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Williamson to have surgery

Williamson needs surgery on his knee and is meeting with officials today to discuss his future. Disappointing news from what we hear he was gonna be a gun. Looks like we will be beeding a new import.

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Years ago

sweet :-(

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Years ago

Sounds like he'll be cut...race against the time for another import.

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Years ago

Huge pity if he cant play, he sounded like a great player and many of us were really looking forward to seeing him play, may be next year??

Is Chris Williams available?? J-Will was apparantly much like him, so would be awesome if we could snare him, (dreaming i know)

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Years ago

Now that the 36ers know their situation they can go with whatever they have got left and get an Alex Loughton type player,tall,good low post scorer and defender.

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Years ago

Hello Andrew Bogut.

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Years ago

Any word of expected recovery? I'd be tempted to get a temporary replacement.

Or just go harder for Bogut...

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Years ago

Yea, Bogut would be an ideal short term 'ímport', then scout and possibly trial an import while Bogut is here.

Heres hoping we can get Bogut, or atleast a decent replacement import, as we are due for some luck with imports.

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Years ago

Ive been looking for players to fill the spot and a guy named Jarrod Jones looks pretty good

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The Sixers seem to be under some curse on them placed in 2006.

Since the 2006/07 season (inclusive), the Sixers have had a much luck with imports as an ugly tradie with bad hygiene picking up quality chicks at the Grand Hotel.

We have had imports who have been great, only to be injured; imports who promised everything, then delivered nothing; and that's just to name a few. Let's not forget the infamous debacle with pay checks and walkouts.

To have so much bad luck with imports I wonder if there has been a curse placed on the Club. So, my little poindexters, what happened in 2006?

We let Dusty slip through our fingers!

In the last 5 seasons, Dusty's teams have averaged a ladder position of 4.6 with the Sixers average ladder position of 8.4. So, while I don't expect that Dusty himself has placed a curse on the club, his departure has triggered a series of unfortunate events resulting in imports tumbling like dominoes.

My solution? The Sixers need to release the "Curse of Dusty" which they could do by engaging a hag with a wart on her nose riding a broomstick to cast an anti-curse spell. Alternatively, bring back the Navy Seals for a roadtrip ala Adolf Eichmann style. Kidnap Dusty, place him in a Sixer's diplomatic bag and bring him back to Adelaide.

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Years ago

Could just send EC instead.

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Years ago

Top work Jack! You've convinced me so I second your motion!! =)

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Years ago

Send Richard Hill in the burgundy jumper. He wore that to pick up Warren and he's been OK so far, right? Went without the burgundy jumper to collect Williamson and an injury was the result. Or was it the other way around?

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Years ago

Excluding Ballinger, since 07 we've had:
Chappell (great at NZ useless here)
Hodge (awesome the first time, but we still didn't make the playoffs, headcase cancer the second time)
Tyndale (first 4-5 games looked set to dominate, then became useless)
Grizzard (came so late in the season that he never really had a chance)
Gilchrist (wasn't too bad, bit too me orientated, but probably the best we've had in this time, got injured and it was season over)
Groves (probably already washed up when he came here, had struggled at the Dragons before us and just didn't fit)
DeVries (OK import at WS, looked pretty good in the preseason, but was never going to be enough to make us competitive, injury ended up sending him home)
Winder (brilliant preseason, crashed and burned hardcore in no time. Probably could have released DeVries for Shannon and made him his natural position and made something of him)
Shannon (came into a team with no shooters, so couldn't really play his natural game. Shooting was a bit off)
Howard (awesome stats at DLeague level, completely useless here)
Williamson (trained the house down, injury after injury, probably won't even play a game)
Warren (really looks the goods, good shooter, passer, ball handler, just waiting for him to be Winder 2.0 and struggle once the real stuff starts)

Really thought we had something this year. Williamson and Warren really looked to be what we needed. Hopefully we either get Bogut and injury waiver Williamson or we act quick and find a Wilkinson out there somewhere. We have some nice pieces this year, be a shame for injuries to ruin it all again.

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Years ago

Whoops, It was just pointed out to me that it looks like I was implying EC was a witch.

I just meant that she is a big Dusty fan, who would be very happy to have him back in 36ers colours.

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Years ago

I've been subscribing to the curse theory for years and not just on the court, look at what has happened to management/owners over the last few years.

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Years ago

Shannon was top five APG and as mentioned would've been better with shooters around him. I give him a passing grade but the rest of your assessment is pretty fair.

Easy to forget that Gilchrist was quite useful.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

yeah everyone is saying how much bad luck we have had, but was any of it preventable?

did J-Will come back too early from the groin? was enough rehab done? it just seems to coincidental too me.. did he do enough wobble board or whatever...

was Ballinger's current ankle woes preventable?

was Troy DeVries injury ever identified? and was it treatable? His shooting and hops did drop off a fair bit.

Not saying they have completely stuffed up, but perhaps we may not be listening to them, or not putting the correct emphasis on the medical side of things.

I am still spewing about Ballingers ankle, if his foot was ok now, there may have been less pressure to rush J-Will back...

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Ballinger Fan, I am not a doctor but I am pretty sure having a sore groin wouldn't be the reason he suffered a knee injury while rebounding.

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Hah, it appears as though Nick Horvath was left off the list; considering he was an import at the time.

