Years ago

Tigers re-sign Barlow and Kendall

Not too surprising - the Boomers collection continues to grow for 09/10 at the Tigers.

The Melbourne Tigers continue to build their 2009/10 NBL roster, with the official re-signings of David Barlow and Luke Kendall.

Barlow was part of the Tigers championship winning team in 2007/08 in his first season with the club, and has proved to be a vital member of the Tigers roster.

Barlow began his basketball career as a Sandringham junior, before receiving a scholarship at US college Metro State in Denver, alongside Luke Kendall and Mark Worthington, then headed to Sydney to play with the Kings.
Fellow Boomers representative Luke Kendall was keen to remain in Melbourne after joining the Tigers late last season.

When the opportunity arose for Kendall to sign with the Tigers in January 2009, he grabbed the chance to play in front of his home town friends and family.
Full story at

Quite an advantage to have a cross-town rival shut down - you can pitch to players without having to lure them across the country.

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Tigers looking good . Not a bad strategy to go with all Australian team .

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Years ago

Cap what Cap ?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Teams that make the finals will be audited.

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Years ago

You guys who continually beat up the tigers over salary cap issues are a joke. How can signing 5 players and a development player put you over a 1 million dollar salary cap???

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Years ago

in the recent past, two of the players have been on 300+. that's how!

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Years ago

AH....because we can do math!!!

Too late at finals time, audits should take place after tip off of regular season.

I have it on good authority that a tigers player last year showed an income (sent to the NBL) around 300k under what he was really being paid.

Business as usual for the Tigers....Boss you are a joke mate, get your head out of the sand.

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Years ago

wortho, anstey, barlow, do you honestly think they would be asking for anything less then MAXIMUM

that would equate to somewhere between 700k and 900k there alone on market value

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Years ago

You guys seriously are sooks.

Tigers sign great players because their an excellent club, in an excellent city. Just because they have edge when it comes to signing star players doesnt mean they are cheating.

It does how ever show how much sore losers you SA guys are. Why would anyone not from SA want to live in adelaide after playing for Townsville, Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, or Cairns?

And when they do sign, you guys a very quick to become haters if they play one bad game. You all get on here and bash em. maybe thats why melbourne players can sign stars and you guys can not

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Years ago

"And when they do sign, you guys a very quick to become haters if they play one bad game. You all get on here and bash em."

Great call. Not sure that'd be why anyone doesn't sign here but true.

Seriously though, there's no way the Tigs could pay the rest of their roster any more than the minimum without breaking the cap.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

You'd think, with the sport going through reform process, with BA , that salary cap in the men's elite competition would be an important issue, and one that has to be right.

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Years ago

Yeah you would also think they would see that the points cap is a crock of shit. The two issues go hand in hand I guess.

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Years ago

Vic your logic and reasoning is just stupid and devoid of logic and reasoning- exactly what we'd expect from a one-eyed Tigers fan.

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Years ago

I always find it funny how sixer supporters constantly whinge about the Tigers and the salary cap when we all know they were over as well last year.

It's even more comical when you read the postings and supporters are talking about signing Ballinger and that it would be good to sign Barlow, Schenscher, imports etc. Don't criticise other teams for being able to do what you'd like to but can't seem to manage. I'm sure there'd be no talk about the salary cap if you were pulling off big signings.

I'm sure the sixers will pay their imports a fair bit and the Tigers are going with an all Australian team.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Most teams have been over the cap for 10 years , including 36ers.
We are not going to take the risk , this season.
Teams in the finals will get checked out with BA's additional resouces - Government etc. and, disqualified.

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Pigs Of War  
Years ago

When we look at last years Tigers team, there was no way that team could power at it's best....but they did...
let the games and players do the talking when the season starts...

good to see some teams coming together nice and fast...

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Years ago

the maximum player payment was supposed to be around 175k last season. There would be a few on the tigers demanding that as a minimum

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Years ago

Tigers likely spending $750-800K on starters and $200-250K on bench. Given that Anstey and Mackinnon would likely have retired had their been no Tigers, they would hardly be asking for exorbitant money, especially knowing that the Tigers lost $500K last year.

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Years ago

Since when have players given a shit if an organisation loses money?????????

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Years ago

Older players are very aware of what an organisation will or will not pay given their financial status. Especially when those players dont want to leave the city that club is in.

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Agree with paul. no way that the Tigers are paying the amounts indicated by some.

going with the all australian team gives many more opportunities than relying on imports .

Hope 36ers really will get value for money when they find their import as last year's players did not deliver.

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Years ago

It makes me laugh when Tigers fans write in and say the players are aware of what the club will and will not pay, they were going to retire so they are not asking for much money....

The reason the NBL is in this finacial mess is because the Tigers, Dragons Breakers, push up the prices and other teams try to keep up.

This is why I was happy for the Tigers to join the Dragons and leave the NBL, because they have absolutely no regard for the nbl rules. If they did they would not cheat.

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Years ago

Camel 31 (#240388) - I thought the 36ers were in a financial bind at points in the last 10 years that meant they couldn't afford salaries that would have put them over the cap? I recall a lot of heartache on this forum about the fact that we were not offering players what they could and did get from signing elsewhere.

One thing I recall too was the 36ers and supporters lamenting that, when the salary cap was reduced back to $700,000, there were some long term, big dollar deals that made it hard for them to fit other players under the cap. i.e., Rogers' & Maher's contracts at the time.

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Years ago

Vic - If we're all sooks and sore losers, then why get on here and read our posts?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Peter - My comments are , after listening to Ninnis talking to Cornsey, as to how the 36ers will be paying less , when the salary cap has gone up.

Ninnis was in general terms that most were over for about the last 10 years.
I'd guess there were seasons when we were in financial binds, although last season Hodge,Tynadale,Schenscher,Maher etc would be more that $1M.

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Years ago

Where are you Paul??? No comment...thought so...

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