Years ago

Can the new 36ers DJ turn the music off at least once!

Every single second of the match? Are you serious?

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Years ago


I'll be asking the club not to play beats while there is play occurring on the court during the season. I find it a nuisance.

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Years ago

I assume it was just for that game. One idea I think would be cool would be to have some kind of crowd count down for backcourt violation. It seems this year we will be trapping and full court press a lot. If they had some counter that get everyone involved it could build some nice tension on the other team.

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Years ago

I like music being used with momentum. Keep the beats #hatersgonnahate

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Years ago

Hey KET, (and others) I did the first post out of frustration while at the pre-season game versus Sydney tonight. The 36ers had a new DJ who put on r and b records, played them non-stop to the end of the track and then immediately put on a new track. That's no hyperbole from me, literally all night. Didn't matter what was happening in the game,the guy played his records.

The post was done about 3 minutes into R. Kelly's ignition (which made me recall Dave Chappelle's take on it).

I presume (and hope) your #hatersgonnahate comment is not suggesting that's the way you would like to see the game go. This thread was not intended as a general commentary on th value of well timed music during games, but a plea to stop ruining tonight's game with nonstop music.

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Years ago

Haha, I didn't mean to make fun of your thread anon.

I wasn't at the game, although if you're not going into hyperbole mode then it's somewhat amusing for a DJ to think it is in any way appropriate to play entire tracks one after the other. That is bizarre. What happened to Skip? I always thought he did a good job...

Really, my post was in reference to the last 3 or so years of constant complaints about too much music being played and wanting no music played during game play etc.

I go to at least a few games every season and I've never taken issue with the amount of music or choice of music being played. I'm starting to be convinced that it's just part of the nature of being an Adelaidean - if we're not opposed to every minute thing then really what are we good for?

I think some are old school and don't want good old gameplay and crowd noise interfered with. I like grabs of tracks being played when 36ers have momentum, the rhythm can boost the crowd IMO.

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Years ago

Hi KET, agree with all of that.

But as others who went could confirm, not hyperbole at all. Other than free throws he played r and b all damn game.

Really hope it was a (very stupid) once off. I couldn't believe someone there didn't tell him to shut it down. The only non r and b track he played was Wu-Tang's Gravel Pit, which, while it is a song I love, playing the uncensored version at full doesn't suit a basketball game or family event.

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NBL Fan  
Years ago

Music at the ABC was awful too. Had to walk out the stadium temporarily because the constant loud music gave me a headache.

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Years ago

New leader running the nights entertainment. Remember crowds were lost in QLD with the QLD style of game night. Will be interesting to see how the successful Adelaide crowd go with full blown R&B for the whole season. Unfortunately you will probably only see more of tonight's style as the season goes on.

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Years ago

KET, I'm not a hater of beats during games, I enjoy it when done well. My team trains to beats all the time so I get how it can help bring bounce.

But last night it was just tedious in terms of being played too much and the way it was played, as highlighted above.

It also sent Hodgy loco en el cerebro :-)

For those who were at the game can you confirm if it Paul Bonzor playing the beats?

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Years ago

FM - "New leader running game night entertainment.......Unfortunately you will probably only see more of tonight's style as the season goes on."

Are you confirming that you know this is the 36ers plan going forward this season?

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Years ago

I think music cheapens the whole deal, especially how NBL teams use it. Do we really need the 1990s blaring to us? It makes us feel like we're watching a relic of the past, and the league should be doing everything it can to get away from that.

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Years ago

It was a one off promotion for the 'live r&b friday's' which will take place in November. That's how the stadium makes money when basketball isn't being played, so for the sake of a preseason game, nobody should be too fussed, as that's not how a game night will take place.

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Years ago

haha what?

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Years ago

Yeah, at the quarter time breaks, they put an ad up on the cube. Just a whole bunch of early 90s RnB songs. I assumed the the DJ was there as a pre-promotion for that event.
I just hope they get Skip back for the real season and we don't have to put up with it all year.

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Years ago

Good to hear that it is a once off.

Not disparaging management making money from the stadium, I want them to. But as it wasn't very clear on the night that it was a once off promotional tie-in it led one to believe this is a new direction the club may take. Would have been nice from a customer's point of view if that was made clearer. Instead of in my mind thinking "this is what will be in store at that r and b event" I was thinking "this idiot is disrespecting basketball with what he is doing".

That's friendly feedback to the anon above who I presume may be connected to the club.

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Years ago

The R&B Fridays Live concert at the powerhouse/dome/titanium arena is Tuesday 22nd November.

Montell Jordan
Blu Cantrell
Fatman Scoop
Dante Thomas
Kevin Lyttle
DJ Horizon

There is also another festival/concert at the venue scheduled in November called Sweet Vibes on Sat 5th with The Beautiful Girls, Germein Sisters and more.

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Years ago

Is this the Hit107 thing

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Young Gun  
Years ago

"I think music cheapens the whole deal, especially how NBL teams use it. Do we really need the 1990s blaring to us?"

:) My great memory of the Bullets in the early 90's was of a live Big Band playing.... those were the days. I think the Big Band was expensive cause it got smaller and smaller over a couple of seasons.

fwiw... My preference is for less music during the games too. The game builds atmosphere and then you can use music/sound effects sporadically to help build the atmosphere. I went to a Lakers & a Thunder home game last season & from memory, they didn't have constant music. The atmosphere was amazing, & the crowd noise at the Thunder game was crazy-good.

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Ballin Fan  
Years ago

The music last night was terrible, great in a club,
but just distracted and disconnected me from the game.

also hoping they fix up the score board and use it for some game related stuff like who is on the court, scorers and stats,
and not just a constant barrage of adds,
that just stopped me from looking up and not knowing the score.

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Years ago

The stadium is finally being used for concerts! They must be doing some incredible pricing against the entertainment center

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Years ago

I belong in the [almost] no music over the game camp - plenty of opportunities when the ball is not in play - but Saturday was something else again.

The volume was acceptable, but that was the only positive. The unrelenting, growling, tuneless noise stopped only for free throws, which rapidly became another reason to hope the refs might call some of the illegal contact they let go.

By about mid-way through the second quarter the noise from the PA had ceased to be an annoyance and become an oppressive burden. I actually felt a physical sense of relief, like a huge physical weight had been lifted off, each time the music stopped.

Really a huge negative that detracted from the game and 'the experience'.

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Years ago

Is Skip coming back this season? A mate of mine who normally works with the game night crew hasnt been asked to come back and noone has responded to his emails.

Sounds like the club is going in a new direction with a lot of things this year.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Used to be good out there. The old days are gone forever. New people running the show now.

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Years ago

NBL still doesn't get it - you play beats or music with no lyrics. lmao at playing a song with someone signing during gameplay.

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