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Funny Tigers back in NBL, 8 team comp starting Oct


- 8 teams (Perth, Adelaide, Townsville, Cairns, Wollongong, Gold Coast, NZ, Melbourne)
- tip off is early October
- $1m salary cap
- teams face each opponent 4 times
- 14 home, 14 away games per team
- four team finals series (1v4, 2v3, with three-game series for semis and then three-game grand final series)
- schedule released in June
- proper reform for 2010 season, including Sydney and Brisbane teams

Media release from Mark Lewis:
Today at 2.00pm AEST Basketball Australia announced that the Melbourne Tigers will be the eighth team to commit to the 2009/10 NBL season due to commence early October. The SOS consortium is very pleased that the Tigers will be part of the upcoming season. The Tigers and 36'ers have a great legacy in the NBL and it ensures we can continue our long standing rivalry both on and off court.

There will be 8 teams in the league comprising all the southern capital cities as well as Wollongong, Gold Coast, Cairns, Townsville and Auckland. This will mean a minimum of 14 home games at the Dome and along with an increased commitment from Fox Sports means there will be plenty of basketball action and coverage for fans, corporate partners and sponsors.

The SOS consortium is working feverishly with the current Team and Dome owners to secure the team name and also a lease on the dome to ensure the Sixers home games continue to be held at what we believe to be the best basketball venue in Australia. We are hopeful that the appropriate leases and transfers will be finalised over the weekend so that the work can continue towards preparing the team for the 2009/10 season.

We are indeed excited at the announcements and would like to particularly acknowledge the enormous work NBL CEO Larry Sengstock has done in the last few weeks to bring this all together which will ensure that the NBL can take it's rightful place as one of the pre-eminent sporting codes in Australia.
Great news.

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Bring it  
Years ago

All nine teams have a good chance of full crowds in each venue.

South Dragons & Sydney Spirit were the two teams whcich strugled the most.

I guess if South played out of the cage it would be different but Mcpeake would not want the competition.

Looking forward to the pre season starting

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Years ago

Will the Tigers team be a "mini" version of the team they fielded last year, or are they back in as if they were never out?

If so, why the massive back flip? Seemed like they were firmly against the idea of playing this season?

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Years ago

Press release from BA/NBL with comments from McPeake/Tigers:

Basketball Australia (BA) has announced that eight-teams will participate in its upcoming season of elite men's basketball in 2009/10, with powerhouse club the Melbourne Tigers agreeing to join the competition.

BA recently announced its intention to move ahead with a season of elite men's basketball in 2009/10, before launching a new national basketball competition in 2010.

Adelaide, Cairns, Gold Coast, New Zealand, Perth, Townsville and Wollongong all made submissions indicating they wished to participate in the league. On Thursday the Melbourne Tigers also formally agreed to join the other seven clubs for an eight-team competition.

Basketball Australia Chief Executive Officer Larry Sengstock welcomed the inclusion of the Tigers and said an eight-team competition was consistent with the recommendations of the sport's extensive independent review process.

"We are delighted that the Melbourne Tigers have agreed to join the other seven teams and their addition ensures that there will be a strong and vibrant elite men's basketball competition in Australia in 2009/10," said Sengstock. "This competition will ensure fans can continue to enjoy world class basketball in Australia, and that players, coaches and referees can pursue their chosen field of professional excellence here at home.

"The 2009/10 season will also be a springboard to a brand new national league in 2010, which will include teams in Sydney and Brisbane to complete our geographic footprint," added Sengstock. "BA is committed to moving forward with the reform of basketball and will continue to focus on setting up financially viable teams with strong connections to the basketball community in-line with the core recommendations of our independent review process."

Melbourne Tigers CEO Seamus McPeake said the decision to participate in the NBL this season was in the best interests of the club and the sport.

"The Melbourne Tigers have committed to the 2009/10 season and support Basketball Australia's united front as we move to achieve a sustainable national competition," said McPeake. "After receiving a progress report from BA on Wednesday which addressed a number of our initial concerns, including the sport's governance, the Tigers Board of Directors finalised our decision this morning."

