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Bogut called out for stupidity

This might all seem preposterous, except that during the American presidential election campaign, a cartel of fake news sites came up with a most fabulous conspiracy about how Hillary Clinton and her gang were running a child trafficking ring out of a pizzeria in Washington DC, a story that was quickly validated in the post-truth void of social media, and was given a mighty push along when Bogut, among others, authenticated it, tweeting that where there was so much smoke - all out of a smoke machine, remember – there must be fire, and "if only 1% of this #pizzagate scandal is true, all people involved deserve life in prison (or worse). #sick".

Put another way, if 1 per cent of a story fits with your outlook on the world, the other 99 per cent doesn't matter. We've all been guilty. #tick.

When social media users challenged Bogut about the origins the story, and pointed out that fact-checking sites that had completely discredited it, he mocked mainstream media, and poured scorn on fact-checking sites, and so we quickly reached the point where all pedlars of fake news have to do is to accuse the mainstream of being the true pedlars of fake news and, hey presto, there you have it, equivalence, without a fact in sight.
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Years ago

He's said a number of stupid things in the past but this takes the cake.

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Young Gun  
Years ago

While I don't always get Bogut's references... I reckon he'll be getting a huge laugh over this article.

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Years ago

That's an embarrassing one from Bogut

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Years ago

Seems like there could potentially be something off with Podesta.

Bogut has never said he is convinced by #pizzagate.

He just doesn't believe everything that is published by mainstream media.

The lefties that control mainstream media seem to be a little upset about this.

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Years ago

I doubt the autor has even searched the Podesta emails that were leaked. Every man and his dog is claiming it's "fake news", yet it was actually started on 4chan and reddit, after some weird images and emails were featured in the email leak.

Here is an infographic on the facts of pizzagate

and a more comprehensive summary

Make your own mind up.

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Years ago

Which "leftie"? Rupert Murdoch?

Beggars belief.

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Years ago

Within hours, Bogut was back, holding up his hand to acknowledge an offensive foul. "Highly regret that tweet," he tweeted. "Did some research and shocked at the number of police shooting ppl in Melb. Apologies."

What research was this??

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Years ago

Andrew's take. He always sounds like a quite balanced reasonable person.

Yeah the way Baum finished off the article he didn't realise Bogut was trolling with that tweet:-)

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Years ago

Bogut's always made his own bed with his stupidity but this part of that ESPN article is something he should be very concerned about.

Bogut understands that there are connotations of racism that come along with being associated with the alt-right, which could be problematic in a league that consists primarily of black players. It has been a subject of discussion among opposing teammates in the visitors locker room at the AmericanAirlines Center at least once this year, with players making the accusations within earshot of media but declining to discuss the issue on the record.

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Years ago

Bogut never said he was convinced by pizza gate.....but then started posting pictures ripped straight from the conspiracy sites that they are using as spurious proof of pizza gate existing.

His problem is, he always thinks he is the smartest person in the room. When he is proved not to be, he becomes petulant. It's weird that he and Liz Cambage don't get along because they really have a lot in common.

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Years ago

"His problem is, he always thinks he is the smartest person in the room. When he is proved not to be, he becomes petulant. It's weird that he and Liz Cambage don't get along because they really have a lot in common."

Haha was thinking the same thing!

I don't think Bogut is some fanatical right-wing ideologue (like some of his twitter friends). I just think there's a big gap between how smart he thinks he is and how smart he actually is. It's kind of like the gap of a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals.

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Years ago

vodka12 if you think there is even a modicum of truth to pizza gate:
if you think an international pedophile ring sophisticated enough to operate under the noses of every level of law enforcement, was organised using what was effectively work email, and that circumstantial convenient evidence developed in a self sustaining echo chamber of confirmation bias finally cracked the code........... I mean.....

You might be an idiot.

The fact your pasted those links on this forum, proves that there is no doubt, that you are an idiot.

"make up your own mind" - you're not... you're having you bias confirmed by made up fake bullshit.

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Earlier this year

Didn't realise Bogut associated with this.

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