Years ago

NH: Bob Hawke the movie

So what did people think of Channel Ten's Bob Hawke movie?

I thought it wasn't bad at all.

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dj moby dis  
Years ago

missed this one...any idea if it will be replayed

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Pretty good, actually. Gave you a real insight into what happened. The interview afterwards with the actual man himself was very pertinent too. A good night's viewing.

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Years ago

What is it with ex leaders of the ALP? They all seem so bitter and full of hate. Whitlam and The Dismissal. Hawke and Keating. Latham. Rudd. Just a bunch of sad, pathetic old men without a shred of dignity or tolerance. Hawke the Movie brings it home as to just how unprincipled they all are.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I thought they could have expanded it into a mini-series. Trying to jam 9 years into 2 hrs didn't give justice to a lot of things he did. They didn't really have any of his stouches with John Howard or Andrew Peacock, and a big gap was the Bicentenary in 1988. Sir Joh didn't get a flag and the failed "Joh for PM" campaign in 1987 which served that term on a silver platter to Bob should have been right up there as he was lucky to get that term.

His relationship with Kerry Packer and the big hitters of the '80's (eg Skase, Bond, Holmes a Court etc) could have also been spot lighted.

I thought that Paul Keating was not portrayed in a good light. I have heard him described before as a "turd in an Italian suit", and I thought the Directors basically painted him as this. I doubt if he is that bad.

Overall, when you look at what Hawke did for the country, his list of achievement is pretty long.

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Years ago

im from the UK and i really want to watch Hawke, ive tried watching it on channel 10 but because im not from australia it wont let me, does anyone know where i can watch this online?

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Years ago

vote green

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Why vote Green Curtley? So they can preference my vote to the Labor party like they always do and help them win? No thanks.

I guess then at least I can run around like all the other uneducated voters in this country and say "I didnt even vote for Rudd so dont blame me"

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John Hay  
Years ago

You can watch and replay the entire program Hawke: the telemovie on the Channel 10 website.

Apparently the producer wanted to make it a mini series but money was not available so they decided just to focus on Hawke's leadership.

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Years ago

John Hay - nina can't view it on because she's (?) overseas and it's blocked for non-Australian IPs. Only hope there is probably to find a reputable private Australian proxy or VPN service, both of which will cost money.

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Years ago

"Your kidding arnt you", you do know you can vote Green and then preference the other major party surely?

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Yeah I certainly do know that, Im more having a go at the vast majority of people who seem to not realise how our system works.

Too many people hear Bob Brown and the other minor party peanuts promising the world and cast their vote not realising how preferences work. Then they all have a winge about Labor (or Liberal for that matter) getting in on even though they didnt have the highest primary vote..

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Your Mum  
Years ago

vote 1 croydon gamers

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Years ago

Big step to assume Curtley doesnt know that. Fine tactic to give your vote to a minor party to influence policy and then preference your preferred major party. And if youre voting Green you are probably more aligned with Labor anyway. Anyway back to reading and watching.

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Years ago

Agree Jack , reckon a 4 part mini-series would have done it justice .

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Years ago

Blanch had nice tits.

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Years ago

I didn't watch it as I was playing ball...

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Years ago

I'll be voting Green. They should end up with the balance of power in the Senate too so no matter who wins they'll probably have to go through the Greens to get anything up.

Latest Newspoll has Labor leading 55-45 btw

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Carol Miller  
Years ago

I was very disappointed in the movie really. And particularly when Bob Hawk and Blanche were intervied. I don't hold anything against Blanche as the scarlet woman as she put it, but to think Hazel put up with him for all those years and stood by him, it would have been the right and sensitive thing to have said something as nice if not nicer than the way he spoke of Blanche. After all he has Blanche but he and Hazel still have children no doubt watching this and she is their Mother who is languishing with Alzeimers. How insensitive to praise Blanche and not say hardly anything about the woman who stood by him until he had no more use for her after he lost the election and who was the Mother of his children. And to make it worse and disgusting was he actually said he thanked Keating because he then could marry Blanche. In other words he completely used Hazel.I can't believe anyone could be that insensitive and cruel. And by the way Blanche you should grow old gracefully. The work on your face was very obvious, and you don't need to try and stay young, because Bob isn't shy about his age.

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Years ago

Last night I was searching for when I missed the other episodes...
I didnt know he was the idea behind the overthrow of the Apartheid government in South Africa.Thats impressive compared to the American Civil war of the 1860's on negro Slavery.
To get a Churchill fellowship also builds a tremendous ability.
I wonder where Paul Keatings image of Italian suits and classic clock collecting came from or turned up in the papers?

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Years ago

Well I watched the movie and interview the other night on WIN, WA. I cant believe the aust public voted a foul mouthed, alcoholic, badly behaved arsehole like Bob Hawke into parliament. No wonder his son didnt talk to him for years and the daughter had problems. With a monster of a father like that. I feel poor Hazel laid down her life for the prick and here she is with Alzheimers and he is nowhere to be seen, oh except for doing interviews on tv to keep his profile up. The labour party did do some great things in his reign and I acknowledge that, but as a man, I hate and detest what you did to Hazel and your children. You had an arrangement with Paul Keating and kept putting him off how frustrating must that have been. When will aust women realise to not lay down their lives for men, The movie was good and I think it should be in the school curriculum maybe as a TEE english critique. I am glad I have educated my daughters to get degrees and not be dependent on men, when there are men like him around. I also feel Keating was portrayed negatively.

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Years ago

Keating " The Lizard of Oz" portrayed negatively..Was there anything positive about the bloke?

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Years ago

Eloquent, entertainingly vitriolic, dressed well and didn't take a backward step? ;)

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Years ago

So nothing good about running a country though...ha ha

You forgot "hands on".

: )

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Years ago

Still love Keating's jibe about Alexander Downer, "the idiot son of the aristocracy".

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