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sa hockey gets 3.5 mil

see tonight on the news sa hockey received 3.5 mill for the stadium at gepps cross

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yes good for hockey and we have a proud record.

let's just hope some $ find their way to basketball

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Played at Cedar College yesterday, two court stadium. Magnificent venue, would be close to being the best court, rings and surrounds in Adelaide, bar none.

Then I saw a plaque on the door as I left the stadium. $2.7 million from the Federal Government a cuppla years ago.

Sharing your pain, brothers .....

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Very Old  
Years ago

Still paying for the previous financial mismanagement of the states' public basketball affairs - no politician really wants to be seen to reward a sport that had to get bailed out by the public purse.

Actually rather unfair treatment of the rank and file

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Years ago

There's two issues here.

Basketball have a large community of members who want everything but are time poor and fail to get its point across. Smaller sports and larger sports plan, argue, write to MPs, write to councils etc and force politicans to spend money.

The basketball community believe they deserve more media, more money, better facilites but won't sell how the public, media, government/councils would themselves benefit.

If you want public money then you and everyone at your club needs to write to your council, state member and federal member. It works. It's what Football clubs, soccer clubs, hockey, swimming, netball, bowls all do.

Basketball has been treated so poorly for so long that we are waiting for the general public, the media and the governments to just get that, and change it. They won't. It's up to us to make them understand the size of the basketball community, the power of getting the basketball vote. That's what makes them change. We are our own worst enemy.

Second issue. BASA

BASA got a government loan for a building that the government needed them to build. Government and Council then placed restrictions on that building which still exists and which stopped BASA making money from it. BASA needed that additional income from concerts etc to pay back a loan it never should have had to take out in the first place.

BASA as a business didn't run into financial trouble, BASA as owner of the Powerhouse/Dome/Arena did.

As part of the Adelaide Oval development the Government is writing off SACA's $85M debt from a previously built stand.

Cricket $85M, Basketball $15M. Government pays the first, no questions asked. Government writes off the second and in the process sells off all the assets of the sport to private owners.

Government loses $85M from Cricket deal (plus another $450M+ to build them a venue), Government loses $11M from the Basketball deal and in the process creates the most ridiculous, restrictive and confusing management system in any sport in this state.

BASA/BSA to blame or the Labor Government?

The way forward ...

Write to the BSA Council and demand more staff, more funding more action from them and the BSA Commission.

Write to the BSA Head Office and demand more service from them, better systems, better competition models, better referee development, better media, better market presence.

Write to your State & Federasl MP and your Council Mayor and state facts. State numbers. Even the smallest basketball clubs in Adelaide have more members then other sports which get a lot more attention and funding.

It's up to us to demand more, instead of sitting back and hoping someone else will do it for us.

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Years ago

While I agree with the above there are lots of people in basketball community who try for YEARS to help but get treated poorly by incumbent local/state execs.

Many are nepotistic, outdated and closed door regimes that tell people to "talk to the hand", and rack up debt, due to financial mismanagement.

Not to long an offer from a local council wanted to hand over the recently upgraded 4 court venue AND pay for a Manager and cleaner was declined by the exec as it was seen as a poor financial move. The token price was $1 - no joke!

Since those who use it have had a spike in rent, power and have to contribute to upgrades for to expedite repair of basketball related equipment. Then we get bumped by event like futsal, social basketball and MMA which PAY more for it, AND we earn $0 revenue from canteen and bar sales.

And then they beg for handouts. Give me a break!

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Years ago

on the money anon .... literally

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Years ago

where is cedar college moses ?

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Cedar College is at Oakden.

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Years ago

Clean out BASA and start yet again, close under-performing clubs and develop a realistic business plan that doesn't model itself on Victorian successes because of population and maybe someone will take the sport seriously.

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