Years ago

Bonzi Wells is averaging 46.8 ppg...

in the CBA.

BEIJING (AFP)  Former NBA bad boy Bonzi Wells scored 52 points and hauled in 14 rebounds as he continued his spectacular start in Chinese basketball's top league, leading Shanxi Zhongyu to an overtime victory.

Wells scored 13 of his team's 18 overtime points to seal victory over Fujian SBS on Sunday night, wowing a sell-out crowd of 6,000 in his home debut in the Chinese Basketball Association and fourth game overall.

Since arriving this month, Wells has averaged a league-leading 46.8 points a game and the Chinese press has hailed him as a "scoring machine" and the best former NBA player to grace the CBA

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

he replaced Donta Smith...

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gravity man  
Years ago

Just remember the chinese are not tall mostly under 5.10 hes probably 6.9 or taller and able to get to ring easy as chinese are small.Recruit him for next season and see how he fares in this league.

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Years ago

Bonzi is 6'5 from what i remember but he did lead the NBA playoffs in rebounding one year so all hes doin over there is pushin around all the soft little asains

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LA Boy  
Years ago

I agree, that CBA league is nothing special and is why I think if NBL is smart to go about something like merging the two leagues it will really help CBA in playing higher standards while the considerably better marketing in China will help Aussie with dollars...

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Years ago

Why can't these sought of players come to our league! :(

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Years ago


NBA - leagues above every other league.

Europe = College basketball.
NBL = D-League

CBA = American high school basketball

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Years ago

Europe > College

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to hummpa  
Years ago

humpa have you played in any of these leagues? you have it very wrong. firstly the NBDL teams would still comfortably beat the NBL teams, can you imagine guys like hoban matching up there. There are players however in the NBL that would be better thán the NBDL players but NBL is not deep enough. American High School which I have played along with College basketball is also totally different. High school is broken into groups depending on size. There may be the one off HS team that has freaks all in the same team that woould beat some pro teams but on the whole they are you kids and men would still beat them. In all my point is that these leagues are not comparible at all they are all totally different and serve different purposes. EG college VS europe again you have young inexperienced players Vs the european experience.

Just a thought

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Years ago

I think NBL teams are deeper than you think and would be very competitive vs. D-League teams. Otherwise I agree.

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Years ago

"to humpa" is absolutely correct about the different levels of basketball, its as simple as it seems

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46.8 is a lot. But 51.3 set by Wilt Chamberlain in the NBA is better

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Years ago

The CBA gets a player like this because they are well funded - probably have a TV deal, strong crowds, massive potential audience and merchandising deals.

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Gundars Vetra  
Years ago

The NBL is a higher standard than D-League or college and surely there can't be people out there that think college basketball is on par with Europe? Absolute madness.

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Years ago

Europe is way better than college. The amount of big names that come here from college and struggle is amazing. CSK Moscow would put Duke to bed by half time with its second unit.

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Years ago


NBA - leagues above every other league.

Europe = College basketball.
NBL = D-League

CBA = American high school basketball'

Some of those comparisions are so far off it's crazy.
Europe is of much higher standard than College basketball. Imagine Anderson from CSKA Moscow going up against a college player-He would school him.
Also, I think the D-League teams would beat out NBL teams. You have to remember that some guys from those D-League teams are on the Frindge of an NBA Team. A guy like Morris Almond played D-League last year and now he is playing for Utah consistently. Agree that CBA is very weak on the International stage, but you're trying to compare it to American High School basketball. I think the comparision should be more like:
CBA= TOP american high school basketball teams
American high school basketball is overrated to some extent. Sure they can all play like mad. But people look at teams like Oak Hill and Montrose Christian and think that that is the standard right across the U.S, however those two teams are miles ahead of any other teams in the country.

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Keep in mind there have been a few D-League players that put up decent numbers in that league but struggled in the NBL. Jerome Beasley was a joke in the NBL but a pretty good player at D-League level and I think even went back and led his team to the title. IRC, Hodge improved his numbers in that league too over what he did in the NBL and there's been a few other examples too.

Yes, it's the feeder comp for the NBA but it's not exactly a high standard. A lot of young, athletic guys with little or no game and are pretty raw.

If there could be a best of five game series between the D-League champs and say the Breakers or Dragons, I'd genuinely be surprised if either of those NBL teams dropped a game. Under no circumstances is the D-League a higher standard than the NBL.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

I wouldn't put it as far as those league teams are better than ALL college teams. Duke wouldn't lose that bad, neither would some big name colleges such as North Carolina. Some of those colleges also features the best coaching staff in the world!

Got to remember many of the college players are really NBA-ready! When you go about big name college players you also have to look at the conference and division they're playing in.

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Student Athlete  
Years ago

99.9% of College teams are crap. The vast, vast majority of NCAA Div 1 players have no hope of ever even playing professional basketball. That is reality. Don't get sucked in by the people and organisations that are PAID to talk up college hoops, it's a league for kids playing amateur basketball.

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Years ago

Yeah agreed to some extent. There is something like 326 division 1 basketball schools.
326 x 14(squad of around 14)
= 4564 athletes in total playing college basketball division 1 (approx.)

4500 (approx) is alot of division 1 basketball athletes. Very few of those make it to the professional ranks.

Here is some really interesting facts, perhaps going a bit off topic, but eye-opening none the less.

'Less than one in 75, or approximately 1.2 percent, of NCAA male senior basketball players will get drafted by a National Basketball Association (NBA) team.'
-taken from

Also, this one is quite an amazing fact:
'Approximately three in 10,000, or approximately 0.03 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic basketball will eventually be drafted by an NBA team'

Take a look at all this data from:

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Years ago

students athlete, just because you did not get your shot in college 99% are bad. You are a joke go back under the rock you came from. It´s sad because the NBL has some really good players but the league is sub standard. NBDL teams would still be a lot deeper and therefore would beat NBL teams. Europe is strong in many ways, and I have first hand experience here.

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Years ago

we can't get players like Bonzi here because he is rumoured to be on $80,000 a week !!!

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Big Marty  
Years ago

When you're playing in a country with a booming (or WAS booming) economy with rich business only being interested in their team winning; money isn't a problem.

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