"The Tigers have a rich tradition and as one of the most iconic sporting brands in the country we are happy that we are able to continue at the highest level in Australia. Having an NBL team in Melbourne is paramount for the sport if it is to continue to move forward, and whilst we are in for some tough times ahead, we believe that the result in the long term will be positive."

"The Melbourne Tigers Board were buoyed by the support and efforts of the Victorian Government and Sports Minister, Mr. James Merlino, with their assistance in helping achieve this result which allows the club to continue our commitment to the community and development of basketball."

"The Tigers look forward to developing a strong partnership with Basketball Victoria and State associations to help bridge the gap between all levels of the sport. We are now calling on the Victorian community, fans, sponsors and supporters to get behind the club and help us continue to build our sport. We hope to see basketball and sport lovers alike in Melbourne cheering us on at The Cage," McPeake added.

Sengstock also unveiled the finals format for 2009/10, which was determined by the newly formed League Commission. The top four teams will advance to the post-season, with the number one ranked team playing the fourth seed and number three playing number two in the best-of-three Semi-Finals. The winner of each series will then face off in the best-of-three Grand Final series.

The Commission also has determined that a $1million salary cap will be in place for 2009/10, as well as a points cap which will be announced shortly. The season schedule will feature 28 games (14-home and 14-away with each team playing each other four times) and will be released in June.

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Years ago

Bring It

8 teams mate. And South Dragons had the 3rd highes average attendance last season.

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Years ago

Hard to know what has happened in the Tigers camp. There seems little doubt that McPeake was defeated, but it seems he is still on board.

No question the commitment by Fox to return to 2007-2008 levels of coverage, with minimum two games every week plus playoffs, helped get the Tigers over the line. Pretty sure their spending will be largely reduced, enabling them to return to the black financially.

The faction in the Tigers that wants the team to be part of a new start for basketball that builds from a solid base has won out, and that is great news for basketball.

Interesting quote from McPeake that the Tigers will work very closely with Bball Vic and local associations  does anyone know if they will have a formal role with the Tigers? It would help cover for the loss of any owners that don't support the new model.

Still, great news and let's hope the increased tv coverage allows clubs across the league to regain some ground sponsorship wise.

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Years ago

Awesome news, lets now hope that with some solid marketting the teams can all generate good crowds.

Id say with the imminent return of teams from Sydney and Brissy that Cairns, Wollongong and Gold Coast will want to make sure they have a succesfull season both on and even more importantly off the court.

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Years ago

Do you think that McPeake, created this all himself to get rid of south and steal all of the melbourne fans for himself?

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Years ago

Is there any further elaboration on the Fox deal? Games per week etc

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Years ago

Yea i guess its now the Dragons who are now left out in the cold by themselves, tried to pull the power card along with the tigers and bring the league down, didnt work, obviously the tigers had enough sense to come back in, i doubt the dragons will ever be back now, no reason for BA to beg them to come back now, and it would cost them a nice license fee id say if they rejoin in the future.

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Years ago

So can we assume the 36ers are in & the licence transfer is just a formality pending all parties signing the paperwork?

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Years ago

another question - how can they justify a $1 million cap? With this cap, my guess would be that they are gonna keep ticket prices above $20+ ... why not lower the cap, reduce ticket prices and build the product by actually getting people to the games?

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Years ago

just good that something solid is in the works. I think all the pain in the short term will be good for the future with a few ego's in check and some sway in the control.

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Years ago

Good stuff. However, I'll be interested to see how the points cap is to be determined. Lets hope it's got more integrity and fairness than the random number Excel function, as used by the old NBL.

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Juror 12  
Years ago

IMO, it would be hard to build the product by lowering the cap because you are effectively asking players to take a pay cut. Our better players might (would?) then disappear to Europe and actually result in doing damage to the "product"

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Good to see we will have a melbourne team !

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Years ago

Now that there's a definate league going ahead we need to make sure key players are signed like Ballinger and possibly Schencher.

Rumour is that the Breakers have been in talks with both these players and IMO we can't afford to lose both!

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

now to the TV deal...

local stations


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Bring it  
Years ago

8 teams - my bad
South may have had the third highest crowds, however they were very up and down.

One week they would have 5000 and the next 2000

Also remember they had the derby which would help there average.

