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Dean Parker now 36ers GM; Members Forum announced

Email to members from the 36ers today announcing SOS member Dean Parker (AKA Silver Fox) as new 36ers GM, plus a members forum at Adelaide Arena to discuss the future of the club. It's got a "let's get this thing back on track" vibe and promises better communication, etc.

Topics covered at the forum next week are listed to include:

- club's financial position
- income/expenses
- coaching
- ownership and community models
- moving forward
- Q&A

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Dear Member,

It is with great excitement and anticipation that I take on the role of General Manager of the Adelaide 36ers.

Having been on the board for the last four years, many of you will already know me and know of my commitment and passion for this club and for all the people involved in it. For those of you that don't know me personally, I do ask a favour, I ask that you give myself and the team of people beside me the opportunity to share with you and show you what we plan on doing and to continue your support of the club as we embark on the path back. Furthermore to those that don’t know me, feel free to come up and have a chat and talk all things sixers.

I come into this role fully understanding the current position of the club and with a very clear direction of what we need to do to get to where we want to be. That is both on and off the court, clearly we all crave on court success, however we also need to make sure we put ourselves in a position to be winning off the court as well.

As a member of the Adelaide 36ers, I would like to thank you for your support and ask you to continue to play your part. The success of this club will not depend on me, The Chairman or the Coach. the success of this club will depend on every stakeholder playing their part from the Chairman, Board, General Manager, staff, Coach, players, support staff, Sponsors and you, our members. Not only your much valued financial support, but also understanding the things that impact on the club and the things you can do to benefit the club. For that to work, our communication with you needs to improve so that we can move forward together and I can assure you our communication with you WILL improve.

You will also find attached a flyer in regards to a Members Forum. This will be held at the Adelaide Arena next Wednesday 13th March and this is an opportunity for me to get together with our members and inform you on key issues. I understand that sadly this date may not suit everyone, however with this letter going out to approximately 2,000 people, there would never be a time that would suit everyone. If able, I ask that you sincerely make your best efforts to attend the evening, as we will discuss and explain the reasons behind some of the decisions that has been made around the club, as well as the current position of the club and more importantly what we can all do, not only to ensure our survival this season, but put a model in place that ensures long term viability.

I thank you for your support and ask that you stick with us, not only for the financial support the club needs, but also to be part of something big. All of you that have stuck with us during some tough years, I now ask that you stick with us and be part of the good times. The good times are appreciated and enjoyed so much more by the loyal people that have been there when it was tough. That would be you!

I thank you again and look forward to taking this journey with you as we head down "The Path Back".


Dean Parker
General Manager
Adelaide 36ers

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Years ago

Sounds like community ownership is on the cards.

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Years ago

Member's forum seems like a great idea. Lay the current state of play on the table and show some positive direction.

Best of luck Dean and crew.

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Years ago

A post has been deleted to stop it derailing the thread. Please keep things on track.

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Years ago

Disappointed I'm away that night, but look forward to hearing what gets said.

All the best Dean.

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Years ago

Nicely worded email. I understand why they want to reassure members immediately, but I kind of think it may not be the best thing to do when there is still two games that need to be played? Surely at a members forum the number one question on everyone's lips is going to be "what's going on with the coaching staff". You can't really say too much about sacking him when he still has to coach the team til the end of the season...

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Years ago

Well this is a positive move I think. Wanting to improve communication and gain support and involvement from the fans. Going to be hard for some to get to the forum, but I think they have conceded that. I don't know if having the forum after the game on Saturday would have worked or not - probably depend on whether the Sixers pull off a win!

Onward and upwards – Go Sixers!

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Iron Sheik  
Years ago

Knowing Dean personally, i can safely say he is one of the most passionate 36ers fans on this planet, all the best to him

Iron Sheik for life jabroni!

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Years ago

The sentiments are right but I see the presentation/announcement coming from the appointee rather than the chairman as most unusual.

If this statement was issued beside [or soon after] a formal statement from the chairman outlining Dean's skill set, personal attributes and management experience as well as what the board expects/hopes of him I'd be much more comfortable, though that comfort would still be qualified, given that he comes from inside the existing structure, which by definition, for me, means no fresh eyes or approach.

Sorry, but to me this says 'more of the same'. If he couldn't achieve the 'improvements' he implies are needed as a board member, how is he going to achieve them as GM - without him on the board, I assume?

If nothing else, having a board member suddenly change role from director [governance] to GM [management] really confuses the lines between the two, making governance & management difficult.

Would have much preferred someone from 'outside' bringing a fresh approach and new ideas based on experience in other relevant positions.

Sorry to be negative, but this doesn't feel good to me. I hope it works, but can't really see how it can.

And no, I won't be able to make that forum, unfortunately.

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Years ago

'186, I agree on the coaching. No easy path on that but I wouldn't go into a Wednesday forum as the club without being able to respond and give the assurance that Clarke is out. The question will be inevitable and responding without something strong will detract from any efforts to get fans onside and potentially set foundations for a community model. You couldn't really get away with "We'll make a statement about the coaching position at the end of the season," after three years like we've had and expect the bounce Dean is probably hoping to get in his start as GM.

If it hasn't happened already, on Monday I'd speak with the coaches. On Tuesday or Wednesday I'd announce that the coaches won't be reappointed for the following season and the usual junk about searching for a replacement. Then on Wednesday, discuss why he wasn't replaced earlier as some/many fans wanted - some good signs to start the season, players and coaches together thought they could turn it around, money, whatever it might've been.

A real priority though is making sure the club is stable/secured from here. Potential recruiting targets are hearing/thinking (whether right or wrong) that the 36ers are going to fall over. That reality or perception is not good when you're trying to retain or improve a team, not to mention secure a coach.

