Kent Brockman
Years ago

ABA draft of 36er players

have been hearing word that most of the current rostered 36ers players will be staying here in the off season

should the ABA be offered a draft type system where the lower ranked clubs get first pick of the available players rather than the richer clubs splashing cheques to entice players to already strong clubs.

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Years ago

sounds like a great idea to me, mentioned it a few months ago, works in the SANFL with crows/port players that come from interstate

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Years ago

Kent as you know better than anyone the 36ers are a privately owned company who has a contract with players for the NBL Season only.

The AFL is structured completely differently and the Crows and Port players are in fact employees of the SANFL who owns both licences.

The Adelaide 36ers have no control over where and what players do over the off season. The SANFL has complete control over where their players play during the AFL season.

Huge difference.

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Years ago

Yeah I like it. From Round 18 Ladder 2010. Who would you select in order if the following guys were available. You would imaging the imports would not be in it. My Selections are above.

Ballinger, Holmes, Ng, Creek, Johnson, Bruce, Carter, Daly, Harris, Dowdell

1 Centrals - Ballinger
2 Southern - Carter
3 South - Johnson
4 Woodville - Holmes
5 Eastern - Creek
6 North - Bruce
7 Forestville - Dowdell
8 Norwwod - Ng
9 Sturt - Daly
10 West - Harris

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Years ago

you couldnt take players that are already aligned to clubs away, i.e Holmes, daly, NG stay at sturt, Hill stays at Mavericks, all other players in the pool though and start selections from bottom to top, if not enough players, too bad those clubs that finished up the top miss out

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Years ago

Why no Hill?

And Harris has signed with SEABL.

And if I got drafted to Centrals, Woodville or Southern I'd go get a SEABL contract too.

Draft doesn't work.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

There is a huge difference between football and basketball in this area and yes, the devil is in the detail. The Sixers don't need to get involved in the admin, it just needs to be administered by BSA. Spreading out talent will only be challenged by those who feel they will be disadvantaged by the change.

Personally, I like things to be balanced and I feel that spreading out the talent actually provides a better competition than having all talent in a few teams. When I watch sport, I want to see teams with at least half a chance of success, not Buckley's.

I say bring it on, but also maybe the Sixers could further consider nominally allocating a player to be a "Club Ambassador" to each of the ABA Clubs (sorry Western Magic and Cougars, but there's only 10) to both promote the Sixers at a Club level and also work with the ABA.

However, people are threatened by change and no doubt a thread like this will attract a number of anonymous posts against such a move like a seagull to a chip.

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Years ago

Anon, I think it's half-hypothetical. And also, Clarke might have some sway with where a few younger players play.

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Years ago

Jack get off your high horse buddy.

I have no chip on my shoulder and have no issue with the idea.

But how do you make it work?

There is nothing forcing the 36ers to play CABL. Nothing forcing them to play at a club that BSA chooses.

How do you make Ballinger play CABL when he can get paid 10 times more playing in the NZ NBL?

How do you make Harris play CABL when he can get 5 times more playing SEABL?

You're right the devil is in the detail. The detail being that neither the 36ers or BSA have any right to make the players play CABL for a club that BSA or the 36ers choose.

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Years ago

People don't like change but this could be done. However there would need to be incentives for the players to play. If centrals drafted player A than yes - What incentive does he have to play for them. How much money is BSA making.

What if BSA paid for a franchise player for each team. Say $15K each and said if you are currently a NBL player in a team than you have to be a franchise player for a club.

to say you cant have players play for another club if they are alligned with someone else is silly. Holmes and Hill have aligned themselves with Sturt and Eastern It could be done.

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Years ago

Flinders BSA already lose money on the running of the CABL.

If they're playing $15k to Centrals then they need to pay all 10 clubs the same money. Even clubs who don't get a 36er but could spend it on an import or interstate player.

Otherwise its completely unfair.

That's $150,000 from BSA to fund a league which already loses money.

Not going to happen.

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Years ago

Thats one of the reason that the points system would work
ABL points cap proposal
This is somthing that some fotty codes are doing so maybe the ABL could have a look at it, the idea is to encourage clubs to develope thier own juniors.

