ugly, but nothing that really keeps my attention.

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Years ago

Definitely over rated, but still hotter than Carleen Maywold

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Years ago

Better than average.....but can look damned hot with makeup and a bit of professional photography.

May be to FHM.

Damn she looks fine in that photo shoot.

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Years ago

she's hot .... damn hot! too hot to handle

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Years ago

She's alright but completely over exposed here in Brisbane- the media are really milking this fame of hers.
When the swimming squad went on ACA or something the other week, Channel 7 paid her $800k to not appear.
Then there's the Davenport underwear and various other things she's flogging.
She'll stand to make a lot of cash but hopefully not at the expense of this city being sick of seeing and hearing about her- it's over saturated.

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Years ago

you can never be oversaturated with something that hot hot. more we see of our Stefanie the better

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Girls that look like Steph Rice can be found anywhere; besides, when you have a camera following you around and magazines throwing hype everywhere, of course she's going to stand out.

She gets a 7 (haven't seen her in person and photos tend to cover up the blemishes etc. She could also be a whining bitch).

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Years ago

I wouldnt turn her down haha.. Imagine if she moved to Mt Isa there would be no point for all the not so gd lookin girls to move there haha

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Years ago

id go jess schipper over rice any day

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Years ago

jess schipper? that has to be a joke surely. I'd go Daniel Kowalski over Schipper

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Years ago

I'll second that earlier claim that there are better looking girls around at my uni. I reckon even if you spent 2 minutes in Rundle Mall in the middle of the day, you spot 10 much more attractive females than Stephanie Rice, no trouble at all. In fact, I think you could easily spot another 10 more attractive females that would easily be better looking than those on Make Me a Supermodel, but that's another story...

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Years ago

100 out of 10

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Years ago

super hot

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Years ago

She is a pig dog. Not to mention that giant, gross, amorphous blob of nose she's got. Looks like they dug up the corpse of Groucho Marx to get it. She is the bi-yearly (don't forget the upcoming Commonwealth Games) ugly chick who is very, very marginally not quite as ugly as her team mates (but in my opinion, just as disgusting), wins a few medals, and that makes her hot...Kinda like a steaming turd.

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Years ago

are you guys blind she is gorgeous, I bet you guys couldn't get someone even half as good looking as her.

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Years ago

Overrated, yes. But some of you people are so harsh. Jealous?

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Years ago

She isn't the hottest one around but some comments here are indeed very harsh.. I sense some jealousy here...woah

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Years ago

Body = 9.5/10, face = 7/10

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Years ago

6/10. Very over-rated. Needs a nose job, and has big un-lady-like shoulders

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