Hawks were robbed
Years ago

Haines, Filmer, Hunt

You were an utter disgrace last night. You three are up there with Tim Johnstone and greg Evans as NBL Serial Killers.

Hawks should've won by 10 points.

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Years ago

Sour Grapes? Sixers fans have had to put up with poor umpiring for the last few weeks. It was nice too get a few calls our way. Although i dont think the umpires were the difference in the game.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I thought they were a disgrace too.
But, clearly the hawks had no hope guarding Hodge, ballinger, schenscher legally.

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Years ago

H.W.R. - I suspect you are fishing for some bites. I'll humor you.

Your frustration with the umpires is understandable but to say they cost the Hawks the game and are destroying basketball is an exaggeration.

Sure there were blunders by the referees, some obvious, and at times they were inconsistent, but the umpiring did not rob the Hawks of a win. The sixers were just that little bit better over the full 48 minutes.

It must be said that the teams are very evenly matched, the hawks front court being a little deeper than the Sixers but the sixers back court balanced out the difference. In fact Brett Maher's influence on the game hurt the Hawks much more than the umpires, the Hawks didn't appear to have a defender who could close him out and stop him from getting open looks.

Finally every team that goes on the road expects there to be an element of home court advantage (which is a topic for a new thread). That is why great teams are judged by the number of wins they get on the road. The umpiring however was not that blatantly biased in favour of the sixers last night, both teams suffered equally. Stop trying to give those not at the game the wrong impression.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

HWR, I'll humour you too.

The Hawks had to play a dirty game to overcome Adelaide's superior skills. When you reach in for the steal, you'll give away the foul every time. It's something any U12 knows and learns.

I loved how Saville Road played. His constant pushing, shoving and niggling meant that he attracted fouls for STUPID things. What a champion he was for giving away a tech foul - you must be very proud of him in your team.

Larry "the lounge lizard" was just as dirty. His wrestling and manhandling of Luke was something you would expect in a massage palour. Like Boti said during the week, "last time someone had that much attention, sexual asault charges were laid". He had about 10 fouls NOT awarded.

Dusty "the snowman" wins the award for best haircut. I liked his moving screens in defence and loved his moving right elbow while Adelaide players were moving though the key. "The chicken wing" is what I'll call it as whenever a sixer went past, he looked like a chicken spreading his wings trying to clip a sixer in the head.

Petrie "dish" is also worth a mention. I noticed a couple of "accidental" smacks to the head (Ballinger, Holmes) that were not called. When you rely on having to intimidate your opponents through stuff like that, well that just reflects poorly on your game plan, or lack of.

Tragardh was about the only Squark who played without relying on dirty stuff.

So, HWR, if you're complaining that the fouls were 29 to 18, then put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, "Maybe the Squarks just fouled more?"

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Years ago

Yeah I also loved Maher getting smacked in the face when he was shooting a 3 which he missed in the last quarter. Hunt was right there and should have been able to clearly see it. He is absolutely pathetic! It seems he tries to take control and show the other two umpires that he is the senior umpire and always makes stupid calls.

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Years ago

hawks did a gd job of gaurdin hodge i thought. he missed alot of shots and they did a gd job of gaurding him with the double team. if it wasnt for the pressure put on by the hawks defense he culd of gone for 30+ points

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Years ago

Those chumps almost tried to give wollongong the game, that young ref who looks like a wet rat is pathetic. The ballenger play with the continuation in the last quarter not allowed was rediculous. They hit Maher all night and the refs let it gowith very obvious stuff, luckily he is a champion and hit back with basketball

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Hawks were robbed  
Years ago

I'll humour you too. The foul count was extremely lopsided especially in the first half, the Hawks were agressive but so were the Sixers....but to not be called for the exact same bumping, hacking etc is crap and the umpires woeful decsions cost the Hawks the game, of that there is no question.

Again Filmer, Haines and Hunt you made Adelaide win.

