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Pick your Opals Team

All in all I believe this would be my opals team.


1. Leilani Mitchell
2. Jenna O'Hea
3. Penny Taylor
4. Lauren Jackson
5. Liz Cambage


Rebecca Allen
Rachel Jarry
Gabe Richards
Mariana Tolo
Laura Hodges
Erin Phillips
Belinda Snell

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Years ago

there's no ohea, no bishop , no batkovic.

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Years ago

PG Leilani Mitchell
PG/SG Kelly Wilson
PG/SG Erin Phillips
SG Katie Rae Ebzery, Stephanie Cumming, Tess Madgen
SG/SF Rebeccas Allen
SF Penny Taylor
SG/SF Alice Kunek
SF/PF Laura Hodges
C Gabrielle Richards
PF/C Cayla Francis
PF/C Lauren Jackson
C Liz Cambage

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Years ago

forgot jarry as possible swap for kunek.

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Years ago

jenni screen was one the best players against the country boys. Read the play and directed the defense and played tough with plenty of effort.

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Years ago

PG Mitchell/Wilson/Phillips
SG Allen/Phillips/Ebzery*Cumming*Madgen*/Wilson/Kunek
SF Taylor/Kunek/Allen/Hodges
PF Jackson/Francis/Hodges
C Cambage/Richards/Jackson/Francis

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Years ago

It was more so if O'Hea and Bishop were available.

I don't see Burton as suitable candidate even though Joyce loves her.

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Years ago

hell no to screen!
I like her hustle and shes a great communicator. But I dont believe she offers much more than that.

She is a defensive specialist. I think we need more versatility this time around.

Although it seems Joyce likes both screen and burton alot.

The shooting guard position is the key.
Allen: Good shooter, good defender and rebounder.
Ebzery: Good shooter and drive to the basket.
Screen: Good defender, communicator.
Cumming. Solid all round. Doing great in the SEABL.
Jarry: Pretty solid all round although lacks game time.
Madgen: solid also, maybe inconsistent.
Phillips: good shooter, hustle. hasnt played well in the Wnba this season.
Wilson: good shooter, assist machine. small frame.

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Years ago

I put francis over burton because I think she's better in every area and I put Richards over tolo because she played really well against the wnba teams.

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Years ago

Consider the possible Usa lineup and try to match opals against them:

1 of Whalen, Bird or Vandersloot
Della Donne

and either 1 of Schimmel, Sims, Bonner, Charles, Fowles, Jonhson, Ogwumike, Mccarville.

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Years ago

We are not getting anywhere near usa unless we play out of our skin. Opals have not been creative last few years - would like more than just give it to Liz .

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Years ago

Della donne is injured / sick - but is as good as LJ in her prime.

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Years ago

if its for worlds, their is no O'hea or Batcovic as someone else above said, plus Jackson and Kunek are still out with injury, so some possible spots open.

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Years ago

I think we will finish somewhere in the top 4 with the USA, Spain and France.

The european teams development has increased significantly and continues to rise. It will not be a walk over like it has been in the past.

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Years ago

anonymous above stated re screen "She is a defensive specialist" , but she shouldnt be in the team.

I think that is precisely why she should be in the team. If we are not tough in D, we will be blown away. You need a balance, without tough D players you "are gone!"

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Years ago

Screen will play on SG's.
Phillips and Allen are playing the same position.

Phillips can hustle, can shoot the mid range and the 3 ball, can drive and is a good rebounding guard. (can also play backup point guard)

Allen (defensive player of the year!), can shoot, block shots(avg1st in wnbl), steals(avg1st in wnbl) and also is a very good rebounder(12th in wnbl).

Screen reminds me of damian martin without the ball handling capability.

2013/2014 screens stats: ppg-8.5 rpg-5.6 apg-3.1 total steals-18 total blocks-1

2013/2014 allens stats: ppg-13.2 rpg-6.5 apg-2.1 total steals-45 total blocks-42

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Years ago

imo Hurst is the best PG option. She can shoot the lights out and be a flat out scorer but also has the great ability to control a team, create for her teammates, and find the open man.

