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High Stakes Hoops - tickets and schedule?

I know this has been posted but I can't find the previous threads sorry.
I'm thinking about heading over for the first and second days of this tournament and was on the website but couldn't find info on:
* When tickets go on sale.
* Is the ticket price covering you for the whole day's schedule of games?
* The site says play starts around 12pm- how long does it go for? (prob ties in with the above question depending on what the answer is to that)
* When will the schedule be released for which teams are playing which on which days?

Are any of you able to help me out with this info seeing most of you are based in Adelaide and may have a bit more info on how this all works above what has been put up on their rather uninformative site.
Thanks in advance.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Out of towner, I was thinking the same thing and I live in Adelaide and am frequently at the Dome. Can't answer you. Information is scarce, I assume because they're making a lot of this up on the run - not that it's a bad thing (I suspect it can't be helped, given how new the whole concept is).

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Years ago

Yes its frustrating because I can't book flights out of the few I've managed to find with all three carriers on opening day and unsure to go ahead and book or not if I can't figure out tickets to the event or what day to fly home.
I have emailed my questions to them but as yet no response- it's a bit frustrating that they don't have someone to handle these enquiries, it's the difference between people being able to support this venture or not?
And the numbers they get from around the country may not be an accurate reflection of those who were genuinely interested in attending.
Hopefully we will get some news soon as it's quite close to starting.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

thought I saw a bit of a schedule somewhere.
I can only guess - News AdelaideNow - I think.

Anyways eight (8) hours of basketball a day
Ticket price covers the whole day
(can't remmeber 30bucks or something fairly cheap)

Go ahead - come over - book your flights.

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Years ago

Thanks guys for the info so far.
Ok so the ticket price covers the whole day of 8 hours of hooping- I like that.
I'll check out the Adelaide news site and see if I can find any more info.

I take it nobody has bought tickets to the event as yet?
For those that are planning on going, which days are you planning to attend?
(I'll just be doing Day 1&2 as I have to factor in hotel accom and getting back to work, I'm sure they will be busy days for the tournament)

I've not been to the Dome before so the seating configuration was also a little confusing.
They had a venue map for east, west, north and south and "super" hollywood but it doesn't show where hollywood seats are located- if super hollywood are the seats marked blue which ones are hollywood?
I've not bought tickets from ProTicket before so being interstate I won't be able to just rock up to a ticket booth here.

Also how easy is it to get between the airport, venue and city hotels- is the venue within walking distance to that or quite close?
Thanks for the help so far appreciate it.

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Years ago

proticket has agencys in NSW as well

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Years ago

Thanks but I'm up the Sunshine Coast 2 hours north of Brisbane!
I had a look at their agency locations but couldn't see any in Qld.

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Years ago

email them!!! they wont bite

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Years ago

LOL I have mate, just waiting on a response from early in the week but I have to move quick to make the remaining few flights left to Adelaide in time for those games.
I had a look at Adelaide now and most the articles I can see about this tournament are about which NBL players will play based on what the Players Assoc decide- no schedule that I can see yet.
I will check again in the morning as it's 11:30pm here and I need to catch some shut eye for work, really do appreciate the help so far.

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Years ago

My s/n dropped off that last reply sorry?

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

I'm going Saturday - can't get time off work that week.

Re seating - unsure what setup they're using but you can be rest assured anywhere is fine. Great venue to watch basketball from any seat.

Airport, venue and hotels? Is near the airport but not really accommodation and certainly not walking distance. Venue is west, airport is west, city is ..... well, city.

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Years ago

I'll add to that - the Dome is not that far north of the airport (both being not far west of the CBD). Its a residential area, so probably no real accomm options close by the Dome. Its only 10 mins from the CBD by car though, so probably best off staying there.

Re seats - just get tickets for below the concourse (gold section) and you'll get a good view.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

The young ones will be able to guide you better -
for I'm living in kinda semi-retirement, walking to the Dome.

I seem to recall - The Dome is about 5mins by car from the airport and about 10mins by car from the city

I'd guess Findon Hotel would be the only place walking distance. It's a good pub with a coupla rooms
might be ok ? Might be handy.? maybe.
Otherwise ya need a few cabs - city-venue and back.

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Years ago

Bus leaves from Currie street in the city, and takes you straight to the dome. You can stay in the city then. Bus only takes 10 - 15 minutes.

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Years ago

Hey Moses, just to let you and others know there are no games on saturday.
The semi finals are on friday arvo/evening

The Grand Final is 5pm Sunday


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Years ago

No games Saturday suits me good.
It's my birthday that day and will allow be to watch my beloved Brisbane Lions strangle the Power.

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Years ago

Appreciate all the info guys, every little bit helps.
It would be fantastic if Adelaide pulls a decent interstate crowd for this tournament.
Word is also that JR has bought one of the last two teams left so should be pretty interesting.

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Years ago

Could stay in West Beach Caravan Park (Cabins avail). It's close to the airport, venue and walking distance to the beach. Recommend taxis from this location though but should be low costs (under $30 per trip closer to $10). Also close to Glenelg which has a reasonable cafe/nightlife.

Try Google maps to get some idea of locations and distances involved. Adelaide is easy to get around usually less than 30 minutes in the suburbs to get places.

Distinctive Homes Dome is listed on maps, located on Crittenden Road, Beverly and bordered by Toogood Avenue and William Street. Also listed as Beverly Oval (but that is our carparking area).

Hope this helps.

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Years ago

It sure does, thank you.

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Years ago

I just realised I have annual leave on starting Day 1. Looks like i'll be going in for a look

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