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Wildcats 16/17

Obviously still looking forward to the finals...

But also wondering if there may be changes next season?

The following players are out of contract:
Wagstaff (3rd year PLAYER option.)

Jervis' contract has an option for a 3rd year, not sure if that is a club or player option.

Martin's contract situation is unclear. He originally had a PLAYER option for a 3rd year, but supposedly he signed a new contract at the start of this season to allow the Cats to take advantage of his lowered points.

All those players would attract interest elsewhere, With the exception of Redhage, who might retire. (Especially if he wins another ring.)
I wouldn't be surprised either way with Redhage. If they win another 'ship, that would certainly be a good way to cap a career. But at the end of the day, teams need to fill their bench with low point options and with his 4 loyalty discount, he could represent terrific value. With his reduced minutes and points, I would expect him to drop further.

But overall, with so many players out of contract, and such a successful season, I think the Cats will again be struggling against the 70 point limit.
Meaning they will look to maximise the value they derive from their 10 point players. If the 3-import rule IS implemented, and/or Beal is naturalised, it could get very interesting...

Corban Wroe has shown some promise. If IIRC ex-DP's are counted as 1 point? I wonder if the Cats might seek to expand their squad? If they have a spare point, bring him on as #11?
He has apparently signed-up to play with Stirling in the SBL, but I wonder if Townsville might go after him?

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Would love to see Prather back.. and a third import, how exciting is the league going to be!

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Not so fussed about the third import rule but I would also like to see Prather back. I think his development through the season has been great and as his confidence grew, his impact on each game has too. Top 5 player in the second half of the season.

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Years ago

I agree on Prather. To be honest there's not much I WANT to see change, but I guess its part of life.
I think to keep Prather in the starting 5, we need to keep a big front court, but I also think Jervis is good enough to start at centre.

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I look forward to the standard annual post-season Cats player mass exodus rumours.

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Jawai, if he comes back (not expecting him to), would be better served coming off the bench to wear the other teams bigs out.

That might depend on his salary and willingness though or could be back at Cairns?

Jervis is starter quality.

Really like the team lineup this year, would have been better if Jawai dominated like it was 2008.

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I think Jervis has had a great season but would still like him coming off the bench.

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Years ago

A great asset off the bench for sure, as much as he probably loves his home state, I'm sure other teams will be itching to sign him as a starter on starter money, will play on his mind as it did Cattalini, etc.

His per minute avgs and production are too good to ignore.

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Super C, it will be little more of a summary thread of all previous posts on the matter.

Hey Perth fans, just for fun, what do you think of this team of fan favourite imports/local flavour:

Ennis/ Gliddon
Beal/ Iliadis


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Years ago

But what happened to Jervis and Knight?

Personally, not fan of Wortho or Gliddon.

Prather, Ennis and Beal.. what a combo, but that leaves Damo on the bench. Good problem to have.

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Burston is 33 and cooked, nobody would want Neville as he's a bit like DJ and Wortho's been rejected before.

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Martin is not going anywhere.

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My apologies to Tom Jervis, I thought he was an East Coast boy.

Scrap Nevill, start Jervis and push Burston to the bench (or retire him and keep Nevill).

Knight is from Tasmania right? He doesn't qualify for my "All WA (plus favourite imports)" team.

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Can't leave out Dixon, shooting at 50% for the season and just one t/o.

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Ennis is an enthralling prospect, if either Beal Naturalises (as suggested by ABC article) or 3-import rule gets up.
He's good enough to play the 4 spot in the NBL.
Or have him at 3, and Prather off the bench as a swingman.

There will be rumours of mass exodus, until the Cats start re-signing, it's just unfortunate that almost everyone is out of contract.

My understanding is that Martin signed a new contract this season, to take advantage of his drop in points.
He has previously stated that he considers Perth his home now, and doesn't plan to leave, but I can accept that these things can change.
Thing is that Martin, is not an offensive weapon, and at the Cats he doesn't have to be. But whilst I'm sure he is universally highly regarded, he's not going to be a great fit for any team.
Hawks WOULD be a good fit for him, but I figure they have broken the bank with Ogilvy and Lisch. Could they really afford to lure Damo away?

I love Jawai, and his body language is always really positive around the other guys. It will be interesting to see what his points come back at this year. Question is whether he and Jervis can play together. With support, Jervis is good enough to start at centre, and needs increased minutes, whilst we also need to see increased output from Jawai. Will also come down to how much Jawai is being paid...

