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Which NBA Team Do You Support and Why?

Just wondering which NBA team everyone goes for on here. I don't really follow one individula team but still take a large interest and follow Bogut and now Jawai aswell. Who do you support and why?

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Years ago

Phoenix - Love Amare and Nash. I also follow individuals from other teams though.

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Years ago

Hornets. As a 9-year-old I fell in love with my t-shirt with the Hornet busting out the front, and his tail on the back, and the teal-and-purple colour scheme. A victory for marketing I guess! Plus, Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning were pretty cool...

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Years ago

Started following b-ball back in 90. Didn't want to be another MJ fan so picked the second best scorer, Malone. Then loved Stockton because of his ability to dominate the assists each season.
So the Jazz will always be number 1.

I also have family in NY and went to a knicks game in 99 so i support them in the east.

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Pacers, loved watching Reggie knock down j's and trash talk. Particularly the Spike Lee trash talk.

Hasn't been much joy of late.

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Years ago

"reggie for president" - you must have been spewing when your team drafted Jawai and then traded him!

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You're not wrong! It amazes how often "professional sport administrators" show that they just don't have a clue.

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Years ago

The Clippers.

Started following them in 93-94 when the great Loy Vaught was still playing. Plenty of lean years but still support them.

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Years ago

spewin mookie

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

Charlotte - was a lakers fan but decided i didnt like Kobe much anymore and didnt wanna be mainstream. Also love Gerald Wallace, absolute freak

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Years ago

New York Knicks

Fasinated with New York before I fell in love with the game. It's the Mecca and always a big city for sports.

Loved Ewing, Starks, Oakley, Mason etc.

Been a Knicks fan since even in these crappy times.

However I've admired teams over the years and love players from each team.

Eg- 2004 Pistons Championship team
Eg- T-Mac

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Years ago

Lakers - ever since Magic, Worthy days.

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Years ago

Spurs- justlove them when i was six i started going for them and i just love watching Tim Ducan playing in the post he is so good. and because the great Andrew Gaze use to play for them.And because they play as a team not like lakers, Houston, Hornets and all those other teams who are one man teams

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Years ago

jazz. loved stockton and malone. will need to do something to their roster if they are to return to the top.

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Years ago

Love the Jazz. Although i was young when they were playing the combo of Stockton and Malone was fascinating and i loved playing as them in video games. I remember the mailman scoring 146 pts for me in one match =)

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Wolves - Started following them when i had a passing interest in ball cause they had this big, kinda slow red head on their team, who was a Perth boy. When I finally became serious about ball i just stayed with them - i was following them well before they blundered into KG (i can remember watching the draft results on ST back in '95 and thinking "#### you McHale - you drafted a highschooler BRAVO!!! As if Donyell Marshall wasn't bad enough..." - claps slowly...

Well that turned out alright... By alright i mean solid mediocracty...

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Years ago

Boston - followed them since 1981 when they showed the Finals against Houston on free to air TV. The games were on at 2am & as a kid I'd tape them all & watch them the next day. Became a massive Larry Bird fan from that moment on. So have followed them through Really Good, then Bad, then Really Really Bad, now finally Really Good again. Hated the Lakers then & still do now... maybe moreso with Kobe there!

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Years ago

Mavericks... followed them since before they signed the three j's... c'mon they had a guy named Fat Lever playing for them... and a junkie named Roy Tarpley... they were kind of a basket case back then...

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Not only was he named "Fat" (short for Lafayette) - but he was an awesome baller, and is one of the greatest triple-double machines in NBA history...

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Years ago

Lakers, since the Magic, Worthy, Rambis days......the real showtime!

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Years ago

Raptors. My old man's canadian so that's a no-brainer.

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Years ago

Philadelphia 76ers

pretty much because i absolutely love the city and therefore decided to follow them. Also like Detroit, i wish Ben Wallace was still there....

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Years ago

knicks, ever scince i got a ewing jersey for my 8th bday 20 years ago. i still love em now but i enjoy watching mello and lebron lately.

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Years ago

houston rockets - back from the back to back chips with hakeem and clyde, and the great supporting cast of ellie, horry, kenny the jet. Theyve struggled to get back to those glory days, but over the past few seasons theyve slowly rebuilt and I think found a solid support crew for Tmac and Yao.
Clutch City!

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Years ago

Minnesota *Cue Laugh Now* ... Started taking an intereste in the days of Garnett, Cassell, Sprewell, Sczerbiak and Kandy Man.. Was a good team, struggled to throw it all into one though, now theyre all gone so still like to see how theyre going. Apart from that though like to watch the teams that play as a team and now just an individual for excample Kobe or Lebron... For example like to watch the Pistons play as they have a team full of capable scorers not just one or two.

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Wild cat  
Years ago

Sonics! the reason being a West Coast Eagles supporter, centerman Dean Kemp was my favourite player ! then reading a basketball mag one day saw Shawn Kemp and couldnt believe that people could have the same surname (hahahaha i was like 6 and thought they were related) !! followed the sonics till they folded, now i guess now i dont really follow anyone

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Years ago

Celtics for one reason........Larry Bird!!!

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Years ago

Not one person owning up to being a Bulls fan *because of Mike*.

It is strange how anti-popular-culture works.

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Years ago

Cavs, the luscious incomparable King James is ALL MAN !!! and can play a little bit too

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Curious George  
Years ago

Dallas- followed new jersey for ages until the kidd trade went through and now im off with them..still have a very soft side for new jersey though

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