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Years ago

You had me at "coaching"

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

Nice bloke Dean is and very much looking forward to Wednesday night.

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Years ago

Great appointment and the best of luck to Dean.

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Years ago

This is nothing but positive IMO.

The announcement coming from the GM himself is a little odd, but it think thats part of the plan to improve communication, and taking ownership for it by doing it yourself.

Unless they plan on getting up in front of the members and declaring "thanks for your support, this is the end" it basically confirms we will have a team next season.

They must also have some positive news on the stadium because thats bound to be asked.

You dont open these things up for questions, if you dont already know you have positive answers.

The timing is right too i believe. There are no more home games, and no more telecast games, so most people wouldnt even know if Clarke is there to coach the last two games anyway. I think he'll coach the last 2 games, but no-one would care if he didnt.

I just hope they get a massive crowd saturday night, and the atmosphere is positive. there's no reason for negativiy anymore.

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Years ago

I see dean talking to people and this silver fox is keen to get sixers back to where they interesting night for discussion Q/A will be interested to hear outcome of this meeting.

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Years ago

How is this positive?

He's the same bloke involved in hiring Clarke and keeping Clarke. That right there proves to me he has no idea.

He is also the bloke directly involved in the three worst seasons both on and off the court in 36ers history.

This is more of the same.

They obviously can't afford a proper GM so one of the owners puts his hand up to cut costs.

I assume Silver Fox has a day job that enabled him to afford chucking his money away to buy the 36ers.

Does this mean he will be a part time GM or give up his day job to be GM?

What experience does he have running a sporting team? The 36ers experience is a shambles.

The e-mail is poorly worded and the timing of the forum poor. The biggest fan issue at present is on-court success and coaching. Yet you call the forum with two games to go where all he will be able to dish up is soft serve "we will review coaching at end of season".

So over this amateurism.

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Years ago

Another fine example of someone wanting change and not happy when it comes.

We know the coach is there til the end of the season. We have known it or a month.

We all expect him to go but so much of the other stuff would be great to know. Just because some of us don't know him doesn't mean he can't do it. I think he is better than her already and I look forward to hearing everything Wednesday night. We got to start somewhere and I like the others am excited.

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Years ago

The only question I would want to ask at the meeting is, how do they plan to re-engage the youth (16-25 year olds) who don't get targeted at all, as it seems marketing is purely been placed to young kids and parents. And follow on question, will they continue the marketing/advertising they have been doing, or use the talented youth in the basketball community to help reignite it all.

However, there is no way they can answer in question thoroughly. Great idea, but best not to make it an open forum like a political running so people aren't given answers that wouldn't have been thought through yet.

Regardless, finally something positive at the end of the season to give some hope for next!

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Years ago

It's not change! It is the same guy who has been running the club and making the big decisions still running the club!

If you can't see that then you are as blind as the fools who have kept Clarke for three years!

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Youknow ME  
Years ago

Dean Parker is a 'nice' enough guy, who sure enough in his own little way do his best to fix the problem. HOWEVER, his past 3-4 years of involvement of the team have proven he doesn't have what it takes to lead this club to any form of success...

His record is as bad as Martys is, 3 of our worst ever seasons he has presided over, it was his choice to keep marty, and his moves are what led, in one way or another to the on and off court failings of the team. Sure there would have been variables and uncontrollable things, but fact is, is its the same group of hapless twits running the ship again.

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Years ago

This is like announcing there has been a coaching change and then finding out Radford is head coach and Clarke is assistant! Yet some genuinely seem excited by the 'change''.

Reminiscent of some getting excited about Christopherson when a 1 minute google search revealed complete dud!!

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Youknow ME  
Years ago

1 minute google search is right! couldnt cut it in Belarus, ofcourse Belarus is a world power... equal world 82nd with Bolivia

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Ricey, you occasionally have brainwaves and this is one of them.

The marketing/promotion of the Sixers has been very ordinary for some time. A full review of the marketing / PR of the club would be a very good idea.

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Years ago

Now I am confused. I thought he was a board member not the chairman. Chairman makes final decisions and uses CEO to implement them.

Board members meet however regularly they meet and vote accordingly.

Which one was he ?

Not sure if people's expectations for this forum are to high it lists a range of topics not a coaching forum and I will be interested to hear what is said.
At least we finally get told something and as obvious as it is that some people on here will complain anyway then we got to see how it goes. What other choice do we have.

We can't keep being pissed off at everything forever

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Years ago

Lets face it. We are a broke ass club. If we had money we would have sacked the coach and actually hired a GM.

It is borderline offensive that they promote not actually hiring a decent external GM as good news.

If you don't agree then answer the question of whether Clarke would still be coach and Dean GM if the 36ers were financial.

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Years ago

i dont personally know any of the people running the club.

but i cant stand people criticising them for being broke.

some people are acknowledging they dont have the money to do anything, then at the same time criticise them for not doing anything.....

i can understand voicing opinions on how things could be done better. sacking the coach earlier, promote better etc. but it's easy to say when it doesnt cost you anything.

IMO they're doing the best they can.

Get out and suport them or you may not have a team to support much longer.

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Years ago

Let's face it. Some people will hack at this club regardless.
I look forward to Wednesday night and hearing what he has to say

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Years ago

Nothing wrong with having an executive director - plenty of companies do things thus way. It doesn't mean anything negative and can allow the board to have first hand knowledge of the day to day business of the organization.

As for Dean now being a part time GM due to other commitments I have no idea, probably a good query to put to him at the meeting anonymous - or let me guess, you won't be there as you'd rather sit on the forum and bitch and moan from afar?

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Years ago

A Part-time Dean will achieve more than Leeanne ever did, even if he is a hour a week..
One tip use the phone not email!!

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Years ago

A part time Dean will achieve more than Leanne ever did?

