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Telstra may sell it's 50% stake in Foxtel

Speculation is rife that Telstra is about to ditch its 50 per cent shareholding in Foxtel, as the pay TV network faces increased digital competition.

"I guess as an executive I will always want to be doing better, but it's [Foxtel] a great asset and that's why it's strategically important to us," Telstra boss Andy Penn told ABC News Breakfast this morning in response to the speculation.

But analysts are questioning how long Foxtel will remain a "great asset".

The internet is shaking TV to its core, with Netflix, for example, having a million subscribers after just one year in Australia.

"Foxtel's under pressure for content, they're under pressure for customers, they're under pressure for viewers, they're under pressure for revenue," said media analyst Steve Allen from Fusion Strategy.


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If I were foxtel I would honestly ditch every channel and market as a sports tv platform. Literally only offer the sports section.

If anyone is buying foxtel for any reason outside sports, they are kidding themselves.

Possibly sell:
Fox Sports Base Pack (fox 1,2,3,4,5): $20
International sports (ESPN, Euro Sport, ESPN 2): $10
Horse/dog racing: $10

Obviously all in HD from the get go.

FOXTEL are desperate, a few months ago I cancelled my sports + base package, they offered to halve the price straight away for me to stay on.

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Years ago

I had it when it first started for twelve months, wrote them a letter told them only required the sport. They got back to me saying it could not be done, fools. I cancelled and never went back, all the sport I need I can watch off an app.
Baller#3 is on the money get rid of all of it and give us sport, or keep it as it is buy channels individually.

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Years ago

The problem is that by the time Australia got around to having pay TV, "Cable TV" that other countries had for decades, and even Cable-Internet, was effectively obsolete. The Ventures between Fox/Tesltra and Optus/7, to cable up all of Australia, were just never going to work.
Ironically, its NOW possible that the reason Telstra wants to bail on Foxtel, is to move to Internet based services.

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Years ago

Yes join Netflix and watch shows that most savvy people have already downloaded.

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Years ago

Thats really good news, my experience with Telstra has shown them to be very short on good business ethics and basic morals. They use sophistry to deal with complaints to wear people down so they give up.

Telstra should have been the great Aussi success story but they are so keen to oversell their services and they don't care that the quality is so diminished as to be appalling. They are a great Aussi disappointment!

I eventually moved to Internode on advice from a family member and boy what a difference. Treated with respect from day 1 and when talking to them on the phone they are prompt and I can understand what they are saying as they are local. They actually seem to care that I am satisfied with their service. No penalties if your a day or two late with payment. Very service oriented.

Foxtel might be able to adjust and move forward with a more valued product without Telstra holding them back. Telstra are big on product description but very short on product.

I also nearly halved my monthly account for the same service by shifting to Internode.

Whatever happens the NBL will be better off without Telstra being involved.

The NBL should reintroduce NBL TV for those like myself who either cant afford Foxtel or who just don't like being bullied into having such a poor value product when it would be better on FTA.

Might also be a good time for ch10) to have another crack at building a sports channel,

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Years ago

I loathe Telstra for their phone services and prices. But I live near a deadspot and have not bothered with a home phone, so they have me by the balls until I move out! As for Fox, I had a great run watching the NBL games on the app I paid for and haven't missed a beat, as their is nothing I like on foxtel haven't done for years. Everything is going down the internet line now, you want NBA? buy the app? Afl? app, Netflix for tv shows that unlike downloaded ones run smooth, then buy the app. What does fox even offer long term?

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Years ago

AFL is only available on phone though, that is not gonna cut it for most people, so no it's not just get the app.

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Years ago

Well Fox doing all the production. I don't think the NBL could afford to do its own production.

Also, Fox at least brings the NBL 20-80,000 people watching that online doesn't, probably doesn't even include all the bars and hotels which have Fox Sports on (i've gone to eat at a local pub restaurant and they had the NBL on, that was surprising, wasn't even a sports bar)

Without those kind of ratings, you don't see sponsors which put money in.

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Years ago

By all means if you need fox from a overall picture, all codes do, I personally just wont be one to ever purchase it. The apps are fine for me, and I haven't bothered with the AFL one, didn't realise that was a phone only thing, yeah that'd do my head in. Guess they have AFL fans by the balls.

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Years ago

Like others have said Fox could rebrand as a sports only channel. $20 a month seems fine for all games live.

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Years ago

I would keep fox, I just didn't want all the crap that comes with the sports. Paying 25 a month for a bunch of 20 year old repeats.

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Years ago

I don't think Fox would survive as a sports subscription service, I suspect a lot of retirees etc. use it for other content which is cheaper than sports to show

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Years ago

I suspect retirees don't want to fuss over apps and are just happy to sit down and turn on the TV, also record a show or two to watch later on, so Foxtel will be quite a good option for most if it is affordable...

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Years ago

Yeah I know several retirees that watch lots on Fox. So fair point.

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Years ago

You blokes will go alright then in a few years recording you price is right on your Foxtel, he'll maybe even a who wants to be a millionaire hotseat to get the most out of your gameshow slot. But on a serious note, there is actually an aging population coming through the next 40 years so they probably will want to news and newspapers delivered still. Pity the other 50% will have chips in they head to watch the Tele

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Years ago

Lol, Baller throwing stats around like they are boiled lollies...

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