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Time for Adelaide 36ers to look to next season?

With the imminent arrival of a new team (possibly team/s) will the Adelaide 36ers start a cleanout of their bench or will they start locking players in for next season? I know a lot of clubs esp with imports like to see whats in the fishing hole between seasons so this question is more aimed at what Joey might be looking for from his Bench. Teys has had some good games, and now Motum has come off the bench a few times is he under the pump too?

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Motum has a backloaded contract for next season, so probably not in his interests to leave. Teys and Creek have shown enough. Guys like Gibson and Petrie you don't discard. Anthony is probably reasonable value for money, and same with Daly.

In the off-season before expansion is not the time to make rash roster decisions IMO.

Apart from Crawford (retiring, you'd think) and Schenscher being offered more of a take-it-or-leave-it deal, I don't know what changes Adelaide could make to the local contingent.

Whether all the players they want to keep want to stay is another question. Not sure on that but I imagine the situation could well have changed this season from last, and some things could hinge on the coach.

If I were Joey, after that 0-2 weekend, I'd be meeting privately with players to see where they think things are going wrong. Build up each player's confidence personally, then the team as a unit.

Maybe try a line-up of Gibson, Teys, Creek, Motum, Schenscher to open games. Or Schenscher out and Petrie or Anthony in.

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Years ago

Generally agree with most of your comments, Isaac, but Daly value for money?

I have no knowledge of how much he might be getting, but really question his value at any price. Other than the fact that he's local I don't see him offering anything.

Agree that Crawford definitely has to go - should never have come in my opinion - and wonder why we can't get more out of Schenscher, particularly in terms of rebounding.

Would love to see what [most of] the current personnel would look like with a high-quality, quick, agile mid-range shooter in the mix.

Suspect things - and people - would look quite different.

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Years ago

The 36ers will never win a championship without a decent import!!
It is of no coincidence that the majority if not all of the championship winners of the recent past have had one of the better imports in the game.

We need to spot over complicating this 'who we should get next season to win talk'

It is very very simple, we need to get rid of Wilson and get a stud import!!! Pay the money and your chances of a championship increase straight away!
All Joey needs to do in the off season is fly to the USA and attend the NBA summer League and bang select your import right then.

It is so simple I get angry every year as we seem to stuff up import selection!

The last three championships the 36ers won we had Willie, Darnell and Kevin as imports. Probably three of the best 10 imports over the past 20 years.

We need to stop making this rocket science people!! Stud import will equal good playoff position at worst!!

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Years ago

You won't win a title with Wilson as your sole import. Actually prefer DJ over Motum and feel that PC isn't getting used properly.

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Years ago

The question then becomes salaries of said players.
Sure, you will offer Schenscher less but will you have to offer Creek & Teys more?
Motum being backloaded is another concern!
All in all it looks like local talent will even itself out financially which means we will still be running with 1 import and a budget one at that.

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Very Old  
Years ago

Just hade "not a good thought"
did we exchange three years of a rookie coach who could not get much out of a often quite good lineup that on paper was probably a cut above the rest - for three years of a coach who can only win with a line-up that is a cut above the rest - but not with a line-up that is just level-pegging the other teams ?

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Years ago

POP, Daly is 10th man. He gets spot minutes and doesn't embarrass himself. Unless you have a real project, you might as well spend the minimum and get a guy that won't disrupt the team, and will do his bit when needed. Other 10th men in the NBL are Cooks, U'u (or Muo), etc. They are not standout, big minute players. The Cats demoted Muo for Ross so they might not have even considered him a project. Have Daly as a fallback, it's not really an issue, but I'm mostly saying ignore that 10th man because it's not going to significantly change a roster.

Motum has the year to come so even though Johnson seems out of favour in Europe, he might not be an option. Might be impossible to fit financially if they've already spent Schenscher's salary from next year on Motum.

I'm not sure even speculative rosters are worth doing without knowing how Joey feels about returning and what that means for someone like Gibbo. Too many variables in an expansion year.

At least there are enough local pieces that they hopefully won't be scrounging too far even if some leave. But I do predict a tough off-season for Adelaide. Got a bad feeling about things.

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Years ago

We are still in it, don't call it yet! I heard the club has put a ban on drinking and going out clubbing , Joey included. We will see a different group in a couple of weeks. Some help for Wilson fingers crossed.

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Years ago

^^^ LOL

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Years ago

@Isaac "Guys like Gibson and Petrie you don't discard."

Depending on what money Petrie is on I think that is fine but in Gibson's case I don't accept that. He is on huge money and therefore needs to perform and he is not doing that so he is expendable.

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Years ago

KingJames, there is not a giant list of versatile, local guards who can run the point and play defence. The list of startable, local guards is basically: Martin, Gibson, Martin, Markovic. Then Norton and Tomlinson maybe, depending? I think having a guard like that is worth paying a premium for, and thought that before we got him. Even if he coasts. If Cedric Jacksons could be unearthed frequently, sure, but they just aren't. And D Martin isn't going to move. And the others might not be enough to spend up on.

Petrie I think would be amenable to whatever role worked for him. I haven't seen enough 36ers games this season to judge him, but always been a fan.