When Saville at the 10minute mark of the 2nd quarter gets elbow shoved in the chest to the ground playing textbook defense was [email protected] believable. Andrew Filmer was right there, it was absolutely pathetic. The next play down the court Saville who was completely frustrated tried the same arm bar in the chest to Holmes, so Filmer stops the game totally and says 'whoa boys', Saville ask why and gets a tech as Filmer now realises he's made to look pretty stupid. So Saville doesn't play the last 9min.30 of the 2nd quarter. Had Saville stayed on court for the remaining 9 minutes the half time lead would've been 10 at least.

Here's another THREE crap calls in the last 3 minutes. Petrie gets called for bump at the top of the key, he's 40ft from the key and 20ft from the ball - what a shocker! The very next play down the court Petrie has the ball at mid court about to pass it for an easy lay up to Tait. Petrie gets gang tackled to the floor - should be an automatic 2 shots and side ball. THERE'S NO CALL!The worst no call possibly ever at the Powerhouse's history.

The baseline 3 that Maher hit Kavossy was held by Holmes with two hands, it was disgusting. Haines later apologised to Cooks for not calling that!!!

Cam T doesn't play the last 2 minutes of the game (after completely dominating Schenser) as he gets wacked in the back - another no call and Cam T can't walk!

I don't know why you think Hawks players are dirty when Bruce holds more than anyone and hodge has two hands on his player at every change of direction.

I hope the Hawks match up with the Sixers in a final as the Hawks will have them anytime if its a level playing field officiating wise.

Better coach and better personnel, hands down.

All you Sixer fans should be absolutely embarrassed to have won that way.

5 on 5 the Hawks are 10 point better team but when its 8 on 5 we will lose by 5.

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Years ago

I dont think the the Hawks guarded Hodge that well... Julius simply missed shots he usually makes. Great thing to see was Hodge didnt really force any 'hero' shots, and the way he forced that ball into Breatt Maher's hands in the corner for the 89-89 3 was beautiful to see.

Oh and to say the Hawks got the raw end of the umpiring is silly, was horrible both ways, but seriously suffer in your jocks if you want to put all the blame for your teams loss on that.

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Years ago

is Hawks were robbed KB?

also it was Haines who called the T not Filmer

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Ace of spades  
Years ago

Toughen up, the umpiring was shit both ways.

The hawks defense was even shitter though, you cant expect to hip and shoulder someone and get away with it.

They were holding schensh. all night because they are not good enough to play legal defence.

I will admit i didnt see the incident your talking about with holmes and the maher three.

The refs were shit, your defense was shit.

If you knew how to play good exterior defense, Maher wouldnt of hit 21 on your head and the result might of been difference.

Instead of the players complaining about the shit reffing, the sixers kept playing, the hawks just cried and bitched and in the end that made the difference.

you were beaten by the better time on the night, next time we play you come down to the dome, and watch again.

Ps. good to see the crowd back and vocal, and thanks for all the interstate spectators, more people like you is what the league needs.

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Years ago

The Saville call was questionable and looked like the right call to me. Jacob extended his non dribbling arm as he was bringing the ball down the court however Saville did an acting job and made the most of it flying back. That is why it probably was not called because Saville exaggerated the contact. I don't think there was enough contact to warrant a foul.
Saville then comes down the other end and plows his elbow straight into Holmes (The ball was probably still down the other end of the court). This should have been an unsportsmanlike foul on Saville! As far as I'm aware this incident happened in the 3rd quarter while the Tech foul was in the second. So the only thing that happened was an offensive foul.

Stop acting like Saville is an innocent angel! He is 3rd in the league in most fouls per game, he always whinges and complains the whole game!

So you feel its fine for Petrie to bump someone 40ft from the key? A foul is a foul no matter where it is. If anything it is terrible play by Petrie to even foul when he is so far away from the ball and the basket.

Petrie gets gang tackled to the floor? The player pressuring him was Davidson. Tell me how its possible Petrie was gang tackled by Davidson? It was more then likely a foul but to say it was anything more is an exaggeration added more so to the fact you think its the worst call there ever :P

All those fouls you mentioned were not fouls or debatable fouls. Some thing with Adelaide we got bad calls as well. Maher smacked on the head shooting a 3, Ballinger smacked on the head on a layup (that he made), moving screens by the hawks all night etc. So get over it!