Why hasn't he done so already? If he could secure more sponsors then why hasn't he assisted Leanne do so? If he can make good basketball decisions then why hasn't he done so. If he has good marketing initiatives then why hasn't he put them into place the last four years?

There have been like two or three owners who make the ultimate decisions the last couple of years. Have the other owners thwarted Dean's involvement and decision making and they have now released the shackles?

When fans are calling for Marty's head was it Leanne's decision to keep him?

When Marty suggested that CJ be replaced was it Leanne that approved it or Dean and his mates?

When Marty suggested they sign Christopherson over proven performers like Dorsey was it Leanne or Dean and his mates that approved it?

Who appointed and oversaw Leanne's performance? Wasn't it Dean and his mates?

The list goes on and on.

If Leanne, Dean and his mates collectively could not get the job done the last few years then why should we have confidence that Dean and his mates can get the job done on their own without the assistance of a full time CEO?

It is not 'hating' for the sake of 'hating'. This is not new blood with fresh ideas and new initiative. It is the exact same decision maker just with a different title.

This is not a personal attack on Dean. He may be a brilliant business man when it comes to different business areas not involving running a professional basketball team. I am not suggesting the failures of the last few years are because of a lack of effort. However, if they are not as a result of lack of effort (the above posters who know Dean personally say he is the most passionate 36ers fan they have ever met) then this questions ability. Can't have it both ways.

Dean's own introductory e-mail basically concedes that the club is in a shambles both on and off the court. I am not saying anything controversial by saying that it is.

However, why should I be expected to have any confidence in someone who has presided over the last four years? The results both on and off the court dictate that I should not have any confidence whatsoever.

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Years ago

He wasn't CEO and he wasn't chairman. He is a board member with a vote yet you have successfully claimed every decision the club has made in 3 years was his.
But harsh ad probably letting some other real culprits like the two mentioned off the hook real lightly.
And where did it say he is part time. Maybe this is why the forum is a good thing. At least he will tell us instead of this crazy guessing game that gets played and treated like it gospel.

Let's see what is said then let's see what is done and Judge him on that not what you think he will do.
If the club is a shambles members like you don't help, but as statman said you probably my sit at home give nothing to the club and fire bullets.

I hope he does whatever he says because we need it.

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Years ago

Board member with a vote?

You make it sound like he has a small share in a multinational company and has no responsibility.

I agree with your point about hearing him out on Wednesday but are you suggesting that fault lies with only the ex CEO and Chairman? Given such a small ownership group surely Dean has had a say in the major decisions.

If the ex CEO and Chairman are responsible for the state of the 36ers then why didn't Dean act? Also, if his thoughts and opinions were against that of majority owner then i seriously doubt that the majority owner would make him GM.

Give him a chance you say? I say he has had 4 years of a chance. If he learns from previous mistakes and things improve as we all hope then fantastic. However, that does not cause me to change my opinion that this 'appointment' does not constitute 'change'.

You say members like me don't help. Fair enough. That is your opinion. I say that keeping your head in the sand and "hoping she'll be right" doesn't help.

It is all clearly cost cutting. And clearly cost cutting in keeping Clarke has worked fabulously for the 36ers.

Stuff the good news about Adelaide Arena. With the way things are going Wayville would have easily been big enough for next year's season ticket holders.

Bring on the ABL. Better value for money than the 36ers.

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

so Boti is back from holidays then.........

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Years ago

So he's managing director now, not GM? Sounds likely, given his involvement as a director, but not what was announced.

We can be critical of the speculation, or critical of the lack of clarity and process.

I presume the position was advertised and that his appointment is a result of due process? If not we already have a problem.

And, whatever the process, or the title, this is an 'inside appointment', which by definition means more of the same, with no fresh ideas or energy.

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Years ago

For the first time in two months I now have reason to enter the Arena with a high level of anticipation. The intrigue!

Heaven help the ownership progression to an assumed community model if both Darryl and Dean announce an endorsement for the retention of Marty Clarke and Mark Radford as coaches for a further year or two.

Anecdotal evidence provided on this forum from people much closer than myself to both the players and owners has given me the impression this outcome is quite plausible.

I admit I've exposed myself to an intensive level of discontent by being a frequent visitor to this forum, but surely this discussion platform provides a reasonable enough sample to make an assumption on the sentiments of the wider membership and fan base.

I'm actually now more interested in what I will hear on Wednesday night than tomorrow night's results.

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Years ago

To assume that there will be no change is crazy.
The fact that the club is inviting its members to have input immediately suggests otherwise.
Dean may very well be an interim appointment as the club restructures its ownership model. If not, the current owners (Daryl) have the right to make any appointment they see fit, after all it is their money. Supporters will choose whether to continue to support based upon their decisions. The most important thing is retaining a team and without sos there wouldn't be one. No team - nothing to bitch about. No one else putting their hand up to provide Adelaide with a team.

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Years ago

Agree completely POP. Again, its not a personal attack on Dean, just an attack on the his 'appointment' as GM being 'change'.

It is not change.

Those that are happy with the way things are in 36ers land should be happy with more of the same in the same way that the Marcus Camby's of the world are happy that Clarke coached out the season.

His appointment as GM might be the only financially viable decision. If so, great decision. $150k might be spent better elsewhere than on an external GM. I get that. But don't try and tell me that his appointment represents a fresh new era. It doesn't. Plain and simple.

Who knows. The forum might be really insightful. We might get presentations from crying girlfriends of players or indeed crying players telling us how much the booing and hurtful words on Hoops SA derailed the last three seasons.

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Years ago

And this thread like most ends up with people who know nothing talking like they know everything.

Like everything they do. So will like it. Some won't and some will wait and see.

I am happy to wait and see. I have Clarke a go. He failed. I will give Dean a go and time will tell !!

