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Why won't the Kings sign another point guard???

I can't understand for the life of me why the Kings won't replace Ratztch with a point guard now that Bruce is out. They're not getting much out of Ratztch so get rid of him. Look how quickly the Tigers moved to replace Ubaka after he was sacked. It's so frustrating to watch the Kings play undermanned and without a quality PG to run the plays and distribute the ball. This is also affecting Khazzouh's inside game. They need to make a decision urgently if this team is going to have any chance of making the playoff's.

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Years ago

bad coach

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Years ago

I do like Robilliard but I almost have to agree with you on this one MK

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Years ago

I think they need a stud 3 man/swingman.

I almost think they get by with Martin and Cooper at PG. Madgen can handle the rock if needed as well.

If they had a legit scorer at the 3 spot, who could create his own they would be a better team.

Obviously they thought they had that scorer in Ratztch, but he is so far from that its ridiculous.

Only problem is finding a stud swingman import..It is certainly a lottery and it seems this league struggles to get good swingmen (I suppose the better ones would get opportunities in Europe instead)..Dorsey is a bit off, Warren is inconsistent as well, Ratztch is terrible, Mims (who you could consider a swingman i suppose) is okay but nothing special..

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Years ago

I disagree MACDUB. Cooper and Martin are back-up PG's at best, not starting players. They don't have the ability to create from nothing and create for the other players. They also give up too much size when matching up against other PG's in the leaugue. However I don't doubt their effectiveness as back-up PG's coming off the bench.
Madgen is a good shooting guard but you'd reduce his effectiveness if you made him bring the ball up.
I don't think a small forward is the answer at this point in time. Bose, Dann and Gynes can play in this position.
But hell, I'd be happy just to see Ratztch go. Just get anybody who can contribute and help the team a bit more! We're getting nothing from him and the bloody coach is still keeping him. Just thinking about it makes me angry!

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Yeah, they were really bad against Townsville! Ubaka will sign and play mostly 2 guard by the sounds

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Years ago

Agree totally. was surprised ratzsch lasted this long but now how can you not replace someone the calibre of bruce? just cant get my head around it. very frustrating from a sydney fans point of view.

On a side note im very surprised how many DNP-CD's Martin Iti has this season. He had a pretty good reputation and in very limited minutes hes looked like he can play. plus at a legitimate 7-foot he could develop into a pretty handy player. hope someone esle picks him up next year and gives him a run. or kings get a new coach.

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Years ago

Coach of the Kings wont sack Radisch this season!!!!

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woody venkat  
Years ago

Ratsch is so bad its not funny. I am a die hard sydney kings fan.
Robilliard does not even p ull out the clipboard to draw up a play.
His rotations are bordering on ridiculous.
I would take showtime glover over Ratcsch. We need a good American coach. Otherwise lets get Allan Black i am sure he is out of a job and knows how to actually draw up a play.

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Years ago

While I agree (and have said all along since they came back into the league) that having an experienced PG is key to having a playoff quality team, there are some things that need to be addressed here...

MACDUB - if you see any comments from anyone at the Kings regarding Ratzsch, you'll find that they DIDN'T bring him in as a high scoring import... They knew what they were getting with him, someone who works hards and they continually refer to him as a "glue-guy" that does the little things on the team, which has been the case so far, and if he was a naturalised player, that would be all good... the problem is, him being rated at 10pts under the points cap and even though he wouldn't be actually getting paid that amount, costing the minimum import salary for the purposes of the Salary cap, he hinders who the team can fit/afford as far as the rest of the team goes...

As far as getting a gun swingman in, it's not like those grow on trees and I'd rather have Bose developing the way he is without having to back up an import and have a more limited role/output with the team... Looking forward and signing him up already for the next couple of seasons is what they should be focusing part of their time on at the moment...

Cooper and Martin have proven effective coming off the bench, they in turn would be more effective if we had an experienced PG who can share time at the SG spot, as we shall find out against the Wildcats how hard it will be with a limited amount of ball handlers, to get the ball over halfway against quality teams that will throw to much at you all game... With Dann back that gives us a larger option which should help, if he can keep a handle on it, but look at the successful/calm under pressure teams so far, and look at who they've got running their teams...

As for affecting Khazzouh's game, his lack off effort is the main factor, especially since coming back from his NBA trial, but getting the ball inside to our big guys is a huge problem that needs to be fixed, as we've seen how effective that they can be when they get a lot of ball and how that opens up our shooters...

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Years ago

Should have kept Sanders.

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Years ago

The reason why the Kings will not sack Ian or Ratcsch is because there is only 2 of the kings owners who have a limited understanding of basketball!

One of those owners is in it only as a hobby and he has quillions to loose... The other owner doesnt have balls because to sack anyone because he is a personal friend of Ian & his son is the assistant coach!

If the owners are seriuos about the getting the Kings back in the finals next season(this season is done) then they need to make wholesale changes in the front office and of course the coaching staff & players!


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