Years ago

Cheerleader that screams during FTs


People complain about music but that is worse! Why does she even do it?

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Years ago

I've said it before aswell, it does my head in too. I want to strangle her

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Years ago

What? Chloe's BEEEEEEEOOOOOW? She's just getting into the game, supporting the boys, give her a break.

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Years ago

No.... She needs to shut up! It's embarrassing... For her!!

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Years ago

Ugh. Shutup anon.

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Years ago

If there was a crowd of noisy fans, you wouldnt be able to hear her! People are just complaining now for the sake of complaining.

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Years ago

Must be an older daughter to the Simmons duo

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Years ago

Think of how annoying it would be for the shooter?

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Years ago

I think you will find she lets out that god forsaken noise when she looks up and reads the scoreboard at home games

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Years ago

How about complainin about the shit crowd support, I've heard louder crowds at Rocket Bar with 200 people in it... And at least our cheer leaders are loud and can dance, unlike others in the league

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Years ago

I'm wondering if this combined with an open door caused the Crosswell free throw airball?

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Years ago

Is this the screaching noise you hear before every free throw?
I just assumed that was a sound effect that Skip used.
Yeah, very annoying.

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Years ago

I like cheerleaders that scream, at least just a little bit!

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Years ago

It's meant to be annoying. The opposition is shooting free throws! Annoying and distracting is the whole point.

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Years ago

WOW YOU PEOPLE ARE INCEDIBLE the girl is supporting the team for fuck sake! all you sit here and fucking bag bag bag get the fuck over yourself! your all fucking pathetic! at least she fucking supports the team!

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KracKa BballiN'  
Years ago

Love it, scream it up. Every1 should be. Bring back the sixth man.
Loved big screen "warning this is just a distraction" or woody.

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Years ago

Leave the dancers alone, they do a lot better at supporting then most do in the crowd that shows up. It is meant to put the opposition player off & is never heard for the 36ers FTs.

Also to the original poster, atleast have the guts to post your real name instead of hiding behind the anonymous tag.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The Sixers Cheerleaders are the best in the league.

Distraction and entertainment is their job and they do it well.

BTW, classic today. The guy sitting next to me paid a little too much attention to a routine. Problem was his GF was sitting next to him. His left ear was pretty well chewed off!

Chloe, you can scream anytime you want!

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Matt Jemson  
Years ago

This guy is a peanut
Must not having anything else interesting to talk about
So u talk about a cheerleader harden up mate.
Pretty gutless not to put his name to it either.

Chloe is awesome week in week out she puts in 110%
It's ppl around the club like that who give it all each week
Makes the club stronger. U cheerleaders keep up good work

This guy must sit there wit a dumb look on his face and not cheer or
clap threw the game probally thinks its a bowls game he's paid to see

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Years ago

C'mon, are things going that bad that we need to start picking on the dancers? How dare she try to put of the opposition!

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Sorry folks. You can probably hear two of my kids screaming every time they shoot free throws too. And if you find it annoying ..... you should try sitting next to them!

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Years ago

Great post Matt Jemson.

The Sixers Cheerleaders do an excellent job and are the best in the country.

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Years ago

Oh I'm sorry isn't the point to put the other team off? Maybe if you got of your fat ass and supported the team it might not be so quite and you won't hear the girl cheering its nice to see someone actually supports the team! Your so tough writing anon comments behind your computer screen! Get a life your so pathetic!

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Years ago

Shes hot. Shut up!

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Years ago

Oh wow your so tough putting yourself as anon and bagging people! Why don't you tell people who you are so we can sit here and bag you for being a Bitching piece of shit! OMG someone cheering at a basketball oh no what will we do.. Eat shit!
Keep up the good work on cheering girls! Screw you haters

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Years ago

what shits me mega on these sites is these so called Anons who come up with crap. If you dont like it, dont go.

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Years ago

Dude this is what happens at a game. Get over it. Oh and put a name to your post. Getting a bit sick of anon rants(trolls).

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Years ago

Mate while this op anon in this thread is an idiot do remember that the anon facility allows people in the know who can't be identified to provide insightful posts.

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Years ago

Yes, it is embarrassing but so is the way most fans carry on trying to distract the opposing team when shooting free throws. It makes basketball fans look like poor sports at best or a bunch of feral bogans at worst.

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Years ago

I like the fact she's getting that involved in the match.

In-fact perhaps she could take it to the next level of distraction.

I'm sure a perfectly timed and placed high kick would be distracting to any red blooded man — free throws or not ;-D

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Years ago

Yes, it is embarrassing but so is the way most fans carry on trying to distract the opposing team when shooting free throws. It makes basketball fans look like poor sports at best or a bunch of feral bogans at worst.
Australian Rules. Soccer/Football. Welcome to sport.

You might like spectating tennis?

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Dunkin' Dan  
Years ago

Yeah, sounds like tennis, golf or snooker would more up that poster's alley.
Keep it up, Chloe. The more people in the stadium who are that involved in the game, the more fun it generally is.

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Years ago

I watched some televised darts the other month and between throws or whatever they might call them, the boozy crowd was going nuts.

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Years ago

Still like the level of distraction the NBA brings to the sport.
Supplying long team color tube balloons for all those sitting behind the backboards.
Imagine a thousand of those waving in line of sight as the players take their free throws.
The games we attended at Orlando they were supplied free of charge emblazoned with sponsors.
Really got everyone involved in those crowd sections....what does Sixers marketing actually do on their international fact-finding trips?

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Years ago

Nobody! And I mean NOBODY says a bad word about my Chloe!

All the girls do an amazing job! Shame on you for attacking a flexible little flower like Chloe. If only the rest of the crowd had her passion.

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Years ago

this thread is useless without pics

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Years ago

haha ^
I second pics

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