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Years ago

1. Get rid of Beal
2. Get Lisch


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Years ago

3. Sign LeBron

I mean, if we're being unrealistic, why settle for Lisch?

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Years ago

Jawai to Brisbane was the rumour

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Why is bringing Lisch back to Perth unrealistic?

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Because he's playing for Bevo in his wife's home city?

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Lisch was one of my favourite players, I was deeply saddened when he left, and would loved to have seen him back.

If anything, he should be the more likely to naturalise than Beal, but either/or, or the 3-import rule COULD see them in the same team.
But unless we bench Martin and push Beal to the point, its hard to see them lining up together.

As to who I would prefer? Lisch is better reveal due to his consistency, and his 3-point accuracy.
But dropping Beal to get Lisch is probably close to a nil-sum game.

And here's the rub. Rachael has retired and is a mum. Part of the attraction in returning to Aus was to be close to her folks & friends, and that means NSW. Not sure exactly where everybody lives, but I imagine the Lisch's have chosen to live within easy driving distance.
Plus Lisch has maintained a friendship with Bevo. Hawks is therefore really the perfect gig for him. I don't see him leaving for another NBL club.

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Years ago

I didn't realize his wife was retired, that's a surprise. Also didn't know her family was based in NSW.

I still think Perth need to get rid of Beal. If not for Lisch then another import. He is way too hit and miss. His good is great but his bad is shocking.

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Years ago

Rachael might play in a local league or somesuch, but nolonger WNBL, plus being a mum to 2 youngsters.

Beal has had some off games, but also some brilliant ones. Keep in mind that all that everyone remembers Ennis, it was Beal who stepped up in the finals.
Wait and see what happens this time as that could well determine his future.

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Wicky Gwace  
Years ago

To solve the possible log jam on the wings, I suggest a merger for 16/17:

Jermaine Prather

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Farrison Hord  
Years ago

Beal - worth keeping if he can be naturalized
Hire - not much point in re-signing. Doesnt fill the void at 4 or nimble enough to play the 3.
Kenny - worth re-signing. High probability another team will scoop him up if they don't
Knight - personally i would take Jervis over Knight. He's getting older & is as injury prone as ever. Already booked in for post season surgeries as well. Older you get, the tougher the recovery
Jawai - hopefully he wont be back. Fitness levels are not up to par & spends more time complaining than being locked in.
Prather - not fussed. Replaceable easy enough with the budget Perth have.
Wagstaff - guy has paid his dues & coming off one of his most impressive seasons. Should be starting already.
Redhage - used to be a great player, now he is a hindrance with his slow body, lack of defense & constant flopping. Respect the history but his does SHOULD be numbered.

There is a good probability that the roster could be blown up. The cats are always too slow to negotiate & sign in the off-seasons.

Still also think Nielson will be coach next season!

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Years ago

What are the chances of Perth keeping Prather. I like what I have seen of him this season and he has the potential to be even greater. Beal would have to be naturalised to be worth keeping around unless the 3 import rule comes about. He has been too inconsistent this year.

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I've been saying for years if the Cats want to truly connect with the WA Basketball Public, then start getting local WA Products into the side.

My Targets with this in mind would be:

DJ: Much better than Jawai inside and would replace Knight who could pinch hit off the bench (Less chance of re-aggravating injuries that way too) or get rid of both of them and move up Jervis... leaving you an All-WA Front Court (Willo & East Perth respectively)

Loughton: Would replace his fellow Joondalup-product mate in Hire but would give the Cats much needed depth and offense at the 4. Rotation of DJ / Jervis & Loughton would have to be better than Knight / Hire / Jawai?!

Gliddon: The Cats lost any chance of getting CG3 when they only offered him a development contract when he got back from Concordia! Downer did the smart thing and made him part of the leadership group at the Snakes in his rookie year, then went even smarter and made him Captain of the only National League team in a tropical north Queensland city the following season... Which would you rather go to after freezing your marbles off for six months in Poland - Cairns or Perth?!

If we get the three import rule, this would be my list:

Scoring Import PG / Kenny
Prather / Illiadis (Truly baffles me how this kid can come out of a well-known Mid Div 1 program in ODU and not get a look in at NBL level, particularly in his home state!)
Combo Import SG /SF (Ennis comes to mind) / Wagstaff
DJ / Loughton
Jervis / Knight

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" if the Cats want to truly connect with the WA Basketball Public"

They don't. No one cares where the players are from.

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Farrison Hord  
Years ago

Speak for yourself SC.

