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Most over-rated NBL players of 2016/17

This is my pick for the most over-rated players of this season. Not the worst players, just those who I think have failed to live up to expectation / ability, and not delivered for their teams (imports not included):

1. Jason Cadee
2. Tom Abercrombie
3. AJ Ogilvy
4. Nathan Jawai
5. Anthony Petrie

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In the playoffs: Gliddon

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David Andersen

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Green 53  
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Manu Fieldel  
Years ago

You could say Bairstow, but a) he was coming off a pretty serious shoulder injury and b) he was starting to get his shit together at the time of his ACL.

Jawai should have done a hell of a lot more. Unfortunately there are two more years left on his deal, but I don't wanna see that fat bastard in an orange singlet any more. Plenty of other blokes we can throw cash at. He seemed to put on weight during the season. Not dedicated to his craft.

Gliddon, as we've covered plenty, is so hit-and-miss for a starter let alone a captain. I believe it was HG Wells in the 1800s who predicted the birth and career of one Cameron Gliddon and wrote a book about it. 'The Invisible Man'.

Tai Wesley went quiet in the second half of the season.

And Tim Coenraad could've done more in the regular season.

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Big Ads  
Years ago

Steve Blake and Josh Powell were most disappointing for me but that was before I realised the NBA no longer wanted them. My expectations would had been considerably lower had I known that prior to the season commencing.

Cedric Jackson at United (although over-rated is probably not applicable to him given his previous contributions to the Breakers).

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Very Old  
Years ago

Its difficult, but if you change the most over-rated to the most over-paid then Cadee hits top spot for the local players.

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Steve Blake surely - he was one of the worst players in the league during his short time here and had massive hype upon arrival.

Don't think you can include guys like Andersen and Abercrombie who were injured or recovering from injury for big chunks of the season.

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Devin Williams then daylight the man was on the nbl marketing posters!

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Wesley I guess.

For imports, definitely Blake. Also Powell, Williams, and the United guy who must not have been good enough to get more than a few minutes.

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Kromah. Very odd to even bother signing him, must've been terrible.

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Jawai for me, cant believe he made the NBA.

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1:Devin Williams
2:Josh Powell
3:Steve Blake
4:David Anderson
5:Cedric Jackson
6:David Barlow
7:Tom Jervis
8:Jerome Beal
9:Ivan Maric
10:Nate Tomlison or Brendan Teys(rubbish that iv'e never rated).

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Years ago

Can't believe nobody's mentioned Blanchfield yet!

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Johnson, did you even read the question? Who ever rated Tomlinson or Teys?

There is a difference between overrated and just crap.

When a guy like Abercrombie starts getting mentioned for the NBA, injury or not, overrated. Sobey will go the same way next season. Just cause you can dunk on a break and hit a jump shot does not mean you are NBA bound.

Cadee is that rare mix of overrated and just plain crap.

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Years ago

"8:Jerome Beal"

So over-rated!!

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Years ago

1. Corey Webster- Went from NBA level to a backup behind Penney to cut from the Breakers mid season. The guy fell off the scene after looking like a superstar a that could top score each week.
2. Gliddon- looked like breaking out as a superstar this season after last season and this preseason.
3. Goulding- up one game, missing the next 3
4. Gibson- Brisbane needed him to forget his bad habits he learnt in adelaide and become a team player. Didnt happen and they suffered.
5.Blanchfield- thought he would have improved this season but he fell back 3 levels. Starved of opportunity with all the ball hogs. Typical United.
6. Coenraad- Wipe the game he had in game 2 of the finals, he was a starter in Illawarra, and even with Harris in terrible form couldnt get that role back. He has shown in the last game what he can do. I hope he can get that consistency.
7. Abercrombie- Needed to be the man in that NZ side. Seems he is happy to sit as the 3rd or 4th option.
8. Wesley- starved of opportunity at United.
9. Tom Jervis- Left for Brisbane for opportunity but didnt show any improvement.
10. Maric- Dont know the kings used him that well but he showed no fundamental skills with travelling and fumbling a lot.

I left the imports out as per the top post.

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Years ago

I have always thought Ogilvy is overrated.

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Years ago

In the final year of the player points rating, Tyson Demos was rated a zero and that was still too high!

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Years ago

You can notice a trend with a lot of players mentioned in this thread insofar as most could be described as "inconsistent".

Therefore they have a few really good games & get'rated' and then when they have some poor games people start to realise their value was overinflated on their initial performances.

Abercrombie really hasn't kicked on as expected. I suspect that is from the limitations in his own game - his early success was no doubt a result of the personnel around him at the time. But now with greater expectation to create he is somewhat one dimensional.

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Years ago

Its still Gibbo and it has been for a few seasons now.

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Years ago

A lot of the players mentioned here were amongst their teams' leaders for +/- for the whole season, which is a decent sample size, and some by quite a margin from most of their teammates.

This suggests to me they are probably underappreciated more than overrated.

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Years ago

Or, that +/- is overrated!

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Duke Fan  
Years ago

Sorry to say that K Lisch has to be on this list as well. I think a few team factors contributed but his form was way way below what we've seen in the past

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Years ago

Agree with Lisch.

Probably (paid/thought of) as a top 2 player in the league before the season.

Performed as a top 20 player this season.

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Years ago

Good point about Lisch, still performed admirably but not as good as previously, throw the far over hyped Cadee in and it makes sense on Kings missing finals.

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Definitely Matt Knight for me

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Very Old, how do you know what Cadee is getting paid??

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Bolly, hahaha
Did you just say Sobey will fall off next season? You were probably part of the group of people who thought he couldn't play to start. See you next season mate.

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Before this season it would have been Beal then daylight. Beal co-incidentally also happened to be the luckiest NBL player in that time. Hidden by a very good team so that his junk chucking was mostly disguised by W's and his reputation enhanced on his lucky days which at times produced memorable wins.
Also very average player at the other end hidden by the D of Damo and Perths all around solid defense.

Now Beal's real ability has been found out Gliddon assumes that mantle. I admire him though for his ability to maintain that steely look regardless of how badly he is playing.

Abercrombie is another. With the tools available to him you nearly always get the impression that he should do a lot more. Just seams to coast through many games.

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Years ago

To me it seems like nearly everyone is taking it easy/coasting in games. How many local players can you really say are playing to their potential. It's a "she'll be right" too chillaxed environment in the NBL.

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Years ago

Most of Uniteds roster fits into this.

Wesley had plenty of opportunity but is junk.
Andersen should have done way more.
CG43 is too hot/cold.
Blanchfield inconsistent.

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Years ago

I don't agree with Lisch as he was very good till about mid season and because he had to play big minutes as the Kings bought in a dud forward(Jackson) that they didn't need Lisch was cooked.Teys is rated highly by his coach with the minutes he plays and often starts so that's why i said he was over-rated.

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