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Who will be in the NBL Top 4?

This season has been the closest since I have been a member since 85.
Who will make it,who won't,my views below,feel free to put your views.

Illawarra....Melb-L Brisbane............
Perth.......Sydney W ...Melb L.
Cairns.....Adelaide W.....Adelaide L
Sydney. Perth L
New Zealand ....Melb W
Melbourne.....Illawarra W New Zealand L Perth W

Final 4 for me

New Zealand

Cairns just miss out
Melbourne just miss out

At end of this round I predict Perth New Zealand Cairns Melb will all finish 14-14
If Melb win last 3 games they will finish 3rd,so much happening I'm excited to see who will finish in top 4.

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Years ago

What are the splits situation?
Perth, Illawarra, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns?
Where can you get this info, or you have to go to individual games?

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Years ago

Go down to head to head for each team,big headache for NBL organisers.

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Years ago

the splits are irrelevant if there are 3 or more teams tied on the same win loss record which looks highly likely at this stage

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Years ago

Melb or New Zealand

Perth will miss out

This weekends games will be the decider

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Years ago

No Fundingsland, the splits are still relevant, and will be used to create a 'mini table' to split those tied teams.

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That is, their overall records against teams in the mini table will be used first, then if they are still tied the +/- splits between tied teams are used.

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Years ago

The head to head are irrelevant

If there are 3 teams it doesn't matter what the head to head is between 2 of them hence the split is irrelevant total wins within that group is what counts

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Years ago

Sadly I think it will be:

New Zealand

The League NEEDS a Sydney or Melbourne in there (preferably both)

Good luck to the teams who make it though. They will have deserved it.

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As I understand it, a three team mini table could hypothetically be between say Illawarra, Perth and Cairns all on 14 or 15 wins.

Based on the series results between them as follows (all series now concluded):

Cai-Ill: 3-1
Cai-Per: 3-1
Ill-Per: 2-2

The mini table will be:

Cairns: 6-2
Perth: 3-5
Ill: 3-5

So Perth and Illawarra finish with the same record and it will still go to splits on games as between them (Perth qualify higher due to +6 margin).

That might be what you are trying to say, but it is not clear (the terms splits, margins, head-to-heads etc can be used in different ways).

It is possible that three teams could end up tied on the mini table each having won four and lost four. Then I think it goes to cumulative splits on all margins for games within the mini table.

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Years ago

Cairns Perth should be 2-2?

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Years ago

Ah, yes. My bad. That resolves that specific mini table before it goes to further tie breakers (same order, different records), but I was really just using it for illustration purposes. There are a number of combinations of teams who could end up with the same records.

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Years ago

I think we are saying the same thing but the for and against amongst the 3 teams is used not just between in your example Perth and Illawarra

Its total points for and against on the mini table not just between two teams hence my comment that they split between two teams doesn't matter

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Years ago

Illawarra only have to win one game to make it and have to play Brisbane last game if they don't beat Melbourne tonight but i'm sure the rest of the league want Illawarra to win as Melbourne are starting to look dangerous.

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Years ago

"Melbourne are starting to look dangerous."

Their one win in a row has got everyone shitting themselves!

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Fundingsland, my point is that individual team records DO remain relevant in the event of a tie on the mini table.

I stand to be corrected but assume the following four teams are in a mini table at the end of the season

Blue v Green: 3-1 and +10
Blue v Red: 3-1 and +4
Red v Green: 2-2 and -14
Yellow v Blue: 3-1 and +15
Yellow v Red: 2-2 and +20
Yellow v Green: 2-2 and +8

You get a mini table of:

Yellow 7-5
Blue 7-5
Green 5-7
Red 5-7

Both Yellow and Blue are tied and Green and Red are tied. You then go to the individual series records between those teams.

Yellow qualifies above Blue because of a 3-1 series record.

Green and Red are tied (2-2) so it goes to points differential where Green wins on account of the -14.

The total points for and against across all games between teams in the mini table only comes into effect if all previous tie breakers above don't split the tie(s).

I might add that it would be difficult to come up with a more complicated system the one FIBA has come up with here (oh, wait, there was the NBA's crazy Divisional Champion rules until recently!).

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Years ago

If Adelaide, Illawara, Perth and Melbourne make it it will be the same top 4 as 2013-2014

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Years ago

XY that is exctly how I understand the system works. The final thing is, if there are two teams who can't be split on the mini table, and have a 2-2 series split, with a 0 pt differential, both teams entire season points for/against percentage is the deciding factor.

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