Blowout Troll
Years ago

Last play in the Melbourne-Perth game

When the referees are not even full time professionals...LOLOL...

Beal gets absolutely tackled on the last play and the refs were too busy cheering with the cheer leaders...


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Years ago

It was a bad no call, I give you that. How does it go, winners are grinners and losers can suit themselves.

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Years ago

Um AFL umpires aren't full time professionals, so not sure what you're getting at.

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Years ago

No but they're paid about $5K per round so the pressure to stay on top of the game is there.

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Years ago

bad no call peopleto

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Roy Hobbs  
Years ago

Yes that last no-call was bad. You can add that to the plethora of other bad calls/no-calls from the Game, especially the 2nd half.

Yes we all know it happens. But if you just start to accept it as normal then it will become normal and the League is up the creek again.

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Years ago

Boo hoo.

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Years ago


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King Podge  
Years ago

because the wrong calls are never made in the NBA........

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Years ago

As for that last "non-call," meh, it happens.
When a game goes to the wire like that, anything can happen, and invariably half the fans will be pissed.

I do think there is a lot of inconsistency in the reffing. Whether that benefits team A or team B is random.

I thing I have noticed is that refs will call soft fouls early, as they seek to impose order on the game, but once those players get up to 3 or 4 fouls, they go much easier on them.

It also seems to me that they go harder on fouls the further they are from the basket. Players get pinged for soft blocking fouls and inconsequential reaching in outside, but a player under the basket can get absolutely mugged and not draw a foul.

And don't get me started again on the current interpretation on charging. The rule used to be clearly understood. Now it seems the refs are taking the "easy" route and basing it purely on contact, hit the defending player's chest and its called a charge, hit his hip and its a block.

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Years ago

I didn't think it was a bad call, TBH.

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Years ago

Tackled?? You idiot! Majok jumped straight up.

The call was correct. If you want to complain about a call look at Knights foul on Holt. As Holt drove he was bumped by Knight at 29 seconds. Then there was a possibility Knight fouled him on the shot.

Two no calls was fair, not sure Wildcats fans are complaining.

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It's actually just one fan complaining.

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Years ago

Knight's defence was perfect, stayed in front and absorbed the contact. Majok didn't foul either, a great match-winning block.

A lot of bad calls in that game after refs accidentally left their whistles in the change rooms at half time, but those two weren't amongst that list.

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Years ago

Blowout troll couldn't use his usual schtick tonight so went on the amateur refs spiel.

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Years ago

Sounds like the VJBL refs. Pathetically inconsistent.

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Years ago

Perth lost and it was glorious! Attacking the league for a loss is pitiful. The NBL is doing great, Perth not so much.

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Vic Wildcat  
Years ago

Don't care about the last call, Beal shouldn't have gone there, poor decision.

Get tired of people blaming refs for losses, players and coaches make just as many mistakes during a game, but all the fans want to do is focus on the refs. It's a cop out to deflect from your team.

3 offences in a row we chucked up under pressure 3 pointers in the last rather than getting to Knight or Jawai , who were killing it on the inside. And Beals D on Holt in the last play was ordinary, why was Martin not subbed in specifically for that play is beyond me.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

"because the wrong calls are never made in the NBA........"

I don't watch much NBA (other than playoffs) but generally speaking, no, they don't make wrong calls in the NBA. You don't notice the refs during the game, and if they make a questionable call or are not sure, they go to the replay.

NBL refs like to be the centre of attention.

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Years ago

NBA refs are not perfect- they like to be the centre of attention too. Seen Joey Crawford dish out a technical?

But yes they are easily better than the NBL. Of course- that's to be expected.

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Years ago

@Wilson Sting, I watch a fair bit of the NBA and the no calls made in that league confirms the acronym NO BOYS ALLOWED.

The amount of no calls when heavy contact is made, especially where players go to the rim is astounding, very tough to get a foul in some games, so your point on that matter is unsubstantiated IMO.

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Wilson Sting  
Years ago

Fair enough, like I said, I don't watch that much NBA, probably watch the same number of NBA and NBL games per year and the difference in ref quality and consistency is outstanding.

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Years ago

I too was bemused why Damo wasn't subbed in for the last play.

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Years ago

Damo had his calf/Achilles wrapped and iced from the start of the 4th. He was never an option

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Years ago

What the NBA officials do much better is communicate with the coaches, they tend to have a dialogue during the game and actually respect the fact that they don't need to be small minded and defensive in their attitude every time a coach wants something clarified.

That probably stems from the confidence, experience and quality of the person in a league where their people management skills are going to be needed, more-so than in our league where sometimes our officials just yell out to a coach and say 'shut up' or 'enough' without actually understanding how bad that looks on TV...

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Years ago

I know this^ is a little off topic, it is just a post in reference to Wilson Sting and the NBA comparison.

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Years ago

I don't support either team and that that no call was pretty brutal. Replay showed the contact right across the elbow/forearm, so basically you'd be dirty not getting the call.

Not sure if my audio sync was out, but I flat out laughed at the siren going when the clock still showed 1 second left on the clock at the end of the game. Kind of looked like amateur hour out there, but maybe it was fox at blame.

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Apparently one of the refs from this game has been given a week off after the ref committee or whatever decided that THREE wrong calls were made against Perth in the final few minutes.

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All three officials, according to The West. Will be interesting to see if Aylen is one of them. He has had a bad couple of seasons in my view and he needs a rocket to let him know the game isn't about him calling fouls that aren't there, and vice versa.

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