To say Hawks are a 10 point better team is laughable! Sixers were up by 12 and should have gone on to win by 20+ in my opinion. To the Hawks credit they came back strong and took the lead and Adelaide were lucky to hit some big shots to snatch back the game.

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Years ago

The Davidson foul on Petrie should have been called a foul as he felt there was going to be a fast break which there was and because Petrie was able to get the pass away (JUST) it was called play on (advantage/disadvantage) as should as i think Holmes intercepted it..the whistle should have been blown and brought back.
It was obvious Davidson was trying to foul to stop the play and by the new rules should of been classed unsportsmanlike.
Im a die hard sixers fan and besides the Davidson call the reffing was not to bad in anyones favour. They miss obvious call down one end and then it seems like they let another one go down the other end to even up the missed call b4.
What has happen to the likes of Michael Ailen i think it is who did all our games last season..went away to the Olympics and hasnt returned?? Bring him back to Adelaide along with Haines and Wieland...get rid of Hunt and Ben with 2 NN's McDonald forget about him.
To finish off..as a few people by say...WAY TO WIN UGLY SIXERS!!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

As we say on this forum, "Build a bridge, get over it"

Have a nice trip back to Cringila.

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Years ago

Not to mention when Davo was waiting to pick up his man on D an gets steamrolled by i think Larry D not sure.

How can you say that a game that was so poorly reffed overall favoured one team. You have to say that each team was disadvanteged equally by the calls so that brings the game back to an even playing field.

Saville's tech wasnt the result of just one "small question" or watever you think it was.

1. First quarter out of bounds called off of i think it was Tragadh's leg, every other hawks player runs back on D acknoledging the call when Sav gets in Hunts face screaming, literally screaming IT HIS HIS FOOT! pointing at Julius. He continued this up the court and on the ensueing hawks posession.

2. Every foul called on him he is in the Refs face.

3. In the second another call against the hawks results in a sideline ball. Sav grabs the ball gives it to Tait. Stands between tait an the ref holding play up and whining about the call.

I have lost all respect for Sav after last nights discrace. I used to beleive he was a valueable contributor to Australian basketball. A fair competitor and Olympian. Now i just seem him as the whiny, hot headed, up him self old man thats body cant keep up with his former talent so unlike Brett an adapting to a new role he resorts to pety intimidation and bullying.


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his dunk was impressive tho...liked it better than hodges

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Hawks were robbed  
Years ago

Queen James...From a pertfect vantage point the elbow was indeed extended causing Saville to fall over. it wasn't questionable, it wasn't 50/50 - it was an offensive foul here, Melbourne, Ukraine, Brazil.

Bumps 40ft from the ring and 20ft from the ball was happening all night, the call against petrie absurd. Chalk it up to a senseless, I won't get that 1 minute back from my life crap call.

How is it possible Davidson could put Petrie on the floor? Simple... he was hit from behind and he had his right arm and legs taken from underneath him. Hwere were you? Talking to Filmer at the time.

Its great to hear from anonymous who as a Sixer fan acknowledges that yes it was unsportsmanlike foul - 2 shots & sideball....and you agree to the NO CALL?? Please King james your rose coloured glasses are all smoked up by SA's main export.

King James the only calls I mention were fouls, they're not debatable, they were fouls. Crucial fouls in the conext of the game that directly altered the result.

STAT you come up with 3 absolutely bland, boring who gives a shit comments. Hey if a sportsman can't carry on like a pork chop then stop watching sports buddy. What do you do when things don't go your way during your Div 5 games? go home and kick the cat? Did your Nanna rug fall off last night?

I loved hearing from some guy who yelled out 'Sav your to old old and slow' - next play Sav goes baseline and throws down hard on I think 'over the Hill' HA!

