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Basketball Tracks

Just a brief survey of what songs get you pumped for a game of basketball? Any songs in particular? Any artists? And to the ABL guys, when you've been playing what songs have you heard while playing that have somehow 'pumped you up' while playing :P

I know this has been done before but new music comes out quite often. Do you like to go with the new artists or do you like to stay with the older artists.


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Dr Dunkenstein  
Years ago

Pre-Game warm up music (#2211)

was a thread started in march, and the most resounding response was for older music. It seems people on this forum arn't too accepting of newer music, thus i think you'll find this thread is just going over a (not so old) topic.

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Years ago

As a Tiger the "eye of the tiger" is pure GOLD! specially at the dome when warming up v Norwood

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Years ago

lloyd banks - warrior

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Years ago

What the hell are you waiting for! Numb/Encore - Linkin Park/Jay Z

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Years ago

Thats the only Linkin Park track worth listening too though (At a BBall Game).

At the last Sturt game, one good thing they started to do, especially during scrappy stages of the game was to play an upbeat tune during play! Was a good touch, but still too much grunge type music, keep all the music uptempo, new or old!

For the start of a game, Queen's We Will Rock You cant lose!

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Years ago

Girls just wanna have fun is a must

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Years ago

50 cents outta control is one that I like right now any thing hip-hop and it's got to be up beat.

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Might as well add my list!

"The Best" - Tina Turner
"All Fired Up" - Pat Benetar
"No Second Prize" - Jimmy Barnes
"Born To Be Wild" - Steppenwolf
"Wild Thing" - The Troggs
"More Than A Game" - Chris Doheny
"Playing To Win" - Little River Band
"Eye Of The Tiger" - Survivor
"Final Countdown" - Europe
"Jump" - Van Halen
"Call On Me" - Eric Prydz
"Old Time Rock N Roll" - Bob Seger
"All The Small Things" - Blink 182
"Living On A Prayer" - Bon Jovi
"Danger Zone" - Kenny Loggins
"Playing With The Boys" - Kenny Loggins
"My Sharona" - The Knack
"Mickey" - Toni Basil
"Sweet Home Alabama" - Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Blister In The Sun" - Violent Femmes
"Paranoid" - Black Sabbath
"Bad To The Bone" - George Thorogood
"Are You Gonna Go My Way" - Lenny Kravitz
"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" - Jet
"Holy Grail" - Hunters & Collectors
"Ballroom Blitz" - The Sweet
"Love Shack" - B52s
"Rock N Roll Pt2" - Garry Glitter

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Years ago

Matt i was hoping you wouldnt see this topic... or at least by pass it. Your taste in music is too... weird for me :)

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago


I take that as a compliment!!!!

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Years ago

I wouldnt :) I think you should stick to karaoke :)

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Years ago


100% Right!

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Look, I don't mind if ppl have a go at me and give me shit.

Just be big enuff to say who it is cos then i congratulate you on a good pay-out!

If you think my taste in music is bad, you should see how great I dance at timewarp.

PS. Add BOOM BOOM SHAKE THE ROOM by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince to my list!

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Years ago

Well get back on your old msn and i'll tell you who I am... :) unless you've blocked me :(

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

No....just got a new msn

matthew _ p _ ryan at hotmail . com

was getting too much spam at the other one

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

"Jump Around" and "Whoop There It Is"

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Years ago

It has to up and hip hop or rap

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Years ago

How about some Rage Against The Machine? or At The Drive-In? or AFI? or even The Mars Volta? these bands all rock! You need rock music that has some emotion to it to fire you up. Well thats what I think anyway. Hip hop/rap and that just doesn't do it for me.

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Years ago


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Years ago

hey re: Basketball Tracks (#30448)

Just a little tip 4 the net... dont post your email address on an open interent forum so openly.... thats how u get spam in the first place!!!!
little tips include: instead of [email protected]
use itsme(at) That way ppl know ur address and the programs scouring the internet looking for email address 2 spam dont shit in your mailbox!

But otherwise all is gd... carry on!

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statue of liberty  
Years ago


well i would have to go with negyven_negy on this 1. Because majority of juniors think they are black these days because of NBA ballers wearing all that gear and listening to hip n hop n shit, we have to dig it too. Which is gay because that music is as boring as watching me play.