I know there are combos with Schensch that have a tendency to work, but maybe the answer is to just play Motum big minutes and drive him into dominance. The 36ers in 2015/16 are not helped by Wilson having 20 point games. Keep putting minutes into Creek, Teys and Anthony and build the profiles of Motum and Creek.

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Years ago


6ers were supposed be going for a tilt at the championship this year and now we're talking about developing their crappy list?

Trade the dead wood. Pay the money and get a pair of stud imports.

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Years ago

What will help Motum to fit in? Duct Tape; 1st put some accross His mouth, next put some (upside down) on His hands, then tape Him to the rest of the team to make Him feel like team play is not what you are not doing. Joe is the coach! Watching Jamar is not the thing to do.

Boy, We picked the wrong century to renew our memmbership. Like basketball or not, what we have seen and what we will be expected to see is :::: Second rate level1

We feel The 36ers will be history in a year or two. Hope not but what can a family of supporters hope for after after many ?

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Years ago

Isaac, Dennis and Mcrae would be huge upgrades over Wilson and Gibson.

I imagine Dennis is on similar money to Wilson and even if we couldn't get him there should be an attempt to get a similar type of pass first import point guard.

Mcrae would probably be on more money then Gibson but most of Crawford's money could be added to Gibson's salary to get a (hopefully) gun import. The remaining money could be spent to bring Johns in. We wouldn't be as deep but we would have a stronger top 8 players. Perth, United and NZ probably have 2 players they don't need to play.

I am not saying definitely get rid of him but he is certainly expendable. However, at the end of the day he has an option on his contract so he might make the final choice.

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Years ago


6ers were supposed be going for a tilt at the championship this year and now we're talking about developing their crappy list?

Trade the dead wood. Pay the money and get a pair of stud imports.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago

I think it is too early to be talking about 'looking to the next season'.

This season is still winnable at this point in time, but everyone needs to be on board.

However, if they cannot string 3 or 4 games together in the next few games, and given the split with MEL and CRN, the season could be called over soon.

Gibbo is not a guy you let get lightly, when on song (eg against NZB), he is a game winner. Trouble is he is off song more than on song. Could it be that, like many players before him, he has gone 'stale' with the club after X years?

I hope not because he has a lot to offer.

Motum, no doubt a star player, but does he have more to offer? I hope what was stated above that Motum will get more (Luke's share) is not true because that is very expensive for what we are seeing.

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Marcus Camby  
Years ago


Joey DID go to the US to scout for talent.

The result of that money and effort was DQ.

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Years ago

If you guys want to start talking about next year for the Sixers especially after a 0-2 weekend, you might want to look around for a new coach!

I cant for the life of me understand why no one has even question Joey inability to get the best out of his players. Whenever he faced a season with a less talented team he struggles which is a sure sign of a coach that can only coach a team with good players.

1) Who is the team leader?
2) Why is there no team chemistry?
3) Who chose the imports?
4) Why is Motumn now coming off the bench?
5) How can they go from Runner ups last season to not
making the finals this season?

BTW.. I have seen lots of signs recently the Sixers are in disarray with very little chances of things improving anytime soon. Unhappy times for Sixers fans

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Years ago

Mcrae would probably be on more money then Gibson but most of Crawford's money could be added to Gibson's salary to get a (hopefully) gun import.
KingJames, if Crawford is on, say, $50k, then you don't have much there in downgrading that spot to another minimum player to upgrade anyone. I don't believe PC is on a lot of money.

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Years ago

With the Montreal motum situation why didn't they just sign a good import from the start or a good Aussie big and a cheap 2/3 instead of pc

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Years ago

Because there aren't really good Aussie bigs lying around in the affordable range. And a cheap 2/3 might've been a Montreal-type.

I'd say Joey was set a budget or was constrained by other contracts (Gibson's backloaded/adjusted contract). Motum's deal is heavily backloaded as there is more freedom next year. Hopefully that's not a problem next season.

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Years ago

Isaac, Your probably more in the know about PC's salary but my guess would have been closer to 70-80k.

Either way I think they will be able to find a way to come up with an extra $30-$60k (depending on how much Brock will be getting) to get a gun import if that is the way they choose to go.

Having said that I don't think this season is over. We are very unlikely to make the playoffs but still a chance and if the players can play without all the pressure on their backs I think we will see how we know they can all play.

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Years ago

When I used the words "budget team" to the club, I was told that the coach had the full cap to spend this year.......

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Years ago

Spinner, yes, I tried to cover both cases. If Gibson had a deal loaded heavily on this year, that could've had an impact on meaning that Johnson down to Montreal was one of few ways to go.

KingJames, my guess is $50k. And remember that until his second or third NBL game, no one had any reason not to think that Motum wouldn't be a stud of the NBL. Backloaded deal with out-clauses which are fair to both parties in terms of timing.

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Years ago

Lets just hope Motum gets another NBA training camp invite which would get the 36ers out from his contract for next season.

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Years ago

Motum might be a stud.

He has the rest of the season to prove that and next season with a full pre-season under his belt he will be better suited

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Years ago

I really can't see him being back next season. He's had NBA training camp invites the past two years in a row and no doubt has a European out clause in there too.

If he threatens to come back just refuse to re-sign his buddy Teys ;)

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