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Years ago

It's always why things won't work and almost excitement hoping it doesn't.

What if it does work. That sounds like it would upset people more.

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Years ago

So many things wrong with Dean Parker as GM!!
Great, he has passion for the club. Whoopie! When will this club start to act as a professional sporting organisation and not a backyard amateur club.
Another poor decision based on not having the money to get someone to appoint someone who is qualified to fill the role. Obviously I am referring to the hiring of the current coach and the former CEO. Both terrible decisions. Let's keep in mind he was also on the board when we sacked our last coach who a much better coach than the current one who has been allowed the chance to run this club into the ground. At the end of the day, you let peanuts run the club, you get peanuts.

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Years ago

I assume that Dean Parker through his new position will have more input into decision making which he has not had in the past. If he is passionate about the 36ers he will be on the same page as the passionate 36ers fans. Passionate 36ers fans have not tolerated the failure of the team in the last 3 years, Dean should also not tolerate it. I don't agree with comments about the timing of the members' forum, with 2 more games to go because anything that is happening at the end of the season will already be known by club administrators, the coach, the assistant coach and players. A member's forum with 2 games to go is not going to reveal any surprises to anyone. Good luck Dean, the fans are dependent on you to restore some success into the club.

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Years ago

There is already 1 change being made with the forum on Wednesday it's a fresh and new idea. I think we should at least go and hear what Dean has to say and then make up our minds if we think his appointment is a good idea or not.

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Years ago

$150k? no way the club is spending that on a CEO
But if they did I guarantee we would see all the corporate boxes full, high attendances on game day and a culture change

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Years ago

I bet you 150k it wouldn't, i also bet you dont have 150k in the bank.

Check Grantham's CV, fairly impressive resume right there and a good decision on paper.

I just love how the loud minority feel obliged to share their point of view on this forum. How about you support the 36ers and stop bagging ever single decision the club makes.

This is a positive step and first initiative is to engage the fans, give them a chance to be heard and also let them hear first hand what plans are.

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Years ago

Great post BJF

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Years ago

Leanne prior to 36ers:

Grantham, who was head of women's football, is returning to live in Adelaide for family reasons. She previously worked for the National Basketball League, Australian Hall of Fame and was chief executive of South Australia's Major Events Corporation, responsible for the staging of the Tour Down Under and the Clipsal 500 V8 race.

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Years ago

BJF two guesses for who you are! We all know the bad decisions you made when you were in charge.

The forum is a good decision. The appointment of Leanne and now Dean are not.

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Years ago

Anon put your name to your post, i always like to know who i am about to beat with fact and not opinion.

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Years ago

Well done anon. Point out BJF while hiding behind anon.

Contradiction. Deans appointment is not good but his decision to have a forum is. That's sitting on the fence.

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Years ago

Not it's actually not. Welcoming the public to contribute is a wonderful decision. And just because you are happy to put your name out there does not mean that I need to. Fact you say? Why you never applied any of that to most of your decisions

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Years ago

good talk anon, ballsy enough to shoot your mouth off but not tough enough to put your name to your comments.

Tool Time in full effect round here.

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Years ago

So it a wonderful decision from the wrong guy that must hurt to say.

Why question BJF and fire bullets at him to when you clearly have personal issues with basketball.

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Years ago


What would you know about these decisions?

Results say it was a poor decision to employ her!

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over it  
Years ago

yeah what did she do when she was in charge?

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Years ago

Correct results say she was wrong and results say Marty was wrong.

Let Dean get some results and make that call then.

One decision, a forum and people like it. Results might say its a good decision.

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Years ago

@Really - i dont understand your question.

decisions about what/ which part?

Everyone is measured by the scoreboard at the end of the day

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Years ago

Seen and heard more from Dean Parker in two days than I did from Grantham in two years. That alone has to be a good start.

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Years ago

About why Grantham was employed. Looking at a CV is obviously not such a good way of selecting people in a market that is so specific. How would you know if she had good suggestions for developing the club and moving it forward?

Because her score board is empty.

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Years ago

CV is usually all you have to go by. Anyone can make suggestions. Real quality will make them happen. She didn't. Now it's his turn.

Really .. You really don't make sense ?

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Youknow ME  
Years ago

BJF sounds SO MUCH like Mitch Creek that its not funny. Basically, support whatever crap they serve us. They forget WERE the consumers... and without us, there giving handy's on a street corner.

fact of the matter is.. it is NOT change. Absolutely NOT... I have spoken to, and know dean.. and YES, hes passionate... YES he trys... Full marks for both. HOWEVER he lacks GUTS... He wanted to keep Clarke SOLELY to placate the players, and YES he was a BIG part of that decision... He even admitted himself that he wasn't completely sold on Clarke and this was early this season before the 6ers really went down the drain!!!!

This is nothing but the same old, same old.

I will give hime 1 plus, A members forum... Ok, Good enough Idea... HOWEVER... its OBVIOUS what ALL FANS WANT!.... We want Marty Clarke given his marching orders, we want BIG changes in the team personell and we want them to actually DO MSOMETHING when calamities happen!

It must be said, the management of the 36ers gave up on the season before even mid way!

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Years ago

Got you

CV says in short:
-Run national sports leagues and major international events involving multi national corporate partners
-Very well connected in government which has been a big benefit to the club
-Basketball background

For me that is a pretty good punt to take when looking for what the 36ers needed.

In reality there are 7 GM positions in Australian basketball and very few roles in sport in general where you can find someone who has had specific previous experience in running a privately owned professional sports organisation.

Any person employed into any role is a punt of sorts. How many people out there can say that they have successfully run an NBL team where it has been 1) profitable and 2) an on court success?

Most sports teams are only as good as the beneficiaries behind them. Eddy fell over and we havent seen the Bullets since.

