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Tigers' Slepoy: Flopping worse than scuffles

But Slepoy insists the actions of his players, including import Seth Scott who escaped suspension despite admitting to striking the Kings' Ben Madgen in the head, is less damaging to the game than flopping - intentionally falling despite little or no physical contact.

"That's what is detrimental to the game," Slepoy said on Thursday.

"That's what gives it the reputation of a game of cheats rather than a game of passionate athletes."
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Obviously he's talking about the chest-beating incidents rather than Malice at the Palace style extravaganzas. Has he got a point?

Someone pointed out on Twitter that the Tigers made inside back page of the papers after that game, despite losing. And that was unusually good coverage for them.

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Years ago

reasonably extreme statement...

"game of cheats".

Now Football.....

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Years ago

I agree 100%. Anger is a part of life and managing to control it is as well, while people claim seeing it at sporting venues is bad for children, any decent parent can actually use it as an example for their children of what is NOT acceptable and why you need to be able to control your emotions or vent them in different ways. The kids also see the perpetrators punished for their actions

Cheating how ever when it is rewarded such as flopping becomes a taught skill. This teaches kids that its acceptable to cheat to succeed in sports..not cool. It also makes watching the game a complete joke, you lose respect for players, umpires and teams. When championships are decided by decisions based on cheating the entire competition loses its respect.

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Years ago

Great call Slepoy.

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Years ago

I agree. Flopping is completely soft and ruins the game of basketball.

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Years ago

Let's not forget the biggest (most talked about) Flop last year was by their star player. I didnt hear him saying anyhting then.

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Years ago

Yep. I agree.

Scuffles and fighting, however inappropriate, show passion. The individual throwin the fists may doin showing they're a bit foolish, not being able to focus the anger into their game....but they are also demostrating their passion.
Its not to be glorified, and punishments must be made public to show the kids acting like that is not the way to behave, but i don't believe it brings detriment to the game...unlike flopping.
Flopping encourages, or really is cheating. Pretending you were hit in such a way, with excessive force or completely faking the contact in order to deceive the umpire into making an incorrect call is a lie, a cheat and is weak. It shows poor defensive ability, having to rely on a umpires mistake rather than your own ability.
It's no good to watch, seeing your team loose the ball to a flop is incredibly annoying, and it's almost embarrassing to see possession taken with a flop.
Putting the umpire under more pressure to make the wrong call by flopping couldn't be doing any good either. They haven't been too bad this season but I'd hate to see the level of officiating drop because of players diving to gettta call.

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Years ago

The NBL have warned Bruce for his flop.

Do they now have a formal system for warning and penalising flops?

If not, should they follow the NBA's suggestion? Warning first, then (penalty adjusted for earnings somewhat) $500, then $1,000, etc?

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Years ago

100% back slepoys comments

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Years ago

So you 100% agree Boss? You think basketball has a reputation as a game of cheats?

So the guy on the street things basketball is just full of cheats?

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Years ago

HO, depends what you take from it. Literally, it's a massive and awkward overstatement, almost offensive. But on my first read, I completely glossed over that and was thinking "flop vs scuffle", and tended to agree that I'd favour removing the former from the sport as a priority.

I think people throw "100%" around too soon and this might've just been habit for boss. Giving them benefit of the doubt, anyway.

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Years ago

"That's what *HAS THE POTENTIAL TO* give it the reputation of a game of cheats rather than a game of passionate athletes." how read it.

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Years ago

I agree with Skip, did he rush down to the locker room to discuss how detrimental to the game it is when that went down? I highly doubt it. He is concerned because he has an entire team of ill disciplined knuckleheads that will get suckered into cheap fouls and conflict.

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Years ago

Slepoy wasn't in charge or the CEO then

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Years ago

He was a shareholder of some sort though I think?

Did he comment on Flynn's massive embellishment?

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Years ago

Obviously he is not going to be unnecessarily publicly critical about his own players' past indiscretions. He is first and foremost concerned about his Tigers. Anyone who expects otherwise, that he should've been consistent and also criticised individual Tigers flops, is expecting way too much from a team owner. Frankly I think it would be worse if he spoke out against the Mills flop publicly considering he had the opportunity to have a quiet word to him at any time.

Any perceived hypocrisy from not calling out his own players still does not indicate that his argument about the damage that flopping does to the game is without merit.

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Years ago

Well said rjd.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Most likely watching Dusty do a layup then go to the line when there was absolutely no contact is worse
Or a blocking foul when it's a charge
aw., wot is it , offensive foul these days , I think.
I used to care , but things have changed.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

..and if it's a foul on Dann you'd take the ball from the side , rather than free throws . The ole days are gone forever ...

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