I reckon the music that actually inspires us and gets us pumped more is the more rock and all that stuff even metal, rammstein! They put way more emotion and shit in their songs which reflects on us. The more heavier music. I mean if you were listening to perfect by simple plan before your game youd expect to go out there pinching and tapping ass, but if you were listening to heavier metal like rammstein...dam! youd be pumped. But then again no one likes the same music.

Just my thoughts anyway ;)

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Years ago

Yea Rammstein are good as well.

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Black Cat  
Years ago

'Sweet old child of mine' GNR
'Get in the ring' GNR
'One' Metallica

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Years ago

very good choice...but warrior part 2 is off the chain. actually the whole lloyd banks album is so check it out if you havent heard it. how about a bit of skitzmix/wild megamixes yay or nay? jsut a bit different to whats already been said

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Is my list really that bad?

I think it's mint!

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Years ago

Yea mullet some of that sorta stuff is good too. But no commercial dance stuff cos its mostly bad!

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Years ago

statue, pity it took you to the last sentance of your post to start thinking about what you were writing because the beginning detracted from a very good point "But then again no one likes the same music" possibly not how i'd word it, however the same point... listen to different tunes and find what you like, don't try and copy someone elses style.

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Years ago

Like ITA says, its all personal choice. But there would be some standard 'fire up' songs that get everyone going.

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Years ago

Heart of a Champion, Nelly
Bring em Out, T.I.

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Years ago

bring em out

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Years ago

Yer party up is good so is jump around and warrior drop it like its hot (haha) and got rice LOL

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Years ago

Does any one know the name of that song they played at the 36ers last season, the chorus goes like "pick me up oh, with your love oh,...etc."????

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Years ago

Does anyone know the name/artist of the song that goes "we ready, we ready, we ready, fo you". To the tune of nananana hey hey hey goodby?

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Years ago

Yeah the track 'We Ready' is by Archie Eversole. Hope this helps!

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Years ago

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Years ago

these 4 tracks are good i reckon...

Mase - Breathe, Stretch, Shake
Scribe - Stand Up
Scribe - Not Many (If Any)
Lil' Wayne feat Manny Fresh - This is the Carter

Highly suggest these songs for yourself if not for warm/hype up

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Pickles Housemate  
Years ago

Beautiful Day - U2
Back In Black - ACDC
Poison - Alice Cooper
Smooth Criminal - A.A.F.
We Cant Be Beaten - Rose Tattoo(!)
Sisters R Doing it 4 Themselves
Hot In The City - Billy Idol
Its My Life - Bon Jovi
Everybody Dance Now - C&C M.F
Hey Boys, Hey Girls - Chem Bros
You Got Nothing I Want - Chisel
Jean Genie - Bowie
Takin It 2 The Streets - Doobie Bros
The Reflex - Duran Duran
Don't Bring Me Down - ELO
Older Than You - Eskimo Joe
Final Countdown - Europe
Let Me Blow Ya Mind - Eve
Ashes 2 Ashes - Faith No More
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
Paradise City - G'n'R
The Real Deal - Hoodoo Gurus
Do U C What I C - Hunters/collectors
Put Your Ass Into It - Ice Cube
Nothing Too Serious - Icehouse
New Sensation - INXS
On My Mind - Powderfinger
Good Times - Barnesy & INXS
Walkin in A Hurricane - John Fogerty
Instant Karma - John Lennon
Rock N Roll All Night - KISS
Gimme Some Lovin - Spencer Davis Grp
Born To B Wild - Steppenwolf
Rock N Roll - Led Zep

How does this compare with Matt Ryan's list?

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Years ago

Here is the best track for basketball warm up

Till I Collapse- Eminem

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Years ago

ok, I have got VERY good songs here, I know I'm new, but these songs are the songs I chose for our basketball team to play in warmups and I get so pumped up before the game listenings to these songs:

And Then What-Young Geeze <--Favorite
Body Head Anthem-Roy Jones Jr.
Choppa Style-Unknown(Sorry)
Dem Boyz-Boyz in da Hood
Halftime-Ying Yang Twins
Ima King-PSC
Life Ain't A Game-Ja Rule
Never Scared-Bonecrusher
Put It In Air-M.O.P.
Rock You Like A Hurricane-Scorpions
Sweet Home Country Grammar-Nelly vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd
Voodoo Child-Jimi Hendrix
Welcome To The Jungle-G'N'R

Those are perfect songs for basketball warmups, now, isn't my list better than every one else's?