Winning can mask a lot in sport. If your team is winning everyone is happy, when it is losing you got to find the reason and who is to blame. Read the tone on this forum after a loss, cheerleaders, Skip , refs , players, coaches , beer temperature, car parking and taste of hot dogs have all copped a bashing after a loss.

AFL and NRL survive on their massive TV deals and even then we all hear stories of which clubs drop millions year in and year out. Do the financial woes then equate to people running those organisation as being dumb or stupid? Absolutely not.

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Years ago

He lacks guts. It's so easy for people to say they know dean so what I say is true.
I know him to and guts is not a problem. He is not afraid to make decisions and stand by them.
He also won't make a decisions because a few people demand it.

Time will tell, if you don't want to give him time follow netball.

If you know him so well I look forward to you being there Wednesday and telling your good friend Dean all that.

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Years ago

Spot on BJF. So many experts on this forum with less experience than the people they attack and so few more experienced options.

But BJF you are using common sense and that will stuff some people up

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Gannymeade 41  
Years ago

I believe the forum is primarily a fund raiser. A show of hands to answer who would buy in and how much. I can see the future pivots on this. I hope they present realistic numbers and conditions that are appealing.

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Years ago

Everything on here is just what people believe.

Time will tell. Looking at what was listed I am looking forward to it.

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Years ago

Mofo's talking about CV's......sheeeiit. Any one who appoints on CV never worked in a real bidness.

Reply #408417 | Report this post

Years ago

Reading some if this some people never worked !

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CEO salary  
Years ago

To the anonymous above scoffing at the club paying 150k for a CEO how much would you assume them to be paying?

FWIW the blaze were paying 200k to their man and I'd suspect that's more the market price for someone with the background and ability to get the job done.

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Years ago

@BJF great post above.

My question is that given Clarke's poor performance as coach would things have been a lot better if we got rid of Clarke instead of CJ?

You correctly point out that winning plays a big part in fan satisfaction.

I don't agree that upset fans form a loud minority. That is a dangerous way of looking at things.

We sack Clarke instead of CJ and hire Maher (or Smyth or Wright) and do we have better crowds and better on court success? I say yes.

I could not have predicted how bad things have become but can you not appreciate why the following is frustrating:

* Keeping one of the worst performing coaches in league history for 3 years when club legends weren't shown the same support.

* Taking what I can only say was the longest period of time to have a NBL import cleared.

* Keeping the worst import in NBL history longer than CJ.

* Having one of its best young prospects become the Ron Artest of Facebook who has turned to social media to argue with fans. Any reputable professional club would fine such behaviour.

All of the above isn't nit picking. It is professional sports. Those running the club have repeatedly picked Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan and we are being asked to be patient, forgiving and understanding.

If it is a small minority, why is the stadium emptier than it has ever been? That is FACT not opinion.

I assume you are a long time fan BJF. Can you compare the 36ers of the last three years with that of any other era. Boti's jokes on his blog are spot on.

There is no enjoyment. Compare the excitement of looking forward to tomorrow night when compared with watching a team with Brunson, Trimmingham, Rillie and Maher. Or watching the brilliance of Rose? Or the local legends Ninnis, McKay, Smyth. Not to mention guys like Farley, Stiff, Mee, Brooks and Davis.

We are not close to where we have been.

The problem with Nagy's reporting is that hopes were raised. Hopes of rich backers, Smyth as basketball operations manager and Maher as coach. Hope of exciting imports who can actually play. Hope of a return of the 36ers pre SOS.

All that hope has been crushed and we now are left with Dean as GM, the same lack of financial backing, his man crush on Clarke and his groupie like behaviour when it comes to players such as Weigh.

If the fans had not been as ugly and vocal in booing Clarke and voting with their wallets then there was every risk that Dean would have kept Clarke as coach. Indeed I am still worried that Dean will keep Clarke anyway.

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Youknow ME  
Years ago

The 36ers are so far from the glory days that they dont even warrant the same name as thoes great teams.

the 36ers should be called the 36%ers... the approximate win percentage of the team since clarke got involved.

Dean, is a symptom and contributor of everything that is wrong with the 36ers. to think he will be running the ship from here on scares me...

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Years ago

Well anon. Surely comparing different eras to prove a point is ridiculous. The game is different, times, salary cap, money spent on the sport how can you compare when so much is different.

And now you get pathetic enough to make personal statements like man crushes on coach and groupie like behaviour to players based on what other comments on here. I go upstairs and see him talk to his players. Good on him he should. Sadly Steve comes up more than anyone but your claims are below the belt.

You don't have to like his appointment and base that on whatever you want but to get personal about anyone when you don't even know them or some hidden alias on here might claim to is childish.

Clearly you have a personal problem with him. Address that properly not on a forum claiming to speak like up know him.

I don't think anyone in this job woul be given a fair go to do anything the way people talk on here and yet some fans blame the club and refuse to look at their own performance. Maybe if he did indicate the club is a shambles it's because people like you project us that way. I feel sad as a member that we are put in the same group although you probably aren't even a paid member just need to vent a personal vendetta.

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Years ago

Anon444. So you are happy with how the 36ers and how they are going?

You are happy with the decisions being made?

Personal vendetta? The 36ers are the worst they have ever been and crowds are lower than Apollo days.

I don't give a damn about the individuals involved just the 36ers.

Trust me. There are a lot of fans who no longer go to games (and are unlikely to come back). A fan posting after midnight about obvious stuff ups is the least of Dean's problems.

Even some players call Dean a groupie and joke about the man crush.

I've just stolen the line I've heard from many others.

Attack my arguments if you must.

It's not an era related issue. The team is boring, the coach is unpopular and fans aren't going. The sport hasn't changed. The 36ers have.

