Double Clutch
Years ago

Funny What's Hot/What's Not - The midweek edition

Doing it for the children......

What's Hot:

  • An actual crowd at a Sturt game, and a little bit of noise as well.
  • Cameron Wilson going for 30 points on 10/18 shooting, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in leading Woodville to a match-up with the stronger blue in Forestville. S-t-u-r-t was missing one important aspect, a big O.
  • The person who called Todd Gower a "girly-man".
  • Jenni Screen going for 15 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists on 5/11 shooting in a win over South.
  • Oscar top-scoring for the Boomers in their game 3 win versus Japan. Also Jacob leading the rebounding stats.
  • Matt Elder 16 points and 15 rebounds.
  • Darren Ng, in the greatest shooting display from an Asian since a Chow Yun-Fat film went for 27 points on 10/18 shooting.
  • Another great performance from Daniel Phillips to finish off a superb season for him, going for 30 points on 11/23 shooting with 7/14 from long range.
  • Joel Goodenough going for 21 points on just 7/11 shooting with 5 assists.
  • Brad Bungy going for 19 points and 13 rebounds on an efficient 8/12 shooting from the field while not needing anger management lessons for once.
  • Brad Davis going for 18 on 6/11 shooting.
  • Ben Trebilcock with 15 and 9 rebounds on 7/13 shooting.
  • Sonia Dametto with 11 assists (mostly to Monique Bowley I presume).

What's Not:
  • People saluting the flag during the national anthem. Almost as gay as Top Gun.
  • Isaac Forman changing my Hot/Not lists and in doing so comprising my artistic credibility as evidenced > here in the second "Hot" point. I am an artist, who doesn't need Stalin like moderators interfering with my creative process.
  • Speakers getting in the way of Paul Bell's foot.
  • The Sturt music person pressing pause on a track instead of just lining up a new song between time-outs.
  • Todd Gower, 4/17 shooting.
  • No news on Paul Rogers. Is no news bad news?
  • Men who want hugs. What happened to old school men, who put their emotions behind a footy foot wall and never let them out? What happened to men who were emotionally cold and would only display anger when frustrated? What the hell is up with guys these days who as soon as they turn 20 feel they are past having fun and going out and want to pursue stupid pursuits as "emotional happiness" and "connecting with their partners". What is this world coming too? Soon enough men will walk around in pink shirts and skip down the road with their mates talking about how "pretty" rainbows are and how Eskimos are "cute" because they show emotion by rubbing their noses together. Screw that. Pansy man like TCP make me sick.

Cash for comments:
  • The cash for comments section returns with the special find of Paul Bell's music career. Yes Paul Bell's public outburst on court Saturday night was just an advertisement for his move into the world of gangsta rap. Paul was good enough to supply me with the track-listing for his debut LP "F**king Speakerbox" for the list:
  • 1. Bullet and a drop-step.
  • 2. F**king Eastern fans are all f**king *****.
  • 3. We be ballin' featuring Paul Rees.
  • 4. All eyez on (da drop-step).
  • 5. Licensed to kick (electrical equipment).
  • 6. Apocalypse 91..The drop-step fights back.
  • 7. It takes a nation of speakers to hold me back.
  • 8. Straight out of The Port (Port Adelaide thug Remix) featuring Cheapshot.
  • 9. You ain't got to swear (to kick it).
  • 10.When we ride on our enemies (a battle-rap to any errant speakers in ABL land).
  • Personally I think the album is banging and will just expand on Bell's rough and raw flow. Can't wait to hear his live set with the classic Paul's Mutha F**king Boutique mixed in the set somewhere. Good work Paul!

Flop of the week:
  • Flop of the week returns and the lucky winner is the BASA junior committee who tonight voted for a change to the start/end dates of the seasons which will make it impossible for clubs to accurately nominate teams and continue to delay generation of an accurate program. Member clubs voted that seasons would run in Calendar years, a system which was in placed ten years ago which was scrapped due to it being an administrative nightmare. So summer season collide with exams, which I'm sure parents will love. Also will be great calling players up after a long summer break only to find they have changed commitments leading to drop-out in teams and no draw coming out. Surely there is other more pressing issues in SA junior ball right now? Winter season starting in February? Flop!

Club comparison of the week:
  • Eastern's top four male scorers going for 73 points on just 28/47 from the field at 59%. Eastern's top four women scorers going for 36 points on 13/52 shooting at 25%.