WA has had/has some elite level players on their door step & they always get let slip.

When Bevo was in power he very much endorsed developing the local product with some great results.

Gleeson straight away turned to east coast rubbish like Erik Burdon.

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Years ago

They don't even care about connecting with the basketball public, much less the WA basketball public specifically, and they've been quite up-front about that.

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"When Bevo was in power he very much endorsed developing the local product with some great results."

Like Tom Jervis?

"Gleeson straight away turned to east coast rubbish like Erik Burdon."

Also with great results.

The point is, they continue to get massive crowds despite a lack of local flavour. Why do they need to change that?

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Years ago

Rhys Vague - WA

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Wicky Gwace  
Years ago

That Andrew Vlahov fella was ok too.

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Years ago

Currently they have Greg Hire and Tom Jervis, both WA boys who have come up through the ranks.
The problem is that its not always possible to accommodate local talent, WHEN they want to be selected. If Ellis had been prepared to take a DP spot with the Cats when he returned from college he might have a spot now, but he thought he was good enough for a full contract and so signed with the Kings. We couldn't take him at the end of last season, because we already had a logjam on the bench.
You can only look at who is available when you have vacancies, or even potential vacancies. And the simple fact is, that if you put too high a preference on local talent, and the move is not reciprocated elsewhere, then you disadvantage your team.

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Years ago

I always thought it took a lot of the pressure off Cody Ellis to be a rookie in another team. He also had a family to support. Kings gave him that chance and his bother was also living in Sydney.
Pleased to see him out of the Kings tho.

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Years ago

At the end of the day, he was offered an opportunity and he took it. Got offered a better one with the Hawks, and moved on.
Clubs can really only afford 10 players, so its not like say AFL where they draft a rookie and just drop him in the WAFl for 3 years to see how he develops.
You may have a great young player coming back from college, but if there is no spot on your roster it's hard. He either comes as a development (or training) player, or he looks for a pay packet elsewhere.
Again, we MIGHT have a spot this year, but Ellis is contracted elsewhere (and may not even want to move)so we'll do what we always do and look for the best player available.
Again, its not like the AFL where a club drafts 3~6 players a year. Some years it may be only 1 or 2, an maybe you want guards when the local boys are all forwards...

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Years ago

What is Cody's contract situation? Was it a one year or multi contract with the Hawks ?

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Years ago

My take on the Wildcats Points for next season:

Casey Prather - 10 (and worth it)
Damian Martin - 8 - 6 with discount
Greg Hire - 6 - 4 with discount
Jarrod Kenny - 5 (assuming he didn't sign longer)
Jermaine Beal - 10 (not worth it but he's an import)
Jesse Wagstaff - 8/9 - Stay at 8 - 6 with discount
Matthew Knight - 10 - 8 with discount
Nate Jawai - 9
Shawn Redhage - 6/7 - 2/3 with discount
Tom Jervis - 9 - stay at 7 with existing

By my count that should bring them in around 67/68.
Comfortable with room to manoeuvre.
The following will be interesting:
Kenny - How long is his contract?
Beal - By my calcs he's more like an 8/9 point player, but will probably stay at 10.
Knight - I don't think he should be 10 points by dint of his low minutes, but by my calcls thats where he'll be. I'd keep with the discount anyway.
Jawai - shouldn't be 9 points on his minutes, but again that's where I come. Wouldn't mind trading him for a genuine 10-pointer if available.
Redhage - He SHOULD drop to 6, but will they let him?

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Years ago

It will be interesting to see what happens with Jawai. I have been expecting him to improve all season, but he seems to have plateaued. Cats figured out how to use him best, then other teams figured out how to negate him. He really does need to drop some weight and improve his speed. Can he do that in the off-season? He'll probably be rated around 9 points. Given his limited minutes, there MIGHT be better options around, especially if the 3-import rule gets up. I honestly think that Jervis is good enough to start at Centre if Jawai doesn't return. if that happens, maybe they get Nevill to appeal his points down to 1, and bring him back as back-up centre. LOL
Or Maybe there's a 7ft college player returning?

The starting PF spot is critical. I like Knight there for now. I think he's got a few good years left in him, especially as he can move to the bench and if necessary backup the 4 or 5.
To me, Wagstaff is a 6th man. I'm not sure he has what it takes to be a starter, but happy for him to share duties with Knight in 4. He has a better outside shot. But also would not be completely surprised to see him move on.
Redhage is rapidly moving to "depth only" status. He's going to depend on his points, whether he decides to retire, and how much space the Cats have.

