Years ago

Liam's NBA and College photos

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Years ago

Fantastic ...

that was Isiah .. right ?

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago

Certainly was!

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coach k  
Years ago

Ditto. Great pics. Looks like you were nice and close to the action @ MSG.

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Years ago


Thanks for that Isaac and Liam. Making me very excited about a trip to the US later this year. Any tips on getting such great seats?

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Years ago

Hey Liam,

During time outs at the Clippers games were the fans going crazy and dancing round so they could see themselves on the big screen?? I thought it was hilarious the moves they were pulling when I was there.

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Years ago

yeah - how do you go about hooking up tickets? did you organise it here prior to going or just buy them when you were over there?

wicked shots by the way - making us all very jealous!

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Years ago

If im not mistaken that andrew bogut in one of the pics.

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Years ago

Yes, number 4 in the second photo is Bogut.

Unless I'm mistaken, the Spurs coming out of the players race are Horry, Barry and Ginobili.

I don't know about that other dorky guy that keeps sticking his head into some of the photos though... ;)

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago


Yeah that was plenty of shots on the jumbo screen of 8 - 12 yr olds doing the running man! Funny stuff. Also some great interactive games for fans to compete in that leveraged the sponsors products.

Coach K, Statman - re tickets

I have some contacts within some of the professional clubs so they were really good in hooking me up seats at the games (Clippers and Knicks within 5 - 8 rows of the court, Suns put me in a suite). Some of the college tix I got thru U or A, the others I had to buy online. The ones I bought online were pretty far from the court, but it didnt matter to me as but its it was just great to be apart of the atmosphere.

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago

Dorky's a bit rough...balding with a slight resemblence to Dawson Leary would have been much more appropriate.

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Paul Arnott  
Years ago

For those that have forgotten, here's the proof.

(Liam, surely you were just fishing for me to add this link).

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Years ago

what sort of crowds at the games - figures?

what is that stadium for the college games

it really is humbling for us here to see the behind the scenes stuff

the grandstands, pr work, advertising $$$$ stuff

do the stdiums for nba get used for much else besides wnba?

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statue of liberty  
Years ago

that is insane man isiah is one of the greatest players! i want his jersey/ and or babies

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago


Crowd numbers for NBA games are around the 15 - 18 000 mark.

The NCAA games where 15 - 17000 for the first round and 30 000 + for the Sweet 16/ Elite 8. They play the Final Four in a football DOme and it should attract 40 000 +

The Stadiums for most NBA clubs are used for everything from WNBA, Arena Football League, NHL and concerts...even during the season. The Clippers sometimes play double headers with the Lakers or even the Arena Football League team form NBA on the same day.

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Years ago

liam - the crowd noise must be amazing - the college games are great on tv - all with same t shirts and jumping, brass bands etc.

who is your tip for NCAA titles?

what a bout Laura Summerton getting an invite for a tryout at conneticut? - that has got to rock !

great pics

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coach k  
Years ago

Liam, have you got details (web site's or Ph #'s) in regard to getting Suns (or any team for that matter) playoff tickets at all?. I will be in the states in about a month, and wouldn't mind seeing some playoff action if possible.

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago


My tip is an Illinios - UNC Final. I want to see the semis before I tip a winner out of the two - its just too close. Both semis will be great games:

Michigan State will be real tough for UNC to beat because they can match them athletacally and size wise. I think the MSU backcourt might get found out by UNC though, and the Tar heels should prevail.

Illinois are going to make it tough for Louisville to run their half court zone against because they have great shooters in Head, Brown and Williams. Having said that Louisville gave up 18 3s and still one their Sweet 16 game, but I think the Illinois have to many 'star' quality players for Louisville to handle.

Coack K (whoever you are),

As you can appreciate, I wouldnt give my contacts up on public forum or to anyone I didnt know well. Come and say G'day on a Friday night game soon and we can discuss.

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coach k  
Years ago

Liam, I am involved with F'Ville. Without giving too much more away, could I drop you an email maybe first?

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coach k  
Years ago

Also should mention I appreciate your position, and anything you could do I would be very grateful.

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Years ago

I'm going to tip Michigan State to top off the Tar Heals, UNC haven't been playing there best basketball and unless they're holding off a bit, which I don't think at this point of time they could be I think MS's defence will restrict them. Let me say it's going to be an awesome Fab 4, any one of these 4 teams could knock off each other on any given day.
Overall though i'm going to tip Illinois to go all the way, they've been too consistant all year and I think the game against Arizona gave them confidence that even if they're down they can still win!!!

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Years ago

I tend to a agree with Panther. The Heels ain't playing at their best at the moment whilst Michigan State is ticking along very well. Go Spartans

Illi will account for Lousville, and I'm going for a upset in the final. Tipping the Spartans to take it out. Long shot I know, but with the *&&^%$ luck I've had the last few days it's gotta turn.

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