Bowley's corner:
  • After failing to mention Brigid's blazing shot sitting in the key from a few weeks ago I will now try to balance out the attention I give to each Bowley sister in my weekly editorials. As such I have some ground to catch with Brigid who I have been told I have dearly neglected, (did I mention her shot sitting in the key). In any case Brigid went for 10 points and 9 rebounds on the weekend. Hannah went for 5 and 9. Unfortunately due to sibling rivalry, I'm not allowed to mention Monique's 26 points on 9/14 shooting from the field and 9 rebounds. But in more Brigid news, she had 2 assists! Monique had 3, but I guess I'm not allowed to mention that. Brigid played efficiently with only 3 turnovers, Monique had 2 but once again I can't mention that. Unfortunately I can't give credit to Monique's breathtaking court dominance, as much as I want to. Now hopefully their parents stop having children so I don't get in anymore trouble.

Celebrity sightings (from Sturt v Woodville):
  • Paul Arnott.
  • Steve Breheny
  • Guy Sebastion's loser brother.
  • Marcus Ng and the younger brother who's name is unknown to everyone.
  • TCP (the four foot clown) and his eight foot girlfriend.
  • Isaac.
  • EC snubbing me.
  • Zero Hour.
  • Matt "Please Cheapshot don't break my shoulder" Sutton.
  • Boti Nagy.

Until next week, I'm out.

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Years ago

re flop of week,I would just like people to know that the vote was 5 clubs for and 5 clubs against with the casting vote by one EXC member.
Before everyone throws stones collectively to all membered clubs please find out who did not vote for it.

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Years ago

Throw the stones at the Junior executive who came up with and voted through the proposal then.

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Years ago

Great work again DC.....

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Years ago

great list DC....the paul bell album was one of the highlights of the year for my reckoning....

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Hangin Round  
Years ago

Can I download the paul Bell album from the 'net?
Too bad they deleted the duet with Crusher called "Everybody in the House say f*+_k.
It would have been a big seller with the boys cruising down Hindley St on Sat nites.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

So there is no truth that there is a secret track on the album? The duet between Paul and Di Campbell singing "Friends for Life" from the Barcelona Olympics

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Years ago

LOL. The Bowley section was the best.

Kate wasn't at the Woodville game (partying more important), so you might be thinking of Todd's girlfriend who I was sitting next to when we had our boxscore-rundown. The elusive Ng is Ash (dragged himself away from his Harry Potter fascination to watch his brother play!), and you forgot Fresh Cream!

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Years ago

I know that the leading junior club in the State did not support it probably because its admin contains people who were there under the calendar year system and knew what an absolute disaster it was.

My guess is the vote would have been supported by clubs whose admin is new and inexperienced and did not have anyone who was there, and not supported by the ones that did.

The amazing thing is that the idea was born within BASA by the very people who are going to be lumped with the administrative nightmare that it will cause. They will however blame the clubs when teams are pulled out.

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Mighty Mouse  
Years ago

Whats hot: Seeing ryan meakin, his old college room mate Matt "tree" Elder and his lovely wife out having a few ales down at the pier with a few mates on sunday night. couldn't meet a nicer person in matt and he will be sorely missed when he goes home in spetember.

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Great inside joke at my expense DC in the WHAT'S NOT portion!

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Quiet one  
Years ago

Hey Matt saw u at Forestville other weekend- no hi- snob! I was in the tavern, got he nod from you at the end of the game and that was it.

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Hey Quiet One, sorry I didn't come and chat to you. I had other ppl to chat to who I promised I would catch up with! Next time I see you, I will come up and chat to you!

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Liam Flynn  
Years ago

Matt & Quiet one:

A link for you two to enjoy (a la Isaac from the other thread!)

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Very funny Liam! Good call!

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Quiet one  
Years ago

very funny very funny indeed!

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Years ago

Another good fix of comedy. Great work DC. Just for the record, I honestly don't see you at the Sturt games so I can't be snubbing you. However, if you see me and don't say hello, well that the raises the question of who is snubbing who?

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

I had a megaphone which I was yelling at you with but you didn't hear me.

No I thought you saw me so I said hi but you didn't respond.

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Years ago

Didn't you learn this lesson last week? Ladies don't go for that all-in-black look... you told us all yourself!

I think you should try charming girls with your phone -- the largest mobile phone produced this century. No one will be able to compete with that...

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

The big phone is just compensating for other areas. It's so big I'm thinking of giving the phone it's own "streetname".

Don't worry I have some green shirts lined up (apparently they go well with my eye colour) and some jeans on the way. I'm sure EC wouldn't miss me then.

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Matt Ryan  
Years ago

Just remember what you are going to say when you purchase these items DC. Then, you won't have to think, go away, come back a second later, think, go away, come back a second later!

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