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Years ago

Allen vs (Minnesota Lynx)
34.26 minutes FGM-7/13 3PM-3/3 FTM-0/0
rebounds-5 assists-1 steals-5 turnovers-3 blocks-1
17 points.

Screen vs (Minnesota Lynx)
12.29 minutes FGM-0/1 3PM-0/0 FTM-0/0
rebounds-0 assists-4 steals-0 turnovers-4 blocks-0
0 points.

notables good:
Richards vs (Minnesota Lynx)
20.50 minutes FGM-8/10 3PM-0/0 FTM-1/1
rebounds-7 assists-0 steals-2 turnovers-3 blocks-1
17 points.

notables bad:
burton vs (minnesota lynx)
20.51 minutes FGM-0/1 3PM-0/0 FTM-1/2
rebounds-4 assists-1 steals-1 turnovers-1 blocks-0
1 point.

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Years ago

allen vs seattle storm - 16 points
allen vs atlanta dream - ? points
allen vs san antonio stars - 17

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Years ago

If only Kelsey Griffin could have got that citizenship instantly!

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Years ago



Unfortunately you can really only take one of Mitchell hurst or Wilson because of size and Richards might be a tad too short for big international tournament

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Years ago

What so you only take one PG, your joking right, every team needs more than 1 , Mitchell is by far the better PG out of Wilson and hurst, Phillips is a SG not PG

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Years ago

1. Mitchell (best true point guard we have.)
2. Wilson(assists/3's) or Hurst(hustle/mid range)
3. Phillips (SG but can run back up for taurasi at phoenix)

other option is to have all 4 of (mitchell, wilson, hurst and phillips as kelly can play SG also). I dont think its a good idea... on a 12 player roster.

Mcully - Looks to be out of the picture.
Lavey - Looks to be there for experience.

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Years ago

^agree with above

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Years ago

Its a real shame we don't have Kelsey Griffin yet....on the PG debate its a tough one, I would go with just Mitchell, both Phillips and Madgen can play back up PG if needed.

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Years ago

First bring back the tight fitting lycra uniforms, then start picking the best fitting team :)

We will look faster and play much better looking!

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Years ago

If you want to compete with the top sides you need to be able to compete athletically. We need solid PG to organise Taylor, Jackson and cambage to get the ball to score. Screen is a good defender in WNBL but won't handle any of the US guards. Would use Allen and Phillips for this. My team would look like:


These can all score and compete athletically. Bench would be:


Can't fit in screen - limited, cumming size as SG might hurt and Ebzery needs to show more defensively but will be there in time. Will miss O'Hea as need that flat out perimeter scorer and height would help! Kunek and Jarry injuries keep them out. Need full prep for a title shot!

What does everyone think?

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Years ago

That is such a good team, Penny Taylor changes everything

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Years ago

Anon your starting 5 I agree with.

But, you have way too many bigs.
(PF- Jackson, Francis, Hodges)
(C- Cambage, Richards, Tolo)

You only have 6 spots allocated to the other 3 positions (PG, SG and SF).

You can really only take out 1 of richards or tolo to make room for 1 other guard or small forward.

Jackson, and Francis can also play centre and hodges can play Sf.
I would take Richards, although not very tall, she proved her worth against all of the wnba teams she faced earlier in the year.

Adding to the squad another SG OR SF. (Kunek, Jarry, Cumming, Ebzery, Snell etc.)

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Years ago

The worlds team will probably be without kunek as she's still getting over injury so Cummings would be my pick, Olympics is a whole new ball game

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Years ago

Yeah Cummings is killing it in the seabl this season but she wasn't listed on the opals squad list.

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Years ago

The opals team for the tour to japan has been released, Tessa Lavey is in this team, yet steph Cummings can't get a look in, something definitely not right with this Brendon Joyce really has a thing for Lavey !!! Hope the worlds team will be very different

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Years ago

burton over francis... crazy!

Cummings and Ebzery should get a look in.

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Years ago

Lacey and Burton should be starting at the world champs.

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Years ago

I love the Opals and everything about the clean out bringing in Joyce. However for those who think Nat Burton is worthy or even close to good enough makes me laugh.