Yep; not to put the mockers on myself, but the first season I purchased a Season Ticket was in 06. This year I wasn't able to afford one; so hopefully that should means the Sixers will make the finals this time.

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Years ago

Ballinger's injury was probably the most preventable. Not the injury, but the length of time it took to properly diagnose it.
Not sure you can pin Williamson's injuries on the doctors, both seem unrelated and soft tissue injuries happen all the time in sport.
DeVries' injury probably in the end was as much an excuse to cut him. Quite possible he wasn't going to be out for an extended period, but they made the move to try resurrect the season while we still could. Howard on paper should have made a big difference. Too bad Richie Cunningham arrived instead.

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Years ago

I didn't include the Farley and Horvath year because both were more than handy imports. Farley wasn't as good as 01, but was far from a bad import. Horvath couldn't defend, but was a quality offensive option. Bit like Johnson.

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Years ago

Anyone know what Josh Pace is up to? We should probably take a look at him....

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Years ago

If Williamsons out for say 2 months, would someone like Tucker or a SEABL/NZBL import worth signing for 2 months?

Tucker isnt really a pf but could play part time PF with guys like Weigh and Johnson until Ballinger comes back and then play some of the back up PF mins behind Ballinger, along with Weigh, and we dont really need him to play C IMO.

A rotation of


could work, then bring Williamson in when ready to see how far he can get us, as he sounds exciting and i really hope to see him play.

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Years ago

Jonno, I agree with you. Bring in Tucker for a couple of months to see how he goes. If the team is struggling with him then get Williamson back in there or another power forward.

We just need someone that can come in and bring energy and quick offense and solid defense.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Bogut would be the #1 short term choice if possible.

I kinda like the Tucker option. Probably not worth 10 points or the high $, but a definite option (assuming Holmes is not an option too)

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Years ago

Ismail muhhamad?

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Years ago

Agreed, would not pay big $$ to Tucker, would only consider him as a cheap option, and play him off the bench, which i reckon he would take, living in Adelaide playing ABL, i would sign him month by month until Williamson returns if he is not ruled out for the season.

points are not really a issue as we have the space and it keeps the full 10 open for when Williamson returns, I think Tucker is a 8 or 9 anyway but not a issue either way.

If Williamson is ruled out for the season id try and sign a good import of a similar mould to replace him, assuming Williamson is on a average import wage we should be able to get someone better than the cheap options like Tucker or a SEABL/NZBL import, but if $$ are a issue or it doesnt work out i wouldnt be too upset to see Tucker in as a plan b cheap option. His form in the ABA showed he is still atleast upto NBL bench/fringe starter level, not ideal for a import, but still better than most locals available and cheaper than other imports. I would run him off the bench behind Ballinger and Weigh if we went down this path.

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Years ago

Not sure that we'd even need a Tucker. If Ballinger is there, we have three bigs and Weigh can play some PF minutes if necessary. Going to have enough trouble finding minutes for everyone as it is.

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Years ago

Jayson Wells :-)

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Years ago

you would go with 1 import over signing a Tucker cheap import replacement if neccesary Isaac?

I do agree Weigh can cover the back up PF once Ballinger is back, and it may be a good opportunity to give Creek a extra few minutes going with 1 import for the short term and letting Williamson recover.

I would probably go with 2 imports, ideally a top quality import replacement or Williamson himself if not a long term injury, but would consider a cheap import like Tucker if $$ was a issue.

I just think we will end up needing 2 good imports, and 'break out'seasons from Weigh and Johnson to make the playoffs, and a cheap import like Tucker is better than no import IMO, and still better than most available aussies, but do agree its not the ideal for the 36ers.

Bogut would be the ideal short term replacement, but not sure how likely he would be to come to the 36ers, but i am glad they seem to be having a good crack at getting him.

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Years ago

dare i say it...jacob holmes?

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Years ago

Yea if Williamson is not out for the full season, Holmes on a short term contract would be fine IMO.

I hope to see Holmes get a NBL gig, Townsville for Hinder may be his best shot at the moment, as i always liked what Holmes bought to the table being toughness, defense and leadership, his only downfall was he wasnt a big scorer/great shooter at NBL level and is played a undersized PF, along side Ballinger as a undersized C doesnt work that well but should be fine next to Schenscher at PF and id even give him some minutes at SF.

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Years ago

An NBA player would surely be interested. If they are playing everywhere else but AUS surely our weather, english speaking, game schedule and lastly the ladies could entice one of them down for a holiday.

Balls is friends or went to college with with Z Randolph so surely he would be handy in a sixers uniform.

Surely Warren has some college contacts that would be keen to come on down for a holiday....

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Years ago

I think we can afford to wait on one of Ballinger and Williamson, but not both. If Balls is ready to go for the first game and Williamson will be a month after that, then I think that is something the team can live with. We aren't without front court size. But if we are going to start the regular season without either of them, and will have to wait much longer for Williamson, then a change must be made now. I have been looking forward to watching Williamson play, but I have no interest in watching him watch.

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Years ago

Imports coming for a holiday is not what I would like. Think of JoJo, Acie Earl, Todd Fuller (even Mark Price as coach).

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Bo Hamburger  
Years ago

He better give that car and month's salary back. :)

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Years ago

what about chasing Wes Matthews? he would be ideal for this team as he could play both SG and SF.

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Years ago

Rashad Tucker.

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Years ago

brandon jennings/isiah victo

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