2000 at the venue they were playing at is much more costly than 3500 in wollongong for example

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Years ago

I is a happy camper, I is. Glad we're moving forward. Gotta say - I'm massively impressed with Sengstock landing in the hottest of seats from day dot and performing.

Huge respect.

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Years ago

The conditions the 36ers put in their participation agreement were that they will be playing if they get the licence signed and that they get a lease for the dome. After a few hiccups both of these documents should be signed in the next couple of days. BA have delayed the official start of the clubs being able to speak to players until monday 1st june to allow the 36ers to have these documents in place and be able to speak with players on an equal footing with other clubs.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Great news all round . Lets hope there are more games on fox than last year and NBL and clubs can do some positive marketing.
Still holding my breathe until SOS group get the Sixers sorted out and have the liscence as dont trust mighty mal and grubby groves.
We need to get on front foot to secure the players we require starting with Schens. and Adam. B.
Agree with SVD that the $1 mill salary cap seems high as we dont want teams falling over because they cant survive.
Though I think a lot of the run of mill regular players wont be demanding too much and sell themselves out of a job.
Whats Boy Goorg going to do

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Years ago

With the Dragons Cowan apparently couldnt put up the cash himself without Germinder, but still after this season Cowan could have the cash and put in a bid. Also no serious Dragons fans will go to the Tigers games as we hate the Tigers and our crowds were about 4000 against interstate teams not 2000.

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Years ago

* season

Glad there is something, and thrilled that fox will hopefully lift the coverage.

But it is really all about season 10/11 and beyond, good as it is...this is a stopgap.

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Years ago

could we at least have been got rid of this stupid points cap, it is without a doubt the stupidest part of the game in australia... i don't understand how that is a positive in the league!!!

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Years ago

Bring it, I rthink your stats are a bit wayward - the Dragons averaged just over 5000 to games at Hisense arena - which I believe led the league (Sixers led league in regular season, I think).

This was no doubt helped by 5 games against the Tigers (average 8000 ppl), but even without any games against the Tigers they averaged just below 4000, which while a little disappointing for a Melb team in a big stadium was only below Adelaide, Townsville and Perth.

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Years ago

Ricey, what's negative about it?

I think, if done well, it's a cost effective partner to a hard-to-police salary cap.

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Years ago

Some people will never be happy, I'm just glad we will have a season and a team to watch this year. Lets all get behind whatever team we support and make it a great season to build on

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

I'm with you Charlie. The thought of having no b/ball sucks .
HUGE wraps for the SOS team.

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Years ago

A year without Goorj... what the hell???

I wonder who he will coach?!

If not, that is gonna [email protected]#$ his playoff streak.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Needless to say , I am desirous of going to 14 games at the Dome, this summer.
Goorj - unlikely to look to Australia, anymore - seems China is his future.

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Years ago

Here is a thought what if boy Goorj coaches Adelaide next season??

Me I think Scotty should be given an other chance but correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm you will.) all contracts with the 36ers are no longer valid? New ones have to be signed with the new group? Is this right as the front office is closed they no longer have a lease with the dome until new one is done correct?
I know its been said that it will be done over the weekend but we still have a bit of work to do before the season starts.

Having said that I think Sengstock has done a great job since he started and think we are moving forward. Still a long road ahead.

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Years ago

Anon, All contracts with all players are now void and each club can start resigning as from next week. There will be a certain amount of loyalty among teams and players but neither club or player is bound by past contracts. The SOS cannot open the Dome doors and start work until the licence has been transfered and the lease for the Dome is signed, that being said the whole proceedure is about 99.9% done so we should be good to go next week along with all other teams

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Hopefully SOS deal done soon as although official date is June 1 as you can tell by the Crocs actions teams are doing there homework already and Crocs would already have planned who they require to replace sacked 2 .
Get Schens as a priority but give him time frame otherwise all good centres will be gone while he explore his Euro . options

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Years ago

There's a Seamus McPeake interview up on now if anyone's interested.

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Years ago

Thanks Charlie thats great news and I read the paper when I woke up to see Scott is still the coach good news. Sounds like all back on track hopefully.

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