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ONE: "NBL gave us short notice of finals schedule"

So Channel Ten / ONE are now claiming that the NBL gave them such short notice about the NBL Finals schedule that they had no choice but to delay the finals games to eleven PM (Perth/GC) and 12:30 AM (NZ/TSV), making them virtually unwatchable to anyone with a day job.

The finals schedule was set on 23rd March, which gave ONE two weeks to make this work, and they still say it's due to "short notice". I would also assume that the league would have had an adjustable preliminary schedule prepared well before then.

Such a cop out.

I never thought I'd find myself nostalgically wishing for an "early" 10:30 delayed telecast...

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Years ago

i dont get it.....they pay all their staff(commentators,cameramen etc)to cover the games,then do their best to make sure no one watches them....seems like a flawed business model to me.

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Years ago

what skull said. you guys in Aus are getting [email protected]#ked over

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Years ago

Given they showed a movie rerun at 10pm last night before the Perth v Gold Coast game, that excuse seems like a load of crap.

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Years ago

It is all a load of crap, One/Ten do not want the NBL any more. Just another excuse to make the NBL seem like the bad guys.

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Years ago

Unfortunately I don't watch NBL much anymore. Losing interest fast. If the NBL can't do anything about this situation then the league will struggle. I used to watch 2 games a week when it was on Fox. This season I have probably watched 2 all year, I am sure I am not alone.

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Years ago

What I want to know is, to what extent has the NBL (at least this time around, being finals games) had firm words with ONE about this?

I think a phone call from Larry Sengstock or someone else near the top to ONE saying, "Look guys, this isn't really fair, can we work something out where we get those ten thirty slots like the rest of the season?" would go a long way.

I'd like to think there is effort from NBL, and not just a throwing up of hands and a sigh of, "We got screwed again, oh well..."

To what extent has a reasonable dialogue between decision makers on either side existed, that's what I'd like to know.

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Years ago

Maybe the NBL did stuff it up, they stuff a whole lot of other things up.

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Years ago

Onehater, I never had Fox (as I find it a rip off) so never watched the NBL previous to the deal with One and I watch most of the games even though they are delayed and I am sure I am not the only one.

So for every 1 that used to watch but doesnt I would assume there is at least another 1 that didnt but now does?

I believe they actually get reasonable viewing figures despite the delayed telecasts?

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Years ago

Much bigger viewer numbers than when they were on Fox, but that doesnt mean this situation needs to be fixed. It does. 10.30pm is shithouse but understandable from ONE's point of view. 12.30 is just muckraking.

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Years ago

They get shithouse ratings (really bad) in the grand scheme of things however the ratings are better than they were on Fox.

Unfortunately we the viewers are in the middle of a bit of argy bargy here between Ten & the NBL. Ten are trying to force the NBL back to the table for some sort of compromise agreement ahead of next season I think.

Maybe next season back down to two games a week one live in the afternoon on the weekend the other delayed.

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Years ago

When Jim Stynes dies C9 showed his documentary 12 hours after he died. One are full of crap - thank god I do not own shares in them.

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Years ago

I give them a ONE out of ten for their efforts.

Of course they can change the scheduling around, especially if it's reruns or movies. No wonder they're losing money.

I think I've only watched a handful of games, most of them being on Friday nights. Usually I'm falling asleep by halftime.

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Years ago

I try to watch every game possible, but 12:30am starts.. Means it won't finish until 2:30am. That's beyond any joke.

It almost makes me a little ashamed that i run a NBL related website!

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Years ago

maybe they wanted to know the location of the prelim final 8 weeks ago??

silly nbl for not deciding who was gonna be there. anyone would think it was some sort of open competition where it was decided by the teams.

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Years ago

The NBL released the schedule before the last round had even completed. Absurd statement by the Ten Network.

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Years ago

yeah this has nothing to do with ratings.

nbl game- ratings = x amount costs y amount

repeat of some very old program- ratings = x amount costs sweet f all.

it couldnt matter if it rated half of what nbl does, because

a) it cost nothing,

b) nbl will only lose a % of the ratings it would have had as it has a more loyal base than a program would.

and this is what it mostly comes down to, they shift the ratings back because they know they will still hold a fair amount of the ratings. viewers will not shift their viewing times to match almost any other program on television. neighbours 2 and a half men etc, you shift any of those to a 12-30 slot and you dont carry the viewership you get whatever share is normally available for those timeslots.

they f#$k us because they can basicly.

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Years ago

honestly please look into giving it to abc.

between abc and abc2 they could surely cover 3 games a week.

tell onehd to shape up or it goes to abc for less money, and that would be one of the smartest business decisions the nbl have made for awhile.

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Years ago

To be fair, Nine may have had the Stynes documentary on file since the late 2000s.

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Years ago

Phil, the ABC will not take it.

They had to be paid last time to take it.

They really only take WNBL and W-League because of significant Government pressure.

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Years ago

I understand a part of their budget, ie public money, is dedicated for "minority sport" which includes women's sport.

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Years ago

I find this quite amusing really.

One are claiming that the delay in the telecast is due to short notice in finding out the NBL finals schedule, but they are able to get a crew together, fly them interstate and record, produce and package up the game night content ready to be played.

The only issue is with when it actually comes on to our screens. It's not like they have a commitment to playing live AFL (or other significant event) which will push the starting times back, the delay for last nights game was because they wanted to start a movie at 10pm (by the way, who is going to sit up and watch a movie at 10pm on a Wednesday night?), which forced the NBL telecast to start at 12:30am.

So again, it's not like the "short notice" caused issues with the travel/recording/production of the telecast.

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Years ago

Can I just say I got up at 12:30am to watch the game. Pitty if you payed for advertising before then because I was catching my zzz early.

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Years ago

Foxtel is a rip off. I'll never buy Foxtel. Sport should be free for everybody to watch it on tv. Channel 10/One don't show it much because the guy that owns Channel One is the same guy that owns Foxtel so obviously it's in his interest to try and fuk over the fans so they get sik of watching it on One and call for a reversion back to Foxtel. However, it's in the best interests for basketball to be on free to air. Everybody fkn knows it. I wish ABC or something would buy basketball back coz atm the people who show it are a bunch of fkn wanks. /Rant.

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Years ago

Where is the ACCC on this (and petrol prices??). Instead the ACCC spend their time telling off Apple because Australia can not use its 4G service ---biggest joke organisation in the country

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Years ago

MikefromtheK, I second your rant. Packer and co are a bunch of fuckwits. Its a pity the NBL doesn't appear to have obtained a clause in the current deal with ONE that prohibits games being shown after a certain time. Maybe that should be a non-negotiable in future contracts?

In any case, television as we know it will slowly die as more and more content becomes available online. I hope Packer and his mates take a nice big loss when they eventually turn out the lights at Ten.

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Years ago

League pass is the future with the NBN!!!

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Years ago

For SA viewers, Game 3 Blaze @ Wildcats is being shown at 10:25pm Saturday night but Game 3 Crocs @ Breakers isn't being shown until 8:30am Sunday morning!

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Steve Carfino  
Years ago

Yah, no kidding.

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Years ago

NBL signed a bum deal with no comeback once they got bumped to midnight hour!

You can't promote a product that no one can see!!

Can't generate sponsorship revenue with no ads!

As Steve Carfino said when he left Hobart for Sydney, "you pay peanuts you'll get monkeys." NBL can't even buy the organ to make it dance!!

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Years ago

Gotta get Kerry stokes involved witht he wildcats and then NBL will be on channel 7.

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Years ago

Gotta get Kerry stokes involved witht he wildcats and then NBL will be on channel 7.

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