If you love the current direction then awesome for you and I wish I had your level of positivity or ability to deny. Of course it could also be that I am just calling it as I see it and that you are close to Dean and can't handle any criticism.

Time will tell. What I type is irrelevant. Good luck to Dean. I hope he can turn the club around.

I said the same thing when they kept Clarke. However, in the end he was just showed up for being out of his depth. Hopefully the same cannot be said for Dean.

If you are Dean's family or friend apologies for any personal insult.

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Years ago

I just hope someone somewhere who knows something about basketball is brought in to right this club.

2010: Bottom
2011: 2nd to bottom
2012: Bottom
2013: Currently bottom

Not sacking Marty Clarke after losing 13 out of 14 games this season was even more stupid than holding onto Cortez Groves for the whole season in 2009/10. Or signing Christopherson. Or sacking Ninnis. Or signing Marty Clarke in the first place.

The 36ers brand has really suffered under SOS.

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Youknow ME  
Years ago

Deans 6ers have the following list of anti-achievements to there name.. as team, and organization.

Worst coach in organization history (possibly NBL history)

Bottom of the ladder more consistently then any other team ever

Biggest let down of a team (this years talent filled team that should have bellyflopped into the finals yet still manage to finish last)

Worst import in history,,, (debatable yes, but on statistics... he is)

Lowest crowds ever for Adelaide Arena

Smallest community presence in Adelaide ever

Biggest bad news storys for the club ever... (The losses, the ken cole failed bids, that dudes half court shot issue, general instability)

Please explain to me why appointing someone heavily involved in these things is a step in the right direction>??????????

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Years ago

Funny how the new CEO is to blame for everything yet the old CEO is not.

I agree the coaching sucks and causes losses but Ken Cole is no one at the clubs fault not even Leeanne that was Kens fault.

The half court shot dude well that was no one at the clubs fault that was his but maybe the truth about that can be asked Wednesday night to.

Blaming someone new for old stuff is like blaming a new coach for what Marty and his mate have done.

Unless everyone here knows exactly how a basketball club operates, I know I don't how can they speak with such authority.

Leeanne never have us anything ever as boss ad in 1 day this guy has offered to get us together and explain stuff. For that's a head start and at least I will know what's going on from the club and not use this forum as my guide.

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Years ago

The club has no $$$ and people still want the results of the glory days, the glory days are why we have no $$$ now.
Get real people, if they listen to the fair weather supporters they will most likely say this is not worth it and walk away.
Grow up wankers!!!

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Years ago

Bullshit. Incompetence, bad decisions and blind faith have got us to where we are and this has come right from the top.

There are whole successful websites designated to user reviews. IE and Urbanspoon.

Welcome to the real world.

You go to a restaurant where the owner spends no money on the interior decorating, spends no money on the cleaning, hires the worst chef potentially the city has ever seen and the food is consistently bad (at times 13 out of 14 dishes are complete failures no matter how simple the challenge) and guess what? Restaurant owner gets a shit review. People stop going and the restaurant closes down.

So it's a circular argument. You can blame the restaurant owner and you can blame the snobby restaurant goers who greedily expect something better.

However, in today's time to just sit there and demand nothing but positive reviews and criticise those who voice their opinion that the product is extremely substandard is completely unfair.

You say the forum is a good idea. So do i. But Isaac has provided the owners a forum from which to monitor fan sentiments for years.

It is extremely arrogant for some to write that the forum will allow fans like myself to become educated as to why decisions were made.

Reality is people don't want to hear that the chef was sick, the stove broken, etc, etc. they just want a good meal. When they don't get it they don't come back.

In the SA market that means watching AFL, SANFL, A-league, getting NBA League Pass, going to a fringe show, going to the movies or just going to the beach.

Serving up this continuous "they are good blokes, they are trying hard but have no money" is just not going to get it done.

Instead of all encompassing arguments like "glory days are gone" no one has actually given me a good argument in response to my submission that getting rid of Clarke would have translated to greater income for the 36ers and a much better financial situation.

Why is Mitch Creek being allowed to embarrass the club by arguing with fans on Facebook. Idiots write stupid things about pro sports people all the time. Yet how many times do you see the athlete respond on Facebook? Where is the professionalism. It's not a one off thing. It is ongoing. Cuban talks crap online all the time but I don't reckon he would tolerate Nowitzki going on Facebook and attacking unhappy fans after a loss. Clarke should have told Creek he can fight his own battles like any good leader would do.

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Years ago

Then if you don't want to hear why don't come.

I want to go because all this forum is full of is opinion. No one speaks with facts just their opinion on things. I do as well.

At least now we get to hear what and why and as much as I am sure I may not like everything that is said at least I will understand it.

I don't think my $375 entitles me to demand anything, they own it not me. I love and I support it but I am excited to learn more facts about the club than I have ever been told before.

Win tonight would help.

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Years ago

So you havent noticed the 2 replay screens that have been installed at significant cost, havent noticed the better food options, the print at home ticketing, meals before games in the Apollo, post game functions, i could go on and on

Lots of improvements have been made if you chose to see them, big issue is the team has been winning. Dont look now but there are also a heap of other teams that haven't been winning either. I guarantee you that 7 teams this season wont win the championship.

Right now the 36ers are 2 wins out of the top 4 and 3 wins from being in 3rd. I am not happy that the team isn't in the top 4 right now and nor is anyone associated with the team itself. True supporters want the team to be successful.

It is quite easy to sit there and be negative about everything , a little but harder to do something to help and even harder again to put your own money in to try and make it better.

Mitch Creek isn't embarrassing the club he is showing passion, read the responses to him on facebook and see what the fans who are brave enough to put their names to their comments have said. They love it.

I get your analogy of the bad restaurant however you cant relate the two. There are far more variables and outside influences that can dictate a sports teams success vs a restaurant.