I LIKE Prather, he is a gun, and once he gets used to the way the NBL is reffed, he will only get better. I like him either starting in the 3, provided we have big 4 and 5. (Or even off the bench as a swingman, depending on the final line-up.)
Not sure who backs him up? Hire is ok when he's not being forced into a 2/3 role. He can play D, and grab boards, and he can shoot from outside, but its limited. He's better in a 3/4 role.

I like Beal. He's not the best import around, but if he's going to stick around and get naturalised (and loyalty discount) then he's worth persisting with. Interesting to see what happens. I like the idea of continuity, but it seems to be the exception nowdays. Interesting to see what happens with his points. By my calcs he should be well under 9, but they seem reluctant to do that with imports.
Also interesting to see what happens with Kenny. He's a good back-up, and I HOPE we signed him to a multi-year deal, but if not his points could count against him. (Depends of course on rule changes and who is available.) I'd prefer a real dead-eyed 3-point shooter, but they don't grow on trees.
I like the sound of Dexter Kernich-Drew. He has been training with the Cats. I have seen him on game-night, very tall for a SG, apparently he can also play as a genuine swingman. He shot better than 50% from the arc in his senior year.
I hope his 4 games in Brazil don't count against him, although I had also heard that he had returned to Melbourne to play in the Big V.

Obviously Damo needs to remain at Point. Best defensive player in the league. Period.
Heart & Soul of the team.
I don't mind Kenny as backup PG, but Wroe also showed promise. He 'd be cheep, possibly even an 11th man.

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Years ago

I really can't get my head around the changes that might come if ALL those proposed rule changes are implemented...

But if we just consider the 3rd import proposition, how do you think the Cats might use it?

With all their loyalty discounts, the Cats have significant scope to "upgrade" a spot to an import, although much will depend on whether Redhage retires and/or whether they choose to use low-point players on one end of the bench.

I think they need to tweak their bench a little, bring in another SG or swingman (DKD?) perhaps to "replace" a retiring Redhage. But the ability to boost their "starting" lineup with another import is scary.
Assuming that Wagstaff exercises his option, and that Jervis is contracted, you'd have to think that Jawai would be up for replacement? Either go for
another Centre (like a Jackson, Gladness, or Ibekwe type), or go with Knight & Jervis at centre and bring in another PF? (Preferably one with a bit more range?)

So you'd effectively have:

Knight / Jervis
Import / Wagstaff (/ Knight)
Prather / Hire (/ Wagstaff)
Beal / DK-D (/ Kenny)
Martin / Kenny (/ Wroe)

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Years ago

Jawai out. Dunigan in. Awwww hell yeeeah

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Years ago

Until the grand final I was in favour of Jawai leaving - now I'm not so sure.

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Years ago

Depends how he pulls up next season. If he can only give you two or three games a year it's not worth it.

His back needs serious rest apparently, but beyond that having an off-season to get in shape can only help.

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Years ago

Depends how he pulls up next season. If he can only give you two or three games a year it's not worth it.

His back needs serious rest apparently, but beyond that having an off-season to get in shape can only help.

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Years ago

Not many players impact opposition defences more than Jawai. He was arguably the second most influential big in the comp behind Ogilvy and I'm sure the Wildcats coaching staff are well aware of that.

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Years ago

Am I alone (as a non-Wildcats fan) that I hope this is the off-season that they have a huge rebuild on their hands? It's probably part bitterness, part jealousy but also part curiosity to see how they go with not having to just sign one or two players...


- Redhage could retire on top with another ring...
- Wagstaff could chase some more coin and a starting role on the East Coast...
- Damo & Matty (x2) could be up in purple & gold...
- Nate could try his luck OS after a rehabilitating off-season...
- Kenny could even head back further east...

That would require a complete re-think, that no doubt they'd still land themselves in the playoffs, but it would make things a lot more interesting... I doubt that Perth fans really mind a boring off season if it means another playoffs/grand final berth or even a championship, but I think now's the time for a shake up :)

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Years ago

Damo wins a title and has 13,000 people chanting MVP and you think he'd leave all that to go to the Kings? I'd be amazed if he did.

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Years ago

Where would we be if there weren't crazy dreamers in the world, paul? :)

The chances are slimmer than slim, I know, but until he locks it in, I'm gonna be thinking outrageously positive...

