Years ago

Go the hawks..showpony julius

God I hope the hawks keep winnin and keep tiges out...just watchin julius blow kisses, thump chest, when he hits a simple jumpshot! but i guess no shot is simple for ulius hodge!! i hope he takes his obnoxious road show back to the USA- he has talent but he is a knob! whatever happened to the darnell/kb approach, compared with them and willie in his prime and of course MD and rob rose, this tool is nothing..

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Years ago

wORHTINGTON and Anstey do the Julius - the Austraian way.

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Years ago

I've seen a lot of posts on here about Julius but hadn't really seen him play much but watched the Melb vs Hawks game tonight and he is painful to watch. I don't think I remember seeing anyone as arrogant as him, it's ridiculous. If I was his club, his coach, his team mates - I'd be ashamed to play with him.
Jumping up to chest his team mates everytime he touches the ball and most of the time they try and get out the way.
I agree with the above post, the guy is knob. No wonder everyone seems to hate him.

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Years ago

He is a disgrace and embarrassment to our game. The sooner he leaves our shores the better.

Totally over-rated.

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Years ago

The only good thing to come out of our loss to the Hawks, is that the Tigers are another step away from the top 4.

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Years ago

He behaved the same way when he was with Adelaide and was a crowd favourite. All the haters are out now he's with another team. I've seen him play some poor games with the Tigers but he's also had some great games and tonight was pretty impressive - his stat line was really good, leading the Tigers in every category. While he played great tonight, I think Worthington was even better.

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Years ago

well, i actually thought he was a knob when he played for us, but being the fan i am, i supported the team, not necessarily the individual..i hope he resigns for next season, next time he comes to brett maher court will be like the good ol days at clipsal, ill be there with bells on.

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Years ago

If the WWE owned the NBL, Maher would come out of retirement out of nowhere, chair shot Hodge and the teams would meet in the Grand Final series.

Fantasy > reality.

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Years ago

Q: You're opposition has scored the last 8 points, you're playing like shit, then you score a 2ft jumper over a 6-footer, which should've actually been a charge. What do you do?
Correct!!! You flex whatever little strings of muscles you have on you're girly arms as if you were Shaq in a taunt to you're opposition. That's the way!

"He behaved the same way when he was with Adelaide and was a crowd favourite."

Not even close. Now that he is hated by pretty much everyone outside of Melbourne he's far more obnoxious and plays to the crowd, whether home or away, far more an in more disrespectful ways.

And a newsflash to the refs, as pedantic as I believe the 'taunting' technichal foul to sometimes be, it actually DOES exist, and what he did to Robbins several times qualifies. Call it.

Just sad.

Go the Hawks! Tough it out.

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Years ago

X, I take it you won't be inviting him over for Easter lunch this year? :P

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Years ago

his antics are great he is one of the few players on a boring melbourne that is exciting to watch he makes the game interesting. and he is one of the top 3 players in the league

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Years ago

Lol if he wants to come over he's welcome. I'll be waiting...

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Years ago

Julius is the key, Adelaide are all jealous because you are CHUMPS!!!

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Years ago

Offtopic - but the travel call on the spin move needs to go in 2011 IMO.

It's hurting the game.


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Years ago

I was trying to work out where all the random Anon troll comments have came from of late... and then remembered it's still school holidays.

Perth will be in the GF this year - no doubt. If Melb get there, I'd be keen to see how Cat behaves given the show-off stuff from Melb.

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Years ago

Great calls all around tonight OG Loc. Catt would be my hero if he did the old Alistair Lynch in his last game.

Half the travels they have called this year need to go IMO, along with half the refs.

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Years ago

Adealaide play the Gong last game.

What are the odds that they deliberately throw the game to keep melbourne out of the finals.

