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Recommendations for an outdoor basketball ring


Thoughts please? My 5 1/2 year old son has played basketball for the last 2 terms. We are interested in a portable system at the moment, and he will play in a 2 car driveway. We want to get him a decent system and this seems like great value for money. There seems to be 2 schools of thought around the size of backboards - one being that they are for beginners, and two being that you should buy the biggest that you can afford - which is why I'm not sure. Help! Thx :)

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That's the kind of system I go for and you are right, bigger is normally better and sturdier which is most important when teaching kids to use the backboard etc. I have one atm which is a couple of sizes up for my kids but the one you picture should be fine for a younger child I'd say :)

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looks like a bargain.
If I could get than in Perth I would be buying it this afternoon.
$170 to ship here tho.

54" is a good size. you dont want a little backboard. 48" would be the smallest I would get.

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Oh and plz teach him to shoot the right way with the correct size ball and lower the ring if you have to, it's "say no to chuckers" week.... ;)

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the fox  
Years ago

I want to buy just a backboard. Any suggestions

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Spalding "The Beast" is the ducks nuts of bball systems. Bit Pricey, but it's quality!

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Baller6 - will do :) When you say you have a couple of sizes up - which one/what size backboard do you have?

I'm just a bit confused. Some articles say buy the biggest backboard you can afford, great for layups, competitive play etc. They also say that the NBA Standard is a 74" and I've noticed that the bigger backboards are pricier. However, other articles say that buying bigger backboards is great for beginners and bad shots LOL. My son is only 5 1/2 now, but I want to keep this one for about 5 years, and have him grow with it and be challenged. Am I making the right decision - or should I be looking at a 52" or a 50" backboard?

Anonymous - I'm in Sydney and it's $50 shipping so it still makes it a great deal.

RMQ - I would if I could but it's out of my budget atm! If he wants to keep up with BBall and we upgrade in 5 years, we will look at something of this calibre :)

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PS - Not sure why it's not a link - It's $399 + $50 delivery to Sydney

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I have a Spalding with 60" Glass (try to go glass if you can) which is comparable to "The Beast" as RMQ says, cost a little over a grand down from $1800 post Xmas 2 yrs ago but well worth it for the stability. But it is a lot to spend on a backbord system and if your young one is just starting out you probably dont need to spend that much untill you know he will stay the course....and as older ballers all over will tell you if Bball is his thing this most likly be the last backboard you buy ;)

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Most likly "won't" be the last backboard you buy I mean :D

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In ground systems are better.
Get a 54inch glass for $999 or acrylic for $799 from sportsmart.

I've got the 60 inch glass Spaulding from sport smart for $1699.

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Has anyone purchased a Goalrilla system?

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Ball sizes

Pop in to any basketball centre and you can buy your boy a $10 size 5 ball from the Aussie Hoops Programs.

SIze 6 for boys from the year they turn 9

and then to a Size 7 from the year they turn 15

THe net has loads of good clips on Shoot techniques and skills so get him looking at some and then get out and help him practice everyday.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

I've got the 44inch spalding silver series model which I'm very happy with. I had a bit less driveway space to work with so didn't want a bigger system. Also, a bigger one might be harder to shift around, if you were planning on moving it regularly.

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The Dream  
Years ago

Come into Amart Sports in Richmond and my good friend Tony wil help you out if your in Melbourne mate

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Hi there,
I have a Spalding Silver which I purchased the start of last year and I love it. I have 3 boys under 7 and it is perfect for them. When I got it I was tossing up between the Silver and then the next model down. The silver had the spring loaded adjustable height where the other didn't and you had to manually push and pull the height up or down. The silver you just do it easily with the handle. Since you have young kids you will want a lower height and then when not using you will want it at the lowest point so the wind doesn't blow it over. That's my best advice, buy one with a quick height adjust.

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I have had this system/very similar to it.

I live clos-ish to the beach (1k away).

Mine rusted very quickly and didn't take long for it to get that bad that it became really hard to adjust the height.

Also, watch out for wind. If you are in an open area these things will tumble.
Got pretty bad I had to pull it down and rest it on the ground some nights.

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Ive had the spalding silver for about 4 years now. Still going strong, gets used 3 or 4 times a week by myself and daughter playing district.

If you've got the space id go the spalding gold, or Im guessing the beast might be the next model up again?

Spend the bucks if you've got em.

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Years ago

Probably worth noting as well that they can be a bit of a prick to assemble.......as in don't do it on christmas eve when the kids have gone to bed....makes for a late night.

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If you can afford the Spalding Beast it's totally worth the money as the backboard is glass and won't break like many of the acrylic ones do after time. Very solid system, easy to adjust and move. Rebel had such a great deal on it a while back that I couldn't pass it up.

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Have had a Spalding Silver for 4 years and like it. Got the small backboard (dammit), so definitely recommend going bigger. Okay to put together. Backboard started breaking after 18 months and Spalding were very quick to replace it at no cost to me, so very impressed with the service. And I like the ability to raise and lower it using the handle.

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Years ago

Thank you for all of your replies.

I spoke to some people about the difference in the gold and the one above, and they said they're identical but the one above has a bigger backboard and is on special. The gold also has a push button adjust vs this one having the exacta system. I asked the difference between the above and the platinum, and they said that it's not a $200 difference and to go with this one at the price so that's the way I went. This was also only $50 more than the silver with a bigger backboard, so this is the one I went.

Picked it up yesterday morn, and the only issue with setup was that the bits that go into the main pole went in crooked (hubby thought he could adjust) and hubby had a lot of trouble getting it apart. Aside from that, setup would have taken about 2.5 hours. It's now set up in the drive, and it looks fab - I don't mind it in the driveway at all. Looks well built, and we look forward to years of use. So far, I'm extremely happy with my purchase :)

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