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Years ago

What about Breathe by Prodigy.

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Years ago

Lets Go is the best basketball warmup song that i kno of.

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Years ago

how about some song from napolean dynamite? Like Just Dance by Jamiroquai

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Years ago

Runin by biggie and tupac gets me sooooooo hyped!

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Years ago

Hey - if its for a girls game, girlfight - brooke valentine is good., can't be touched- roy jones is good ! professional by chingy, they are all good - i tried to get songs that are associated with the game but i have many many that pump me up before games.

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Years ago

Ok these songs right here will make you win EVERY game...all these songs will get you amped up like whoa

we ready-archie eversole
felonies-boyz n da hood
like a boss-slim thug
battlegrounds- T.I
whuteva-remy martin
there it go-juelz santana
neck of the woods-cash money
i dont give a fuck-lil jon f/ mystikal
they like me remix- dem franchise boyz f/ jermaine dupri

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Years ago

here is the best cd
archie ever sole we ready
nelly fly away
young jeezy my hood
50 many men
chamillionaire turn it up
nelly greed hate envy
r kelly worlds greatest
50 patiently waiting
nelly #1
50 dont push me
my chemical romance helena
nelly heart of a champion
50 set it off
eminem and yayo drama setter
eminem toy soldiers
nelly die for u
psc im a king
twista hopeful
eminem how come
eminem till i collapse

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Years ago

How about:

"Soul Survivor" - Young Jeezy feat. Akon
"Run it, Run it" - Chris Brown and Juelz Santana
"Heart of a Champion" - Nelly
"Bring Em' Out" - T.I.
"Hit em' high, hit em' Low" - unknown

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Years ago

how bout
Pump it up--Joe Budden
Bring em out--T.I.

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Years ago

matt ryan you are the biggest tool ever!

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Years ago

As much I wouldnt reccomend much of matt ryans list. I would prefer pretty much all of it compared to some of the hip hop rubbish that people post on here.

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Years ago

Matt Ryan your list looks something that would be played at Heaven when you are trying to dance up on a blonde north chick

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Years ago

whats the song that goes,"stand up and get crunk"

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Years ago

how about ur mom lol

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Years ago

Halftime(Stand up and get crunk) by Ying Yang Twins

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Years ago

-Get Low--Lil Jon
-Lets Go--Lil Jon
-Step Yo GAme Up--Snoop and Lil Jon
-Up in Here--DMX
-Im A Playa--Tech N9ne

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Years ago

Keap Sweatin' - Ray J

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Years ago

Id say Pump it up has to be one of the greatest songs to get pumped up too, but otherwhys hip hop and Rap are the way to go, forget that bon jovi junk, thats terrible

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Years ago

now theese r some good ass warm up songs to get crunk as shit u dont need damn rock songs i guarentee theese will get u hype hope diz helps some yall out

ante up (remix) - mop ft. busta rhymes
no problems - lil scrappy
gotta stay fly -36 mafia
grillz - nelly ft paul wall
work magic - lloyd banks
fireman - lil wayne
halftime - ying yang twins
damn - young bloodz
KRYPTONITE - purple ribbon all-stars
nelly - heart of a champion
flipside - freeway
the jump off - lil kim ft. mr cheeks
neva scared - bonecrusher
basketball - lil bow wow
higher - the game
put you on the game - the game
encore - eminem ft. dre
shake that - eminem ft. nate dogg
slip n slide - trick daddy
shake - ying yang twins ft pitbull
whats happenin' - ying yang twins
toma - pitbull
they dont know - paul wall
warrior pt. 2 - lloyd banks
in my life - juvenile
what you been drankin on - jim jones
like a pimp remix - david banner ft twista
turn it up - chamillionaire
run it (remix) - chris brown ft. juelz
when the last time - clipse
real big - mannie fresh
i smoke, i drink - big body head bangers
hood hop - j-kwon
back that ass up - juvenile

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Years ago

Looks like the Internet has reached Compton and Inglewood.....