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

whether u like to believe it or not, julius is actually really good for this league, hes a player that people love to hate, id pay to watch him just so i can hate him, much like shane heal
i mean next time julius plays at the dome, u dont think lots of tickets will sell??
i hope he stays in the nbl

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Years ago

As a 6ers fan and member, if it does come down to the last game where Melbourne have to hope Adelaide beat Wollongong, guarantee it that I will be hoping for a loss by the 36ers. Nothing better than seeing Melbourne out of the finals. For such a proud club to um and argh whether they want to be in the NBL or not, doesnt cut it for me. And to know the Judas will be flying home would make me even happier. Btw, after about 5 games of Hodge last year as a member, id had enough. When you roll on the floor to gain attention and stop play, you dont win any fans and he did that against NZ by memory when a foul wasnt called. What a gronk you are Judas

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Years ago

He might talk the talk, but he also walks the walk. When he played over here against the Breakers he kept them in the game with energy and hustle in what looked like a lost cause.
He's a jock no question, but so what. He's having the last laugh at the moment.
Right now Tigers look the best team offensively. I think someone could get them on defense but I don't know who. If they make the finals, they will be dangerous.

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Years ago

He's a good plaer, but I wouldnt have him as a top 3 this year. Still, he is getting better week by week, as are Worthington, Anstey and Mackinnon - and that makes the Tigers very dangerous.

The only thing that can stop them is Gordie McLeod and his band of merry no-namers - they should be fodder without McKee but they keep winning.

Perhaps we were giving too much credit to McKee and not enough to McLeod earlier on.

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Years ago

How pathetic that you would want your own team to lose to stop another team getting into the finals - I think the word supporters is ironic in this instance.

I think people need to get over this and support Adelaide and not worry about what everyone else is doing. I attended many games when Hodge was playing for Adelaide and his behaviour was over the top then and the crowd fed on it and loved it. I'm not one for carrying on like that, but it's always different when the player in question is on your team.

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Years ago

Yeah Us Perth fans now Hate Hodge to join forces with you guys, we hate the bloke. He is gonna get it over here!!! if he carries on like he did last night...he is gonna regret it hehehe!!!!

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Years ago

Yeah it was funny to watch him the other game when he went to jump up and chest butt Wortho and Wortho just grabbed him so he looked over at Anstey and Anstey just shook his head to say don't even think about it.
The rest of his team seem to want to fly under the radar and just try and go about business. When you are on the bottom of the ladder you simply don't ooze arrogance and although Wortho does normally he realises he would look pretty stupid if he did this while sitting on the bottom. That may change if they keep winning, but I can't see it happening with Anstey and McKinnon on the team.
I would almost bet my house that we won't see Judas in a Tigers uniform next year.

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Years ago

Boon Patrol - like a lot of people, you confuse the game with the business. He may be good for the business - i.e., there is no such thing as bad publicity - but he can still be bad for the game. Based on the comments and behaviours I've seen and heard reported, I suspect he has some form of personality disorder. He certainly has a high level of need for admiration and approval from others and his entire behaviour changes markedly when it's not received. Might make an interesting case study for a psychologist.

Personally, I never have paid to watch someone behave in some of teh ways that Hodge has behaved in a public arena nor will I - ever. I have paid and would pay to watch a particularly skilled exponent of the game exercise those skills and impress me with them. However, if I knew I was going to be then subjected to infantile and puerile behaviour throughout the experience, seeing the skills and athletic display wouldn't be enough to make up for it.

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Years ago

I don't know if this has been dicussed before, but is Hodge wearing a cast on his wrist. If so, how is he allowed to play?

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Years ago

The cast is just precautionary. It's as big as possible to ensure evey viewer realises he's got a little boo-boo.

Last week he forgot which wrist was sore and shook the other one.

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Years ago

Perth are gonna bash them in perth and in the finals. Cats are full of physical players. they had a bad night in melbourne. hodge will have a few bruises come saturday night and come sunday morning. i think melbourne just rattled the bees hive or awoke an sleeping giant..

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Years ago

I think the Tigers are the sleeping giant.

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

Peter - I agree with your response mate, I do think he is a disrespectful arrogant twat like most people but at the end of the day it is a business.
Everytime he plays at the dome the place will be so much more emotional, more tickets will be sold and the atmosphere will be wild hating him!

Basketball needs villians to spark media attention and stuff. The NBL, especially the 36ers could milk this.
Although you do have some very valid points and I do agree with you!

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