A restaurant can control its produce, make the same recipe taste exactly the same dish after dish . No sports team can do that.

The front office could do everything right but if the team doesn't win then it is all for nought; conversely if the team wins every game but the front office botch's ticketing , game night experience etc etc then fans will not comeback either.

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Youknow ME  
Years ago

Your all fools. how anyone could say that the GM is 'someone new' is ridiculous. How anyone can blame the half court shot guy is ridiculous. how anyone can like marty is ridiculous. Seriously... your all a bunch of tossers with no clue. Being a good fan isnt about accepting garbage, its about holding the club to a higher standard because you know it has achieved it before and because you want the best for it. Most Brothels are better run then the 6ers

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Years ago

Again BJF I agree with most of that.

I don't agree with the Mitch Creek part. There is a reason NBA, AFL, players etc, etc have courses as to how to use social media and arguing with disgruntled fans no matter how ugly or stupid is prohibited.

He is making himself look mentally weak and embarrassing the club.

Does Dangerfield go on Facebook and bag all the Adelaide supporters who said they should have picked Ebert and called him a spud? He would have every right to now tell such fans to shove it now he is a proven gun but he doesn't.

It is poor form.

There are other ways he can show passion.

If you ran a business, how would you take to a junior employee arguing with clients on Facebook? Would you be happy that your junior employee was passionate or would you educate them.

There are variables with both the restaurant and the team.

The point is the restaurant owner that keeps the chef is accountable when people stop buying food. There is no immunity for the owner from the guests because he/she has tried hard and sunk their money into the restaurant.

I know you are not saying there is an immunity. That isn't directed at you. But some are so sensitive that they pass up a user review based on one person's explained opinion as vile and based on personal vendetta. Refusing to merely accept mediocrity does not make me lesser of a fan. I could argue those that those who accept mediocrity and don't strive to improve are not the true fans.

I accept the positive outlook view and respect it. However, others should accept that there is another view which is the results of the last three seasons are unacceptable.

Saying I am searching for negatives is completely unfair. If I went on the Miami Heat forum and called for Eric Spoelstra's head then shoot me down. What is controversial and based on personal vendetta and unconscionably negative about saying the owners' inaction over Clarke's coaching is equally as poor as Clarke's coaching.

Offer alternatives you might say to how things have been done?

This is just my preference and might result in more losing seasons but I would love the 36ers to return to being SA's team.

I would love the culture to be that the best SA players are rewarded contracts. If that means Daly, Holmes, etc and we lose but with a couple of exciting imports like Deleon and Scott then I would be happy with that over Cadee and Weigh.

If the SA talent produces an ABA All Star team then great. Only spend $500k on the roster but at least it is Adelaide's team.

If the talent means we have a young pre Europe Ingles and Newley then we spend more.

I can't speak on behalf of others but I would tolerate losses with a team I could associate with and a home grown coach much more than the current team.

I can't stand Hodge as a purist. However from a business standpoint if a Smyth coached team was built around a core of Schenscher, Hodge and Deleon people would go to games.

A trash talking entertainer in the mould of an Al Green, Julius Hodge would contribute greatly to the game night experience. Again, rather than shoot down the Hodge comment with facts from the past, my example is not based on actually signing Julius Hodge but an entertainer.

I was not a big Trimmingham fan. Give me David Stiff any day but Trimmingham sold tickets. I will give that to him.

Point I am making is that there are multiple views as to how to go about things.

Some fans might leave if the team was full of SA players instead of Weigh and Gibson. I acknowledge that. However, the status quo isn't working.

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Years ago

One reason I don't understand the anonymous complaining directed at this appointment as more of the same is that there's not really any word that this is a long-term appointment. For all we know before Wednesday evening, Dean could be an interim GM pushing for a community model in a climate where alternative ownership options hardly abound.

You wouldn't put income and expenses on the table for discussion if some overhaul or community ownership wasn't being considered/pushed. And with that uncertainty, you wouldn't be able to hire (or bother hiring) a GM/CEO; you'd wait until you had the model happening and could actually tell a hiring what they'd be running. The best options otherwise are going to run from that uncertainty.

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

I laugh at people who must be that sick of their lives that they see everything as a negative. Unfortunately the rest of us have to put up with the drivel you post. I look at it like this. The most important thing is we have a club to follow and our kids do and so on as it wasnt that long ago that we were faced with the real possibility that the 36ers were no more. SOS came in and for that i am grateful. At the end of the day they are passionate bball fans who put their hand in their pocket so why the abuse. I have no doubt that the bad times are over and the good times are coming. Instead of bagging the club ( i love anon posts ) why dont you support the club because it is the club you support not inviduals and rick up to games and the forum wed night and listen to what is said. If you dont like it , fine but at least give dean a go as the GM and i reckon he will do a great job. I am looking forward to the future success of the 36ers and hope that we get rid of thia mentality of eating our own and instead support the decisions that are made as it take kahunas to open your wallet when really you know the likelyhood of making big bucks out of it is remote but its your passion.

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Years ago

Correct Silk. People need to remember this a forum of their own opinions. Share your opinion but don't claim to be speaking on behalf of all members becaus you ain't speaking for me.

Everything we say in here is a guess. Wednesday night we get the chance to learn facts and then base only our opinions on those.

Even sadder some of you will never admit it if this works and you were wrong. It's easy to let nobody know about you but claim to know so much about others.

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Years ago

There are numerous anonymous posts but who is trying to speak on behalf of ALL the supporters?

I have accepted that there are many positive fans. Just setting out that there are valid reasons as to why some fans are unhappy.

Not asking you to accept my thoughts or persuade you that I am right.

Just accept that negativity is not as a result of any personal vendetta or self loathing or hope for ongoing failure.