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Years ago

i think u need a good mix of rap and rock tracks and if anyone has suggestions for 7th grade girls warmups plzz reply and tell me wat r some songe we could use

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Years ago

ur gay

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Years ago

some of you guys are honestly funcking retarded. why are you stupid. why would anyone in thier right mind put old school rock on there basketball wram up cd? basketball is hip hop, not old guys with long hair. and whoever the pussy is that made the compton comment, bring your white hood shit somewhere else, or come to inglewood and say it to my face

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Years ago

my own track!

NBA talent (DeeJayX's Verse)
lo-fi URL:
hi-fi URL:

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Years ago

Song 2 - Blur (my personal Favortie)
Say It Aint So - Blink 182
King For A Day - Green Day
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
Another One Bites The Dust - Queen
Tipsy - J Kwon (or whatever his name is)


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Years ago

the best warm-up song is
"turn it up"- chamillionare

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Years ago

uh here are my suggestions, and if you dont like them.. well then, thats your problem

(some have swearing)

Remember The Name-Fort Minor
Turn It Up-Chamillionare
Bring 'Em Out-T.I
Them Jeans-Master P
Clap Back-Ja Rule
Shake-Ying Yang Twins
Boom, Its On-Ying Yang Twins
Here Comes The Boom-Nelly
Half Time-Ying Yang Twins
Balla Baby-Chingy
Body Head Anthem-Roy Jones Jr
Miami Kid-Pitbull
Dem Boyz-Boyz In Da Hood
Drop That Heater-Omarion
Felonies-Boyz In Da Hood
Till I Collapse-Eminem
And Then What-Young Jeezy
Heart Of A Champion-Nelly

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la poo  
Years ago

joe budden -> Pump it UP!!??
best song right there

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Years ago

I've got 2 more for ya!!
it's a real legend!!!!

it's from the 2 fast 2 furious OST

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I think this site is awesome. My team needed songs for warm ups and this place helped alot! thanx !

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Years ago

say my name....Eminem

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Years ago

Okay first of all i wanted to say that basketball knocks my socks two favorite things to do are playing w/ my homie G's and hamming it up in da driveway to these awesome songs..

Keep it up!
Thanks a bunch..

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Years ago

yo i got da real trackz rite here

Bring Em out- t.i
goin down-yung joc
im a king-p$c [killa rite there]
on fire-llyod banks
what u know-t.i
shoulder lean-yung dro
snap yo fingers-lil jon
the next episode-dre,snoop
ante up remix-m.o.p
move around-b.g,mannie fresh
put u on da game-the game
we in here-dmx
party up-dmx
hit em high-b-real,ll cool j,bunch of otha ppl
react-erick sermon
roll call-lil jon
tear it up-yung wun,dmx [DA S**T]
we ready-archie eversole
ruff rydaz anthem-dmx

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Years ago

My team comes out with:

Enter Sandman-Metallica
Welcome To The Jungle-G&R
Comming Undone-Korn
What You Know About That-T.I.

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Years ago

my team comes out to

Fireman- lil wayne
push it- rick ross
we ready-archie
come with me- p. diddy
what you know- eminem and 50

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Years ago

Lots of u put nelly ,very few put Nelly boom of the longest yard soundtrack GO sturt in vs n. Adel final 6:00pm at pasedena on 20 sept 07 for Div3 u16

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Years ago

sturt game has changed to 8:00 instead of 6:00

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Years ago

Stomp- Young Buck, T.I. Ludacris(yall dont even know.)
Hundred Million Dollas- Birdman
Poppin' Bottles- Lil Weezy(fo u white kidz its Lil' Wayne, although I'm white:) Go Figure
We takin' Ova-DJ Khaled
I'm so hood-DJ Khaled

Theres a few. U want mo, hit me up on

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Years ago

walk it out

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Years ago

Get Back by Ludacris feat Sum41... its a mix of rap and rock like any other good warm-up song

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Years ago

2 tips
if in doubt, choose a rap/hiphop/dance song...generally will get u across
if really in doubt, then choose a nelly song

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Years ago

heart of a champion- nelly
here comes the boom- nelly
low- flo rida
party like a rockstar- shop boyz
champion- flipsyde
the final countdown- europe
this is why im hot- MIMS
grind time- chamillionare
stronger- kanye west
remember the name- fort minor

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Years ago

does anybody know the name of the song they played at the 36ers today? it had parts of eminem - lose yourself?
it was a remix?

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