Two years ago

Big V / Youth League

Want to get people's thoughts on two aspects of this.

1) What are people thoughts on players switching between their senior and youth sides for multiple years. I say this because I've seen players play significant and meaningful minutes for their senior teams, while still playing for their youth teams. And this is over a period of seasons, not weeks. Once a player has played a certain amount of time with the seniors, should they then have to stay up? Does it not just take away from the point of a development league, when the player is clearly good enough to play seniors, but keeps going back?

2) I've noticed more and more clubs celebrating players getting their 150 & 200 game milestones while in their very early 20's, because they play both youth and seniors so much ? To me it's like counting VFL games against your AFL games tally.takes some shine away, when someone has played their 200th game, only to find out 150 of those were spent in Youth League 2.
Arbitrary I know, but takes away from those true greats who have battled it out for 10-15 years at the senior level.

Thoughts ?

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

Having better quality players in YL helps the development of the next rung down. For example if a SEABL club has a player who's made his way in the rotation go down and play YL games when there's no clash it raises the overall standard of the league, therefore raising the level of competition for the YL only players.

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Two years ago

the third question is how can a 23 and under league (VYC Men in the Big V) be justified in conjunction with a 21 and under league (VJBL). Too many layers. Too many resources wasted on crap basketball.

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Two years ago

Get that Melbourne Boy. And to a degree, I agree. But have seen this happen between YL2 and Division 2. And there's also the argument that takes a spot away from another young junior to step up and play.
There's also the argument that it's encouraged to trophy hunt for the clubs.

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Melbourne Boy  
Two years ago

Playing between Div2 and YL2 is good, a few teams do it, probably only one club has a D2 starter that plays down in YL2 sometimes but I don't think Wallan are winning YL2.

I believe raising the standard of each of the YL competitions by adding higher quality young players is a good thing even for the 12th player who misses out for that week, as he's exposed to a higher level of competition for the season on a whole.

Even if say Frankston had a young SEABL player who was between there and YL2M (the most extreme gap) I think it would still be good for those playing against a level of player they may not have been exposed to in the past. And if a club is trophy chasing... let them, YL is for development first, winning is a bonus.

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Two years ago

The older system of having a team in the SCM/SEABL then a team in say a Div 2 or Div 1 allowed older guys to play in those teams with the kids.

It also exposed the younger kids to imports and vets which helped the growth while also really sorting out which kids will and won't make the grade.

YL is basically a glorified junior comp which really is a cash grab to add extra teams as outside of a few of the very top YL teams most of these kids are very average at best with many lucky to go on and play at a Div 2 level

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Two years ago

Youth League here is Adelaide has dropped off the cliff. Clubs no longer really support it and isn't a pathway anymore, mainly for kids that have finished juniors and aren't good enough or committed to play seniors. Div 1 teams this year are made up of players that were playing div 3 or below in previous years. Most would be better off playing social since games are untimed apart from Div 1 I believe.

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Two years ago

Some teams have usually players back up with amends by necessity because of lack of numbers

Latrobe energy is a prime example of this

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Two years ago

Victoria (Australia in general) is blessed with a vibrant and large State league for basketball. Something we should be proud of.

Clubs (Associations) can take advantage of their local State leagues to suit their circumstances, their level, finances and purposes according to how it best serves them.

How they do it and how someone else perceives or interprets their methods or intentions is largely irrelevant unless it impacts on the integrity of the league itself.

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Two years ago

We certainly do Bear.

And I agree that clubs can use it how they best see fit and suits them, which aside from an age restriction, they can do what they want. But I think it's less about development, and more results driven than anything else. I see the Youth Leagues as primarily a development league, where a true measure of success is how many players graduate into senior teams, instead of the win/loss record. Improve the players ability (to get them to the next level) and success in the win/loss column will follow naturally.
I just don't think dropping a stronger, more established player from the seniors, to chew up 35minutes and take the lions share of shots, will help his or her team mates. If a player is good enough to play up and contribute, playing down "just because they can" doesn't make sense.

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