And it was an example of how things could blow up... One or two players "leaving the band" could be all it takes to add to the temptation for some other players to think to try something new... Where's Damo's missus from? Do either have any west coast ties other than great team mates to keep them that far from family and friends when they've got a little one on the way? #ClutchingAtStraws

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Years ago

His wife is a Perth local and yesterday he announced to the Arena that she is pregnant. Good luck getting her to move. I think a meteorite strike at Wildcats training is probably the more likely scenario for Damo not suiting up with Perth next season ;)

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Years ago

... having said that, yes Shawn is getting on. Matty is as well.
I don't see Jesse moving, he seems very content here. You never know for sure of course... he is someone who should certainly be a target for other clubs.

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Years ago

Damn, she is? *drops straws* bugger...

ok, Plan B...

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Years ago

Wagstaff was out of contract after the last championship and the same thing was asked "oh it might be time for him to go over East for bigger dollars and a bigger role". He is very happy here and re-signed. I spoke to him about that and asked if it was a tough decision to which he said "not really".

Don't underestimate the "tight-knitness" of this Cats team, especially the core that has been together a while now. I'm talking Damo, Knight, Wagstaff, Redhage, Hire. Beal is becoming part of that fabric now too and I saw his comment in the after-game comments that he "thinks there's a dynasty on the cards". Sounds like the type of comment that says he'd like to be around. Prather gets along very well with the boys so it will be a tough decision depending on what alternative options are out there for him.

Even Jawai, who is supposedly a chance to go back to Brisbane, seems to get along very well with the guys and I would picture it being a tough decision for him to leave.

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Years ago

Wookiee, don't think there is much chance of a total rebuild at this stage. When teams win championships, there is too much good feelings generally across management, coaching and the team to "blow the team up". Could really only see it happening if the stars of the team retire and usher in a 'new era' but that's not the time for the stars of this team yet.

The real question is whether the Cats just bring everyone back and hope for internal improvement or whether they continue tweaking. The danger is to think that exactly the same formula will get it done next year - it might well do, but other teams in the league are planning to improve to take your spot.

If I look at the Cats this year - there probably is improvement internally. First of all, injuries caused Martin and Prather to miss quite a few games. You had Prather adjusting to the league early on - he was considerably better in the second half of the season than the first. Jawai seemed to be struggling with fitness niggles all year too - a big "if", but should he improve in this area there is a lot of room for improvement. Jervis seemed to take a step forward this year - I wouldn't have thought he would improve materially again next year but he was already excellent for the most part.

As for potential areas of concern, obviously Martin and Knight are now into their 30s and have a history of injuries. Martin obviously plays a very high intensity and physical game so at some stage you expect this to take a toll on his body and for him to slow down. I'd like to see the Cats monitor his minutes next year to keep him fresh for the play-offs (which inadvertently happened this year due to the early injuries). He even commented this was the best he felt at the end of the year as opposed to previous years where he was out with the Achilles and also had the ankle injury he carried.

Knight's injury history is well documented but with Wagstaff, Jervis and potentially Jawai around his minutes should also be able to be kept in check like this year.

Then of course there's the big question about the third import and whether J. Ennis will return - probably the biggest decision for the club to make if he is keen to come back as I'd imagine it costs them either Prather or Jawai.

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Years ago

We are now the defending basketball champions of the NBL, but with big off-court changes rumoured to take place in the off season - what will the 2016/17 defending champions look like?

I gotta say, my skepticism on the 2015/16 season was proven wrong. The Wildcats "ageing" core proved they still have what it takes.

The addition of a capable wing (Prather) and the capital X factor of Jawai showed this team still had lots left under the hood to win it all.

Can they do it again?

If we kept the team exactly how it is, and managed injuries then I think the cats would have what it takes to go back-to-back.

However, contracts are up, there's a new team and new salary cap, player point rankings and a third import spot could change things up massively.

While early last season I questioned if it's time to "blow-up" the core which seemed to have plateaued, this season I'm leaning towards the need to keep the core in-tack and build around our guys, as it's easier to fixs gaps and weaknesses then start fresh.

Pretty excited to see what the 2016/17 lineup will look up come October/November.

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Years ago

Jawai is a interesting case of great potential but at hat point do you say well we've tried everything and it's time to move on? Look he did not have a preseason with the Cats so maybe Perth feels if our strength and conditioning guys can have a solid offseason and a preseason with him maybe just maybe we can sort out the obvious physical flaws? Who knows?.

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Years ago

At worst Damian Martin has a player option to exercise, however it was reported (by Boti) at the start of the season that he had signed a whole new contract to take advantage of reduced points.