I suggest you are far too close to the action if you are completely taken a back by criticism mainly related to inaction as to removing the coaching staff.

Is that so controversial?

Did the owners expect to operate in a vacuum when they purchased the team? Coaching and on-court performance would not be discussed and criticised.

They could get Phil Jackson and some would complain. I'm sure the owners are much more thick skinned than some defending them. It's been said before, don't like dealing with angry fans don't buy a professional sporting team.

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Years ago

Just setting out that there are valid reasons as to why some fans are unhappy.
I don't think anyone is denying that.

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Roger Murdoch  
Years ago

I can,t understand why there is so much negativity surrounding this appointment and the forum. The reality is beggers can,t be choosers and people are not lining up to buy basketball teams in adelaide. the current owners could of been the difference between sixers and no sixers. At least the forum provides a voice from fans to owners, it is something new, at least they are trying something and lets see what comes from it before we assume anyting.

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Years ago

Can you anonymous posters please put a bloody name to your posts so we can follow what you are saying!

There are some really good arguments/comments coming out and I'd hope that anonymous 488 in particular will be at the forum on Wednesday. Outline your concerns and let the club know them and respond where they can. I'd be certain the last thing the new GM wants is a dull forum where no one is willing to give honest feedback - however damming and brutal it may seem. The only way the club can improve is to hear what their customers like and don't like about the whole organisation and make adjustments where possible. Sure they may not answer all the questions in the way you want but you have more chance of being heard than you do with anonymous posts on a website

Trust me - its not a good feeling when the team folds and you realise it's too late!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

There is no doubt the Adelaide 36ers are in a very tight spot.

Now there are many gripes with the organisation at the moment and one only has to read Hoops to see a long list of issues from which to become depressed.

Part of the process of moving forward is to engage the supporters and I believe this forum is part of that process. A positive part. I suspect The Forum is part of a consultative process in forming a Situational Analysis for the organisation. This Situational Analysis may be used to develop a Business Plan for the organisation to move forward.

Understanding the customer and what they want you to deliver is very important.

Yes, the Sixers have been woeful on court, yes, the coach is hated by fans, yes, people think the front office of the Sixers has been terrible, yes, there are issues with the stadium etc Don't get hung up on the recent past for the moment, but put any issues you have to the Club in a sensible manner as part of a consultation process in moving forward.

The forum will be very interesting and I suspect the following:
- club's financial position
Probably pretty dire, but not as bad as the Greece economy.

- income/expenses
Expenses probably running at around $3-4M/yr. Income might be as low as $2-3M. No effective major sponsor, falling attendances etc all affecting income streams. Unfortunately, all the car makers sponsor the AFL to get the TV exposure. The club really needs a FMCG product/brand to get behind it. One that is able to complete their sponsorship agreement in full. Obviously either need to cut expenses (hard) or increase revenue streams.

- coaching
If Marty is confirmed as coach for another 3 years, the Apollo room could be trashing and the Arena burned down. I suspect that it will be announced that the job will be thrown open and expressions of interest will be called. Please hold all effigy burnings outside of the building to comply with the fire codes. All fans are reminded that releasing pigs with names painted on them breaches animal cruelty laws.

- ownership and community models
The SOS group might have run its course. Initially established to keep the club going, it has achieved that goal. Private ownership seems to be a thing of the past or reserved for the rich and shameless, with the Wollongong model probably being the one proposed. As mentioned by others, community ownership opens the club up to receive more generous government grants etc.

- moving forward
I suspect a community model prospectus will be issued to all members of the club and people will have up to a certain time to buy shares. The club might also wish to have a survey or similar.

Personally, I believe a strong link with BSA and the local clubs is needed. I also believe that while the SOS have impressive resumes in the areas of business, some external support is required in the areas where they don't have direct skills.

- Q&A
This is where there needs to be pretty tight control on the mike. It could be Open Season with the potential for a lot of dumb questions/abuse put to the club. eg "Does the club feel silly axing CJ and replacing him with the worst NBL import ever?" Security could be busy.
Please respect the fact the club is holding a session at all so try to keep any questions sensible.

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Years ago

Great post Jack but what is silly about the CJ question?

I would love that answered.

The CJ debacle was one of the low points for the club. The SEABL community is really large and we are a laughing stock with the way that was all handled.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The CJ situation was a debacle. I guess I see the open mike Q&A a recipe for disaster if not handled correctly.

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Years ago

According to some of the posts above paying $375 a ticket (some families well over $1,000) doesn't give you the right to criticise and ask questions of mind boggling decisions on this forum.

If the forum is open and uncensored then the tough questions should be asked.

I wonder if Boti will be there. Maybe he can publish some of the answers in The Advertiser for non-members and members who are unable to attend.

Maybe Hoops SA can put together a list of questions for Isaac to put forward at some stage (not necessarily on Wednesday if Dean requires more time to respond)?

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Years ago

No one said dont ask questions. Some just said criticism without facts is just unfounded opinions.

Facebook says today he is up there after the game while players do the signing on court explaining a bit more about the forum.

That to may answer some of these questions.

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Years ago

I'll be there and I hope all members without a decent excuse are there too. Critical jucture in the club's history and it's a chance to have your say. Looking forward to it.

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Years ago

The CJ question gives you nothing much. It's answered easily with hindsight. Club will answer that it was the coach's call and they didn't want to meddle with his selections.

Ask questions about the future path. Not sure I see much point in getting caught up on a decision from a probably outgoing coach - what's the point?

Cortez was doing poorly (but better than CJ) and many fans think he should've been replaced, right?

Reply #408703 | Report this post

Years ago

Grantham CV???
Very good figurehead and good with media. That ends it. She couldn't manage shit into a toilet. Liked by few, despised by many. Will slowly drift into obscurity as the world catches onto her incompetence. Enter left, the karma bus.

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