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Years ago

Surprised you had any respect for Saville in the first place, STAT, but regardless I agree with you. He seems to come across like a reasonably decent bloke during interviews, but on the court he's nothing but a petulant five year old.

(Apologies to any five year old people who are offended by that analogy.)

Anyway, kinda ashamed of myself for responding to this pathetic flamebait thread, so I'll shut up...

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Years ago

Winners are grinners, losers can go home and say what they like.

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Years ago

Hawks were Robbed.

Wat im saying is that Sav didnt "just ask why" and get a tech, he was being a FUCK1NG DICK all game. I understand that players want to question calls i do it all the time in my Div 1 oh wait i mean Div 5 games i forgot that havin an opinion means you cant play, my bad. But what Sav did was just plain irritating, his team is losing and instead of playing harder and bringing his team together to take a very even and winable game he acts like a spoilt drama queen. I didnt lose respect for Sav because he questions calls, everybody does, our main man Julius does it damn near every time he hit the floor on a shot, i lost respect for Sav because i used to believe he was a great leader and played hard. Last night he was a little girl that didnt have the heart to overcome his temper.

And do you really think that coming on a site full of 6ers fans and abusing their comments of the game will change the result? Brother please do what Saville couldnt last night drink a nice big glass of harden the f*ck up, pick up YOUR Nanna blanket and get over it.

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Years ago

Dude you are a Wollongong Hawks supporter, that just embarassing in itself, let alone to come on here and blatantly be a soar loser! Build a bridge...and i hope you fall off it!

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Years ago

So you feel any time there is an extension of an arm to an opponent it should be called a foul? If that is the case then have a look at Saville's dunk.


So if you call Jacobs (when Saville flopped) you would have to call Saville's dunk.

Cook didn't even complain about Petrie's stupid foul as he knew it was a foul. Once again whether Hawks had been doing it all game doesn't stop it being called a foul when it is a foul.

I never said Davidson's pressure on Petrie was a no call I said it was a foul, so perhaps learn to read correctly first. Davidson had a legitimate attempt on the ball so no unsportsmanlike foul should have been awarded.

lol how does Saville's non charge call and Petrie's foul at the top of the key directly alter the game?

So you feel the Petrie one should have been an unsportsmanlike foul? Well then the Saville elbow to Holmes should have been an unsportsmanlike foul as well. Neither was called that way so that rules both out. So perhaps you should take your rose coloured glass's off!

What STAT said was absolutely correct and if you just want to be ignorant and ignore that, that is fine. Saville would rather complain and whinge the whole game and disadvantage his team rather then shut up and play. This is poor by someone of his experience. If Saville hit 1 of the 2 open looks he had to tie the game up then the result could have been different. Finishing 1-10 from 3 point land range is terrible! He is becoming a one dimensional player very fast. So perhaps your anger should be more towards Saville rather then the umpires whom were bad for BOTH teams!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

King James,


Don't you know Saville Road was just helping Mahersy out by doing an breast examination?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Someone mentioned about Ray Hunt calling early to assert that he was #1 ref. on court. Do we know how many fouls he called last night? You would expect around 33% (1/3), so if he was calling over 40% I would tend to agree on the balance of probabilities he was calling things he probably shouldn't.

Haines and Filmer also appear to get themselves in poor position. Reffing is all about getting into a reliable position each time. If you are not in a good position you can't see what actually happens.

With any sport, you won't get 100% accuracy

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Bruce Beck  
Years ago

As I said, they let wrestling and elbows etc go. Then called one now and again. Everyone was frustrated. Not pleasant to watch.

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The Minx  
Years ago

I don't think a Hawks fan can ever complain about NBL refs as their only championship was given to them by one.

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Years ago

My take on all this is that HWR comes to Adelaide to watch an Adelaide/Hawks game and has picked up on the crappy refs we put up with here every game. Bad calls and non calls affected both sides last night but for a visitor who is not used to the standard of umpiring here in Adelaide was amazed at how poorly the refs performed. When you focus on your own team, you seem to see the bad calls against your own team more clearly than those against the opposition.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

H.W.R, we'll make you a deal.

