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Junior Programme on Sporting Pulse

See the new seasons fixtures are up on Sportingpulse for all divisions. WIth the new structure becoming apparent and many Clubs with 2 Div 2 teams missing out on spots and being those div 2 teams being placed in Div 3. Can someone please offer an explanation for U14 Girls Div 2 comp where only 11 teams have been placed in this competition. Therefore a bye to be had every week - wouldn't it make more sense to have an extra team in this Division? and I am sure many clubs would be only too happy to enter one. PS not involved with this age group just asking why?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I think you'll find there will be a few teething problems this season

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old and gray  
Years ago

Could be a situation where lack of courts meant they could only have 5 more games in the u14 time slot, and could not really find another div2 team to relegate. ??

Every association that I know of that has attempted venue times/days changes of this size has had a very steep learning curve with many teething mistakes for at least the first season.

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Years ago

checked fixture is it just me eagles have 15 dome games while others teams travel here there everywhere centrals at pasadena ??
does anybody check for glitches that obviously are not in best interest of clubs

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Years ago

Given the restrictions is it now time to look at where we have byes in Div 1 and move a team up?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Anon, Eagles do appear to have the luxury of the draw this season if that is the case.

Div 1 and 2 appears to be OK and unbiased. The draw in the Div 3 grades needs to be urgently reviewed as there is no consistency, except that it is poor.

Why is the Div 3 draw so over the place? I can think of some reasons;
* Stadiums not available? For example: Starplex was used last season on a Saturday morning, why not this season - surely Centrals has a standard booking on a Saturday morning?
* Is this poor management?
* Is there a conspiracy to run this Div 3 down to put pressure on clubs to form their own Div 3 competition?

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Years ago

Jack why would Centrals have a booking for Saturday Morning games?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Anon, Don't they normally have teams playing there on Sat morning?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Anon, Don't they normally have games there on a Sat morning? Starplex is not used at all on a Saturday anymore - neither is the AH Rec Center

Is is something to do with the court hire costs? Is court hire cost for the game borne by BSA? If this is the case, one would expect BSA to minimise their cost base by scheduling games at their stadiums where "court hire" is "free".

Just going through the Div 1 and Div 2 schedule, the clubs seem to be based at their home stadium, whereas the Div 3 makes no sense to me. Just to pick on a couple of examples, Div 3 U14 boys Woodville 3 have a "home" game at Marion, Centrals 2 are based at Hillcrest, and Mavs 3 based at Marion. Torrens Valley U16 Boys are based at Hillcrest and Western Magic 1 U16 boys have a "home" game against Southern Tigers 4.

I see that Hillcrest is scheduled to the max and on some nights, have 3 games scheduled on Hillcrest 1 at the same time!

What is going on with the draw? Why does it appear to be all over the place?

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Years ago

BSA have scheduled 4 games at Starplex in the past.

But Centrals don't hire the courts, BSA do. Why would Centrals hire the venue for BSA games?

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Years ago

Jack, I think I read something about div 3 programs only being up to round 5? Then promotion/relegation being implemented, so there would need to be a new draw after that anyway?
Then again, I can't find it anywhere, so I could have just made that up... :)

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Cat in the Hat  
Years ago

#853 - No, you didn't make it up. That is right.

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Cat in the Hat  
Years ago

#853 - No, you didn't make it up. That is right.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Anon, there has been more than that!

And, I guess you've hit the nail on the head. BSA schedule games and the clubs pay a season nomination fee to cover the court hire/refs per game which BSA pay. A cynic would say if you are BSA, why would you pay a court hire charge when you can schedule games at a stadium you own for "rent free"?

I would be extremely disappointed with BSA if it came to light that BSA was scheduling games to avoid court hire that was budgeted for.

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Sector 7G  
Years ago

If you think ANY organisation, let alone a struggling sporting association is going to pay to hire a court when they have a "free" court available you are kidding yourself.

PS I'm not sure how free "free" is because BSA will have committed to lease fees that are guaranteed. Its just sensible business practice.

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Years ago


If you honestly think that your nomination fee covers courts hire for a seasos then you have rocks in your head. Door fee's pay for that sort of stuff.

Court hire at some venue's would e around $35 per hour (ie per game).If BSA can save $35 per game on 4 games at Starplex and 6 games at Adelaide hills. Over a year they would be saving over $10K.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

It's a pretty disappointing situation with BSA adopting this approach and seemingly refusing to schedule Saturday morning games at either AHRC or Starplex. It pretty much shows where their focus is and which clubs are important to Bsa. In both those areas, the competition for players from other sports is huge and if you were a parent of an entry player to district coming up from a social comp and you had to travel an extra half hour for a "home" game, or had to choice to play another sport on a Saturday morning within 10 mins with schoolfriends, you'ld give strong consideration to the other sport.

Scheduling "home" games away from home stadiums when they are available is a joke and only hurts the sport.

One would expect a competent governing body to encourage and grow a sport in their area of control by helping smaller clubs/associations to grow, not put roadblocks to growth for smaller clubs. I thought BSA stood for Basketball South Australia, not Basketball south australia.

I am not affected by this, but feel Bsa need to reconsider scheduling Div 3 games at these stadiums after round 5 if they are serious about being a governing body of basketball in this state and provide a level playing field in the sport.

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hanging round  
Years ago

I think you will find that the "Hills Association" is going very well and have a strong Saturday Comp running well. Should BSA or Mavs try to 'take-over' this Comp, there will go a lot of support from a successful Comp and valuable feeder group.
JackToft has previously mentioned his 'company car' which leads one to assume it comes with a company fuel card, meaning travel costs are irrelevant to him, but think about the majority who 'pay' for fuel, and those who have 2,3 or even 4 children playing (never mind club fees for this number)

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

hanging around, "that's what I'm talkin' about!" travel costs are relevant to me as are most parents. Petrol prices are a bummer and I do pay for petrol despite what people think! Oh, I would love to have free petrol.

My point is that apart from justice being done, it must seen to be done. In this case, I feel that there is a great injustice by not scheduling home games at home stadiums. None of my children play in these comps and that is what I meant by saying "I am not affected by this" - it has nothing to do with a company car, or travel.

"Should BSA or Mavs try to 'take-over' this Comp, there will go a lot of support from a successful Comp and valuable feeder group." I think you may have mis-typed - are you saying there will be support?

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