To put my spin on the team it should be as follows;

PG - Mitchell/Hurst/Phillips
SG - Snell, Wilson/Madgen (Combo)
SF - Taylor/OHea (If she has a crack)
PF - Jackson/Bishop/Francis
C - Cambage/Tolo/Richards

Sorry aint up to the top player. Defensively we need to roll the dice, go hard offensively and we must take shooters who can catch fire.

Cant wait to see what Joyce does. Word on the street he's establishing some core Favorites. Might be some very unlucky ladies deep in selection phase.

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Years ago

Based on recent results of Internationals and SEABL games. My 12 woman squad:

PG Mitchell/Wilson*
SG Allen**/Phillips***/Cumming
SF Taylor*/Kunek*
PF Jackson****/Francis****/Hodges**
C Cambage/Richards

*SG also
**SF also
***PG also
****C also

mitchell, allen, phillips, taylor, jackson, francis, hodges, cambage and richards are all locks in my opinion.

Jarry has not played much at all in the last year but could take Cummings spot, although I think its a bad choice. plays the 3 more often.

Screen is most likely going to be added for her defense but once again i'm not a fan.

Burton-I would take at least 3 other PF's before I took burton. Francis is the standout at PF (a great european season and killing it in the seabl currently) Francis behind jackson at PF along with the reliable hodges. (Just check out the stats from the seabl and the opals game against NSW country.)

Wilson just edges hurst for the other PG spot.
Great at bringing other players into the game and is a great shooter and is always 1st in assists in nearly every game she plays. can also play the 2.

Kunek for her versatility eventhough she has a current injury. (can drive, can shoot, good size, good defender.)

Richards edges tolo at 2nd centre spot based on pre season tournament games against wnba clubs.
Jackson and Francis can also play back up centre so there is no need for another big.

Unavailable Ohea/Bishop/Batkovic
Ohea would have taken Cummings spot
Bishop would have taken Hodges spot
Batkovic would knock out 1 of francis or richards.

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Years ago

The evidence is clear...

burton vs u20 nsw country
21.17m 1-4FG 25% 1 rebound, 2 turnovers, 2 points
efficiency -2
SEABL stats:
avg points 12.8 FG% 60.7 3pt% 0 FT% 50
avg rebounds 5.1 avg assists 1.3 blocks 8

francis vs u20 nsw country
13.44m 3-6FG 50% 5 rebounds, 1 turnover, 9 points
efficiency +10
SEABL stats:
avg points 24.2 FG% 49.6 3pt% 33.3 FT% 83.3
avg rebounds 11.3 avg assists 3 blocks 7

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Years ago

Other interesting seabl stats:

avg points 23.3 FG% 59.2 3pt% 33.3 FT% 66.7
avg rebounds 14.7 avg assists 1.7 blocks 7

avg points 21.9 FG% 43.1 3pt% 38.6 FT% 87.2
avg rebounds 7 avg assists 7.1 blocks 2

avg points 20.2 FG% 43.2 3pt% 31.1 FT% 90.9
avg rebounds 4.4 avg assists 4 blocks 11

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Years ago

Burton isn't up to it. I just checked COE stats and Mijovic and Frolling have better stats than she does for the season.
Maybe Joyce has fallen in love.

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Years ago

Its crazy... Almost all opal shooting guards and forwards have a better rebounding avg than burton 6'4.

If she is going to play PF:
Would you put her ahead of francis 6'4? mijovic 6'6? bishop 6'3(not playing I know)? hodges 6'2? langford 6'2?

If she is going to play C:
Would you put her ahead of richards 6'3? tolo 6'5? bunton 6'5? scherf 6'5?

Could she be the 5th big and maybe be picked for her versatility in playing both the 4 and 5.

In my mind joyce is wondering who to put in the 2nd PF position after jackson.
The centres are going to be cambage and 1 of richards or tolo or possibly both, although it would leave us thin in the other positions.

The only other thing I can think of is, they think Jackson might not make it to the worlds because of her injury and are prepping burton as a replacement. (they may think hodges-lacks height, mijovic-too young, francis-more of a centre?.) who knows...

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Years ago

Burton replacing Jackson... Yikes.

Also, its hard to see Jackson being ready or close to 50% of her peak.

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Years ago

No way in hell could Burton ever replace Jackson that's the funniest thing I have heard all year

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