As the Hawks lost because of bad calls, you can have the win. In return, we ask that you rewind time and give us Game 3 of the 2000 Semi Finals (as it should have been).

You'll find all the crap calls in Saturday's game balance out with the Darnell Mee "ghost foul".

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Hawks were robbed  
Years ago

Big marty your quite clearly mistaken , your anger should be towards Darnell Mee whose brain implosion cost you that game.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The sooner HWR returns to he 'Gong the better!

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Years ago

I think it was probably a foul by Mee but what I don't get is why Sixers weren't given any time left. Instead it was 3 foul shots and that's it end of game. What a load of amature garbage by the umpires! Either the shot was after the buzzer or there was time remaining (as there was). Can you imagine game 7 Western Conference finals in the NBA a player gets fouled and they say "No time left only foul shots". That would cause a huge up roar! I think Sixers lost by 1? Even if we had 0.5 seconds left we might still have a chance to score. Either way we should have been given that chance!

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Years ago

One of the man legal (NOT) screens set by Davidson all night long


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Years ago

man = many

Reply #214565 | Report this post

Years ago

Two more non foul calls against the Hawks

Franklin feeling Ballingers Biceps


Saville Hooking


There was no favouring in this game both teams got bad calls.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

If there was one bad coaching call on Sat. night it was that Wini was on the bench. I reckon a couple of minutes on the court early could have helped with the physical presence.

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Hawks Fan  
Years ago

King James both teams were doing the same screens, the Sixers were as bad as the Hawks.
The officiating was definitly poor for the Hawks and the Sixers were lucky they won.
Sixers only had 18 fouls called on them and only what 3 in the 1st half? Atrocious.
If it was a level playing field Saturday night Hawks would've won easily.

What about the Davidson foul on Petrie that should've been 2 and side ball? where's the link to that?

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Years ago

The Petrie incident should have been called a foul and nothing else as it was a fair attempt at the ball by Davidson. If you want to call that an unsportsmanlike foul then the same should apply to Saville's Fore arm/Elbow on Holmes that was only called an Offensive foul.

I actually wish there was a link to the Petrie incident as I want to see this so called mugging of him which I don't think happened. Personally I think it was absolutely weak of Petrie not to be able to throw the ball down properly. There might have been a foul there but still he should be strong enough.

I have shown there was many cases where Sixers players were fouled but no foul was called. Both teams had bad calls throughout. The Hawks played a physical game as that was the only way they could stop the Sixers Superior talent and that is why there was a Discrepancy in the foul count.

The REAL reason hawks lost it was due to their shooting and rebounding:
* 3/21 @ 14% from 3pt land (Thanks Saville for 1 from 10 shooting)
* 13/23 @ 56% from the foul line!
* Allowing 27 offensive rebounds!! That has got to be a season record??

Instead of blaming the Umpires whom were equally bad and inconsistent for both teams perhaps you should blame your own team!

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Years ago

Here is the foul count for the record

Sixers - Hawks

1st 2-6 (Offensive foul by Saville for hitting Holmes)
2nd 7-7 (Technical foul by Saville, 2 Offensive fouls)

(Take the two silly fouls by Saville away and that is 9-11 for the half)

Good to see your poor excuse is the terrible foul count in the first half yet it was quite even!


(Take into account the fouls Hawks had to commit to send our players to the line)

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Hawks Fan  
Years ago

Your argument is flawed, you admit it was a foul on Davidson therefore it was a breakaway and 2 sots & side ball.

Weak on Petrie's behalf is plain ridiculous.

You fall back on your sword and admit you were wrong "There might've been a foul there but he should be strong enough" I ask you how do YOU brace yourself when you don't know your going to get hit?

Do you perceive people who are king hit as weak?