1. Each club has a total of 15pts
2. A junior player from your club = 0 points
3. A junior player recutied from another club to play ABL = 3 points
4. A NBL player (not from your club as a junior)= 5 points
5. An ABL player from another club = 4 points
6. players that come from interstate = 3 points
7. An over seas player = 5 points

This is only an example and would have to be looked into in more and more clubs would have to look in thier own back yards first (as we all know a salary dose not work anywhere)

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Years ago

What ever happened to the restricted player rule - only 2 per team?

Or was that only ever in the womens ABL?

This should be (re?)introduced to help spread the talent, to prevent "stacking" like has been hypothesised for Forestville.

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Years ago

Nothing like the AFL/SANFL agreement - the SANFL clubs don't pay the AFL players - and the 36ers won't pay players to play ABL. The players have the right to play wherever they want for whatever price they can get. Players should be able to supplement their basketball income in the NZ NBL or SEABL.

Of course people like Jack are for it as his club does not have a culture that would entice NBL players anyway - so forcing them to play there would be the only way!

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Years ago

I agree with Mmmm it seems it has started to work in Country footy quite a bit but only allowing a number of points to recruit. In this case most top teams wouldn't have enough points to recruit 2 sixers whereas the bottom 5 teams could. It also promotes spending time on and promoting juniors. I still believes there needs to be a salary cap though because as I have seen in Country football instead of being able to try and recruit 10 players at $150/game they can only recruit 3 players at $500 a game, but because there is more competition out there for the top end players the prices have gone up to about $1000 a game for your top 1 or 2 players, sometimes even up to $1500 a game. This kind of thing would again favour the clubs who have a strong junior base and a strong income from sponsors and or bar facilities.
I still think that as a coach $7500 is a pathetic amount to try and recruit players. A starting five player in the SEABL would easily bring in $300 a game which equals $5400 a season, that's more than 70% of your budget gone. I understand that clubs are struggling to survive but there is a fine line there where some of these players, like the sixers players if they played in the SBL could easily generate more income for some of these clubs. I think $10,000 would be more suitable and achievable for most clubs.
Again the "wealthier" clubs can afford to employ these players as Junior Development Officers of the club and pay them outside the club salary cap but not every club can afford a full time JDO or 2 part time JDO's.
I would really hope that if the majority of the Sixers do play locally that both BSA an the clubs really get out and promote the league.
Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth.

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Years ago

Until a club can house a player - forget about a draft. What benefit drafted to centrals if you live at sellicks. Existing rules are fine.

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Years ago

Restricted player rules still apply

2 restricted players per club.

If that's not enough for you Jack then too bad.

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Years ago

until clubs have Pokies inside their stadiums, players shouldnt expect to get paid a cent, if they are good enough to be getting paid, then they will be playing NBL or have SEABL clubs knocking on their doors.

If you havent got either of those options, then you should be playing for the fun of it, trying to improve yourself and then maybe there might be a knock at the door.

If your playing for the cash move over and let a junior play.

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Years ago

The points cap would only help the bigger clubs like Sturt.

Their senior mens team would only have been 5 points from my estimate. I assume spehr playing juniors means that he would be a 0.

If they could then bring in 2 NBL players, it would be a joke.

I would think that their senior womens team would be in a similar posititon.

That would make it almost impossible for some clubs to compete.

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Years ago

abl still amateur athletes- no draft.
players here to play for 36ers - CABL is a sideline.

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Years ago

"The points cap would only help the bigger clubs like Sturt."

...or any other club who's #1 focus is junior development, like it should be.

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Years ago

Actually depending on the interpretation of the above proposal Sturt would have 19 points based on their 2010 roster.

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mo' money  
Years ago

bah ha ha ha! you think a mens franchise player gets $15K in the SEABL?? That's a women's franchise players salary. Men's, try quadrupling that in the least! Unless CABL clubs can compete with the $$$ of leagues the SEABL it will never be able to keep the talent here, apart from where there are significant family and friend ties that mitigate the salary.

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Years ago

How do you figure?

NG x 2 = 9.

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Years ago

I dont want any I only have 12 spots on my team.

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Years ago

Kent how about instead of proposing something that will never happen and won't work you instead tell your coach to stop forcing the 36ers players to go to Forestville to play for his mate Andy Simons who's never ever developed a single player himself.

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