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NH: Should AFL change grand final rules?

Is it just me or does anyone else think that the AFL should change the rules in the situation of a draw in a grand final? personally i think they should play 10 minute quarters until a winner is picked. any thoughts?

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Years ago

It will change for sure, i say just go another full quarter. I do like the fact that i can say i witnessed a tied GF though. What i want to know is if you played this game but cant get fit for the next and your team wins, do you get a medal?

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Years ago


Wierdest feeling at the G right now.

As for the rule. I'm torn, there is just no way those 44 players could put in another quarter of footy. They are wrecked.

At the very least the AFL should give out tickets to those there tiday or at the very least sell them at ticket price. Expecting people to pay $1300 again is a joke.

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Years ago

Need to play extra time on GF day...

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Years ago

yeh im a firm believer in having a decision made on the day, it just doesnt seem fair on the players or fans. however i do agree with Joshuapending in that i am glad that i have witnessed a draw.

xztatik i note your point regarding the players being wrecked but that should be how it goes i think. its the same in football where after 90 minutes if a winner has not emerged you go into two 15 minute extra times, at the end of the day if the players are wrecked it goes to show that the best team does win in the end because they were fitter and more hungry. thats my opinion though

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Years ago

Sure its an empty feeling at the moment but this rule has been in place for over 100 years. Why chnage it?

AFL has been awesome for so long but these days they are so fast to change rules, just leave the game be and let us enjoy it for what it is, warts and all!

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Years ago

I love that its an extra game. I just wish that the corporates had no rights to any tickets next week and the club members got first pick.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Extra time would be the way to go, but the AFL is a business and football is the product. Let's do the sums. 100,000 fans, each spending X at the stadium, staying in hotels, going out for meals, memorabilia etc.
Why play two ten minute quarters for no extra revenue when you can play another game and rake in the cash? I know what those bespectled accountants in beige cardigans would want.

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Years ago

I feel a road trip coming on - long weekend too!

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Years ago

The spectators that were there today should be able to use the same ticket to go back next week without any further charges. They paid to witness a grand final game and see their team win or lose. In view of the fact that the game was a draw, today was not really a grand final day because its next week. Unless off course, they play overtime to determine the outcome on the day.

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Years ago

Let them play again next week. Generate more hype, revenue etc as stated above.

The NRL will be a bit pissed off as there GF in Sunday along with the SANFL. A busy schedule.

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Years ago

i don't know about changing the rule because like how often is this going to happen in a grand final, 3rd time in afl/vfl history that has like happened so i'm not sure about the rule change

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just home  
Years ago

saw 77 GF

yes it is one rule that needs to change - the spectacle and excitement on the day needs a result.

north melb came back the next week and thrashed collingwood

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just home  
Years ago

interesting observation is that the planets must align every 30 odd years for a draw.


so look out if your team is playing in the 2040's

any know what the odds were for a draw ?

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Years ago

I agree with most of the above

1. Players are too wrecked
2. Need a result on the day for paying fans and player

Solution........introduce a goal shoot out. Teams alternate to have a shot on goal from beyond 50 (player gets to choose angle). Player only gets one attempt until all 22 players are used. Injured players forfit their kick. First team to 5 goals wins. If both teams are tied team to pull one in front wins.

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Years ago

a great game should be decided in OVERTIME like other sports,now people have to come back again to witness a winner again ,i doubt it will be a sellout as many people not committed to pay again.Play overtime and the team ahead after 2 halfs is declared winner.a result must happen on game day.

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Years ago

Goal shootout? No thanks.

Good call EC.

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Years ago

Jake - TAB was paying $41 for the draw

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just home  
Years ago

and whilst teh AFL is at it - they should have head to head results for tied team placings at the end of the minor round - not just %.

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just home  
Years ago

thanks skip

"Jake - TAB was paying $41 for the draw"

..... if only !

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just home  
Years ago

skip ....that's if I only had $10 o na draw !

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Years ago

the one argument i dont like is the why change it when it rarely happens? that seems like a lame excuse, its like why increase security in air ports as terrorist attacks are rare. the point is when it comes to footy is that its a real anti climax and im sure that when the rule was first made they said the same, it will barely happen. in my opinion it would appear that the rule is there to benefit the AFL in the sense of double the cash.

Yes the players were wrecked but did you see the interviews at the end? the players wanted a result they didnt want another week of sleepless nights, you could tell they wanted to fight to the bitter end. they like to be referred to as 'modern day gladiators/warriors' i dont know many that went to war back in the day and if the fight was even to postpone it to next week.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

I love the replay. Sets the AFL apart as something different. How many other sports replay the entire game? I think basketball should bring it in too. Imagine the best of seven NBA Finals becoming a best of 13 because of a few tied games. Think of the potential!

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Years ago

moses. If they had a best of 13 because of a few tied games i think the devote fans would be broke

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Years ago

Think about the Boston bulls series the other year! That would be epic

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Years ago

Yes, the AFL is becoming more like basketball every day.

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Years ago

the second linky would be it.

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Years ago

The result was already there.

St Kilda scored 10 goals (and missed 8 times)
Collingwood scored 9 goals (and missed 14 times)

Surely the team that scores the most goals wins?

Stupid sport :)

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