Dome Rat
Last year

Rhys Martin Departs Hawks

Interesting move for both parties. I can only see Cairns being in need of a savvy veteran PG

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Last year

They have Jarrod Kenny in Cairns.
Not sure if there are many more local spots left.

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Last year

I think Rhys Martin is done. No other team has room for a point guard. You'd have to think that Cairns will be opting for an import point guard:

Cairns Taipans

*Import / Kenny
*Import / Kernich-Drew / Kuany
*Import / Local
Walker / Loughton
Jawai / Loe

Illawarra Hawks

Ogilvy / Local
*Conklin(?) / Andersen
Blanchfield / Conreaad / Grida
*Import / White
*Jett(?) / Naar

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Last year

Kings or the United could use him. Who is Adelaide's backup?

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Last year

Adelaide have Sobey, Moore and Doyle to run the point. I'd add one more, but they now have to cover for the loss of Creek. And if you were adding someone, it'd probably be an import rather than Martin.

Martin is obviously very experienced, but as much as he's unremarkable, Doyle has always seemed quite steady to me.

This decision from the Hawks might've pushed him into retirement. Hard to uproot family now (his wife works in radio there) and the Kings have his position covered.

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Last year

Sydney Kings are definitely already full

*Randle / Adnam
Lisch / Wilson
Newley / Local or *cheap import
*Wear / Kickert / Pineau
Bogut / Deng (shared with Kickert)

Adelaide will most likely go with an import point, however if they don't get a quality local big (like Motum)they may need to use the import slot at the 4... in which case Martin could be a possibility. However very unlikely.

*Import / Doyle
Sobey / *Moore / Teys
*Import / Drmic / McVeigh
Motum (?) / Deng
Johnson / Froling

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Last year

No great loss, never seen this guy do anything that shows he should be playing professional basketball.

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Last year

Got two teams to grand final series...

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NBL Fan  
Last year

He's definitely a better player than Kevin White but I guess they are taking his age into account.

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Last year

He has recently signed on with the GC Rollers in the QBL as a mid season addition to their team to try and get them up and about after a rather underwhelming start to the season. Apparently he is going to be commuting to games rather than relocating to the GC so Isaacs comments above sound pretty accurate about him probably not wanting to uproot his family

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Last year

The Wile E. Coyote of the NBL, always too slow but had a few tricks up his sleeve.

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Last year

Very good player a few years ago. Unfortunately he's on that borderline of where you'd choose him over a worse, younger player.

Seems he tipped below that point this year. Unlucky for him. Probably deserves a spot.

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Last year

Xavier Thames would be a good replacement ? Plays in New Zealand for Canterbury
20pts 3.8 ast 4 rebs and is owned by the Toronto Raptors

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Last year

Good luck to him.
Not a star by any means but played his role.
Even if expansion teams were in place it is unlikely he would move his family.

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Last year

The Greg Hire of the Hawks.
At least the Hawks were smart enough not to re-sign him. Adelaide's move next with Teys.

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Last year

I would consider Kevin White the 'Greg Hire' of the Hawks. He doesn't offer much other than a good locker room presence where as Martin still has a little bit of game left but with age not on his side and an obvious dip in form last season they probably want to get a bit quicker at the point i.e. Naar.

I think he could still play another season but what's the point of uprooting your family for one final season it's highly unlikely he could play another two years. If the Kings aren't interested and they likely wouldn't be with Adnam & Wilson as back ups so that's pretty much it.

I'd rather him at the Sixers than Doyle but Doyle's a homegrown product and still has two years to go on his contract so not really doable.

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Last year

Would've likely kept his spot if Naar wasn't signed.
Still would take Martin over Kevin White or Teys.

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Dome Rat  
Last year

FYI Rhys Martin has played for the Boomers so gets more respect than a bench role player IMO

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Last year

Jett and Conklin signed yet

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Last year

Anon #039 Melb have Hooley and Dillon as backups

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Last year

All NBL useless first team.

PG: Rhys Martin
SG: Brendon Teys
SF: Brett Rainbow
PF: Anthony Petrie
C: Luke Schenscher

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Last year

Martin's not useless and at least Rainbow could do big dunks. Excluding DP's I would have:

PG Doyle
SG Teys
SF White
PF Hire
C Ben Allen

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Last year

Petrie useless. Don't think so.

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Melbourne Boy  
Last year

Shout out to the Brett Rainbow mention, at least he's good for warmups, but Kevin White is somewhat useful on D, my team.


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Last year

When Rhys Martin arrived in 2008 he had played for Australia in juniors and we waited expectantly for his input. Year 1 he struggled in the men's game with junior habits and an undeserved swagger. He certainly was not a fan favourite.
Over the past 3 seasons he has come off the bench and on his night was capable of turning a game and smart at both ends of the court.
Remembering he came as a junior and now unfortunately needs to step aside for the new school of youngens.
Overall he has been a great team man for the Hawks. Good luck Rhys

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Last year

Good to see Doyle getting the recognition he deserves, but surely the coach warrants the credit for signing his little mate to an extended contract?

A thread for worst contract extensions offered by coaches?

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Last year

Vastly underrated player IMHO, been very useful for the Hawks over the past decade.

I'm guessing the simple reality is that they have opted for Youth & Future signing Naar, and as he develops in the back-up spot, they need a starter (who will be an import.)

He seems to have maintained his links to QLD, spending most off-seasons in the QBL. So maybe in retirement they plan to return there??
But NBL wise, I'd say this is the end of the road.
Probably COULD have played another season or so as the back-up, but choice made for him.

Who knows, maybe there were a lot of people at the local shops telling him to retire.

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Last year

I swear the only thing I said to him at the store was to go to Advanced Hair yeah yeah to get the bald spot worked on.

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Dome Rat  
Last year

Lols at the NBL useless post when you throw in a championship winner who had 40 point and 20 rebound games.

Petrie also played for the Boomers and was a very tough cover at his position.

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Derek derekson  
Last year

He looking to focus more of his time on the 3x3 tour with Garlepp and Greer

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Last year

Simon Stratford had three announcements

veteran in David Andersen
Rockie in Daniel Grida
Who is the third one?

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Last year

Jordair Jett and Brian Conklin announced soon as two imports. Third import shortly thereafter. Was a choice between keeping Martin or getting a third American and they chose the latter.

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