Superior Talent ...in your eyes.
The Hawks have the Sixers covered. I mean petrie for example is twice the player of the NBLs worst shooter and most over rated player in Holmes.
Trigger ran rings around Schensher.
Larry is better than Coops by a mile.
Our second string guard Martin is better than your starter Bruce.
You have us only over Ballls and Hodge and thats it. If we had the Sixers money than it would be a different story in these two spots.
Cooks is waaaay better than Ninnis, hands down.

Yes we shot poorly and generally played average which again shows how much of a better team we are than the Sixers, we were up 4 with 2 minutes to go, we are a better team than the Sixers, and it wasn't the Sixers defense that was making us shoot bad, especially from the foul line.

Our poor shooting is our fault 100%, unfortunately we have no control over incompetent umpires.

I'm glad you pointed out 27 offensive fouls of which a dozen came from Sixer players fouling a Hawk player much the way you think we bump on screens.

I'm so looking forward to our next meeting as it will be an easy win for us.....as long as we don't get screwed again and again and again by your hometown refs.

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Hawks Fan  
Years ago

2 - 11 in the 4th

Filmer, Hunt, Haines you suck

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Hawks Fan,
"Build a bridge, get over it"

Who you going for next NBL season?

Reply #214588 | Report this post

Hawks Fan  
Years ago

I'll be a Hawks fan forever.

Is basketball still an absolute shambles down there from u/10's to the Sixers? Who owns the Dome these days?

Do you think you will be in the NBL?

as long as you have the support of Haines, Filmer and Hunt you will be fine.

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Hood 32  
Years ago

Hawks fan from what I understand the breakaway foul rule has not been introduced as an automatic unsportsmanlike foul for the NBL as the league started in September 08 and the new rules only came into effect as of October 1 2008.

Rather then abusing three referees and anyone who supports the 36ers (for which this forum was basically built) you might want to discuss the issues.

Refereeing standards has been discussed on here quite a bit of late. For the most part they've been discussions and I'm sure your voice, speaking for the other side would be welcomed.

Unfortunately you're clearly just venting some anger and frustration and no one deserves to cop that on a public forum, not the fans and not the three referees involved.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Hawks Fan: "Big marty your quite clearly mistaken , your anger should be towards Darnell Mee whose brain implosion cost you that game".

No, I'm fairly sure a terrible call by the ref was to blame. The multiple replays from different angles and the comments from Andrew Gaze and Steve Carfino pointing out the foul was a "terrible call" also spelt it out.

There isn't any anger behind my statement. What I'm trying to convey is that if you thought the latest Hawks game wasn't called right; then clearly you're overexaggerating.

Reply #214602 | Report this post

Years ago


"Franklin feeling Ballingers Biceps"


That pic shows what the 'Gong street fight defence got away with. Note fingers clasped around the bi-cep, with no attempt at the ball.

I have been a long-time fan of Soup's ( Matt Campbell) defence, but that evaporated when I saw his grab Davos torso & throw him to the pine to gain position.
I used to enjoy 'Gong games, but last Saturday was ruined by the overly physical coaching of the Cookie Monster.
FFS, Brett was thrown onto his back twice with no call, & some wad thinks we were handed the game?

Reply #214620 | Report this post

Years ago

With reference to the foul count imbalance in the last quarter. Did anyone else notice the Hawk players high 10ing (celebrating) each & every foul called on them?

Reply #214627 | Report this post

Years ago

Nah I think you had too many Bourbons by that stage DDFan!

Reply #214637 | Report this post

Years ago

Check out a replay if you can. Then get back to me.

Reply #214644 | Report this post

Years ago

Hawk fans need to stop crying we deserved it more, wanted it more and got it thats all, foul count was justified, hawk players were undisciplined and way to aggressive to early on and then were crying like girls after. Haines however i agree should not umpire at NBL level again ever ever ever ever ever again, go work at Woolies Haines.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Be good if we had tech foul for excessive elbow-swinging and for fouling from behind, here.

( although it might confuse these three 'refs' )

Reply #214704 | Report this post

Years ago

Hawks Fan, aren't the Hawks team that lost to the Blaze at HOME. And here you are trying to tell me the Hawks are a better team then the Sixers lol :)

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