His wife is former Waves (now the Lynx) player Brittany Morgan. Yes, she is a Perth girl, (Willeton Tigers IIRC) and Yes, Damo announced her pregnancy live on National TV.

The Cats are as capable as any team of paying him close to what he deserves, whilst still maintaining a winning team around him. Plus he wouldn't be a good fit for some teams who need a high-scoring PG.

Plus, yeah, 3rd ring with Perth, GF MVP, 13,000 chanting fans? There's no offer in Australia that would make him give that up.

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Years ago

Jesse Wagstaff has a player option of a 3rd year on his current contract.
With the introduction of Jawai, his minutes actually dropped fractionally this season, but he's still around a 20 minute player.
Would other teams love to have him on their bench? I'm sure some would. Would anyone make a big enough offer to lure him away? Presumably he's only going to opt out of his contract if offered a lot more money and/or a starting role with a lot more minutes. Who's going to offer that? Maybe the Hawks if Oscar retired, maybe Crocs. Sydney might as well keep Garlepp.
Don't get me wrong, I think serious questions will be asked of Jesse this time next year, when he's out of contract, but for now I don't see him turning down the 3rd year.

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Years ago

Matty Knight is one of the pre-eminent big men in the league, as evidenced by his selection to the 2nd team.
He's out of contract, and I would not be surprised if other teams were very interested.
With the way teams seem to be going now, two big guys up front and a smaller SF on the wing, its hard to think of team where he wouldn't be a good fit.
But you also have to consider that he'd be looking for a 2/3 year contract and he is almost 31.
He's had one of his healthiest seasons, missing only one game, and increasing his minutes fractionally. But in the past has been injury prone. His minutes aren't bad for a PF.

Nobody likes to think of good players leaving, but I would not be completely shocked if Knight was replaced. I say that only because the Cats will necessarily cast their eyes around to see who might be available, and if they found a better player in an import or a returning Aussie, Matty would have plenty of offers.
(He's a Taswegian, so there's no "go home" factor, but that won't stop other teams being interested.)

Naturally I hope that doesn't happen, and my gut says it won't, but stranger things have happened.

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Years ago

Greg Hire's position is interesting. He's not exactly a critical player, but he has played a good role off the bench, and whilst he struggled recently he has had some really good games this season. His problem has been that with the addition of Jawai and the logjam on the bench, he's played less minutes than even when he was on the comeback from injury. Plus some of those minutes he's effectively played out of position, having to backup the 2 spot.

Most interestingly I think his place will be most impacted by whether Redhage retires and/or whether Ennis returns (unless somebody makes Wagstaff a stupendous offer to take him out of the equation.)

Perth have kept Dexter Kernich Drew around, he's actually there in the back of the Victory photo. He's too old to be a DP, so I imagine Perth may be looking for a bench spot for him next season.

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Years ago

Tommy Garlepp to brissy is most likely scenario

Reply #582210 | Report this post

Years ago

I could see the Hawks needing a brute rebounder like Knight but I cant see him relocating his family and everything at this late stage of his career for a season or two. Most likely scenario is either Wagstaff starts next season or they will bring a PF/SF IMPORT and try to keep him injury free and fresh for a likely back to back run.

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Years ago

Dolla Beal is out of contract.
His performance this season, whilst exceptional in parts, has fallen away from previous seasons, especially his consistency and accuracy. Part of the problem could be that for large parts last year and
early this year our strategy was "when in doubt, pass it to Dolla."

I think I speak for most Perth fans when I say that I love Dolla and hope he stays, but if Lisch wanted to return I would volunteer to drive Beal to the airport.
Lisch is a pipe-dream, but just making the point that there are better SGs out there, but its a matter of finding them. I'd also imagine, that if Perth did replace him, there would be other teams interested in signing him at the right price.

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Years ago

Funnily enough Beal out played Lisch every time they went head to head. The grass is not allways greener on the other side.

Reply #582216 | Report this post

Years ago

I think lisch is better than beal but there aren't too many other guards in the league who could've played the role he does for us. He carries a very heavy load on offense at times. Slightly less than last year because of the ability to chuck the ball into jawai to relieve pressure but when the defense denies that it turned into the OK dolla create something please offense. I think you have to take his percentages with a grain of salt because of that. If lisch wants to come home you consider it strongly but otherwise I'm all for beal to return. He's not yet 30 either so has more good years left

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Years ago

Beal will be much in demand when he becomes naturalized - hopefully before next season.

Reply #582226 | Report this post

Years ago

He'd be perfect for Sydney. Fits all of their criteria for a recruit.

Reply #582232 | Report this post

Years ago

Id be very happy if the club could keep all its players for this season for next season.

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Years ago

A lot of posters totally underestimating Jawai and the influence he had on key games.

He forced other teams into constant double teams, plus he really changed how teams approached the key at the other end. Game 1 - Pledger in foul trouble early and Jawai just gave the O focus.

I really hope he stays as Perth with Knight & Jervis is a perfect place, as he can play limited minutes.

Yes it would be nice for him to play greater minutes, however that's what you get ...a player who is going to be a massive impact player - the other team would spend massive amount of planning in how to negate him.

No Jawai - no championship.

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Years ago

Good point. There was a reason why Ogilvy was MVP against everyone else and shrunk vs Perth allowing them to dominate the season series. That's big Nate

Reply #582242 | Report this post

Years ago

Lisch is better than Beal. I have no doubt on that point.
However just as I would be flabbergasted if Damo left Perth, the reciprocal applies to Lisch.
So Dolla is the starting point for next season. Are there better SGs out there, obviously, but whether we could find one and get him to Perth is the question.

Reply #582248 | Report this post

Years ago

No Jawai - no championship

Taken in isolation, that's certainly true.
The great thing about Nate is that despite his soreness, he stepped up when it mattered. Take him out, and we don't win game 1. End of story.

Now, would I "swap" Big Nate for AJ or DJ???

If they were available (which they weren't to us)
in isolation? Tough call, but yes.
Would I swap for either to play with Knight & Jervis? No, it would be pointless.

Jervis obviously saw his minutes drop this season, and that's undesirable.
He has an option for a 3rd year. (Not sure if its a mutual or club option.) Depending on that I would not be surprised to see him leave if Nate stays.

Reply #582251 | Report this post

Years ago

Article on the West states that "everyone is out of contract" with "Martin, Wagstaff, and Jervis all having player options."
Jervis is the only one that I think might be tempted to leave (depending on what happens with Jawai.)

Interesting to watch and see who is re-signed in the next 2 weeks before free-agency commences.

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Years ago

I lol'ed when Jawai was asked about his future and he said that he might be flying out to Europe tomorrow, who knows he hadn't spoke to his agent

Reply #582379 | Report this post

Years ago

I would not consider AJ or DJ Both showed signs of being timid around Nate. Jervis was really poor in two out of three final games. He'll be after money, I reckon, after the season he's had.

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Years ago

Interesting that Cody Ellis has returned to Perth yet again, to play for his Dad at the Senators.
Doesn't seem as "settled in Sydney/ NSW" as some might think.
Could he be eyeing off a place on the Cats bench?

Also, Corbon Wroe has signed on there too, making it seem like he is sticking around, at least for now.

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Years ago

Article in the West (2 days back) also raises questions over Jawai, Redhage, and Prather.

But centre Nate Jawai, import Casey Prather, and veteran Shawn Redhage may not be in Wildcats colours next season.

Jawai is expected to explore his options in Europe, while Prather might test the waters in the NBA.

Redhage, 35, hasn't ruled out retirement

I really hope we can keep Prather.
Realistically, what chance has he got in the NBA?

He has really grown into his role this season. If he can work on his 3 point shot, and his hand-fouls, in the off-season, he would be brilliant next season.
(Although Ennis would also be good ;-))

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Years ago

Who would you prefer in your team, Cody Ellis or Jesse Wagstaff?
Wagstaff looks to of reached his peak, Ellis has improved a fair bit since arriving in the NBL. I wouldn't mind seeing Ellis in Perth colours but we are already loaded with PF's with Knight, Wagstaff and Redhage(unless he retires).

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Years ago

Ellis would be a great fit if redage retires. Redage should be given a coaching position or eleventh man if that eventuates.

Reply #582510 | Report this post

Years ago

Wagstaff is twice the player Ellis is.

Reply #582512 | Report this post

Years ago

Currently yes, but Ellis has future potential. If Redhage retired, Ellis would be a good replacement on the bench, but that still would not alleviate the logjam.

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Years ago

I'd like to see Knight return to the PF position and Perth either retain Jawai or get a similar import to fill his void. If they go that path then there really isn't any room for Ellis. The only way we would see Ellis in the team is if Wagstaff decides to go elsewhere or Knight starts at the 5 spot.

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Years ago

Don't be surprised if a certain Alex Loughton replaces Redhage if he retiers.

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Years ago

Yeah, I think we would need to lose TWO player for Ellis to get a spot.
I suppose the question then is, if we lose one big (say Shawn retires) would we rather have Hire or Ellis?
Both had better seasons LAST year IMHO, although Hire had less opportunity this season.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Nate.
If he doesn't return, I think we could be looking at something like this:

Knight / Jervis
Import PF / Wagstaff
Ennis (or Prather) / Hire
Import SG or Beal / DK-D
Martin / Kenny

For the import PF, I'm thinking somebody LIKE Conklin at his best. Or yeah, roll the clock back and get a younger version of Redhage.

For the import SG, (assuming Lisch happy in NSW) I'm thinking a player LIKE McRae (but again without the attitude.)

If Beal naturalises (or we get Lisch) drop Kenny and move Dolla to the bench to backup the 1/2.

It would also be intriguing to ponder whether we could make a "slashey" team work.
Beal 1/2
Prather 2/3
Ennis 3/4

Loughton is contracted to Cairns.

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Years ago

My ideal team would be something like this:

Knight / Jervis
Garlepp / Ellis
Ennis / Wagstaff
Prather / Beal
Martin / Kenny

With the exception that I'd like to pick up a young guard like Cadee to replace Kenny as the backup PG

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Years ago

Please never get into a position where you have the power to actually pick a team.

Reply #582746 | Report this post

Years ago

TFG you are only a serious fan boy Dazz.
Stick to posting so often which is equally as bad and please never ever let you comment on picking an ideal team again.

Reply #582756 | Report this post

Years ago

Ah yes, more non-contributions from Kobertroll and his anytroll friends

Have you ever thought of just posting a blank box?
It would contribute just as much to the discussion, and would save you the effort of trying to use words

Reply #582762 | Report this post

Years ago

koberulz does nothing but nitpick and Dazz does nothing but spew endless waffle that deserves to be nitpicked. Its a painful 1-2 punch.

Reply #582764 | Report this post

Years ago

your so right - what a stupid team

Best big man Wildcats have had for years
Best small Forward the league has seen in a decade
Best point man in the league nad grand final MVP

yeh what absolute crap of ateam

having Prather and Ennis is tha same starting 5 is a stretch but they both deserve to be there.

Garlepp Ill give you is a strange choice but at least hes from WA so its better than everyone calling for Lisch.

As for the bench - well its a bench isnt it
same with Ellis - hes from WA and is better than Hire

Reply #582771 | Report this post

Years ago

"koberulz does nothing but nitpick and Dazz does nothing but spew endless waffle that deserves to be nitpicked. Its a painful 1-2 punch."

I think they sued to be very special freinds - but Dazz left Kobe for a crazyer Wildcats fan boy

Reply #582772 | Report this post

Years ago

Ah yes, more non-contributions from Kobertroll and his anytroll friends

Have you ever thought of just posting a blank box?
It would contribute just as much to the discussion, and would save you the effort of trying to use words
You made 5 changes to the current team:
1. Moving Knight from PF to C
2. Ellis in, Redhage out
3. Ennis in, Hire out
4. Garlepp in, Knight out
5. Cadee in, Kenny out (I'm ignoring the ridiculous idea of posting an 'ideal' team and then mentioning a change you'd make)

Ennis in for Hire is the only immediate upgrade on paper, but there's only one basketball and having him and Prather both on the floor at the same time duplicates skillsets offensively.

Ellis coming in for Redhage will help a year or two from now, at the cost of chemistry and experience in the short term (also true of cutting Hire). You're trying to win a championship now, not in the future.

The other thing you lose cutting Hire is hustle and rebounding, luckily that's made up for by flipping Jawai for rebounding powerhouse Tom Garlepp.

Knight is far better off at the four than the five. Moving him back there is a downgrade, and you've exacerbated it by turning Wagstaff/Redhage into, again, Tom Garlepp.

Taking into account Ellis as well, that would have to be the softest front court the Wildcats have fielded since Hickert/Evans/Keys.

You've taken a team that has spent five years winning games on defense, rebounding, and hustle, and cut all the defenders, rebounders, and hustlers. Imagine a press with Cadee at the front of it. C'mon.

The Wildcats' system has also functioned for years without a point guard that's an offensive threat, using that position more to get the ball up the floor, set up plays, and be an absolute pest on D. Cadee...is the exact opposite of all of those things.

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